Happiness is Realizing It’s Sunday

I woke up this morning, realized it was Sunday, and rolled over and went back to sleep. I’m thinking of doing that again when I finish typing this. Please understand, I actually don’t do weekends, I work straight through (because I love my work and want to, not because I have to) so the Sunday Effect should be completely wasted on me, but still, it’s Sunday, and I’m going to sleep late because that makes me happy.

What made you happy this week?

126 thoughts on “Happiness is Realizing It’s Sunday

  1. I was just thinking that I’m happy that I got 10 hours sleep last night. And then you posted this! Honestly, a good nights sleep is a gift from the goddesses. I am obsessed with my sleep and have been for a very long time.

    1. Tammy, me, too. And I’m in a bad loop of lying awake half the night. I”m blaming Day light Saving Time and a change in diet. I hope changing the diet back will help.

  2. I slept in too. I have been doing this thing where I wake up at 4 a.m. for no apparent reason. It was nice to get a little bit of extra charge.

    Jenny, I saw these salt and pepper shakers at the shop where I have a booth and I thought of you and the egg cups.


    Otherwise, happiness is saying no. My extended family had their Easter gathering yesterday, moving the date up two weeks from when it was originally planned. Instead of tying myself into knots to get there, I gave my regrets and it made me so happy. I had to work in the morning at my day job and then had plans with my Mother in law for the afternoon. I’m pleased with myself for not cancelling with her. She would have understood, but I would have felt bad. Plus I wasn’t stuck inside my aunt’s tiny house with three wild young children tearing around. The only guilt I have is that my dad won’t go without me. It’s my mother’s side of the family and he isn’t close to them, but he usually enjoys the outing.

    1. Oh. Just no. I thought the number of weird egg cups was high, but once you get into salt and pepper shakers, it just explodes.

    2. Luke, The salt & pepper shakers are cute, but to me that’s a completely different vibe from the Damned and from even the merely somewhat disquieting Smug-Chucklers.

      1. Definitely a different vibe. I was just going for sheer weirdness/kitsch factor. As Jenny says, with salt and pepper shakers, it goes off the charts.

      1. To quote the Muppets, even the vegetables don’t like him.

        Yes, anthropomorphic veggie people judging you at the table are creepy.

      2. No, you are not. I think those two need to meet the Damned boys in a dark alley somewhere.

  3. I am happy because I watched The Barbie Movie and all the extras last night. I loved seeing how they built the world, how the costumes were generated, how the action scenes were engineered, the impetus behind the movie, and all the “stuff” that brought it all together. It’s a fun movie with a deep message, for a film about a toy. It was interesting hearing the British actors talking about the “Bobbie” movie. I also finally figured out what Billie Eilish O’Connell was whisper-singing about at the Oscars.

    We’re getting rain today, and we need it, which makes me happy.

  4. I am happy winter is almost over. Okay, technically it is already spring, and it had seemed like it, but we got another snow storm yesterday, and I’m ready for it to be done. On the other hand, I’m happy I don’t have to go out in the mess it left today. Yesterday I went to lunch with friends in the middle of it (the rain changed back to snow unexpectedly) and I am happy we all made it home okay.

    I’m also happy to be working on the new tarot project, which is fun, instead of revisions, which aren’t.

  5. After enjoying watching and listening to the spring peepers less than a week ago, winter has wrapped its nasty fingers of cold, wind, snow, ice, sleet, and rain around us again. (Typical March weather.)

    We prepped for being stuck in our house — our 1/2 mile long dirt driveway is all ice and broken branches — and I have been enjoying being totally lazy and degenerate. Binged on Duolingo. Rererereading Georgette Heyers. Gazing at the fire in the fireplace/woodstove. Not checking my watch. What could be better?

  6. Happy to have gotten one of my 3 potential weekend chores done, though not thrilled that the “please review this finished document “ does not match my remembered conversation from months ago. May or may not force myself back to that one today.

    Sun shine is melting the (grumble grumble) snow from Friday.

    Friend brought a cake in honor of her birthday and seemed adequately pleased with my gifts so that was all good.

    Just got around to GBT which is always a pleasure and which has supplied me with new samples to try.

  7. My elderly cat started puking (she does it every morning) and then crying for breakfast (ditto), so I’m awake. I don’t have to do anything other than feed her and the younger, heftier cat, who is now nudging my hands.

    But it’s nice and warm in bed!

    1. My 17 year old cat has definite opinions about mealtimes, too – her tool bag includes stepping *very* heavily across my chest (ouch!), nibbling my fingers, and combing my hair with her claws when she feels it’s time for me to be up – usually 7 a.m.

      A few weeks ago, I started getting up at 5 a.m. every morning (I’ve finally admitted that it makes me much happier and more energetic for the entire day if I get up at 5, without hitting snooze at all.) The first week, she was still snoozing when I got up each morning, and she only joined me in the kitchen once she was really sure I was actually up.

      And then she adjusted her own schedule, and now the nibbling, combing, and heavy stepping commences at 4:30 a.m.


  8. Went to the local hone and garden show to see a friend of mine who was an exhibitor. Wonderful to see her even briefly. DH and I are not usually fans of this type of event but we had fun looking at vendors and chatting with various people. We may have found a company who can repair our old plaster walls as well as pain them.

    Attended a farewell event for my favourite staff person from one of my volunteer organizations. I really enjoy the company of the other volunteers so it was very nice to get together outside our shifts.

    My craft room is coming together. I’m also taking the time to de-stash – I have enough supplies for 10 craft rooms. I offered up my old cricut on the neighbourhood “buy nothing” group and will give it to a teacher with an autism class. She may also take my huge bin of paper and other supplies which would be lovely.

    My BFF arrives tomorrow for a short visit. Can’t wait to give her a big hug.

  9. My phone has been held together by binder clips since last July. Still worked and then I dropped it again and the seams split. Binder clips just kept slipping off. So, I broke down and bought a new phone. This was in February about the time my husband was in the hospital and didn’t have time to change it over. This week when we went to his doctor’s appointment we stopped at T-mobile (they keep moving their offices) and it was conveniently close by and got that done in less than an hour. I was worried that I would lose pictures, but everything worked out fine. I keep meaning to get them printed off and I will eventually.

    Another good thing was hiring a landscaper to clean up the yard. My husband can no longer do it and it is hard to wrangle the kids to help but we’d feel an ongoing pressure put on them like guilt. So, we’ll tell them it is coming out of their inheritance.

    I don’t know if it is me or something on the internet but since I started watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix, I will get spoilers on a Facebook page of storylines of the episodes I have watched and yet to watch. I don’t mind, it is after all a fictional story, and I’m not unnecessarily bothered by spoilers. The same thing is true about books I’ve read. And recipes, too. I’ve only seen it when I order something from a store and then get pictures of the product until in time it peters out. Now that’s annoying.

    1. Are you blocking all but necessary cookies on those sites? I hate that kind of thing, too.

    2. Do you use an ad blocker? I find them really good, though don’t know if they’d work on Facebook. Well, they might if you access it through your browser rather than by using an app (I’m guessing Facebook has an app?).

      1. Facebook has an app which I only use for uploading photos because it eats battery like chocolate. I actually look at Facebook in a browser, where it constantly urges me to vote in Illinois, where I have never lived and have no connections, and serves me ads for dental practices in California, which is rather far from here. Their algorithms need repair.

        1. Do try an ad blocker, then – and ignore the pop-up pleas from websites to switch it off. Apple’s Safari has one built in, so other browsers may too. Or there are plenty you can install – I just looked at reviews and bought one for a small fee. I think the one I got for my Mac (before Apple added theirs) was free.

          1. Sometime (years) ago I did put in an add blocker. Maybe they have found a new way to find me. Although I have been known to type something innocuous in just to see what happens.

          2. You can browse “Incognito” when using Chrome and in “Private” with Firefox. Safari has private window access as well plus built-in protections from tracking even in a regular window. Browsing privately protects you (in theory) from advertisers who pay the search engines for your info.

        2. And now Facebook is sending me ads for furnace companies and vet practices in northern Alabama, more than three hundred miles from me. These companies are paying for this! They are being cheated! (The total irrelevance of Facebook ads greatly amuses me.)

  10. I went to the cinema today to see Dune because my husband wanted to see it. I am happy to have made him happy.
    I used to go to the cinema a lot but not so much these days.
    These days, I much prefer the cinema in my head when I read good books. Somehow those pictures are much more satisfying than the reality.
    The Paul Atreides in my head from when I read Dune in my teens was ten times more attractive to me than Timothée Chalamet with his cute elfin chin and tousled hair.

    1. Timothee has a very odd face. I am not sure how I think that he should be cast, but Dune and Willy Wonka aren’t working for me. Of course, I may be too old now to judge these things. He just looks painfully young.

      1. And not very bright, I think. Not appealing. Tom Holland in those roles would be much more appealing.

  11. For the second or third time in the last few weeks I wrote a lengthy comment, hit post, and the Internet said it was checking if Argh was secure and the post disappeared into the ether.
    So here’s a brief version.

    I’m happy Congress passed the rest of the budget without deeper cuts and without the horrible policy provisions. I happy another Republican resigned leaving the House with a one vote majority.

    I’m happy DS suggested dealing with mom in memes and if she keeps it up I might even do it . His two contributions:

    Dear grandma
    I am the Lorax and I speak for the trees
    Stop driving before you hit another one of them

    Dear grandma
    I am the burger joint on 75 Main Street, Amherst, MA
    Stop driving before you crash through my front window and make several customers approximately burger patty shaped
    —5 guys (flattened)

    That flattened gets me every time.

    I am happy I watched world figure skating “with” DS by texting eachother.
    And that the men’s free skate was so amazing. (You can all be happy that you are spared my diatribe I wrote before on the comparison between this years happy winners and the awful and sad reactions of the three Russian women at worlds, and why their coach is evil. )

    I’m happy I have this great relationship with DS.

    I’m happy my bulbs and rosemary bush are blooming.

    I’m happy I’m planning my 50th friendiversary trip to Europe.

    I’m happy I caught up with three friends this week and have a fourth scheduled for Thursday.

    I’m happy DH is returning after a week helping his friend with early onset dementia , that they made a lot of progress with divorce, will, power of attorney, medical care, finances, and that it wasn’t as stressful as previous trips. Also that we never put money ahead of our kids like he did. As awful as his situation is it does make me smug (sorry) about dh and my life choices.

    Yes, this really is the short version.

      1. Sorry — I meant to say the above link is the British humor I meant to post Thursday

      2. Thanks Debbie. That made me laugh so loud, the cats came to see what was going on!

    1. Europe-trip sounds like a lot of fun. Where are you going? And for how long? Already planned what to see/do?

      1. Nope. We are in the planning stage . Probably sept . Only one city. All ideas welcome .

          1. I have been to London and Rome. This is not the time I want to go to Russia … but if my friend wants to go to London or Rome I am up for it .

        1. Lisbon is awesome for food and affordable wine (couple of years back),
          I haven’t been, but I want to go, Innsbruck and Lake Achensee, mainly cause the Chalet girls books were set there. However, I think someone on this forum recommended it recently, the mountains and lake look beautiful, also the Swarovski museum is there

    2. DS has great writing skills, made me laugh out loud! I hope you get a good resolution to problems with your Mom’s actions and words. (We were able to get my Dad to stop driving after seeing him use both feet on the power brake, not even a jolt when we stopped…! We mentioned that if he had an accident, it would be bad enough if he was killed by it, but what if he killed other people? That was using sledgehammer tactics, but subtle stuff did not register with Dad.) I send hugs, fingers crossed for a good fix! Taf

      1. Sorry I missed where I wanted to post about your Mom’s driving. Have a great trip!
        If I get to travel myself anytime soon, I want to re-visit Paris. I have been there twice and between all the great museums and wonderful place to eat (variety of price ranges), a lot more time there would be excellent… The Musee d’Orsay, the Louvre (wear comfortable shoes, the marble floors are beautiful but brutal), the Rodin museum (inside and outside), a museum dedicated to the Middle Ages…) Taf

        1. I love Paris and it is definitely under consideration. But we’ve both been there. If we go back to a known place it might be London so we can see her cousin and my daughter.

          But neither of us has been to Barcelona, Prague, Lisbon, Dublin, Vienna or a handful of other cities and new place might be fun. Also planning is fun

          1. Vienna is awesome! I had friends living there for several years and was able to visit them about once a year. Lots to see and do, and good public transportation.

          2. Barcelona is a great city. Been there twice. Would go again. Took the train to Girona and the Costa Brava in 2017. Lovely trip.

      2. We have said many times what if you kill someone. She insists she is a safe driver and will know when to stop. She twists what happened to convince herself she wasn’t at fault.
        Latest denial theory is it couldn’t have been that bad because the airbags didn’t go off —never mind the 9 inch square hole into the basement and the major damage to the car.

        1. I am sorry to hear that your mother’s denial about needing to give up driving is Industrial Strength!
          Has she already had the car repaired? If not I urge stalling, talking to mechanics to encourage them to be too busy, etc…
          I thought my Dad was Industrial Strength stubborn, but she is well beyond what he was capable of, I hope you get some good ideas soon! Make sure all other sets of keys are inaccessible to her as well.
          I hope someone here can come up with a great idea to get her off the roads and keep her that way… Taf

          1. Oh yes. It took 3 months to get it repaired but it took her a year to get her license back.

          2. Deborah, she would get it fixed. We thought about bleach in the gas tank but I don’t want anyone going to jail for property damages.

    3. My rosemary is also blooming! First time! Is there anything special I should be doing for it? It’s indoors.

      1. I’ve grown rosemary (outdoors in the summer, indoors in winter) forever, and my current plant (killed the last one after about 30 years when I forgot to water it in a drought) doesn’t bloom, but the previous one did every year. I never did anything special, but I did re-pot it every summer (bloomed in the winter/spring), so it got new nutrients that way. It’s generally an extremely unfussy plant though.

        Oh, but fun trivia — there’s old folklore that claims that rosemary only blooms in households where there’s a woman in charge.

    4. Debbie, You may already have thought of this, but just in case:

      I have been composing long posts in my notes app (if I were doing it on a pc, I’d just use my word processing program) and copy/pasting them over when finished. Besides reducing the chances that all that work will be gobbled by the internet gremlins, this makes it easier to break off and do something else if necessary before finishing, or to break the writings into several posts if it runs really long or covers multiple topics. And to edit if necessary in a less pressured setting.

      1. Obviously I didn’t do that here—”writings” should be singular above. But I wondered if irony would strike, so before posting I worked it the other way and copied what I had written *into* my notes app before coming back and hitting Post. That worked too and might be worth doing to preserve the work if a draft post ends up unexpectedly turning into a long one.

        1. Yeah I need to make that a habit. So far it has only occurred to me after the post got gobbled up.

    5. I’d love to have one Republican rep switch their party to independent and announce they’re caucusing with the Democrats. That’d be fun.

      1. I keep hoping . If two do that or if five resign (my math may be wrong ) democrats get the majority.

        1. Supposedly, they are currently down to one vote . I don’t understand this math, either.

          1. When this guy leaves, there will be 217 Republicans and 213 Democrats and 4 empty seats. One of those seats will likely get filled by a Democrat and two by Republicans in the coming months. The fourth, this guy’s seat, will be filled in November.

            In the meantime: if one Republican votes with the Dems the Rs win 216-214. If two Rs vote with the Ds it’s 215-215 and the bill fails.

            If four more Rs retire before any seat is filled then when everyone votes party line it’s 213-213 tied. If 5 more, then Jeffries becomes speaker.

            The first election is April 30 and the Dem is favored but not strongly. The next two are May 21 and June 11 and I believe Rs are favored in those.

            Ok, I think that’s right.

  12. Fiddler ends today, it has gone well.

    I got into Twelve Angry Jurors (starts tomorrow), which is good because more than the bare minimum of 12 auditioned–I believe 15–and at least I got in there. However, the director told me he’d give me one part–in front of everyone, in the audition–and then assigned it to someone else and instead gave me the least interesting/has about the shortest lines part in the play part, which makes me feel disappointed and weird and uncomfortable. Sigh. If I’d known going in that’s what I was going to get–normally I would have expected to because I am always the least–I’d be fine, but I feel a bit led on. A friend of mine says I should ask my directors what I can do to get better, and I tried with the current one, but she just looked blankly at me when I said I don’t ever get lines or parts unless they are short on people. So…yeah.

    I have applied for 41 jobs with the state, have had nine interviews and have FOUR INTERVIEWS IN THREE DAYS M/T/W this week. I’m exhausted already. No real prospects so far and I don’t expect to hear back on anything since every job says they will call my supervisor and I’m sure she’ll tell them I’m The Worst (note: a supervisor can say whatever they want, please stop telling me they “can’t” or that they are afraid of lawsuits, they have good lawyers, a huge pile of of “Jennifer sucks” evidence and no reason to fear a lawsuit), so…yeah.

    I did finally interview for one disability reassignment job last week. It went well and seems like it should be a case where I meet the qualifications (and they are not permitted to read my HR file or contact my supervisor), but I still haven’t heard back yet and unlike all the state jobs, this should be faster. Theoretically. This is concerning.

    I don’t love any of these jobs and they all seem to be high pressure and high demand, and the reassignment one is tech support and a lot of driving and having to technically switch to a less easy to work for overall employer that takes over a month to get you onboarded, but…that’s the best option I got. I just wish I could have a clean slate instead of feeling like I ruined my life by being a bad service worker.

    In crafting news, I finished an outfit and made a skirt out of broken umbrellas, so those went well.

    1. Good work, Jennifer! I hope something you would like, and qualify for, turns up, soon. That skirt sounds very interesting.

        1. I forgot to include my best wishes for a great job with wonderful people like many of my pre-retirement workplaces. I have had other ups and downs in my life, but when I look over most of my past career history I am amazed at how many good people and places were involved. Taf

    2. I won’t say your supervisor can’t say bad things about you. I will say eventually you will interview with someone who won’t care what your supervisor says but will like you enough to give you a chance.
      You deserve that for your perseverance alone!

      1. You may be over projecting the negative things your supervisor will say. If she/he really wants you gone they will soft-pedal the negatives because really, you will be gone faster if someone else hires you. (P.S. If your supervisor is too dim to have figured this out for themselves, and based on how you have described the job situation over the years, this seems likely. You could always point out to the supervisor that the quickest way to get rid of you is to give you a good reference and get someone else to hire you)

        1. Did I sound cynical. Blame it on the fact that I was a human resource manager for 10 years and many times advised a supervisor who wanted an employee gone, NOT to give a totally negative review if they could do it in good conscience.

  13. Happy to have put away the snow shovel for the season, happy to have an appointment to get the new kitchen and bathroom faucets installed later this week, and happy to have a dental procedure scheduled for tomorrow (so it will be over with soon).

    I was just reading that the average person on Medicare spends about three WEEKS a year “having medical tests, visiting doctors, undergoing treatments or medical procedures, seeking care in emergency rooms, or spending time in the hospital or rehabilitation facilities.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2024/03/24/doctors-medical-care-burden-aging/ I was going to say I was happy that, after tomorrow, I don’t have any more medical appointments until the summer (cataract surgery), but then I remembered a routine appointment with my primary (annual checkup), a virtual visit with my endocrinologist, my annual checkup with my cardiologist, and at least one more set of blood tests, all next month. Plus the usual monthly doctor’s-office visit for an injection and twice-a-year dental cleaning. No wonder it feels like I spend my whole life on medical stuff!

    1. I find that I need 9 doctor visits and tests a year if everything is fine. And then add on whatever needs treatments. And vaccines.

        1. I forgot about that one. I’ve been waiting until I was on Medicare Part B so it wouldn’t cost sixty dollars. I must do it this summer in my annual physical.

  14. I discovered sesame balls with sweet red bean-paste filling at a Chinese restaurant last Friday and how nom it is to put sweetened condenced milk in tea yesterday. Happy.
    I bought a CD for myself and did not feel guilty about it. Still don’t. Progress and happy.
    I think I’m happiest about reconnecting with a friend from France after a long time not really chatting much. We were hanging out on Facetime yesterday and made each other feel better. He LOVES cats and was feeling very sad and anxious, so to counter it I turned on the camera and had him watch Triple and Matcha rolling on the floor and jumping for joy at the prospect of canned food. Later he said he wanted to help me out with one of my brain-chaos-makers and progressed to listen to more than 1 hour of me being upset via voice-messaging (we’d stopped facetiming by then). Then he took the time to also message his thoughts right back, reacting to the weird and repeating that he understands where I come from and that I’m not crazy. We’ve been chatting back and forth today as well about the troublesome stuff in our lives. We know the other doesn’t have a magical solution to all problems, and that’s okay. The point is to be there, so the other knows and feels THEY ARE NOT ALONE. If he’d been into romance, I’m sure he’d been an argher. Friends like that are a true blessing.

  15. One of the loveliest things about retirement is no set bedtimes and no alarm clocks, unless I have an appointment somewhere (usually a doctor place.) I went to bed at 5:50 A.M. today and got up around 2 P.M.. Friday, I remember looking at the clock, rolling over and sleeping to 6 P.M.. Twelve hours of sleep was more than enough.

    It does wreak havoc (havoc reeks) on the diet, though. Here I’ve just awakened, and I’ve already consumed 846 calories since midnight. I foresee a couple salads in my immediate future.

    1. I was driving on Friday and the traffic report came on. I was happy because it had nothing to do with me. Retirement is awesome.

      1. My reeking diet tricked me into eating pizza, sort of. Garlic Texas toast, tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, bacon crumbles, and sliced pepperoni. I forgot to pick a tomato or three, decided against a jalapeno pepper, and there was no room for ham (I should have layered it on anyway.) I’ve been trying to stay under 1840 calories, but this topped 1900. I should have skipped the Starbucks Hot Cocoa (90 cals) for some Lady Grey tea.

  16. I’m happy that my best birding buddy was feeling well enough to go birding today — we had a splendid outing and though it was cold (temps in low 30s,) the sun was shining, many trees were in bloom, some of their leaves were just starting to sprout, the woods were carpeted with little purple flowers and many migrant birds were back in town! We racked up a long list of bird sightings; it was a great way to start the day even though it meant getting up before dawn.

  17. I’m happy I got 4 more PT sessions from my insurance company. My shoulder isn’t healed and therapy is helping.

    I’m happy I went to my rheumatologist because there may be something legitimately wrong with my hip and not just a tight hip flexor or arthritis. Hope to get an MRI soon to verify.

    I’m happy that tomorrow is supposed to be in the 50’s so the *&^%ing snow will melt.

    I’m flattered that there are 2 ladies who like my quilting enough to trust me to quilt their quilts.

    I’m happy that my DH watched a movie and snuggled last night. We watched Everything Everywhere All at Once for the first time.

    1. Hurrah for movie-snuggles! Hope you’ll get the MRI and the results from it soon to know what’s up with the hip.

      1. Thank you! The hubby has to step up his game since we no longer have cats (but just for a season so we can travel.)

  18. I’m on the whole more happy than unhappy, but I can’t think at the moment of any specifics that don’t sound forced or sort of negative (happy that annoyance X or Y has gone away for the moment). So I’ll stop and get back to those chores that it seems advisable to do even on a Sunday.

  19. I went to a workshop on Japanese braiding today, the instructor overbooked and was a bit too busy to clarify anything, but a lovely teenage girl sitting opposite seemed to get the gist of it quickly and explained to me and her mother, so it turned into a fun session and we managed to complete our bracelets. I also went into miniso and managed to resist buying an adorable but very expensive moon lamp, and only bought a cheap cute pink penguin sitting on a sofa. I put it on my clothing pile and it looks like it’s surfing, I love it

    1. Kumihimo? I’ve done it for about 1.5 year and I love it. I can just braid and read and let the brain rest. And it’s small and easy enough to shove in a purse/handbag/backpack/whatever if I go somewhere, if I just cut the cords on beforehand. Helped me a lot to de-stress when travelling and waiting in waitingrooms. I hope you had fun with it!

      1. Yes, originally I learned about it from a youtube art teacher and used a homemade board, but the workshop taught me how to finish them into bracelets so that was handy too. I think it is quite restful once you get into the pattern. I have bought an actual board so will keep it up. I am glad it helps you

      2. Shass, you can read while you do it? I need to try this — it is very hard to knit or needlepoint AND watch hockey. Maybe this is the craft I need to satisfy my need to multi-task if the tv is on!

  20. I need to add that my dishwasher works great, now, and is almost silent! It was the inlet valve getting stuck and vibrating. Tomorrow the final touch is a plumber coming to replace, or repair, a copper pipe that isn’t fitting well onto the valve, and could cause leaks. The actual fixers said they think he could put in a flexible hose in place of the copper. I don’t care which. I’m just glad it’s going to work and not make the horrible noise anymore.

  21. Okay, *now* I’m happy that I just found my overdue library book. I can combine a library and specialty-grocery run and hand it in within the next few days. I’ll still have to take it out again later sometime and finish it. Too many interesting books on my plate at once, a situation I’ve confronted repeatedly lately. Which still means that at times I can’t find a book that matches my mood and degree of alertness! (I’m still on the lookout for the not-yet-due but misplaced one.)

      1. I am also glad you found the book in time. I talked to my sister Katy today, and she was dismayed when I mentioned paying the library $28.00 for lost books. I looked multiple times and places before they were due, and even though that was years ago, I have not seen the books since then. Maybe one of the eleven bookcases in my house eats books? I saw a cute t-shirt that sounds like me: “A Day without Reading Wouldn’t Kill Me-But Why Risk It?” Taf

        1. Theresa, Thanks. So far the only item I’ve had to pay for was a magazine. I think it was a Der Spiegel and not cheap, but not horrible. I have no real idea what happened, although possibly I threw it away along with my own old magazines. I once completely lost a case for a Playaway (audiobook player), but had the Playaway itself and the library did not charge me. No sign of the case to date. Other things have happened that were my fault, the library’s, or both, but resulted in no charge. I’m all but certain that the remaining misplaced book is around here somewhere.

          Yesterday, when fishing for a dropped fork that had bounced under my easy chair, I also found a cheap calculator that had been missing for months. That was not the first time I had fished, and I had even lifted up the chair before. Very mysterious.

  22. Happy that we had a lot of rain again yesterday, which gave me the excuse I wanted to stay inside.

    Happy that we & BFFs/landlords have a date to the DWTS tour on Tuesday. This will be our first (DH & I) trip to live theater since lockdown.

    Happy that DH & I have a dinner date with a high school friend of mine on Thursday. This will be our first time eating inside a good restaurant since lockdown. And first time seeing this friend for more than 5 years.

    Happy that the person whose comment prompted me to write a quick novelette liked it. 🙂

    1. Chacha1 – I used to watch DWTS with my mom when we lived together. I loved it. My favorite was Mark Ballas but I don’t think he’s on there anymore. I youtube rewatch 2 of his routines with Lindsey Sterling. I’ll try to post the links for anyone who hasn’t seen them.

        1. She is awesome, I think I’ve only watched a couple of her videos, but worth watching, her Greatest Showman Medley, Beauty and the Beast video and Roundtable Rival

  23. Super happy that Ilia won the men’s gold medal at the world figure skating championships. My kid trains at the same rink as him, and everyone there feels a little invested in his success. (His parents, who are also his coaches, work there, so he and his little sister have basically grown up at the rink.) Plus, it was just an amazing performance.

    1. It was. He also did an interesting gala performance.
      Is his sister going to be a serious competitor too?

      1. I think so! She’s only eight or nine and currently doing both singles and dance, so who knows which path she’ll stick with. But she has strong technical skills and good musicality (which is hard to teach). I wouldn’t be surprised to see her in the spotlight one day.

    2. I enjoyed watching the championships too, and I think he definitely earned the gold medal. He is technically fantastic and I am glad he is working on the artistic side as well.

  24. I’m happy that Sunday didn’t feel so loaded. I’m on end of term 1 break and I have a LOT of work prep to do and records to catch up on but it’s nice to not need to be getting Monday’s lesson ready.

    Tai Chi class on Saturday made me giddily gleeful. It’s the only thing keeping me sane.

  25. I also slept very late today. Woke up a few times briefly & went right back to sleep. It’s the best.

    In other happies this week – I got 2 things I have been dreading done! Of course, they led to more things I need to do that I dread but still – getting those initial ones done was the worst.

    I’m happy for my friend who was living in Brazil that he made it back home to Scotland safely. It’s a bit sad because he is now 5 hours different in time zones from me instead of 1 hour like he was before. I figure that will be less time spent talking online together. I am happy for him, though, because he came to realize he never really fit in or felt at home in Brazil. I hope he finds things more pleasant at ‘home’ in Scotland.

    I am happy that this week my treatment for a rash ends & I can hopefully resume walking in the pool.

  26. I’m happy I made it home from work. I hate driving home from work In snow changing to rain at 1 am.

  27. I have a new puppy. The Vet says he’s not yet 16 weeks and he’s already 36 pounds. Very Large puppy! If you follow me on insta or facebook you will have seen the pictures. I’ll put up more today.

    He loves the snow – go figure.

    So – while he gets me up to be let out twice a night, and I spend a couple of hours on the couch with him (sleeping, he’s too big for the bed) before I go to work in the morning – He makes me happy and deprives me of sleep.

    I do believe he’s like my Moose Dog – a dog of my heart. I love my other dogs, don’t get me wrong, but every so often a dog comes along that completely steals my heart. Moose was one such, Winston is apparently another.

    And he’s bonding with Henry – the 10 pound five year old fuzz ball. I think I’ll teach Henry to ride on Winsotn’s back… (grin)

  28. I’m happy that I was less of a lazy slug regarding email than I usually am. Emmy and Tom were in town for the weekend and Tom did a number of small repairs on my sister and BIL’s apartment (which Emmy & Tom own). Our mutual friend Harriet wrote to tell me how wonderful all the repairs were and I forwarded her email to Tom. Since Tom and Emmy do not have a joint email, I usually just email Emmy and trust that she will pass the news on to Tom. But this time I thought that Tom deserved to hear the praise word for word. It brightened his day and reminded him of when his Dad taught him how to do this stuff when he was a kid and I got a lovely note from Tom as a reward. The fact that Harriet is the queen of Thank You notes made either 2 or 3 people happy yesterday and reminded me again of the power of a personal note. I will try harder to follow her example because it really does spread happiness.

  29. Sleep. Sleep, something about knitting and reveling. Went to bed at 6 AM again. Woke at 10:30 AM. Rolled over. Rolled back. I was using a wedge and sleeping face down on that is contraindicated. Got up again at 3:40 PM. I briefly considered closing my eyes again, but I had Things To Do.

    Like check on my diet (595 calories) to see if I have room for a steak dinner. I do. But there are 28 5-oz cans of tuna asking whether I wouldn’t prefer a tuna salad sandwich, or maybe tuna cakes. There’s chicken crying for attention, too. I’d cry, too, if I had no bones and someone flayed off my skin. Baked chicken suddenly sounds like the Way To Go, lest the meat go bad instead.

    Is this what they mean by March madness?

    1. I baked the chicken, but I ate tuna salad sandwiches. One can albacore, one can skipjack. It is (or I am) a little weird. I look at albacore as boneless, skinless chicken of the sea. Skipjack is like pork – the other white fish. Once they were mixed with Duke’s mayo and relish and onion flakes and so on, I couldn’t tell them apart.

      I baked the chicken smothered in red and white onions with garlic-infused EVOO and various spices. It should store in the fridge for a few days just fine. Might become chicken salad sandwiches.

      1. I just did the math and decided that 2 tuna sandwiches using 2 cans of (water-packed) tuna could indeed be done for 580 calories, assuming open faced sandwiches and/or skimpy bread and/or very little mayo and/or Duke’s Light Mayo rather than regular. By contrast, one tuna salad sandwich made my usual way would run me about 400 calories (one can of tuna, Miracle Whip Light, no-sugar relish, celery, whole-grain multigrain bread slices of 110 calories each), with maybe enough salad left over for another half sandwich, although to stay under 580 I might have to make do with one open-faced half-slice of bread for that one.

        1. To clarify, the 595 calories were those consumed so far, leaving me with 1,249 calories to stay at or below my target limit of 1,844 calories.

          One 5-oz/142g can of albacore contains 100 calories per 85 g serving. I pressed the water out. The tuna weighed 116 g without the water for 136.4 calories. The skipjack was 110 g for 116.5 cals (85=90). a 14 g serving of Duke’s Smooth and Creamy squeeze mayo yields 100 cals – I squoze 51 g for 359.8 cals. The Heinze squeeze relish was 10 calories per 15 g serving, so 31 g gave 20.7 cals. The mustard and lemon juice and onion flakes were negligible. Subtotal, 633.3 calories.

          Four slices of Pepperidge Farm multi-grain or whole wheat (I used both) at 120 calories each added 480 calories. Total 1,113.3 calories, spread over two meals, and still under 1800 for the day.

          My tip is squish the water out of your ‘tuna packed in water’ because you only care about the fish. That applies to most canned goods. A 442 gram can of green beans usual only has about 340 grams of beans. I weigh nearly everything I eat. I also use spreadsheets to track it all.

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