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  1. I don’t do Kindle Unlimited. I don’t know why, except that there are issues about the way royalties or pseudo-royalties are disbursed.

    And anyway, I bought all those books already.

    Time for an off topic post. Our hostess will claim there are no such animals, but maybe this counts. Wunsa ponna time, I wrote stories. They were published in newsgroup alt.sex.stories.moderated and hosted at Alt Sex Stories Text Repository (ASSTR) and currently at StoriesOnline.net.

    One of my contemporaries was and is Michael Dalton. As MichaelD38 at AOL dot Com, He wrote prodigiously. Later, he removed all his stories from the free sites, and with four other authors and an editor, started Ruthies Club. Don’t bother trying to find that – Ruthie passed away and they couldn’t keep it going. That’s sad, because there were a lot of well written stories there. Michael published there as Michael Dalton and as Richard Bissell, the pseudonym he used for the racier stories.

    What sort of stories did he write back then? Titles included Call Girl Cheerleaders, an attempt to include as many “adult” memes as possible in one story. Or Summer Camp I & II. Or Orange County Babylon. That one was set at a Catholic High School. A six-girl cheerleader squad decides to lose the virginities as a group, and choose a boy they spied in the showers (a reverse Porky’s situation) who is a foster brother to one of the girls.

    Two of the titles are dead giveaways to what you’ll find on Amazon today. No, there’s no hockey. The popular term is “harem fiction.” One guy with multiple women.

    For a quarter century, I was a one-woman man. Since then, any women have been in my imagination. If my late wife had suggested we add a second wife to our bed, it wouldn’t have been on my account. But those stories are fun.

    I’m going to admit that the best part of the one I’ll mention on Thursday is that chapter one is all about how to make award-winning chili with explanations at every step.

    That’s all ah got to say ’bout that.

  2. Is there a way to get print copies of the Liz Danger series without money going to A_____? Over the months, I have spoken and chatted with people who live in a wide variety to timezones, and while I am grateful for the opportunity to have learned a little bit more Tagalog, I am still on this quest . . . .

  3. Very nice! I have them already in digital, paperback and audio, because that is how I am, but I like KU and use it for trying out new things that I wouldn’t want to pay for. I feel like this is a good choice if you are trying to attract new readers.

  4. Thanks for the info!
    I got Liz already, bit like Lupe, I love KU for the chance to try new authors and if I “fall in love” with a new author, I’m happy to pay. I also pre-order some authors whose work I really, really like, e.g. the next Rachel Reid (out in March ’25) even though I’ve got no info about the book but the title.
    Yet I balk if an ebook turns out (almost) as expensive as the paperback which is often the case with YA.

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