Working Wednesday, March 6, 2024

I freaked out today over Very Nice Funerals. I have slowed us down so much because I cannot get Rose right. So I came unglued on Spike, and Bob told me we have plenty of time and if VNF doesn’t come out until 2025, that’s fine. It’s not, of course, we want all three books out together, but it was still a comfort. And then in the middle of the conversation he made a suggestion, and I kind of turned it on its head and thought, “Oh, wait, maybe that’s the problem,” so I’m not freaking any more. Bob Mayer: Master Collaborator.

What did you not freak out over at work this week?

84 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, March 6, 2024

  1. I’m the lead on a system upgrade for my company. I have been skeptical about the timing and so far I’ve been right. The data analyst is only contracted through April 15 and we have not started testing yet because the vendor hasn’t worked out the bugs. So… I’m sweating and my hands are tied. I’ll just be over here rocking back and forth in a corner sucking my thumb.

    1. Cathy, I’ve been doing change management work on system upgrades and new implementations for over 20 year now and I have not, not once, seen one go live on time.

      1. I had one project, a website launch where we completely switched platforms, go live on the date I said it would. I did work 60 hours/week or more for the 3 weeks leading up to it, however.

    2. Oh, that is so stressful. We are changing over in October and have started training already. And I am still stressing.

    3. Document like crazy, so if they bring up the timing you can prove it is due to circumstances beyond your control. Also don’t worry too much, IT is like building construction, it would take a miracle to get either in on time and under budget. So just settle for getting a working upgrade and they will be happy with that. Obviously do not sign anything off without thorough testing. The person we had in charge was useless, useless as in he didn’t make the IT guy come in so we could show him what we actually did so he could build that into the system. Then because of time constraints he signed it off without even testing it properly. Then one week later we couldn’t run the system to process the data… that we were under contract to do. Went back to IT guy to complain… he offered to fix it for a large sum of money, they complained, he waved sign off and ignored them and probably quite smugly waited. Company was facing loss of income under contract, caved and paid him off.

    4. “we have not started testing yet because the vendor hasn’t worked out the bugs”–words of terror. My sympathies.

  2. The quilt show judging is this weekend, at my place of business, and I’m trying not to freak out that folks haven’t put their crap away yet. But it is still early – only Wednesday – and they should be able to clean things up today.

    I was also gifted extra time to get my quilts ready, since I’m providing the place for judging. Instead of turning in my quilts by last weekend, I can bring them this coming weekend. That’s been great, because it’s been taking me a long time to put hanging sleeves and entry numbers on this huge pile. (I’m submitting 12 quilts – several of which I have high hopes for, and several of which are just in it to hang in the show.)

    So, don’t mind me – I’m consumed by quilt show for the next two weeks!

  3. I have one manager who is incapable of getting time sheets to me on time which messes up my payroll run day(s). There should be no (s) on day, but sometimes that’s how late they are.
    I’ve sent yet another stern email…

    It’s year end for all the companies, and some of the inventory counts have been really interesting, and on Leap Day the system held different counts than the 28th, regardless of adjustments.
    It’s like the database is on crack that day, and that didn’t feel like an end of the week problem and I’m sick this week so I’ll be not freaking out next week as I try to run some database repairs which is never scary. Ever.

  4. I did not freak out about our business partner, who insisted they needed one of our resources a week early and sent me endless emails about it until we provided that resource. I had to work to make that happen while I was on my anniversary weekend in Montreal with my husband. She started last week. This week when we sent them a bill they said oh the client would not agree that the consultant worked that many hours and I said well she did and they said just put in three hours. I said “that will not work. We do not donate hours; we charge for them.” Seriously??

  5. Nothing! My former job literally had me hyperventilating for hours every day, which hasn’t happened since I quit nearly a year ago. Best decision of my life.

  6. We are in the throws of tax season, which means people are spending money like water. It’s stressful because we only have so much cash on hand for security and insurance reasons and people get mad when you tell them ‘no, come back next week.’ That on top of the beginning of the month and I am grumpy.

    On the bright side, I sent away my passport application yesterday. I have never been on a plane or out of the US, so this is anxiety producing, but in a good way. I hope.

      1. A baby trip to Canada first, hopefully with larger trips to follow if the hubby and I can manage to not kill each other. We haven’t gone farther than a few hours away together and it’s even odds that I leave him in the airport…

        1. Lots of nice places to visit in Canada. especially in fall, spring and summer. Winter is cold in most parts of the country – this year is an exception. It was 17 Celsius in my city yesterday – 6.5 degrees warmer than last record temp recorded for March 5, in 1964.

      1. Yes you never know when you have to flee the country or manage to get concert tickets

    1. Is throws of tax season where you throw everything at the wall and scream or is it auto-correct once again deciding it likes one word over the one you put in (throes). I rather like the image I get with throws of tax season.

      1. Definitely some of that, but also people are getting their returns and spending it like there is no tomorrow on luxury goods. Like it is free money, not theirs that they have been waiting to get back. It makes me sad, especially when it is young families receiving credit for multiple children. That is supposed to go towards necessities and school trips and stuff for the kids, not the newest iphone for mom and dad. Grumble grumble.

  7. At work-work I’m freaking out over a brochure. I’ve done these a lot. I was told I didn’t even need to change the text, just freshen up the design. Well, of course I had to touch and keep touching the words and I’m on my 6th design option and not thrilled with any of them, plus it’s lots of extra work because I will have to replace all of the pictures – once I choose to keep them and buy them- then I’ll have to readjust everything all over again.

    For writing. I’ve been having troubles. I have two really cool ideas. I’ve been trying to figure one out to the tune of at least 50,000 words and at least 5 mo time and am still not quite there with what I want or how to proceed. I never get to talk to anyone, but scored some time with a script doctor for an hour. It was great talking writing and story ideas. He asked about both ideas and he really, strongly jumped on the idea that is still just an idea. And I committed to a 5000 word story and follow up with him on April 1st. No pressure, less of an idea than the one I’d already gone through multiple iterations of… but it does have my juices flowing (& my anxiety and perfectionism flowing- a real freak out storm) and the homework is pretty fun too – movies, comics, and writing.

    If you’re not freaking out are you really working? (Asking for a friend.) 😀

    1. I have heard rumors that some people enjoy their work on a regular basis. I think that goes with unicorns and rainbows, but it is a nice dream.

      Also, when I was delivering flowers, I was trained by a retired emergency room nurse. Nothing, I mean nothing shook that woman. #lifegoals #belikeMarsha

    2. It really does depend on the day. There are some days where I’m an ace baseball player and I’m playing against all of the issues that come up in the day and I’m knocking everything out of the park. I feel great on those days. Then there are the days where I can’t get one thing done because 12 other things raise their ugly heads. I don’t go home defeated, but I do get down.

      But the bad days are usually few and far between, and are almost always followed by a good/great day, so everything works out.

      I’m reminded of the Geoffrey Rush character in Shakespeare in Love. He didn’t know how things worked, but knew it would all turn out right in the end.

      1. Nancy, have you ever heard of banana ball?
        It’s baseball but less earnest, with dance moves and other more theatrical behaviour by the players.
        I came across it thanks to “Totally Ducked” by Becca Jackson (only read the sample, tho). It sounds very amusing, so the ace baseball player Nancy would also do the splits, dance moves and be even more awsome 🙂

        1. It does sound interesting, but this particular Nancy will be passing on doing the splits!

  8. My workplace has been consumed with the launch of a new type of aircraft into our fleet this week, for which I was one of the local trainers. It has actually gone surprisingly smoothly (of course it’s not running on time yet, don’t be absurd) and my part is over aside from daily operations, so I get to not freak out about it for real from now on. Which is lovely. I really enjoy not being in charge of things at work.

  9. I’m still working with my sibs on trying to get mom to stop driving. She keeps sending us emails about how happy driving is making her. It’s infuriating. And telling us to trust her she will know when to stop when the day to stop was when she drove into the house.
    One sister suggested writing “it makes children happy to run with scissors and play with matches, but we don’t permit or encourage that.” I reluctantly said I didn’t think that was a good idea.

    We keep making our case and she keeps bidding against herself—identifying one more situation she won’t drive in. First it was won’t drive in bad weather . Then won’t drive at night. Then won’t grocery shop but instead will order in because she might fall carrying heavy bags . Then it was will take the van on longer trips. Two sibs feel like they have to start talking to her but I keep encouraging them to hold out to see if she will give up something else.
    But she shouldn’t be in a drivers seat ever .
    My fondest hope is that SDW, who still has mom’s car key and garage door opener and hasn’t come to collect her stuff, just steals the car, solving two problems at once.
    But mom would probably just go buy a new one.
    Also working on day job. Lots of writing —both on the census work I love and on grant writing and report writing which I’m doing as a (paid) favor.
    And preparing to do taxes. I have decided it’s like all adults everywhere get the same homework assignment at the same time .

      1. Yes. She appealed, was denied, appealed that, got a learners permit that only allowed her to drive with trained instructors, took 12 lessons, passed the road test, and is absolutely gleeful and unconcerned about the chance that she will hurt anyone.

    1. Debbie, your mom is a one woman freak-out creator. She drove into the house? She is insane! Hoping SDW comes through for you.

      1. Yeah. Last March she was in her driveway, hit the gas instead of the brake, drove 30 feet up a slight incline through some bushes into the house hard enough to make an 9 inch hole through which you could see the basement and then backed up about 10 feet into a tree. She insisted for a year that she skidded on ice —has finally acknowledged it was a pedal accident when my husband realized that a video shows tire tracks meaning the wheels were turning and not skidding —but still won’t acknowledge that this shows her reflexes are too slow to respond in dangerous situations .

        She suggested that we could go back to family zoom calls if we just didn’t talk about driving. Which of course would let her keep driving and give her the illusion that there is no problem. So, no. Not happening.

    2. My mom has AMD and had to give up driving right about the time Covid hit and I started working from home so the transition wasn’t too bad. But I can feel your pain. It took a good scare for her to admit she needed to stop. That and the fact no one would get in the car w her!

      1. I wish a good scare would do it. At tbis point I would also settle for an accident where only she got hurt

    3. Not fun. My dad got miffed at something not working his way and full on backed into my truck. He also scraped his mirror down the side of my truck at one point. And got 3 speeding tickets in one year (very costly) one more and he would have lost his license to points.

      My dad was a car guy through and through and worked most of his adult life for Holley Carburetors. I remember when he took his dad’s car keys-not fun. So when I took his he wasn’t having it. I even reminded him of when he took his dad’s keys (my dad was worse than his dad at this point). It was so bad I literally took his keys and hid them and blamed my sister who lived 2 hrs away (I pre-warned her).

      Everyone said – oh, just pull some plugs or disconnect the battery or something. I looked at them at laughed. I told them “My father has forgotten more about cars than we’ll ever know…all together.” I was able to keep that up for a while – he was in and out of hospital and on in house visits and PT. One day while I was at work he called out someone to make him a new key.

      When the in-home PT and nurse found out he went out in the car – they canceled his home visits- if he could go out and drive, he didn’t need them. Total jerk move and 10X more work for me. And parents think WE are exhausting!

      1. Parenting parents is the hardest thing because they throw fits like toddlers but are to big to sit them in a chair in the corner. I am really hoping that by the time I am old and infirm there will be reliable self driving cars. I would give up driving now if there was another viable option in my area. Our public transport is abysmal.

        1. I am still hoping for self-driving cars. Those surveys that ask how often you take public transportation and have Never as one of the answers never ask why you don’t. I don’t take it because the nearest bus route is in another county more than ten miles away.

  10. I’ve been steaming ahead with my big Lightroom sort-out, which is great. Planned a gardening day today, but the promised sun hasn’t arrived, plus I’ve had to go back to designing a DIY compost bin, having bought – after much havering & research – an expensive hot composter yesterday morning, then finally managed to access the set-up guide and discovered you can only add a maximum of half a bucketful of waste every other day – which would mean having to store my weeds, etc, and keep adding a bit at a time (and each addition has to be accompanied by 50% torn-up paper & 20% bulking agent – altogether too much faff). So after checking this out with them, I cancelled my order. Now I’m fretting over whether to build a bin 2 ft or 18 in square. It’s brightening up, so will get outside and calm down, hopefully.

    Also did a fair amount of admin on the Lost Ways research project – despite just wanting to get the Lightroom sort-out done and my gardens under way.

    1. For years I used to compost in a large open circle formed by a piece of thick plastic that had originally gone round a neighbor’s kiddie pool. It’s about a meter/1 yard tall, and makes a circle about 2 meters in diameter. However, when I started adding sawdust-based stable bedding, which did a wondrous job of heating up the compost process, it turned out it was not popular with my sister, whose bedroom window opened right above the bin. I didn’t mind the smell, but she did, and probably so did the neighbors.

      So I solved that by leaving the circular bin to autumn leaf slow composting, and started doing hot compost in an old plastic trash can, with holes drilled at the base for drainage. That was for primarily kitchen scraps plus weeds & leaf clippings, occasionally some bag of grass clippings picked up by the side of the road, and the stable bedding, in layers. And I found the trash can approach worked beautifully. I could station it in the corner of the yard, out of sight & out of the reach of windows in the summer, and remove the old compost in the spring after it was smell-free and soil-like. (Had to add a second can so I could continue to compost kitchen scraps while using the previous season’s compost). This is just a thought — I realize that an allotment is a lot more public than a private back yard. But don’t you just love composting?

      1. I do. Mine has never smelled, though. I cold compost, so it takes 6-9 months, and comes out pretty rough (because I don’t have a shredder), but still works fine, either as a mulch or when planting. I have twin bins on the allotment, made from pallets lined with landscaping fabric and tied together with washing line. (I keep my bamboo canes in the outer compartments.) In my garden I have a rotting bin I need to replace. I made it from the best of the old fence panels that I replaced when I moved in. It’s 4ft x 2ft, but I’ve been using half to rot down some turf I took up. I really want something smaller and more photogenic to replace it.

  11. This week I opened the feedback I received from 3 beta readers on my first Ice Planet Octogenarians book, about the 4 old ladies who are inadvertently kidnapped by sex-trafficking space aliens. One of my readers is a huge fan of Ruby Dixon’s Ice Planet Barbarians, another is a big sci-fi reader and the third is a McDaniel romance program graduate.

    Their comments come from 360 degrees and are so brilliant and so useful I feel like the luckiest author in the world.

  12. I’m still working on revisions for the Llewellyn book I fubbared so badly when I handed it in. After a week and a half of dealing with an equally fubbared laptop (I hate Microsoft SO SO SO much), it is finally back up and running. Hoping the revisions will go faster when I’m not forced to sit at the desktop, which is less comfortable. It’s a year and a day book, and I just finished July’s rewrites, so 7 months down, 5 to go. That’s progress…

    Juggling having two book releases in one week is going about as well as it can (especially with Facebook and Instagram going down yesterday). Got my newsletter ready to go for Friday, which is the release day for the new Llewellyn book, plus I’ve got a big announcement. Which you’ll probably hear about on Sunday here.

    Otherwise just juggling the usual housework, appointments, perpetually problematic cat (now it’s his teeth, poor boy), plus what was almost certainly a bear destroying my favorite bird feeder.

      1. You might enjoy getting a cheap outdoor motion activated camera to watch the wildlife. We have a couple made by Wyze that are a lot of fun .

  13. No work. No freak-outs at work. Yay!

    I did have to place a recall request for the dishwasher with the home warranty company. It drains, now, but is still making the Horrible Noise. The repair guy counseled me to make the recall request, if there were still problems, before he left.

    I finally got all the wood floors mopped yesterday, as it was nice enough to open the doors, and windy enough to dry them quickly. It feels good to have that done, even though it will have to be repeated someday in the spring.

  14. Hurray for productive collaboration!

    I’m writing a technical report that has dozens of reviewers. Last night I dreamed the client decided to have the copy reviewed by my art group–who insisted on inserting comments about horses.

    And that pretty much sums up the project.

  15. My Day Job has a system of redundant coverage at my level (patent paralegals) meaning we each have a person assigned as our backup. If we’re going out, our backup returns our daily docket and deals with incoming urgent mail and/or puts out fires. I am fortunate that my backup and I are actual Work Friends (we’ve only met in person 3x thanks to mostly remote work, also she lives a loooong way away from me). Anyway, she’s on a 3-week dream vacation to South America so I’m backing her up and while the Monday morning load was a bit heavy, it appears (cross all available digits) that I will not have to freak out about anything, and might even get one of her projects moved along so it’s not piling up to fall on her head when she returns.

    On the personal side, weekend rain meant I was excused from yardkeeping, but I did get out to Home Depot for supplies for the few remaining heavy / unpleasant jobs, and should have good conditions this coming weekend to actually get those done. At least mostly. Jobs involving things that grow are never “done.”

    On the writing side, I’ve moved the novella-in-progress along again. Through Chapter 15, almost 26K, have settled on a title I like, and am about to write a new-to-me type of scene, which is exciting. Meanwhile, the novel-in-progress sits at 11 chapters, 28K, and the so-far-untroubled progress of the central relationship is about to hit a large obstacle. Heh.

  16. At work, I need to write an article about the application we’ve been developing for the past 4 years. It’s an open peer-review app. Actually, some of you may find it a useful tool. It’s in beta at this point and still needs many things. It’s designed for publishers but anyone could have an instance, put up text to be reviewed by supportive reviewers who want to help improve the material. We named it Pilcrow, which is the paragraph symbol’s name. Anyway, unlike all you authors, I hate writing so this is something to freak out about. I have until March 22nd to get the article to the editor.

    Yesterday, I also freaked out a bit over Trello’s announcement that the free version will be limiting collaborators to a max of 10. Working in education, I use only free things or software supplied by my institution centrally. So, I spent time investigating other options and what it might cost to go up a level to a paid version. I did this instead of working on the article.

    I’m also prepping for a quilting retreat. A ministry at my church, Widow’s Mite, is going to be taking glasses to widows in Moldova, and as a project, some of the quilters will be helping me make cases for them. So, this week I have cut 200 pieces of batting and 400 squares of fabric in preparation.

  17. Mildly freaking out (enhanced maybe because of recent dental experience) over routine and non-ominous medical stuff. No time to elaborate now, must get ready for the next of these appointments.

  18. I am only mildly freaking out because the rest of the family left. I’m expecting the plumbers betwixt now and four. I moved my motion detector from the stairwell to the basement up to the front porch.

    I think I’m going to take my laptop up to the living room in case the motion detector misses them. In the meantime, the sump is flooded and it’s raining. The submersible pump is barely keeping up.

    Home Moanership #16 – to be continued.

    1. lol Kay’s comment reminded me of a girl scout trip i once took when i was 13 or 14. We were sleeping in sleeping bags on top of floats like you use in the pool. We woke up around 3 am floating around the tent due to an unexpected massive rainstorm. We got packed up and out of there safely so now it’s funny to look back on.

  19. Five bags of stuff left the house. Next up, Boxes of books. Thinking of having a “going cheap really cheap book sale” even though it is breaking my heart. Must be ruthless Garden is really waking up as well. Big plans. Washing and packing for baby shower on Sunday. Cold there. Two holding companies done and dusted. Receipts for ministry donations out. Two “ amazing” levels on the NYTs spelling bee. Gets the grey cells working. It can be a deep time suck. Tidied up the sewing/laundry room. Much better. Next week will be opening the new sewing machine and getting all incomplete projects done. Submitted a poem to a contest. The poem I read/spoke in January. Rewriting the short story. Giving myself a fifteen minutes break, see how many words I can get.

  20. I’ve discovered the down side to being obsessed with my secret project manuscript — I stay at my desk too long, and then my spine gets irritated, but I’m obsessed, so I need to write “just one more page,” and when I look up again, it’s because my spine is screaming at me. So I’m working on making myself get up at regular (short) intervals to walk around the house (preferably not to the snack shelf).

    In other work, I uploaded the files for A DOWRY OF DEATH at Amazon (for release April 9), although it’s not live yet, and sent an ARC to a trusted reviewer. And as a result of my obsession with my secret project(s), the one that was supposed to be a short story is now novella length (and will grow in second draft, but not all the way to novel length), and the one that was always supposed to be a novella is about 3/4 of the way to novella length, with about a quarter of the story left to write. All since the beginning of December, written in spare moments, not as my main WIP. No wonder my spine hurts!

    1. You may need a height adjustable desk, the ones that let you stand and sit, if you stand for a little bit and work, you may feel better

      1. I *love* my Progressive desk base. Average 3.25 hours a day working on my feet, has made a tremendous difference to spine, hips, and temper.

  21. I’ve just survived the first of two work away days, where we are supposed to come up with vision etc unrestricted by the reality of what we can actually do e.g. financially, staff resources and legally (our remit). We’re not allowed to point out these limitations. I think this is a waste of time, especially as we’ve done it before on a number of occasions and it never does anything except demotivate.

    A whole day in a stuffy room having discussions which will ultimately be ignored is frustrating, especially as I’ll have to catch up on normal work after. And we have to feign enthusiasm.

    Rant over. Now relaxing with a Guinness not thinking about day 2 tomorrow.

  22. I’m in the second week of a two-week holiday. I can’t explain how happy I am to be off and not bothered by constant emails that I can’t do anything about (because I’m now a store manager without a store to manage, alerts don’t come through to me as they’re assigned to a store rather than specific people). I’d muted the area WhatsApp group over a year ago, so that’s another annoyance removed. I can sit on the sofa in peace without worrying about work and how things are going – it’s not my store, and not my problem. Hurray! I should be sorting things to declutter and sell, but I’m making the most of peace and quiet.

    When I go back on Monday, I only have four weeks of working in another branch, then I’m gone. Thank *goodness*. I will miss the people as I had the best team I’d ever managed prior to the store closure, but we’re all friends outside of work and I’ll see them plenty. 14 years of working for the same employer (and two years prior to that as a Saturday girl when I was in sixth-form) is enough, I’m ready for a new challenge.

  23. Back from the eye doctor with yet one more referral, this one two months and a bit off for an available appointment. It seems I’ve hit the age where everything is starting to break. Ah, well. Except for the dental work, everything is for preventative action with no huge present problems so far identified.

    On the dental front, I passed one week since extractions, meaning I can eat hard foods again. Time to break out a frozen pizza!

    Other “work” includes reading and preparing to discuss the book for my book club. I don’t hate it quite enough to bail out, but I’ve fallen behind in my daily page quota to finish. On the other hand, I’ve reached a relatively interesting bit, and a part that I recall from when I part-read and part-skimmed it during the nomination and voting, so I can fake it even if I don’t get it completely read this time through. I’ll probably report here a week from tomorrow, after the Saturday meeting.

    In the midst of everything else, I’ve been trying to return the kitchen to order, with everything washed and put away. I’ll probably run another dishwasher load today, but even that will not completely do it, but things are already a lot better than they were.

    1. Hey Patrick M. — glad you have the dentist and (shortly) the kitchen taken care of. I think you need a jigsaw puzzle to relax, either before or after the rigors of doing a book report on top of all else.

      Try this one:

      It’s a mandala shape, which means after you hit “Arrange” and choose a backup color to contrast with the pieces, you can just pull out specific shapes until you have a row covered, then move to another shape. Easier & more hypnotically restful than trying to discern galaxies and star fields and rocket equipment. Or at least I think so.

      Good luck!

      1. Jinx, In addition to the spaceships and star fields, I have been working on Jigsaw Planet’s ample supply of puzzles with lightly clothed females, mostly ones from pre-20th century artwork (so I can claim it has redeeming social value). I had in fact been working on puzzles to calm down both before and after the eye doctor. That was before I saw your mandala suggestion. I have simplified it both for shape and number of pieces and am now, per JP’s timer, about an hour into it. I’m clearly no expert puzzler, but as the saying goes, anything worth doing is worth doing badly.

  24. My work this week was getting a tooth extracted and a bone graft for an implant to be done later in the year. The specialist dentist and his staff were patient and kind with my dental anxiety. Taking it easy for the next couple of days.

  25. Wow! I thought I was having a terrible, horrible, worthless day, but most of you have beat me to it. I had to go to the bank this morning (twice) to straighten out a mess that I will admit I created myself. So, later when I went in for a much-needed nap I realized my phone was missing. Went out to the car three times taking it apart, went into my pocketbook and searched nothing there or so I thought. Called the bank and no luck. Looked a fourth time and there it was not in its own little pocket but in a bag where I keep coupons, masks and stuff. But this is not as bad as last week when I went with my husband to his doctor’s office. I used the restroom and while grabbing the door handle with a paper towel did a bit of calisthenics to throw the towel into the trash barrel, it was not within arm’s reach. Waving my arms about to balance myself I accidently pulled a glass framed picture off the wall. Of course, the glass broke, and I took frame and all out to the reception area to publicly admit defeat. And incidentally I also received a letter from the bank last week that took seven days to get less than five miles from my house. But that is another issue, glad I got that off my chest.

  26. I’ve had a lot of headaches the last days, so mostly been reading and knitting and brushing the brush-junkie. About 85% done with another knitted kittycat (needs tail and face). You might possibly get to see this one before the first one I knit, since I haven’t had any pics of the first one yet from its new owners.
    Got the request to make a mosaicked bunny-rabbit from someone for whom I’ve previously made a penguin figurine. Haven’t had time/energy to look into it yet, but it’s a to-do-thingy. Lots of material-decisions to make there.
    Second opinion tomorrow. I’ve switched myself off mentally out of self-protection. I’m a numb skellington. Please keep fingers crossed.

  27. I’ve applied for 33 jobs with the state, two more at an organization tied to mine, three more elsewhere, and had five job interviews and a sixth is next week. That’s my work, people.

    1. Way to go. No one can say you are not giving trying to find a new job, your best effort. Way to go Jennifer. I hope the job you want is right around the corner.

  28. I just got off the phone from my ever-paycheck budget talk with my brother & his partner. They are both very money savvy & they are teaching me stuff.

    My j.o.b. is a pain in the ass right now. A bunch of people have quit and another bunch of people keep calling in sick. I work weekends, holidays and overnights. My Saturday overnight shift was so stressful. Because of the lack of personnel I worked by myself for part of that shift when normally 4 people and a team leader would have been working. It pains me to say – this has happened to me with this company before.

    And they keep saying there will be raises this year – we’re in to March & no raises in sight. And bonuses are 3 weeks overdue. This despite the fact that they are making money hand over foot. Ridiculous.

    On top of that they messed up my PTO (paid time off) totals so my supervisor is afraid to grant my requests for PTO until that get fixed. It’s been ‘broken’ since 1/1/24.

    Let it go, Judy. Let it go.

    My work with my accountability partner (Tammy) is going well. I am up to 35 minutes a day walking. I am not getting much written except blogposts & poems but I hope to dive back in to my novel in progress soon.

    I got a huge box full of boxes that I broke down – off to recycling. I got my laundry done.

    I have cards that I need to get out to people. And my ex is in town. He and I are friends so I have a fun dinner to look forward to.

    Still posting pics of trees, dog Cooper, & my prism on Instagram.

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