Working Wednesday, April 23, 2024

I have FINALLY got my kitchen organized. There’s something about a kitchen, especially one you’ve never worked in before, that’s really tough to arrange, especially if it’s smaller than those ginormous magazine kitchens. As in, is there a logic to plates, bowls, cups and glasses storage? (Yes.) How much of my limited cupboard is going to go toward pantry? What the hell do I need in a pantry if I can get groceries delivered every day? (Because I don’t want groceries delivered every day.) And do I really need all these pieces of equipment? (No.) I’m still not done, I still have to work with the equipment I’ve got to see if the pieces are worth finding a place to store (my air fryer is under a table behind my couch right now), but I’ve got things mostly sorted. Big helps: buying a small freezer to add to my already overstuffed kitchen and putting up a pot rack on the wall over that. I’m feeling very adult about the whole thing.

What did you work on this week?