The Green Room

Okay, I promised to post the Damned Family Reunion stuff here, and this is really prequel explaining why the posts won’t start going up until next Tuesday, but since you asked . . .

This is the cast of The Damned Family Reunion, minus Aunt Brassica and her twins, Kohlrabi and Bokchoy. They did arrive today along with the last of the other chicks, so I can get started with production. Very exciting.

11 thoughts on “The Green Room

  1. The Damned stand out. Altogether creepy. On second thought, perhaps they’ve been creeped — I mean, traumatized by something.

  2. They remind me of what Uncle Fester would look like as a chick, (as a baby chicken as opposed to uncle Fester as a girl). The mad chicks could use a light bulb.

  3. Lol, this is great! I am a sucker for a collection to begin with and I love the names Kohlrabi and Bokchoy. Hysterical.

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