Happiness is Perspective

I’ve been in what has felt like a constant state of panic stress, and last night I just hit the wall. After I picked myself up, I had the first really coherent thought I’d had in a week:
What if I didn’t do any of the stuff I was trying to do?
Would I get arrested? No. My accountant files an extension and I get the tax stuff to him this week.
Would I go bankrupt? No. None of this has to do with finances or anything legal. Except for the taxes. See above.
Was anybody going to die? No. Bob would scream about the books, but he knew the job was dangerous when he took it.
So basically, I was freaking over being late on stuff and having a complete lack of organizational skills and focus, i.e., my life as usual.
Yeah, I stopped panicking and read an old Agatha Christie country house murder because I have a big chunk of my Christie homage already written. So I was working. Kinda.

Happiness is gaining some perspective.

What made you happy this week?