Crusie’s Guide to Art, Lesson 2

So a long time ago–2014–I put up a series of classic paintings with captions and I just found them again. I put the first one up on Facebook last week, and now, by a miracle, I managed to transfer them to this new computer (which is fabulous and I’m loving it although my savings account took a hit) so since I’m putting them up on FB, I figure I should put them up here, too. (I’ve also found some other things, writing stuff, that if I can wrangle them into blog posts, I’ll put up here. Assuming anybody is still interested in anything I have to say about writing. By now, you’ve heard it all, I think.)

Where was I? Right. Here’s my interpretation of The Vision of Catherine of Aragon by Henry Fuseli.

I’ll put the first one up later this week (Saturday?).