Happiness is Respair

This popped up in my Facebook feed last week:

I finished the edit on Rocky Start, got my new freezer into the kitchen, and did several Damned Family Reunion jpgs for the next couple of weeks. Also made pasta, mustard chicken and two kinds of stir fries for the new freezer (shouldn’t that be stir frys?) sorted a lot of yarn, changed my bedding, and plugged in the rechargeable sweeper. I am on a roll. Definitely in respairing happiness.

How were you happy this week?

(Also a warning: Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. If you have fools in your vicinity, beware.)

68 thoughts on “Happiness is Respair

  1. I am entertained by other Arghers enjoying Myers-Briggs. I bullied married friends into taking it, and they discovered every argument they ever had was because he is P and she is J. The best book I ever read on the subject was “Please Understand Me” by Keirsey/Bates. I’m INTJ, borderline on the FT one. In good times I tend more to F, if push comes to shove, it’s T all the way.

    Accomplished two “impossible” tasks with my darling sister yesterday which really pleased me.

    Friday and Saturday I carried around small chocolate eggs to hand out to fellow jazzercisers, coffee shop and grocery employees etc. It started as reverse trick or treating and migrated to other holidays. I don’t know why it entertains me so much, but a $5 investment pays off in a lot of pleasure.

    And today is Easter Brunch, and recovery therefrom. And laundry one enough recovery has occurred.

    1. Myers-Briggs was a real eye-opener for me. I was in my INFJ mode when I took the test. But I waffle between that and INFP. That is the artsy mode, for me. Being an oldest child, I was destined to be Judgy, so learning about personality types freed me up to appreciate people with different ways of relating to the world. I like that book, too.

    2. I took the test once because HR at my corporate job asked us to. The expert who gave us the test said I had one of the most balanced results that he’d seen. BARELY introverted. BARELY feeling v thinking. The only one I was very strong was Intuitive. I had thought I was INTJ but now I really think I’m INFP.

  2. I feel like today will be a respair day. And not just because the Easter Bunny will be hiding a bunch of chocolate around the house soon.

  3. Yay the new freezer! Reduces Popcorn and chocolate dinners.
    Although I love those, they have consequences.
    Rode down 52 after Vermillion just for fun, it’s a beautiful ride.

    1. It really is. I used to live on that highway in roughly the same place as Vince, down by the river. It’s just gorgeous.

  4. I’m going to use respair in a conversation today!

    Wonderful visit with BFF. We visited a day spa and the art gallery. BF is a sewer and generously hemmed 2 sets of curtains for us, as well as fixing the side seams on a dress for me. I made a bowl cover for my sourdough bread from an old tea towel. First sewing project in years.

    I ordered tulips from the flower farm and ran into one of my bosses while picking up. She confirmed they want me to come back this summer which makes me very respairing. Working on the farm is good for my body and soul.

    DH installed my purple peg board in my craft space. Still more organizing to do but already it’s so much easier to find my supplies and put them away when I’m done.

  5. OMG! I read the word “Sewer” as a place where refuse is collected, at first!

  6. I am happy because my cats are speaking to me again. I dosed them with flea treatments two days ago, and they are just now ready to forgive me for that affront to their persons. They are indoor cats, but they get fleas. Maybe I bring them inside? Maybe they come in the doors, and the basement windows, which are loose?

    I’m also looking at small dogs in the local shelters. This area must be Pit Bull heaven, because there are many, many full and mix varieties of that dog. That variety has large litters, too. I’ve stopped looking at the offerings of the larger city shelter, because small dogs disappear very rapidly. I went to the SPCA shelter nearby, and one dog I was interested in was being adopted as I arrived, and several couples were waiting to see the remaining small dogs. Online, two smaller rescues had a cockadoodle puppy and an Aussiedoodle half-grown dog. I applied for them, but have yet to actually see them, or hold them. The gate-keeping is pretty extreme. It’s like applying for a job. I guess it is a specialized job, raising a small dog. I like that one group fosters all their dogs, so there is more information on their personalities.

    1. May I recommend a senior tiny terrier? Mine, adopted during the pandemic, is a peach. Ready for anything including a nap.

      1. I have not seen any of those, but I will keep your recommendation in mind. The doodles are pricey!

    2. I was stunned to discover that my cats probably had fleas, even though they never went out. I’ve never seen any sign of them, but one cat started chewing his fur out, and my vet did an allergy test which showed him off the charts for flea allergies. She said that with normal healthy cats, a flea or two might bite them, the cat will eat the flea, and you never know. Unless there is an allergy, or the fleas start showing up in numbers.

      She did say that you can bring the fleas into the house on your shoes, without knowing, or they can come in on mice. Since I live in the country and mice show up periodically (some of them to be immediately dispatched by one of the five cats, but others hiding out in unreachable spaces), that’s probably the culprit here.

      1. My former dog brought in fleas, for sure. I have had several mice that got in the basement windows, I think. They were dispatched by the cats, after being terrified, first. Spring came in early and then disappeared, so the fleas caught me off guard this year.

        1. One, and only one, of my dogs had lice last year which are at least easier to control than fleas because they don’t jump. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more visceral reaction to a bug than I did when I found them. Still makes my skin crawl to think of them. You have my sympathies on the fleas.

    3. Most areas have many pit bulls in shelters, because people buy them when they are puppies because they are oh so cute – and then they turn out to be big, kind of homely dogs and people are no longer so enamoured. I think there are also a lot of young men who buy them because they think they will look cool for having a scary dog, and it turns out being a dog daddy had way more cost and responsibility than they were looking for.

      1. We have surplus of Pit Bulls here too. They are usually very sweet dogs, but challenging. Stubborn, slabs of muscle that get sunburn, skin cancer and acne and need life jackets if they go swimming because they weigh to much to keep themselves afloat… Still, sweet dogs.

    4. Would you consider being a foster? If you match well they won’t actually force you to give the dog back. 😊

  7. I’m happy because my Llewellyn editor finally got around to reading the book proposals I put in last November, and they went off to the official submissions meeting on Thursday. Next week we’ll find out if I’m even happier because they got accepted. Since I quit the day job due to long Covid two years ago, the pressure to get new contracts has gone up somewhat, to say the least.

    Despite our very up and down weather (and the prediction of a minor amount of snow next week), I’m happy to be seeing signs of spring–the first buds on the trees, a few hints of yellow forsythia, a bear mangling my bird feeders. Okay, maybe not that last one. But a friend let me borrow her trail cam, so I’m hoping to get actual video proof. The joke will be on me if it turns out to be a squirrel that pumps iron.

    1. Deb, We have a history of an Easter bear. Sure enough, this morning we found the remnants of the bird feeder (she’d already taken down the main part a couple of weeks ago), as well as the pulley and cord which secured it. Also, plenty of proof in the marks on the tree where she climbed, then her trek back down the path into the woods. I love the fact that animals like to use the paths I’ve made. Perhaps I subconsciously chose old animal paths when I made them. Always looking for the easiest way to get around.

  8. I miss dyeing and hiding eggs. We raised our kids in what we jokingly call a three house kibbutz, and of the six parents five were Jews. Since DH was raised Catholic and we didn’t want the kids to miss the fun we held a pagan egg hunt every year. But sadly not one child has chosen to live here so we can keep the tradition up and none have produced grandchildren yet (ages range from 33 to 27 so there is still hope)(but most of us don’t nag. And we refuse to aid and abet the would be grandfather that does.) (Yes if they were here I would hide eggs for them: grownups like chocolate too.)

    Happiness this week is tulips. I planted many new ones last fall and they are gorgeous. I cut a select set Friday and have a wonderful vase of tulips snow drops and giant daffodils. Then Saturday I realized many more tulips had been neatly sheared from their stems: the deer were enjoying them too. So I cut all the tulips and declared my tulips are a cutting garden and my house is full of blooms and color and spring. And the garden is full of white and yellow daffodils and narcissus and giant snowdrops which apparently deer consider to be poison, or fake food, or something. I did like the color outside but if it’s the deer or me, it’s me. The garden still looks nice if not what I would prefer. And I’m planting california poppies and Johnny jump ups to provide color in the tricky season betwern spring bulbs and summer annuals.

    I’m enjoying both my kids who in different ways are very close to me right now. DS continues to send me news to amuse me and discuss apartment hunting and kindly keeps trying mystery authors. DD watched the Crown which apparently prompted her to apologize for being a bad daughter (she wasn’t — as I pointed out, not a criminal or drug addict just was working through stuff) but apparently she is appreciating me these days which is always nice. I am afraid to ask her which episode of the Crown prompted the apology.

    I persuaded DH to try Only Murders in the Building. He likes watching Italian mysteries and misses NY so I figured with Steve Martin in it we couldn’t miss. We are only three episodes in and so far he isn’t hooked, but Sting cameo may be turning the corner.

    Technical question for all of you; is it a cameo if he is in two scenes? I say yes; DH says cameos are only one scene.

    1. My take is that Steve Martin was in two cameos in the movie (tv show?).

      Bad daughter, bad mother. My daughter told me last week that the guy who date raped her in when she was a college freshman is currently in jail for raping a 15-year-old. My daughter was 15 when he first started the sexual relationship with her. He was a member of the local volunteer ambulance association who was popular. Initially, I was the only one who disliked him, and I told her not to see him. So, she didn’t tell me anything. Until she came home from her first term of college, out as a lesbian, and he decided to prove to her that she wasn’t a lesbian. I only found out when she told the college nurse that she was considering suicide and the college immediately phoned us and sent her home. That was the beginning of many things, including a serious search for what was happening to her physically — a long, complicated story that took years to resolve. Anyway, she told me about the bastard’s incarceration and we started talking. (He was working as a school bus driver when he met the latest 15-yearpold.) Even having had created an open, strong, loving relationship since all this happened (my daughter’s 40 this year), my daughter and I were surprised by the misunderstandings that still existed. I guess knowing someone else is like peeling an onion: very slow, many thin layers, and you cry a lot as you go.

      1. Wow! It’s great that DD can finally share with you her trauma. I’m so glad the perp has been incarcerated.

      2. I’m so so sorry that you and your daughter went through that. What an appalling experience for her and for you.

        1. And I see no bad daughter or bad mother in your history — just people who had a hard time finding what was the most effective thing to do.

          1. Elizabeth, I find myself putting words to all kinds of things here that I don’t share in real life.

            I think that it helps that no one here knows me in real life. I can whine and snivel and moan. Or cry. And I can do it knowing that whatever I say will stay here. I won’t kick up a family drama and my words won’t come back to haunt me. It’s freeing.

  9. My husband and I drove to London, Ontario yesterday with my stepdaughter to see Clue at the Grand Theatre – directed by my BFF’s husband – we were roll-on-the-floor laughing by the end.

    PS – Jenny, who doesn’t have floors in their vicinity??

    1. I was puzzled by that last remark until I decided autocorrect had struck again and it was supposed to be fools.

      1. I went up to check on the typo and then realized you were talking about the comment, not the post. Major heart attack there. I do check those.

    2. Ha! my bad! Sorry to give heart attacks and make you sort out the mystery. Yes – FOOLS was the word I was trying to type.

  10. On top of the usual positive stuff (spring, Easter, etc.), I attained a personal high on a Wordle streak! (Still pitifully low in comparison with the champs.)

    1. You know, I’m all over the place on Wordle. I’ve decided that 3 is success, 4 is a tie, 5 is defeat, and 6 is “It’s just one of those days.” 1 and 2 are basically miracles.

      1. Do you play morewordle? That’s my favorite! The 6 and 7 letter words really wrack my brain.

  11. Sang at the 8 and 10 am service, not having some quiet time before I make a key lime pie and some roast lamb.
    Feeling so much better after a bout of sciatica, leading to arthritis in one foot. Sat around yesterday feeling very happy, and realized that it was because the sun was shining and I wasn’t hunched over in pain.

    1. The very concept of the Utrecht fish doorbell made me so happy! What a lovely idea.
      I passed on the link to DH and both our sons who just love it too.
      Thanks Debbie!

  12. Had four interviews this week, actually liked two of the jobs. Nothing official yet on the reassignment job besides them trying to figure out compensation and how much of what I have would transfer over. It would take OVER A MONTH to transfer me, so guess I won’t have to work until May at soonest.

    Started 12 Angry Jurors. I have next to nothing in lines and am begging the director to give me more or else I will pass out on the table from boredom. Though he is letting me knit/crochet through the entire show (he’s amused at the idea of a juror caring so little she crafts through jury duty), so there is that. It will also be in 1969 so I can dress like well, me in 1969.

    I only got one job interview and a 3 hour exam (all Thursday) next week and a job counselor appointment Friday, so looks like M-W will be “off” from job hunting.

    1. good grief, searched “dress like well, me in 1969” to get a visual

      first image from I love Jennie, she is wearing only a man’s shirt
      second from Gilligan’s Island, Marianne in a tiny, bright blue and pink maid’s outfit
      Third was a man wearing shirt, tie, vest, suit jacket, glasses and a hat, plus hankerchief square, tie clip, lapel pin and a rose bud. And stud earrings in both ears.

      Somehow don’t think this has given me any idea of what sort of style you were thinking about.

      I hope you end up with one of the jobs you like. It makes such a difference.

  13. Had a lovely time at a local plant fair on Friday. Went with a friend and bumped into a couple more; and came back with half a dozen tiny, unusual saplings, which I plan to grow in pots by the house. They include a Japanese maple, Siberian crabapple and Chilean flame tree.

    Then yesterday had a lovely walk along a canal to the Welsh border with a friend – sunshine, wildflowers and trees leafing up made us happy.

  14. I love that word!! I was supposed to be working today since I’m behind on my current ms but my neighbor brought over a couple of romaine lettuce plants and some purple sweet potato slips. I planted them in pots on my deck. Work will be there tomorrow, right?

  15. Happy that new doctor has decided she does indeed want to do a check for gastroparesis (Thanks again for bringing our attention to this thing, Kim!), so she’s applied for that with the right department. When this will happen, we don’t know. Can be anytime between now and June-July.
    Happy and grateful to have a bunch of really good friends, but sad they live far, far too far away.
    Happy because cats.

  16. Happy today is having flogged myself through filling in my tax forms so I know what’s what. It appears I can file both federal and state online through the official sites, for free, which should speed up my state refund. I owe the feds, dang it, but we do get a lot for our money, so whatever.

    Also happy today: a nice review from Love Bytes for my new novella THIRD TIME LUCKY. 🙂

  17. Great word though I am not sure I can work it into everyday conversation.

    Happiness is mostly getting through the (short) list of jobs I had been putting off for months. Only one incomplete as I have to get my dentist to give me a form for a tax claim. I’m pretty sure that they told me I didn’t need it at the time…

    Anyway, I am very happy with doing the jobs I promised myself I would do this weekend and reading a lot and being very chilled. I think setting the bar low in terms of what I’d get done, and not feeling I should be trying to go off doing other things and ‘making the most of the weekend’ really helped.

    Now I’m off to eat lots of chocolate.

  18. The word I like from that article is cacafuego (fire shitter).

    As for fools, the county Republican party is following the party line (they always do) and having a major meltdown. There are 2 factions. One is the ‘mainstream’ branch who just want to sit down and come to an agreement. Then there’s the 10% who stand for no compromise with anyone. Schadenfreude anyone?

    For my respair, I’m continuing to cull by books. I’m amazed at the number I’m letting go. I guess it’s time.

    The daffodils are blooming and I saw a lovely group of hellebores while walking Pixie today. I have a few but they’re not flourishing. I’ll have to try relocating them in a couple of months

    1. The (fictional) Spanish ship Cacafuego figures heavily in Patrick O’Brian’s first Aubrey-Maturin novel, Master and Commander. (Different plot from the movie of that name.)

      1. I might as well add that if anyone here has missed them, the O’Brian Aubrey-Maturin books are set in the Regency, have long stretches set on land, including in London, sometimes concern espionage, and often heavily involve romance. They might well interest readers who would not normally look at a naval war novel.

  19. I have been experiencing some up and down days but today was totally fun – respair for certain.

    It started with me causing trouble for my mom. I sent out texts to a couple of factions – my brothers and her siblings – pretending that she has a history of throwing eggs at random people and ending up in jail. She’s 85, elegant & very proper. She does have a sense of humor. She responded that no one knew that secret & I had a big mouth. Fun.

    Then I sent a msg to the man I like to refer to as the handsome Scotsman & told him to have a good Easter but only throw eggs if he runs into imperialistic offenders.

    Then I went into a zoom type party with me & my daughter who lives with me in Florida and my daughter in Kentucky and her family. We played yahtzee. I texted my ex, their stepfather whom they love, and started a thread so he could be a part of things. Meanwhile Mr Scotsman started messaging me back. So I was playing yahtzee, eating inappropriate snacks, in two ongoing text threads & thinking – I could be a romcom heroine with all this drama coming at me.

    Anywho – fun! Good food! Family! Friends! AND I won yahtzee!

  20. Hooray for finished edits!

    I finished my edits on book 2 in my series at 1:30 AM Sunday morning/Saturday night and sent the ms off to the publisher before I went through it all again. It could be endless tweaking.

    Yesterday I was kind of a useless blob. Today I will set up my new Chromebook and hope I have all the right passwords written down.

  21. I’m happy that I have 3 of my 4 big tasks for last month done and the 4th isn’t due until April 8th. I got my taxes filed today with the Feds and State but still have to get a city tax filed.

    I finally worked on making a pet bed from my quilting scraps. It’s going well. Sadly, it hasn’t used up all the throw-away scraps so I’ll likely try to make a second or even a third one.

    I had friends over for Easter dinner and they gift us a pot of tulips that are beautiful!

    Easter was a lovely day with good friends, a beautiful church service, and a tasty meal.

  22. It was a good weekend here too. The weather has been nice and the snow, what there is of it, is melting nicely as it should be this time of year, with rain and more snow on the way, also as it should be this time of year.

    Paul’s birthday is on Thursday and he decided he wanted to go see the new Ghostbusters movie in the theatre. We are trying to figure out the best day to go between Blue Jays games on TV and my having to work on Saturday.

    I follow the Sheldrick Trust on Instagram and am always impressed with the work they do with orphaned animals, particularly elephants. Many photos and videos of absolutely adorable baby elephants never hurt the cause either. Today they showed photos of a baby born to a mom they raised as an orphan who now lives wild.

    I had a fantastic text conversation with my mom and sister on Sunday night. Topics ranged from discovering that my dad’s mom’s maternal family may have originated in North America with a man who came over as an indentured servant on a Puritan colony ship in 1629 to our wealthy Mormon ancestors and whether or not any of them owned slaves to wondering why what sort of non-disclosure agreements the ex-wives of a certain former president signed that kept them from getting together and writing the tell-all book of the century (the century is not even 24 years old but still…)

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