Happiness is Egg Cups

Did you ever run into a wall while you working and think,”If I just work harder, if I just keep banging away at this, if I wasn’t so stupid and lazy, I could DO THIS THING.” Those are bad thoughts. Stop that. What you have to do is something completely different, something with no consequences so that the Girls in the Basement come out from under the pool table where they were hiding to punish you because you were yelling at them. Tempt them out with something like, oh, I don’t know, EGG CUPS, and they will give you stories and happiness.

The moral: Follow your egg cups. (Well, not Howard, but in general.)

What were the egg cups in your life that made you happy this week?

87 thoughts on “Happiness is Egg Cups

  1. Hmm, I wonder what my egg-cups would be and where to find them.
    My happy this week is the lady from a craft supply store, with whom I’ve been in on and off email-contact since autumn 2022. I called her Wednesday to ask about some materials I’d been searching for but couldn’t find, and we ended up talking about craft ideas and health issues and cats and mobility service and random whatevers, and sometime at the end of the chat she invited me to come to her place and try out/feel different materials and brainstorm if I want/need to. She’s running a one-person show with that webshop and has all the stuff at home. I thought that was very nice, sweet and thoughtful and might take her up on the offer at some point when we both are in better physical health.

    1. I just remembered another happy! I did my tax-stuff this week, and that in itself isn’t a happy, BUT me! First time I did it without any help whatsoever, AND no panic-feelings at all. Normally I get so much anxiety from these kinds of things that my entire system freezes up and I need help to get through it (collect paperwork, understand what I need to fill out, double-check everything etc), but it didn’t happen at all this time. No fear, no chaos-thoughts, no YOU-ARE-TOO-STUPID-TO-LIVE-emotions, no panic, nothing. Only calm and collected efficiency.
      I. Am. SO. Proud. of. Myself!

      1. Yay for you! I know just how hard all those little steps can be. Today I finally admitted just how stuck I am on something. Not as good as doing with calm (really Yay! for you!) but I’m finally restarted enough to notice I’ve missplaced a required tool. progressish

      2. That is something to be very proud of, Shass!
        I’m still waiting as we’re lodging an objection to the valuation of the parental home; and am rather daunted by how we are going to have to account for that not yet quite divided legacy in our respective tax filings.

    2. Did it ever occur to you that having a coffee date with a new person might improve your health? If she is at home alone with all that work, she is probably starved for some live company and I know that you are. When my health was more unreliable and my friend Carol was taking care of her MIL, it would often take us three tries to get together. But since things came up on both sides of the equation, neither of us could feel slighted when the other had to cancel. And we had to speak each time we rescheduled which reminded us that we weren’t alone. By the time we were finally able to get together, it felt like we had won the lottery. We would make a tentative date several weeks out and adjust the details a few days in advance. It was frustrating, but the knowledge that someone you like wants to be with you makes all the aggravations in your day to day life easier to bear. We would mark the original date with a question mark until we knew that we could definitely be there. It wasn’t perfect, but it gave us the incentive to keep the discussion open until we found a time that worked. It also gave me something fun to anticipate, which I needed desperately at that time.

      There used to be the most wonderful toy store in NYC that specialized in wind-up toys. It was called “The Last Wound Up” and it was walking distance from my sister’s apartment. I have been nuts about wind up toys since I used to sell them to disgruntled office workers on their way home 40 years ago and I made a point of going to this store every time I visited my sister in NYC. They had bumper stickers that said, “Don’t Postpone Joy” and they stamped it on all their paper bags. And no matter how depressed I was when I walked into that store, I always felt better on my way out. Which is why I think that you should try to make this one of your earliest ventures out. It could help both of you feel better faster.

      1. I remember that store … we were given a minature Godzilla and King Kong dressed as bride and groom from it for our wedding and still have them.

        1. They had a bank where you put a coin in the mouth of a wind-up King Kong that climbed up the Empire State Building and spit the coin into a slot in the side of the building. They also sold Godzillas and King Kongs that shot sparks out of their mouths as they walked. I really miss that place.

          1. You can still get the spark makers. My friend Dave sells them every year as stocking stuffers.

  2. An old friend was up visiting family, and we had a two-hour chat over coffee. I took myself off to Chirk Castle for a break, and drove past the station car park and over the canal where Edwin and Adam went walking at the end of Chasing the Light, which added a fun surreal touch to the outing. And the sun’s come out and I’m planning to spend this afternoon and tomorrow sorting my garden out – removing old brick edging and radically tidying and simplifying.

  3. My happiness is toys. I bought the cat toy recommended here by (I wish I had written down your name!). It’s a round “skirt” with a feather underneath that moves randomly, and there is also a butterfly on a wire above that flitters randomly. It stays on for a bit after the cat leaves it alone, and if they touch it again, it starts to move again. My cats are fascinated with it! It’s a Potaroma toy on Amazon.

    I also bought a rainbow-colored lacey Wind Spinner that was on sale. It wasn’t that hard to put together, and it’s gorgeous and huge. It spins easily, and if the wind is fast enough, all the colors blend into a sort of rainbow.

    Now, I’m going to make Irish Soda Bread from an authentic recipe in The Country Cooking of Ireland, by Colman Andrews. It’s wonderful and chewy! There is Coarse Irish flour and fine Cream Irish flour in it, plus steel-cut oats, and buttermilk. I add blueberries and walnuts to it, and brush it with butter after it is baked, to keep the crust soft. Mmmm.

    1. I definitely have to check out this toy-brand and see if it’s available here. I have only tried one toy that activates by touch so far, and it’s a fish that splashes around if they touch it. Unfortunately, both Triple and Matcha don’t seem very eager to pounce on it if it’s moving. If it’s dead still, however (aka if I’ve taken the splash-thingy out), then it’s fun to wrestle with,. They both love feathers, so maybe the toy you just described is more up their alley.
      This bread you speak of sounds interesting. Do you have a link to the recipe by any chance?

      1. No link to the recipe, sorry. I own the book, which has other great Irish recipes, too. But, here’s my version of that recipe:
        Irish Soda Bread
        4 cups/400g Irish Coarse Wheat flour
        1 cup/100g Irish Plain Cream flour
        1/2 cup/80g Steel Cut Oats
        I TB Baking Powder
        1/2 cup. each, dried blueberries and walnut pieces
        1 egg, beaten with 2.5 cups Buttermilk
        melted butter for brushing on crust

        Preheat oven to 375º. Mix the flours, oats, baking powder, blueberries and walnuts together in a large bowl. Make a well in the center and stir the buttermilk and egg mixture gradually into the dry mix. Knead with hands to incorporate all the flour, and form into a ball. It will be a bit sticky. Spray a baking sheet with butter-flavored Pam in a large circle in the center. Place the dough in the circle and smooth the dough into a mound about 3″ thick. Cut a deep cross into the top of the mound with a sharp wet knife. Bake on the bottom rack at least an hour, or 70 minutes, until browned, and it sounds hollow when you knock on it. Remove from oven and immediately brush the entire loaf with melted butter or ghee. Cut it while it is still warm. Refrigerate any leftover slices.

        You can get the special flours at King Arthur Flour. They call it Irish Style. FoodIreland.com also has Odlums Irish flour for sale online. The book says you can use pastry flour for the cream flour. I sometimes also bake it in a large loaf pan for the same amount of time, then dump it on my cutting board, which makes it easier to cut into equal slices. Otherwise, I cut it like a pie into 12 triangular pieces.

        1. Thank you! I will save this and try when eating isn’t constant warfare anymore. 🙂

    2. I sort of like corned beef, although it’s not a regular part of my menu. But I’ve learned it’s a taste that Irish Americans picked up after they reached these shores, possibly because they could finally afford it, not something really Irish. And I can’t stand traditional boiled cabbage. (For a while I thought I disliked all cooked cabbage, but I later discovered there are many other, better ways to cook it.) So I skip that tradition. For a while my only nod to St. Paddy’s tradition was quaffing a Guiness or three. I later started drinking less beer, but picked up baking soda bread, although less elaborately than Jan describes. I’m not even managing that today, but then again, only a minority of my ancestors were Irish.

      Chicken breasts are sitting in brine, to be baked today. Rest of the lunch and dinner plans still undecided.

  4. Happiness is hopefully finishing off my revisions today (I’m down to the Appendix, which is tricky because there are 366 entries, and I have to figure out which ones I got rid of and which new ones I’ve added). I will be SO happy to have this off my plate.

    Muted happiness is having two of the women in my witchy group coming for a spring equinox ritual this afternoon. Muted because it would have been nice to have all of us, and also I’m too tired to really enjoy doing it. But they’re both mellow women, and I’ll keep it simple, and I know I’ll be happy to see them when they’re actually here.

  5. The Spring equinox is such an optimistic year marker. Not as happy as summer solstice, but the weather is much more hopeful.

    I used mine to spend a couple of hours trimming an infestation of horrible reverse-thorned bramble bushes, since they were just leafing out, so you could grab each branch by a sprouting leaf shoot to hold the branch above a yardwaste bag for trimming into short chunks. Now to hope that it will languish long enough at the bottom of the giant County compost heap (it’s like 10-20 feet high) to rot down into thornless globs before anybody goes handling it.

  6. Happiness was attending a baby shower in Edmonton. Big shower for first baby/ grandchild. Love my extended family (in-laws). What I did notice were most of the young ladies were so polished and perfect; eyebrows, lips, makeup and attire. Every size and shape. Commented to a lovely lady, slightly younger than me, when we were young (20s) we were more natural looking. Hmmm DH said our granddaughter is going to be one of those ladies. I said one will and one won’t, maybe. There was a recent article about tweens/teens and Sephora. I worry.

    Garden clean up. Revamping and starting some seeds.

    The sunshine and the daylight.

    My lovely neighbour recovering from a new heart pacemaker. The best!

    1. On the one hand, I wish I had started using moisturizer and more sunscreen at a younger age. On the other hand, it feels so good not to have to put on makeup most days, now that I’m retired. It is worrisome that so many teens think they need to put makeup on their unlined, perfect little faces.

      1. I read somewhere that there’s been a recent comeback for tanning beds. The opposite of using sunscreen! Someone was quoted as saying they’d rather die young and be hot [in the attractiveness sense, not the temperature sense] than live longer but uglier.

        1. And immediately it flashed through my brain, “Come lay out with me and we’ll be Coppertone Toads together.” WELCOME TO TEMPTATION.

      2. Totally agree about the moisturizer and sunscreen! In my 20s I used to once in awhile “splurge” on knockoff brand Oil of Olay, but saving pennies was more important back then than future wrinkles. Sunscreen on décolletage though. I wish someone had warned me about THAT!

        1. Always wore moisturizer, sadly not sunscreen. I had a Truimph Spitfire, my first car. Tank top, top down up and down B. C. The décolletage was burnt a few times. I use SrtiVectin TL advanced rightening neck cream plus. Works on neck and very well on the décolletage. Costco sells in a two jar package. On sale sometimes. Worth every penny.

    2. For what it’s worth, they probably aren’t wearing that much make-up/ looking that perfect all the time. My friends and I are way more likely to do the full-face make-up thing at events like baby showers where people will be taking photos and posting them on social media. When it’s just us friends hanging out, we wear minimal or no make-up. Most of the young women I know also went through phases — no make-up, all the make-up, light make-up — before settling into whatever look makes them feel most them. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

      1. Historically speaking, we are probably wearing less makeup than women in the 1950s who wouldn’t go without a full face. Or maybe farther back, powder and patches and wigs. Lol.

        1. I was born in 1951 and grew up in the 50s. My aunt and other adults I knew would say, “I have to put on my face,” meaning make-up.

          1. On the other hand my mother (I was born 1953) never wore anything in her life but lipstick, and on special occasions some powder. Most of her friends were the same. It must be cultural.

  7. I’m happy to have finished my deadline projects for the month as of yesterday, so it’s all egg cups (or in my case ace-character novellas) for me for the rest of the month! And I got to see a rough draft of the cover for the next Bourbon B&B mystery, coming out this summer/fall (no date yet), and I always love to see what the cover artist comes up with for my stories. And the daffodils are almost ready to bloom!

  8. Cuddling with the kids were my happy egg cups this week. And good talks with dh.
    Kid 2 had a headache, I offered a massage and we ended up very snuggled up cosy. Happy times.
    While kid 2 (dd) is my skeek Siamese cat, kid 1 (ds) is the golden retriever puppy – easier to get snuggles, but I got some extra ones. Since both are teenagers b, now, these moments are to cherish dearly.

  9. 2024 has seemed very full of tasks for some reason, but glad I got some more done I guess.

    I pulled some of the massive amount of weed/ground cover that has invaded my front flower bed. Probably no more than 1/10 done, and the far end is the worst, but the part I did looks good, and the daffodils seem happier not to be competing.

    Made almond oatmeal cookies and there are tons of them. Hard not to keep eating one more, but that is a problem I can live with.

  10. I hit a wall this week with my current story. Your “If I just work harder…” comment hit home.

    I’m going to try writing some fun & silly scenes that probably won’t make the final cut but will be my version of egg cups.

    I guess I can say that happiness is knowing I’m not the only one who sometime scares the Girls in the Basement.

  11. I’m fortunate in that my anxiety almost never manifests as negative self-talk. I’m terrific at what-if spirals, though. Typically those are best solved by making a list and working through it, which generally produces confirmation that managing each step is key to managing the outcome.

    This week’s small pleasures (to offset work stress) were the usual: my flourishing and ever-more-colorful garden, the birds, watching TV or movies* with DH, and Scruffian.

    *this week: Barbie (a stinging satire behind all the pink nonsense) and The Holdovers, both very good in their very different ways.

    1. Those spirals are tough, and so hard to get out of. I also like to yell at people in my head. Full blown arguments… but not at myself, so maybe it’s ok?

  12. happies There was sunshine and we all went out for a walk in it. I remembered to use my new route planner, very satisfactory.
    dinner will be extra tasty and I’ve successfully farmed out the dreaded deep frying. And we remembered our anniversary together :).
    Google is not as reliable outside the US, and too inclined to adverts these days. OpenSteetmaps are(is?) much more accurate for right here, and doesn’t clutter the view (with businesses I am not interested in)
    I’m currently using the app osmAnd to access on my phone so far, I recommend.

    1. I switched to Duck, Duck, Go recently, and they block any tracking of your searches. Google seemed to be reading my mind, so many times. It turned out it was just reading my searches and purchases.

        1. I too have used duckduckgo dot com as my search engine for years and can add my thumbs up.

  13. The Home Moanership XVI basement flooding problem was solved and resolved last week, but had a side defect. When the basement dehumidifier runs, it produces a steady trickle of water from the air. It used to drip into the deep sink and result in a nasty slime. Then I diverted it to a bucket of sorts. To empty the bucket a less lazy man than I could have carried it out the basement door and dumped it into the sump with its new sump-pump.

    Lazy men crave better solutions and resolutions. I have an aquarium-size submersible pump and fifteen feet of plastic tubing, so I resolved to pump the bucket into the ejector-pump sump that the washing machine now drains into. Alas, the little pump has low head (that means it can’t lift the water very high at all) and serves as the initiator of a siphon effect, or would if it were just a bit higher. But the condensation bucket still has to be lower than the dehumidifier, so…

    I bought another wire shelf unit. The dehumidifier had been sitting atop a microwave cart – now it sits on the top shelf of a taller rolling shelving unit. The bucket it drains into sits on the shelf below it, which is higher than the drain it is tubed to. I have run the pump once as a proof of concept, and it drained the bucket in less than a minute and continued the siphon effect even after I unplugged the pump.

    All the shelves are in use, I reclaimed a microwave cart for the Owner’s Suite, and everyone is happy with the Not Flooding. What could possibly go wrong?

    The dehumidifier has not cycled on since the move to the taller shelf. The readout says “37%”. It’s set to maintain 45% or less relative humidity, so that seems right. But it ran nearly continuously when it resided just a bit lower. This bears further inguesstigation.

    1. I admire your resilience & resourcefulness. I have a million things wrong with my mobile home but most of them I just look at & say – how the hell do I deal with that – let’s not.

      1. I had no choice. I live in the basement, and my toes were getting wet.

        WRT the dehumidifier, I inguesstigated and found my problem. It’s running again. Pilot error. 😉

  14. One of my happy bits this week was a surprise gift of flowers. A lovely bouquet sent to me in celebration of International Women’s Day month from a fab woman who, like me, cares a lot about women’s issues.

    Part of the bouquet can be seen in a pup pic on my insta:


    Such a sweet and kind gesture. And so pretty:)

  15. This week, instead of so many little projects, I decided that I really had to reacquaint myself with the periodic table. I have been happily reading about elements, real and fictional, a few at a time. Also dead people. Thanks, Bob.

    Other than reading “The Elements Little Black Book” I haven’t done anything constructive. Next week…

      1. I love that song along with the Boy Scout Marching song. My mom and stepfather had that record in the late 50s and I listened to it a lot.

  16. I was amazed and super happy when I was quilting yesterday, broke a needle, and the timing on my machine wasn’t affected! All I needed to do was remove the old needle and put a new one in and I was good to go. I was able to locate the broken tip too. I originally thought for sure I was done quilting for the day until my hubby came home and we’d be able to time/fix the machine. To see the quilt and needle: https://www.instagram.com/p/C4oicGGxRYv/?igsh=MWlsMjg0bHpncmRtZQ==

    A few unhappies… it snowed today and TurboTax is being a snot. My GYN won’t prescribe me estrogen so off to my general doc to see if he will.

    Back to a happy, I got the draft of my article written for work.

  17. My new craft space was installed this week. I’m still sorting through my supplies and figuring out what to toss and what to keep, plus figuring what will go where. The shelving is an IKEA system and I got some inserts to maximize my storage space.

    I have flowers in my back yard and tulips coming up in the front garden. About 4-6 weeks early for my region. I bought a pot of daffodils for inside and looking forward to them blooming.

    Last minute visit to a local outdoor nature spa with a friend. It was a sunny day and very pleasant out of the wind. We found a cozy, warm space to lounge/nap in between steam bath and pool treatments. Plus, I’d brought my extra thick terry robe so I wasn’t cold, even when I got out of the pool.

  18. I’ve started seeing an ophthalmologist who diagnosed my dry eye condition. I’ve started cortisone drops which make a huge difference in the pain, redness, and dryness my eyes have been suffering from, as well as the difficulty I’ve been having seeing. (Was shocked to find out that I don’t need a stronger glasses prescription. The problem is the dry eye.) The treatments are going to be expensive, but I’m very, very happy to have discovered that these eye symptoms are treatable.

    1. Elizabeth, I’ve had chronic dry eyes for many years. I’m on Xiidra, a very expensive prescription eye drop (although you can get the first three month’s supply free with coupons from the manufacturer, and I’ve discovered that although they call for twice a day, they work so well that I only need to use them about 3-4 times a week). It has been a gamechanger.

  19. The top happy today was discovering “My Dad Wrote a Porno.” Thank you Arghers for this recommendation!! My husand and I listened to 6 episodes after a lovely Spring outing. We were both in stitches and then wrung out by laughter by the time we got home. A Very Good Day made Great!

  20. Happiness is coming back to center. I didn’t feel great last week and then my husband had several days of stomach issues. Between the both of us we didn’t do yoga for a week and a lot of house work piled up. It had been creeping in at the edges for a while anyway.

    So today I was an adult and put away the backlogged clean laundry, did another load and mostly spent the day somewhere between tidying and stress cleaning. But I feel much better now, clearer and calmer. Also, my sister and her partner are coming in three weeks and now the guest room is ready. That is a good feeling.

  21. Fiddler is going well, albeit I am tired. I have an audition next week for Twelve Angry Jurors, which I hope I will get into and that they will have less than thirteen people audition there so I can get in.

    I had one job interview at the DMV on Friday, which I turned into a comedy bit at the storytelling festival I went to the next day. I haven’t been able to write a story for storytelling since early 2020, so it was a relief to finally be able to do one again.

    I have two job interviews tomorrow morning (more state jobs) and finally, one for reassignment at my current organization on Thursday morning. I hope that one works out. Though I admit I’m not looking forward to going back to work at all (this is apparently an in-person job and not the hybrid that was claimed, sigh), but I will be forced to sometime, so this is as good as anything, hopefully.

    My yarn projects are going well, one is nearing completion at least and I started some new.

    1. Good luck with the auditioning and the interviews. You seem much less stressed. That’s good.

  22. I’ve been working on my New Year’s resolution to catch up with 10 friends this year (which I picked after reading that the resolutions you keep are ones you will enjoy). So I met with one friend for a half hour Friday, talked with another Sunday that I really miss, booked friends for dinner in three weeks, and best of all talked for two and a half hours with the friend I have had the longest. We realized that this September is our 50th friendaversary and I suggested we go on a trip together to celebrate. And because she has a new job and can finally afford it we are planning a week in Europe in September. She wasn’t exactly a “catch up” since I saw her four times last year and we try to talk regularly and she made DD wedding dress but she lives a 7 hour drive away.

    Other happies: we are buying into my cousin’s nationals season tickets group. We will have four days of four tickets in the first row behind third base. I don’t know what teams we will see (My cousin is handling the negotiations which apparently involve massive strategy), but that’s four days we will do something fun with four sets of friends to be determined. Plus I have very fond memories of sitting in those seats the last game of the first Nationals season and having the ball players toss a ball and a hat to then 6 year old DS. (Yes, this group of season ticket holders started the first seasin so they have had the same seats every year and for some reason my cousin couldn’t make the last game of the first season and gave us his tickets).
    I’m also planning a trip to London in May to see daughter’s partner play ina musical with apparently a lot of good clarinet parts. (Reports on the quality of the musical not good, but it’s a great career op for him.) We will also go to Sweden in June (really lots of travel I know) but that’s a mixed happy as we are doing it to visit a friend of DHs whose cancer is in remission but expected to return.
    In mixed news DH has to extend his trip to London to take his friend with early onset dementia for some neurological tests ; the good part is that the friend has finally decided who to name as his power of attorney and medical decision maker (not DH thank god) and with any luck they can get the papers finalized and take them with them for the neurological tests so his doctor can sign the form needed in England to confirm he is medically competent to pick his medical decision maker. Friend has been delaying and delaying ( symptom of his dementia plus just hard) and it would be a real mess if he never did it and then couldn’t … especially if it left his about to be ex in the roles.
    And my daffodils and narcissus are blooming and tulips are about to. I planted 10 new lilies and am about to seed the garden with Johnny jump ups and poppies. And I looked at our backyard during dinner and saw the fox.

    1. Oh also DS birthday is coming up and he wanted suggestions for more Agatha Christie to read. We agreed instead that I will give him names of some favorite other mystery writers and if he likes the samples I will give him those books. So now he will be trying Michael Gilbert and Dick Francis and Ngaio Marsh and Josephine Tey and Ellis Peters and Marjorie Allingham (he has already read some Sayers).
      So I’m looking forward to many book discussions with him.

      1. Great recommendations, I hope he enjoys those books as much as I did (and do). I only missed Michael Gilbert, so I will try those books too, thanks! Taf

  23. I’m incredibly happy to be sitting in my chair with a hot pad on my back reading these comments. From here I’m going to go to the New York Times game connection. I already did Wordle and then I’m going to continue with the miniature mansion book. My joy is just sitting back and relaxing after a long day. Wishing you every joy. I also spend a lot of time being thankful for things like indoor plumbing and electricity and lots and lots of books.
    My friend Linda gave me a list It says ask yourself every morning.:
    1 what am I grateful for?
    2 what is my most important task today?
    3 what story worthy moment happened yesterday?
    4 how am I feeling today?
    5 what’s working right now? What could I do better?
    I always feel better after asking myself these questions

  24. One of the things that consistently makes me happy is watching the Country Life Vlog. Aziza and her husband are sometimes joined by their grandkids and always surrounded by animals. They are in Azerbaijan in the Shadhag mountains. The youtube videos are about their growing veg/fruit and raising animals and farm to home cooking and baking outside in various ovens.

    This week I watched the latest vlog: Village-Style Carrot Cake*. I also watched some older vlogs:Wood-fired sourdough bread; easy orchard cherry plum sauce. I tend to not watch the videos where it looks like she will be making meat for the entire village considering I go through periods of time where I am repulsed by meat.

    *I want to make a scaled down version of this cake without the raisins. It looks like the most delicious carrot cake ever.

    My ex was in town this week. My daughter Liz, who lives with me, & I had dinner with him one night & breakfast right before he left. It was good to catch up with him & hear how his life is going. And, to experience 2 restaurants I haven’t been to before – both had nice ambiance & good food.

    My granddaughter has started calling me on Tuesday or Wednesday night. We talk an hour or more and that makes me over the moon happy.

    Another happy – April is national poetry month. I have joined a contest where you pick a theme, write a poem on the theme once a day for the 30 days of April & then submit a chapbook of the 30 poems. Winner gets 300$ & 25 copies of the chapbook. Fun.

  25. Dear daughter (the one sp patient about hockey and sharing some of my taste in books) is turning 16 today.
    I’m grateful and happy that both kids have grown into such kind and lovely human beings!

  26. My egg cup was going with hubby to buy his suit for our daughter’s upcoming wedding! I picked out a beautiful spring green tie for him to wear. Looking at all the colors and patterns on the ties made me happy, as well as thinking about the wedding. Being a mom is a most surprising, bewildering, joyful, scary, sometimes painful, but often fun experience. Now that she’s all grown up and starting a life with a nice man, I feel a weird sense of satisfaction. Like taking a pie out of the oven.

    Book two in my mystery series is with publishers (due out in August.) Now I need to get back to working on my “bride” book which is 1/2 done. It’s more of a romantic comedy suspense.


    1. Shelley, three of your comments ended up in the spam folder and I have NO idea why. But they’re all out now.

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