Happiness is a Great Book Cover

So Bob had posted that he thought the cover for Rocky Start should be Max, bare chested, standing in a stream, kissing Rose, a sword in one hand and a flag in the other. Earlier he’d proposed an ending for the series with llamas. So I put all of that on Facebook, and then Bob added that Max should be wearing a kilt (no, I don’t know why), and Devon Thompson, the son of one of the commenters on the Jennifer Crusie page, used AI to make the cover image. And I’m not gonna lie, that cover makes me ridiculously happy. It’s not going on the book, of course, but it is nevertheless brilliant. And thank you, Devon Thompson, for all the smiles this week.

So what made you smile this week?

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  1. We went to a birthday party of one of our friends yesterday, and I found not just one but two(!!!) loom-knitters there! One of them isn’t very active, I think, but the other knits a lot she said. We had a lot of other interests in common as well. Absolutely baffling! Our birthdays are even on the same date. We exchanged numbers. I might have found a new friend. Very cautious because experience, but cautiously happy at least. 🙂 She lives in that same city, so not exactly next door, but still.
    I’d brought the knit kittycat with me because the Birthday girl wanted to see it, so this loom-girl also asked to see it since she’d never heard you could make softies on a loom. I showed her, and she showed her boyfriend, and he loved the feeling of the kitty so much that I promptly gifted it to them; to him because he loved playing with it, and to her so she had a reference for the knitting. The cat still didn’t have a face, but the girl said she’d give it little button-eyes, and then ask someone to make pictures for me so I can put it up online, since I still hadn’t because no face. A very weird and fun happy that I definitely didn’t see coming!
    The birthday party was also a happy in itself. 8 blind people and 3 visually impaired ones in a small space is a little bit of a challenge, but also a lot of fun. We’ve already been invited to the next one (same couple, but the other girl) on April 6th. Looking forward! Happy. I also got lots of hugs from the host-couple. Two of my favourite people. More happy.
    I also managed to score the very last ticket (in entire NL it turned out!) to Sarah Millican’s Late Bloomer-show in May next year. Happy. I have no one to go with, so I decided I’ll go alone. I’ve never gone alone to such a big thing before so it’s gonna be… an adventure. At least I have more than a year to prepare. I’m happy and proud of myself for doing this thing that’s 100 % for me.

    1. Shass the cover says the book is by the New York Times best selling authors Bob Mayer and the annoying woman who writes his sex scenes and won’t let him use flashbacks.

      Otherwise as described.

      1. Thank you sooo, so much for extra-describing it! <3 A good laugh for a Wednesday!

  2. Love, love, love the cover!!!
    And everything on it!!!
    Bob is a gem, Jenny, youcare a gem, and Devon is a treasure!!!
    Great way to start the day!
    Thank you all!

  3. It is a great cover! and that makes me happy!

    I’ve been trying out various sheet sets that have been living in our linen closet and yesterday put on one that was lovely. It really makes me happy to slip between smooth, cool, crisp sheets. I don’t know if these are percale, but they have a similar feel. A lovely night only interrupted by a cat fight (outside) at 2 am and a different cat being sick at 330. (When you hear it, you have to go clean it, because you’ll forget and step in it if you don’t).

  4. That cover made me very happy when I saw it on Facebook, and it makes me very happy here. Otherwise it wasn’t a terribly happy week, other than being happy I have A Guy to fix the disaster on my laptop and a great vet to deal with my poor perpetually problematic cat. I guess I was happy that Koshka actually made it 5 weeks between visits. It was every week or two for a while.

    And I’m happy about wine and chocolate. Because.

    1. Oh, I lied. I’m happy because I have two nonfiction books coming out in the next week. A rerelease of one of my earlier books, Witchcraft on a Shoestring, is being put out by Crossed Crow Books, and The Eclectic Witch’s Book of Shadows Companion is coming from Llewellyn on the 8th. It’s an indication of how tired I am that not only did I forget about that for this post, but also put up a very nice video everywhere talking about the books coming out…and used the wrong book from Crossed Crow (they also put out a rerelease of my first book a few months ago, and that was the one I grabbed). Still, books, yay.

        1. I am. I mean, I have been dealing with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome for almost 40 years, but Covid ramped them up when I got it in 2020, and then again when I got it last April. Long Covid sucks. Not just the fatigue, but additional pain and brain fog (like I didn’t have enough of that to begin with). It’s…challenging. I’m better than I was right after, but it’s still pretty brutal.

  5. ROTFL great work Devon Thompson, does he take requests? cause I want a kissing couple holding a bow and arrow with a background of a burning boat full of zombies in an icy river

    1. Yeah, I was wondering why there weren’t some flaming zombies floating on the river in the distance. But that cover is great. I rate the cover a 9.8 (had to deduct points for the lack of zombies).

  6. I love it! Maybe you could put out a limited collector’s edition with this cover for the arghers?

    Idk if any of you play MMORGs, but I played World of Warcraft for a long time, and Felicia Day (Supernatural, Buffy, Dr. Horrible, &c) also played, and she did an episodic streaming show called The Guild (based on WoW) during the earlier writers’ strike. Anyway, in her show, one character (for reasons) had a romance-novel-cover painting done of Felicia’s character with another character (played by Wil Wheaton). This cover totally reminds me of that. I have always wondered who kept that prop painting. I will see if I can find a link. (Mutters to self-must go rewatch The Guild.)

      1. That’s incredible! I started watching the Guild but never finished it. I should go back and do that.

    1. I played WoW back in the day and watched the Guild too. 😀 It was fantastic.

      Jenny, that cover makes me happy. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Love it! It reminds me a bit of the early Hidden Legacy covers for Ilona Andrews. They got published by Harlequin and got shirtless covers, even though they are more sci-fi fantasy political thrillers than romances. Ilona photoshopped a shirt on the male lead. Very funny.

    I went to a local production of Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Some of it was very good, some less so, but still fun to be out. I do have the urge to go and take over their costume department. Weird things happened there.

    1. Amateur productions sometimes have problems due to limited resources, I watched a Guys and Dolls, where Nathan Detroit couldn’t act, but could at least sing. I heard of a local production where they set in a different era just because they still had the costumes from a former production only it was at odds with the contents of the play

      1. I have worked in local productions for years, so I totally understand making do. I’m just picking because I do costuming on a part time basis. I believe strongly that a good plan can make any budget and timeline work. And some of the choices said “I don’t care” or “I give up” to me, which when you have a company of people relying on you and trusting you, just isn’t great.

        1. For example, because I am grumpy, the prince had to fight a monster. It was a guy in a cape on drywall stilts. He did an amazing job maneuvering on them, but the costumer didn’t bother to cover the stilts and it is super easy to sew a simple pair of boot covers. I know. I have done it for Mother Ginger and The Selfish Giant. Grumble grumble.

  8. I really like that cover. I’ve been sitting here admiring it and you know in my dream state he reminds me of my husband back in the day. The shoulders and arms and hairless chest. Someone on your Facebook page wrote about SBTB’s Cover Snark where pull up book covers, really strange book covers, and take them apart for fun, but there isn’t anything snarky about this one. It is that good. Hmmm! Maybe the llama.

  9. What does it for me is the Llama… Hilarious!

    My happy this week is becoming a great aunt for the first time or rather my niece having her beautiful boy. It’s been at the back of my mind for the last few weeks as her due date approached, hoping that everything would go well for her and it did so that’s really great.

      1. Thanks Jane. The one to be congratulated is my mum though who gets to be a great grandmother for the first time 😀

        1. Congratulations to both you and your mum. Enjoy getting to know the youngest member of your family.

  10. I kind of love that cover. I also like the special edition for Arghers with that cover. I also laughed at how you were credited in creating the book. 😂

    My happy was getting away on vacation for 5 nights. We went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. It was our first time there. It’s beautiful! We also went on an excursion and saw whales! It’s mating season there from Jan. – Mar. After whale watching and an hour bus ride, we made it to a place for lunch, horse back riding, and saw a waterfall. Then traveled in reverse back to the resort. The primary downside to all of it was arriving back home and having to make my own meals.

    Because I was on vacation, I also got to read novels while lying on a lounge chair on the beach. So nice!

    I’m also happy that I took the day after traveling off work so I could recover from said travel as well as do domestic things like buy groceries and do laundry, not that those were fun, more just necessary and it was nice to not have to also process 230 emails and think.

      1. My daughter and son-in-law go for a week in November (the past three years) and love it there.

  11. That cover is amazing!

    I was in a funk for the last two weeks because it was my last month of my gym membership (it was way too expensive but an amazing community, so a very sad decision), and I didn’t go for a couple weeks, nor did I use the gym at work.
    I decided to go for one last day to say goodbye to some people, and I felt infinitely better, proving to myself that exercise is great for mental health.

    I’ve been watching The Mandalorian, finally, and I love all the Storm Trooper Aim jokes.

    I discovered last night that Resident Alien is also back with a new season, and that makes me happy!

    1. My hubby and I have been doing yoga at home every other night and it has been SO GOOD for my mental health. I knew this was a scientific fact, but I guess I wasn’t paying attention to how much it effected me.

      Also, I am glad that my husband is taking to it so well. It really helps to have an accountability partner. And because we do it together, I don’t feel like it is carving into my little bits of private time to read or make art in the evenings.

  12. That cover made me laugh! I love it. The creator is a genius. Bob is a loon. But a fun loon. I joined BookBub, and at least half of the book covers they send me are nearly interchangeable with that cover. No llamas, though. I automatically scroll past. Most of the short spiels sound like remakes of a Hallmark movie, too. 🙄

    I am happy that it is nice enough to walk every day, and I have not been blown to OZ by the wind, so far. Last night, an Opossum finally came for the dead squirrel, after it lay on my patio for four nights. The Opossum lives! The smell was minimal, since it is still chilly at night, and part of the day.

  13. Love the cover, especially how Jenny is credited. Made me laugh. Kay made me laugh too with a boat full of zombies! Would also buy the book with this cover – like it much more than the one we were shown earlier – just the absurdity of it. But then I love a clinch cover for a lot of no good reasons at all anyway and quite morn their demise.

    What made me happy this week was getting to see my new Consultant – who was kind professional, listened to me and responded and looked me in the eye. He gave me my hip replacement operation date (within the next six weeks). The facility I am going to be in, and the one I visited, is less than a year old and state of the art. It felt much cleaner, calmer and better organised than the one in my home town, so am actually happy that I have been switched to another postcode for the op – who knew that was even possible!

    And as always Arghers make me happy with their comments – love that this site exists and everyone who contributes. It brightens my life no end.

    Oh and I had to have my laptop replaced at work so will probably end up with a new “photo” that doesn’t make me happy 🙂

    1. Good luck with your surgery. Being in a good place for your recovery and rehab will make all your hard work easier and more pleasant and a specialist who looks at more than just your x-rays is a very good sign.

  14. This morning the first of the seeds I sowed last Sunday were showing: the new season’s under way. I’m happy to be sorting my photographs at last. And I had a nice time with my brother and sister-in-law, who were here for a day.

  15. It is a sad, sad thing when you discover the basement is flooding because you put your bare feet on the soaking wet rug beneath your computer desk. Easily addressed by plugging in the submersible pump, but the old sump pump was automatic, if inadequate during heavy rains. No damage except wet cardboard awaiting recycling.

    Other than that, just another week in paradise. 😀

  16. On the very plus side, my computer desk is in the owner’s suite in the basement. If it were “upstairs” on the ground floor and the rug was wet…

  17. Happiness; my lenten roses are blooming during Lent just like they’re supposed to, did an art outing yesterday and saw a lovely gallery showing with interesting effects from painting on sourdough (who knew you could turn that into a canvas), and then we found a patisserie so I’m about to eat some happiness.

  18. The week started off badly as DH found out on Monday am that his boss was not renewing his contract that ends on March 31. She did it via a virtual meeting, first morning back from vacation. No clear rationale given and said nothing positive about his work before last month. He has a job to go back to but it was a shock. His mental health has been negatively affected over the last several years by toxic work situations, so I was very worried about him. His friends and colleagues were outraged on him behalf and agreed with my assessment (poor judgement and management style), so was glad to see he was feeling better about things by the end of the week.

    I helped a friend augment her professional wardrobe at the Dress for Success sale. She hates shopping so I was very happy to help her. Attended a local garden event and bought seeds for my garden and a yard of chicken poop. Apparently cheicken poop is very good gardens and I get to support a local entrepreneur. And chickens!

    Spoke to my nephew who indicated he’ll be in town over Easter. BFF has booked her tickets for her late March visit so week ended on positive note.

  19. That book cover made me happy!

    More happiness came from making reservations to fly to Oregon to meet with two writer friends for a week of brainstorming, writing, and exploring the coast. We’ve talked about it for nearly two years and it’s finally happening!

  20. Done with my annual period of vigorous food virtue and enjoying lovely things, like the meringue, whip cream and home made caramel creation my sister made for her birthday treat. When I tell you I was glad to have only eaten a small piece, you will begin to understand how intense it was in a totally fabulous way.

    I am sure other nice things happened this week, but am mostly reveling in drinking as much coffee with cream as I want and eating toast again! I’m not shallow, I’m easy to please.

  21. That cover is hilarious. 🙂

    Happy this weekend is more rain, which provided the excuse I needed to Do Nothing but Read & Write yesterday. If DH has to go out today (I think he does, for work reasons), am hopeful he can secure some provisions which will give me the excuse to Go Nowhere again, because I really don’t want to go anywhere.

  22. I am still happy to have made progress toward getting my cataracts removed this summer (on Working Wednesday), and newly happy to have received the cover art and document formatting so I can upload the Helen Binney novella, A DOWRY OF DEATH, this week (for release on April 9). The cover art isn’t as funny as Jenny’s fake cover, but it still makes me laugh. It features a wedding cake, with two little figurines on top, and they have these incredibly fake smiles, which seems totally appropriate representations of Helen and her fiance, who are happy to be getting married, but not so happy with all the fuss and are smiling through gritted teeth.

  23. ROFLOL That cover could give Chuck Tingle a run for his money. Go Devan!
    Happiness for me is finally assembling the complicated blanket I started for a friend’s baby and will be mailing in time for his second birthday. It’s more complicated than the usual: 36 squares, 6 with in-square tabby cats, 6 with spiders with wiggly legs, and 6 with bats with floppy wings, plus 18 squares flipping the respective color schemes of the animal blocks. At least it’s big enough to last a lifetime–60 by 60 inches. All that’s left is the very simple edging, then I’ll photograph it and ship it off. I can’t wait to start crocheting and knitting for meeeeeeeeeee. LOL

  24. The cover is a work of art and should be cherished. Thanks for bringing a laugh to a stressful week. I fully endorse that being either a special edition cover or you writing the book that matches. With the llama and kilt.

  25. First, I need a print of that cover that’s not going to be a cover.
    Second, I know why Bob put Max in a kilt. Hot Guys are exponentially hotter in a kilt. We go to highland games and I’m confident that statement can be verified scientifically.
    Finally, I kind of love your new pen name.

  26. On the good news side, I did one job interview this week and have two next week. My car is getting repaired from the fender bender starting tomorrow (good and bad news there, I guess). The one on Friday was very weird: it was probably the best interview I’ve ever had, but he IS going to call my supervisor and asked what she’d say about me and I had to say, “I can’t do anything right there.” I didn’t get into “the only reason I’m not fired right now is medical leave, I’ve been written up a billion times” issues, but I’m sure my boss will be happy to share when asked, especially since this job is unfortunately rather similar to my current one and I’m sure she’ll be all. “ethically you need to know she’s The Worst.” So I don’t think I’m likely to get it, even though I would have been a top candidate otherwise. That’s fine, I don’t know on the job itself and it’s low pay, though the people were very nice. It’s kinda “slightly less bad than my current job” on customer service, i.e. still probably bad, but they have very few people rage quitting there, so that’s impressive.

    I’m still waiting around on reassignment for another 1+ weeks at current employer, so applying elsewhere continues. I’m feeling really sick at how many jobs are demanding my current boss’s contact information though and there’s no option to say, “please don’t call her,” I feel like I’m never going to escape my bad reputation and that I’ve damned myself for life here. And please don’t tell me ‘she can only say dates of employment” or any BS like that, legally a boss can say whatever the hell they please and I wouldn’t expect her to lie just to get rid of me.

    But I will say that out of applying for 30 jobs with the state, getting 5 interviews in 1.5 months is pretty great. At best at my current employer I find maybe 1-2 jobs a year I can qualify for.

    Fiddler opened well, my crocheting is going well and I’m speeding my way through current project, I have more to do with other projects too. I am getting Annoyed at the guy in the show who has a crush on me and keeps following me around (I want to be all, “YOU’RE STANDING ON MY NECK,” it’s gotten Much), but being in the dressing room a lot helps on getting some space, and I’ll have four days off a week from that from now on.

    And…I saw the crush last night when he came to the show and it went surprisingly well and he actually wanted to talk to me instead of running away screaming. I’ll shut up on that topic because I KNOW, I KNOW, but in the very brief conversation we had before I had to get changed, he doesn’t seem to hate my guts after my writing that letter, anyway. I feel better now.

    1. Jennifer, You made my day. I’m glad that there are possibilities out there for you. You’ve worked hard on your professional and private lives. And, having some wrap up with the Crush is a good thing.

      1. Thank you. It helped a bit. I texted him the next day and he didn’t respond, of course… a friend of mine summed it up perfectly, “He still values you as a human and a friend which is good. Too bad about the no texting and him being a human man, though.”

        This is as good as it gets, I think. Now on to a lonely life in which I job hunt.

        1. I believe it will get better for you. You are already taking so many positive steps in that direction.

          Also, crush sounds to me like what I categorize as come-here-go-away people. Picture him beckoning you with one hand and holding up the other like a traffic cop saying stop. So annoying!

    2. You have worked very hard to get yourself out of that impossible situation. I hope something wonderful comes of it. Keep on keeping on. It sounds like your life has improved a lot, just being out of there.

    3. You are so inspiring to me. Week by week I see you making progress and I wonder why I can’t be as brave and productive.

      1. Um, I note the reason why this is is because I got forced out of work due to suspension, mental health, nervous breakdowns, getting diagnosed with (temporary) disability, and the only way I got enough help to do this shit was being out of work and getting disability certified.

        As one friend of mine always complained, I should have been constantly applying everywhere years ago and I didn’t do much for 10+ years, but I wanted to stay with my picky employer and they hardly have any jobs I qualify for, and applying with the state with their testing system sounded too hard to manage. Now with disability certification, I bypassed that.

        So, I note I’ve been forced to move, especially whenever the health insurance moves on. NO judgement for you! I get why you don’t!

        1. I got fired plenty of times without coming to terms with my underlying issues. But since I went on disability in 1992, none of you heard about it at the time. My life was saved by a tag team of my parents, my therapist and the lawyer he worked with to write my SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) application.

  27. Now that is a book cover. Hilarious. Great work, Devon.

    Away visiting my cousin and DH’s BFF for his birthday. Great weekend in the Okanagan. My cousin is an artist. Her paintings are amazing. Trip home was eventful. Truck battery died, coasted to the side of highway and towed for repairs. Thankful for auto assist. Back home Tuesday after a trying day, -14 to 6 temps and very cozy bed.

    I bought a new sewing machine. Bought beautiful fabrics at the fabric store now closing forever. Will have to travel next time I need sewing supplies. Bought some flannel from Joann’s yesterday. Will make pjs for gds.

    After the post about NYTs crosswords etc, Friday decided to played Wordle then spelling bee game. First game and result was nice level. Ta da, the second was genius, I was determined once I reached the amazing level. It took me a while to finish the game. Two vowels: o, u and must use r in every word. May never reach it again but it got the little grey cells charged. So happy with my perseverance. I’m not dead yet.

    And I am reading again. Woohoo.

  28. I laughed out loud when I saw that cover on FB; it made my day.

    I just had an enjoyable zoom meeting with my siblings. We chat once a month, on the first Sunday of each month. Three of us live in the same area but the other three live several hundred miles away so the zoom meeting helps us stay connected.

  29. So wonderful to wake up to that cover. Devon must have had a great time creating it.

    Happy was meeting up with a friend today at the Democrats’ sign pickup party. Got to put a bug into some peoples’ ears to monitor our local board of election meetings and same hi to my Congressman and pick up some yard signs for PA’s primary election.

    Got my dusting done so I can now ignore that task for awhile.

    Rereading Once in Vermillion for another happy. Looking forward to RS even if there are no lamas. There’s got to be an inhabitant of RS who would have an affinity to large animals that spit foul substances.

  30. That cover is my new favorite thing. It reminds me of the book stash my mom had under her bed when I was a kid (you know Those Books) — definitely one I would have grabbed out of morbid curiosity.

    Come to think of it, that might be how I first read Tell Me Lies…

    Happy that I started and finished The Burnout on Friday, except now I need something else to read! I’m looking at likely spending a couple days home sick — my partner managed to get the flu and I thought I’d dodged it, but alas, my lungs are telling me otherwise. This might be another happy thing right now because after the chaos of the last two weeks, I could really use the time off.

  31. I have been laughing ever since I saw that cover on n Facebook and I may never stop. It does need zombies, though.

    1. DH and I went to Philadelphia for his birthday weekend, and saw the art museum and the flower show. We definitely need to go back and spend a lot more time at the museum . Right now they have a lovely exhibit of quilts made in a small town by the descendants of an enslaved woman. And I’m still puzzling over a stained glass window where Salome appears to be dancing the limbo.

      The flower show was lovely and I bought more lily bulbs from a Dutch company and had to pay in euros which made it feel very authentic . On the way back I read to DH from the exhibitors’ guide. It may be the most precise instructions I have ever read. Two pages just on how to fill out the card labeling your exhibit. They have a whole nomenclature committee to review whether you have used the correct scientific name for your plants.

      I am also very curious about why and how the America Automobile Association decided to put in one of the really big exhibits. ( Those are usually landscape firms who hope to get clients.) it was very mixed message — a huge floral map of the US showing the revised hardiness zones due to climate change, plus a smaller map encouraging the viewer to do road trips to view famous gardens.

      The most amazing part is that neither of us took our laptops! The first trip we have taken in maybe 20 or 25 years where we planned to do no work! As it turned out DH took a couple of work calls while we were driving and I did some emails about mom but still it was an amazing release from our daily responsibilities.

      (And for his birthday yes I gave DH more books about Ancient Rome. He was delighted so the appetite is not yet sated.)

      Before we left we were at our neighbors’ house, whom we have known for nearly 30 years. He is a chess school founder and director and a pretty dominant personality and to the casual observer it probably looks like his wife caters to him a lot. Somehow it came up that their wedding cake had on it a chess game layout where if it was the queens move she won and if it was the kings move he won. So a big question about who would be the marital winner. (How this set up would ever come up is another chess puzzle I have not yet investigated.) But apparently in the course of the reception the bride tipped the king over declaring check mate.

      DH and I are still giggling over the story and what it says about family dynamics .

      Also the cover of course. Jenny, there is still time to add llamas. And plan a special edition.

  32. I love that book cover. I laughed for several minutes. I especially
    especially loved the description of you.

    My happy this week is finally seeing Hamilton. I forbade my husband from mentioning any historical inaccuracies until we are home and he can then call my brother and discuss.

  33. I love the cover and your Truth in Advertising new title. I may have to leave that post in my inbox where I can see it easily for a very long time.

  34. I just really, really love your real covers!

    This was the kind of week where I would need to pick little happy pieces out of the chaos with tweezers. Still – roof over my head (and my daughter who lives with me & all my other family that I love) & food in our bellies & safe shelter* & a reliable car & gas money &, &, &

    *safe shelter but the tropical storm that came in beginning of March when the season doesn’t start until June deserves a mention because it was loud & angry

    I’m happy for my job which was a big source of chaos this week but is also the source of a much depended on paycheck so…

    I got the Thursday night off that I asked for so April 18th daughter Liz & I will be going to the Dali Museum (30 minutes from us) to see 22 impressionist paintings that are not normally on display there; Matisse yay, Money yay, Cezanne yay, Renoir meh, Degas meh. Thursday nights are half price huzzah!

    I wrote a poem & a blogpost I really liked last week. My friend is procrastinating his actual move from Brazil back home to Scotland so he is still in a timezone where he can read on Tuesday night critique & he is reading a story I am enjoying so far. He also posted one of his paintings on IG that I really love. Will share link in comments.

  35. I love that cover so much! It made my day. Last night I got no sleep and today I worked on other peoples taxes and on an AFI film and I was so tired when I got home but I am glad glad glad that I took a look at this. Deven, you are amazing

    1. I’m enjoying some great salads at the moment, too. I have to buy bell peppers & cherry tomatoes, but all my salad leaves are growing (3 types of lettuce, rocket, Greek cress, watercress, French sorrel, chives, oregano, etc). Really full of flavour.

  36. I’m happy because it’s the slow period at work, I’ve hired a couple of people so our office isn’t so overworked, but mostly because I am off to Italy on Thursday (specifically Pompeii and environs). I can’t wait!

  37. Tuesday happies! 🙂
    My monthly bundle from Baen Books (books published or re-published in March) is available for download. In fact, it’s sitting on my drive in MOBI, RTF, EPUB, and HTML formats. More stuff for the TBR pile.

    In that happy mood, I finally called Amazon Customer Service and dealt with the five undelivered orders in my Returns & Orders list. Dealing with anyone’s Customer Service is a pain, but I stayed upbeat and positive and so did they. One item replaced, four items credited to a gift card.

    Happy. 🙂

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