Working Wednesday, February 21, 2024

So there are different kinds of working, right? Like working on puzzles? At midnight every night (because I’m usually up until 4AM), the NYT and WaPo drop their puzzles. NYT has the high road–Wordle and Connections–and I do those first because those are my faves. The WaPo for On The Record (question about today’s news so I keep up with what’s happening just to win), Keyword (I love that one, anything less than a six is a loss), the mini crossword, the daily crossword, and the Sudoku. That gives me an hour break before I go back to regularly scheduled work. I have my own evaluations–a 1, 2, or 3 in Wordle is a win, a 4 is a tie, a 5 or a 6 is a loss, and a zero is blot on my ancestors–and my own rules of cheating (turn on the mistake alert in the crosswords, but no stopping to look up stuff) and my own rules in general (the easiest sudoku must be solved in Pen mode, no using Pencil mode to get through). But then Peter Blair wrote about his scoring system for Connections on the NYT, and now I must do that, too.

I’m not going to do all the math he does–it’s midnight and I’m tired–but I’m definitely going to try his new rule: It’s not enough to find all four groups, you must post them from easiest to hardest. For those of you who aren’t Connections freaks, the puzzle shows up as sixteen words, and you sort them into four categories of four words each. The categories are color-coded as to difficulty: yellow is easiest, then green, blue, and finally the hardest, purple. Blair’s complication? Don’t just solve them into categories, solve them so they post easiest to hardest. It’s not like I was blowing this game out of the water before that, but now I must try it.

So what did you work on today? Any puzzles or games?

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  1. I do puzzles everyday, whilst dinner cooks (in Scotland we call the evening meal tea which confuses people mightily). I am old-school puzzle magazines. I like Puzzler Collection, they have Dilemma and Missing Links as well as crosswords, word search, jigword, continuity, etc etc. I can not always complete them in one day, get stuck and go away and think about it, so when I come back I can. If all else fails the solutions are at the back but I don’t like to cheat myself.

    Can do the Metro newspaper quick crossword in about 10 minutes, when I get one – but they seem easier some of the Puzzler ones are trickier. I also get brave and try some new puzzle in Puzzler – it is just a puzzle and no-body will die if I get it wrong. It helps me with decision making too, ‘cos if I think I know the answer I put it in, and if I am wrong I can change it.

    Confess to doing Solitaire type games on-line – Free Cell, Pyramid, Spider, Klondike when I can, sometimes as a palate cleanser when I should be working!

    1. Microsoft Solitaire is a guilty pleasure. Score stands at 344 games won each against 2 losses. I’ve started over at zero four times. No, I am not bored with the easy setting.

      One of my bosses – Master Chief Smith – once explained that the purpose of solitaire is not the winning, it’s the spending or wasting time to cleanse and reset the brain. I can’t picture his face, but I’ve always remembered this philosophy.

    2. Christine, this explains why we always called dinner ‘tea’ when I was a kid! My dad grew up with his Scottish grandmother, so it apparently from her. I had no idea.

  2. I love connections! I play Connections, Wordle, and the Mini. My son (25) always beats me at the Mini–he’s quick–and I usually beat him at connections. I get the categories with fewer mistakes than him.

  3. I do Wordle and Connections because they are my favorites, although I don’t actually evaluate. Today was an exception to that, because I didn’t get ANY in Connections. I do think they’re fun, though. I don’t do crosswords anymore because they take me too long, but I miss them, so…maybe.

  4. We do wordle as a team sport in my house, passing the phone back and fourth. And we do trivia questions from Alexa. We used to share wordle scores and hints in the family group text but that has fallen off.

    Otherwise, I don’t really know what I have been working on again this week. Things are happening, surely, but I have only crossed one big thing off my long-term to do list. Hopefully I will finish my present for the bride tonight and my taxes. That will be two big things off the list. Phew.

  5. I’ve got a morning routine of electronic puzzles, including a daily Spider challenge and Mah Jong. I take it as kind of a mental warm up for the day. I love Sudoku, and do those any chance I get. As for paper crosswords, those are always in pen! My dad and I would work them together with our set of rules. The first person could do one pass on the Across words, the next did one pass on the Down words. Then we would alternate going all the way through Across and Down and see if we could finish them up.

    My push this past weekend was to get all of my machine quilting done. I was on large quilt number 3 of this push, and I had been getting worn down – but they all needed to be finished before March, when they’ll be displayed in our Quilt Show. So, for next year, I need to remember the rule of “don’t enter too many unfinished quilts!”

    Anyway, I had figured out what I wanted to do with the corners, which required marking out an area that matched the colored lone star bits, and then mimicking the quilting there. I’m very happy with how it turned out

    If I were to change anything in retrospect, I might have chosen a different backing. I chose the pink because I figured it would appeal to the young girl who would want this quilt, but something a little busier would more effectively hide the different colors of thread. Ah well – it’s done and I think it is grand.

    And my poor sewing machine needs a good rest now!

      1. The Capital Quilters Guild Quilt Show will be March 15-16 at the NC State Fairgrounds in Raleigh NC

  6. I’d like to do puzzles. Instead, I’m prepping for a conference my business partner and I are attending next week in Vegas by connecting with attendees and speakers we want to meet via LinkedIn. Actually, that’s kind of a puzzle…? I think it should count.

    1. It definitely counts.

      Will you have time to see a show in Las Vegas? There is one there now that I dearly want to see someday…

      1. We’ve got time for: one trip to my favourite outdoor outlet mall in Vegas, several great dinners and…embarrassingly…the Prince Purple Rain tribute concert. Don’t judge me. What’s the one you want to see some day?

      2. I wouldn’t judge you for Prince.

        I want to see Dita Von Teese. Luckily, she travels so I may be able to do that some day. Don’t judge me. 😉

        1. No that’s a super cool person to want to see! Here’s where real judgement will arise: once I went to the Donny and Marie show in Vegas…and really enjoyed it…

          1. And now I am embarrassed and showing my age. I know the names, but I don’t really know what that kind of show that would be. But I am glad that you enjoyed it.

          2. And I’m showing my age! Donny and Marie Osmond – he was in the original boy band and then partnered up with his sister for a while after that. It was actually a very likeable show, if not musically brilliant.

  7. I do wordle, connections and Signpost which is on the Simon Tatham’s puzzles app and which involves figuring out how to line up the numbers in a square of boxes based on the directions the arrows point. For anyone wanting to try it, a helpful tip is if you press on one of the boxes it will show you all the arrows pointing to it, or all the boxes it’s arrow points to. It’s a nice fidget because you can stop and start and the number of tries isn’t limited.

    When DH is traveling for work I try to do one big house project a trip —because only one of us is inconvenienced and because he won’t mess things up. This one is getting new cushions in the big couch because they took a beating in the pandemic —the covers zip and don’t need to be replaced. Doing this while he is gone means that there is plenty of room for me on the loveseat and his next trip will be when I do the cushions on that one (and probably reupholster the recliner which is from IKEA, has held up beautifully for almost 30 years, but it’s time. IKEA furniture seems to either be incredibly sturdy or pretty short lived —nothing in between. My son will have his grad school bed and dresser and dining table for ever but those dining room chairs are going to go soon. )
    Also filing, taxes, more work prepping the divorce lawyers for our friend with early onset Alzheimer’s to fight for a special needs trust for his adult disabled daughter, (kid and her caregiver mom live in US, friend and all the lawyers live in England and are used to the NIH and have no experience with needing special needs trusts because of our problem health care system).
    And of course dealing with mom and SDW. Who hasn’t showed up as far as I can tell in the 10 days since mom told her they shouldn’t be in touch so that mom can be an effective witness for her, but her stuff is still in the basement, she still has the garage opener and car key, and we know is still in town. Plus mom has told us not to interview possible personal assistants (our new word for home care attendants) because she has a new plan and will not tell us what it is until we are all on a call Sunday. “I have to do it my way”.
    I really hope she doesn’t plan to hire SDW as her helper. I’m back to not sleeping well.
    Also a busy day job week.
    Oh, and to keep life interesting my neighbor showed up yesterday because all four of her smoke detectors went off at once . I persuaded her yes, she should get it checked out, so we called the public safety non emergency line and a fire truck came and they checked for gas and carbon monoxide. No sign of problems and the alarms stopped so who knows.

    1. I’m curious about your IKEA recliner. I bought one last fall when I was so sick that I couldn’t sleep lying down, and it was awful! Hard as a rock, and the recline kept snapping out of place to sitting position. It must be a different model.

      Good luck with mom and SDW. It’s good that SDW hasn’t shown up, but the car key and garage door opener being still in her possession is scary. Except, the locks have been changed, right? Can a car lock be changed?

      1. I bought that chair in 1996 so I’m pretty sure it’s a different model. We bought a leather chair at the same time that we probably only got 10 years or so out of—they are really variable. I also have a simple sturdy beech coffee table that we have refinished twice from 1996 that’s in great shape.
        SDW cannot get into the house from the garage because that lock was changed. I have discussed with mom the need to get the car lock changed if she doesn’t get the key back soon—it can be done but it’s not cheap since you have to change both the lock and the electronic key . Of course I am of two minds on this since if SDW stole the car to flee the jurisdiction it would stop mom from driving (she is still trying to get her license back after we persuaded the police to suspend her when she drove the car into the house.)
        SDW may also have helped solve the driving problem by getting yet another car accident on the insurance company records. When mom renewed her insurance only one company would insure her and only for six months (with SDW as the primary driver since mom’s license is suspended ) I am hoping no one will insure her in July .
        And we will reprogram the garage door opener after SDW gets her stuff because I really don’t want SDW hanging out in her garage . I think that is just a programming thing .

        1. Thanks for the explanation. And I can relate to your wanting the SDW to steal the car and wreck it, which would further implicate her and also , as you said, keep mom from driving it.

          1. She already crashed it and did meaningful damage so the car goes in the shop this week. She will have to steal it when mom gets it back.

        2. Not to make things worse; but, if SDW is the designated driver she may not be legally able to steal the car. Of course, if she crashes it again…

          1. Hm. I wonder if that’s true . Mom certainly didn’t authorize her to take the car permanently or leave town with it. The idea was for her to drive mom around in it.

            It would still be wonderful to have her and mom’s car out of mom’s life

    2. My smoke alarm used to go off in the winter if I opened the door to the bathroom after a long steamy shower.

      I was working first shift at the time, so this was around 3, when my husband was at work. He has the fire alarms attached to his phone, so he would text me to see if the house was on fire.

      Your mom’s machinations are harrowing. I can feel my anxiety levels rising just thinking about it. Hopefully it will end up being benign. Fingers crossed.

      1. Yes, if it had been one smoke detector it would not have justified a call to the fire department. This was all four on three levels of her house. And they are not wired to each other. Very mysterious. Maybe ghosts.

        1. If they are externally powered, it may be some sort of fluctuation in the power source. That’s happened to me (no identified cause) and I know someone who discovered it was caused by a CPAP machine. More electronically adept than me, he installed a filter that solved the problem.

    3. Sending lots of strengthening pocket-hugs! Hope things will calm down and that you’ll be able to sleep better soon. I can warmly recommend lemon balm tea, which is one of my absolute favourites for soothing anxiety and getting more peace of mind in a drug-free way. Best herb. I’d name my kid Melissa (its latin name) if I had one, that’s how much it’s meant to me over the past 15+ years.
      Good luck with everything! <3

      1. Good idea! I use lemon balm floral essence drops and Bach Rescue Remedy spray together. It really helps.

        1. She is not allowed to have that name! Someone so wicked can’t be named after an herb doing so much good. Rename her the worst name you can think of and release the good one from its chains. <3
          Still hoping you'll give the herb a chance to soothe. Lemon balm is a fine name for it, too.

          1. Well, I do call her sketchy dog walker. For a long time we only knew her as Cricket.

            I will try the lemon balm and try to forget its other name .

            But how ironic.

  8. I do NYT crosswords in the books. I started with the new collection of Monday puzzles, and I’m onto the new Tuesday book. Because I haven’t watched TV for 28 years, and am not really a sports fan, I have to search for a lot of the answers, so it slows me down.

    I unpacked from my trip to Arizona, and will be doing laundry today. I am making notes on a thank you letter to be sent, soon. It has been nice enough to walk, here! I walked every day in Arizona. It was great to see my son and his lovely wife, and my grandkids, who are maturing and throwing less fits and having fewer meltdowns. One is a teen and one is nearly ten. The ten year old goes full tilt all day long, until he begins to fall apart at bedtime. I wish I had that much energy! There were lots of giggles, since it was a holiday weekend and they had time to play.

    My DIL has a Cricut machine and makes tee shirts as part of her job as a high school resource person. (It’s long title, and I can never remember it.) She made me one that says “Emotional Support Human. Do not pet.” I love it, and it makes me smile. I mostly emotionally support my cats, who were very clingy when I got home.

    My son and I rewatched the last two episodes of Ted Lasso. It’s a bonding time. I may start using having GFM as an excuse for forgetting things. That’s “GoldFish Memory”. A goldfish only remembers for 8 seconds, according to Ted. It’s also a good way to tell yourself that something isn’t worth stressing over. I may have mentioned this before, but GFM. 🤪

    1. What a perfect t-shirt! Good DIL you’ve got there. 🙂 Sounds like she’d be a perfect tee-pusher for all of Argh.

  9. I do Wordle everyday too. I have an app that lets you play multiple games, and you can also play against other people, and my stepdaughter and I have been playing back and forth for about a year.

    I’m getting a small cavity filled this morning (that’s work, right?) then coming home to do some more work on my revisions before going back out this afternoon to check out a new PT for my shoulder, since I don’t think the one I’m using right now is a good fit.

  10. The speed of Jenny and some of you others impresses me. It takes me longer than you guys to get through any word puzzles and I’m not currently playing any nonverbal ones, although I sometimes have. (Well, I still often play along with Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me on NPR.)

    I do Wordle on hard mode. Some months back I bemoaned here that I lost my streak by meaning to come back to a knotty day’s puzzle and forgetting. New streak is intact, but I’ve occasionally used a paper dictionary and, at least once when desperate, used an archive of answers to past puzzles to exclude possibilities. On the other hand, I got bored with using the absolute best start words and have been shifting among the suggested but less-good ones.

    I do crossword puzzles, but fairly easy ones. I have stopped using working aids there, so if actors, singers, or athletes can’t be figured out from the crossing words, I’ll chuck the puzzle unfinished. It generally takes me days of intermittent attention to solve one.

    1. That’s a paper regular dictionary, not a crossword or other specialized one. I realized possible confusion only after posting.

  11. Most of the week’s work was boring chores, although those finally seem to be showing the first hints of progress.

    Also, I worked on various medical stuff, preludes to the main action yet to come. As Deborah said above, going to the dentist is certainly work! Not this week for me, but I’m facing more dentistry next week. I also made an appointment for my slightly overdue annual physical, also now scheduled for next week. My doctor has shifted to lab tests before the visit, not after, so I did that yesterday. Last time, I hit it lucky and got in and out quickly. Enough of a wait this time for me to get fidgety, although far from my worst wait. The lack of caffeine seemed to hit me harder than usual for test days. As I belatedly noted yesterday in an old topic, I had slightly strained my ankle a few days back, so yesterday I bought an ankle brace in the drugstore in the same building as the lab. Possibly because of the store’s medical-building location, the brace proved to be a fancy affair with much Velcro. The iffy ankle also induced me not to stop at the nearby Trader Joe’s as I normally do on lab test days. It’s not hugely distant, but I don’t often get over that way.

  12. One day, I expect I’ll take up crosswords. And once we move to NC, will try to find people to play Scrabble (and possibly contract rummy) with. I haven’t spent much time on games in general for most of my life and right now I find staring out the window at the bird show more restful for my brain than another activity. 🙂

    Work accomplished this week: nothing yard- or plant-related, aside from finally putting to rest the giant arrangement of anniversary orchids, which lasted nearly 4 months (!) and pulling up a few handfuls of weeds. But I did write two chapters of the novel-in-progress over the weekend and have prepped another retired novella for a giveaway through QRI. No idea when they’ll decide to use it. Once that’s done, I’ll add the title to my free collection at Prolific Works.

  13. Does anyone else do jigsaw puzzles online? Every few days at home I will do a Sudoku or two, but I don’t do crosswords any more — too time-consuming.

    I love doing jigsaw puzzles, though. The site is my current favorite. It offers a search function, so if you want to do puzzles about Paris, or mandalas, or cats, or a specific TV show or movie, you can search and you’ll find a whole lot more than you thought there’d be. It also allows you to select the shape of the puzzle pieces from about 8 possibilities, and keeps your puzzle open for you to come back to later if you want.

    I like it because it’s a mind-soother that can accompany reading an online newspaper, checking your email, following a link trail generated by an initial search of something, since you can go back to the computer tab that contains the puzzle without obviating other things on your computer at the time.

    Plus you don’t have to devote table space that forces you to eat in uncomfortable spaces, put things in places away from a surface that you usually use, and so on, and your puzzle won’t be disorganized by a cat jumping onto a table and knocking pieces off for fun.

    1. We have a great space at the office for a jigsaw puzzle. It keeps the cats off, and keeps me off the streets during lunch.

    2. I use the Jigsaw app on my iPad. I mostly use images I grab as screenshots and then crop & tweak. It’s a real time sink but soothing. I don’t like word puzzles/games: they’re too much like work. (By the way, Jigsaw keeps trying to force me to buy stuff or watch ads; it’s quite annoying. I wish Apple would build in a jigsaw app instead.)

    3. Jinx, Thanks! I started fooling with this. We’ll see if I keep it up. I haven’t done a jigsaw puzzle in ages.

      1. It has a lot of flexibility, Patrick. You can change lots of things — the number of pieces in any puzzle (between 4 and 300, which is about the max a large computer screen could comfortably fit), the color of the background, etc. etc.

        Down at the lower left of the puzzle images that you see in the various menus is an icon for the person who posted that puzzle, so if you find yourself liking that person’s puzzles you can just search their name (or save their main page as a link) and go right to those. My favorite source is a woman whose website name there is “Oceanna” — I glommed onto her when I realized how many Jan van Hastern drawings her site included.

        Good luck! Hope you post how your trial experiences turned out!

  14. I’m not doing a lot of work this week. I applied for three more jobs and I have an interview for tomorrow, but I’m fairly sure I don’t really want it (extremely low pay + working in a prison hospital, of all things), so just kinda doing it for experience, I think. Meanwhile I’m still waiting around to hear on the possible reassignment job, which I won’t hear about until next week at soonest since apparently everyone involved is on vacation for 2 weeks.

    I don’t really know what to do about desperation jobs. I’ve applied for 28 jobs with the state, all of which pay pretty low to somewhat low, but I’m told to get a foot in the door, they can take months to contact you, etc. Meanwhile I’m trying to get reassigned at my organization, but in one month there’s only been one job I’m eligible for (the one I’m waiting on) and the job sounds great but I’ve heard terrible things about the department, so I really don’t know what to do there at all. I have until the end of April to find a replacement job there, but I just do not qualify for much of anything since my org has SUCH ELITE STANDARDS I do not live up to. I only apply to maybe 1-2 jobs a year at most there due to this, and I don’t have much faith I will find anything else there–but the pay cut and losing my therapy insurance will surely suck. I don’t know what to do there.

    In other work: we’re in pre-tech week for Fiddler, so that’s going to be escalating soon. I actually have been doing puzzles–I did one last week and I bought this flower bouquet kit that my friend kind of took over, so I’m going to get some replacement flowers for that (note: friend really wanted 2 of the 4 but couldn’t get them separately, let her do those two), there’s the yarning and trying to figure out patterns for a costume. I’m making a shawl for a friend that is Not Fun, involves constant counting, and I keep having to pull out row after row. Hate it. I don’t know how I manage to gain or lose stitches in projects that aren’t stable/don’t move and wiggle, such as this “k1, yo, k to next to last st, yo” pattern this one has. GRRRRRRRRR.

  15. I’ve been doing more lens testing (, and decided I’d like to buy this lens, but will look for it second-hand. Really must sell all my old camera equipment – maybe I can part-ex it.

    I’ve also been doing admin stuff around researching lost rights of way – welcoming a new volunteer and getting him started. I’ve finished updating my Lightroom notes and am working on a good preset for processing raw files from my second camera. My main camera has great film simulations, so it’s like shooting with the films I used to use, but I’m finding it tricky to create something similar for the other one – basically because there are zillions of choices.

  16. My husband woke me early on a Sunday morning last week to say he wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t catch his breath. So, I called 911 and they sent EMT’s to the house within minutes and brought him to the hospital. By the time my son and I got there he was already set up in the emergency room with lines going everywhere. It’s true what you see on any TV or movie that they ask the patient what day of the week or your birthday or year it is. It has definitely been hectic. He came home this past weekend and everyday has been a victory. I did happen to get the taxes done as we already had made an appointment. Had to postpone his second cataract surgery as he is on oxygen and that was scheduled for next week. In my imaginary downtime I tried to write something in Argh but couldn’t because my Kindle kept telling me I’m a robot, maybe by that time I was. Every day when I left the hospital, I had to pass the bakery on my way out and finally gave in and bought a box of pillow cookies they’re a shortbread like cookie with raspberry filling. Best cookie ever.

  17. Mary, Comfort eating definitely allowed under that much stress. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    1. Whew, Mary. You described one of my nightmares. I’m so glad that your husband is home and moving forward. And the cookies sound delightful.

  18. I love wordgames and word-puzzles, but there’s not much of it that’s accessible to blind people, unfrotunately. Maybe more than I know because it’s been a while since I checked. I have this little game on my phone called Ordet that I play when I wanna kill time and challenge my brain for a spell, like in waiting-rooms. You get 7 letters to work with and need to form varying amounts of 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-letter words with it, plus one 7-letter word with all the letters. Sometimes I do a level in just a few minutes, and sometimes it’s a real hard nut to crack and I’m busy with it for a long, long time. Love it. It’s an English game, so go get it! 🙂 (This is the paid version. There’s a free one, Ordet Lite, available if you just wanna see what it is.)
    Second opinion appointment has been scheduled: March 7th. Was at GP Shrink-lite’s today and he coached me on some good things to say and questions to ask. He’s a great guy, very sweet. I didn’t bring up what I actually wanted to, which was a completely unrelated subject, but this was good too in preparation for March.
    We got our tandem bike today! It’s an e-bike, even. Once the weather gets more bike-friendly (aka not lots of rain and wind), I hope to get out more on that with MIL. Also wondering if I can advertice for a bike-buddy somewhere, somehow.
    Trying to pick up knitting again, so have been knitting a kitty-plushie for the last few days. It’s almost finished. The drawstring I needed for pulling the bottom closed broke (long story), so I had to sew it together instead of pull, and it’s generally not a perfect one, but I’m calling it an experiment so it’s fine. Still need to knit its tail and give it a face. I have a blister on my thumb from all the knitting that’s larger than Canada. 🙂
    Also doing a bunch of preparational work for Sven for a charity stream for this Saturday, such as translating promotional stuff, summarizing it for social media size, buying stuff he needs for the show etc. Stream is to raise money for research for a treatment for Leber hereditary optic neuropathy, a very rare eye-condition. Neither he or I have it, but a kid we met in December does, and it’s the eye-foundation doing a streamathon to try to raise awareness and funs for the research. Sven is their guest of honour kind of thing and does the longest part of the stream, and is the last one on, and only one in English. It’s gonna be… an adventure.
    I need to do groceries, but all I WANT TO do is curl up under a blanket with a book and be done with today. I’m so tired and just… so done with today. Zzz.

    1. I did not realize you were blind, Shass. You do very well, since it wasn’t obvious till this post, where you speak of it. Maybe you have spoken of it before, but I missed it?

      1. I think you must’ve missed it. It’s not something I mention in every post, but it is a subject that pops up now and then. I generally don’t talk about it if it’s not relevant to whatever the topic is, or it’s related to what I’m doing or how.

  19. Yesterday I got Genius on the NYT Spelling Bee, so I’m a little full of myself. And last week I did get the Wordle on the second space.
    Today I got all the Connections, Wordle on third, and the Crossword. But apparently that has used up all my brains. Maybe I should hold my fire until the afternoon.

  20. I hit 646 days on Super Duolingo French last Thursday. Then, an email concerning billing showed up that made me try to figure out my password — which I messed up a long time ago — and all connection to my Duolingo account disappeared. I couldn’t get through to so-called Duolingo support without being able to login. So I spent the last 6 days emailing Duolingo support and Duolingo English Test support (no, I do not do the English Test, but they actually have a support email that works). It was a huge pain in the ass.

    My problems began to be solved last night, and today I was able to return to my account and do a French lesson. Luckily, I had 6 days of coverage for missing my course, so I am now at 647 days. But, hey, I don’t care how many days I’ve done it in a row; I want to know how far I am in the course. That’s nigh impossible to find out.

    The whole thing has me less interested in Duolingo than I have been. I’ve been spending 1 to 1.5 hours every day learning French. It’s time to go slower and get other stuff accomplished in my life. (Eh, but, maybe I’ll go practice some vocab. . . . )

  21. The nyt 3 are my tea break moment too – antiwork for me. I like your scoring system. Today I got 4, 1.02, perfect colours.

    Work on the other hand is every hour I’m awake in between. February deadlines, thank goodness for the extra day.

  22. Not a puzzle person. Reading is my happy place. As for work-meetings and a dentist appointment. And maybe apartment sitting for my cousin for a few hours. She may have a cleaning crew coming when she and her husband have doctors appointments.

  23. My granddaughters and I play Word stacks. It’s in our genes to play word games.
    My work today was getting a haircut, bought a sewing machine and getting DH back into his Scribd account. Visiting my cousin Saturday. Dinner, brunch, gardening talks.

    Strange eye flashing spiky episode today. No reading. Computer work for accountant only. Fingers crossed this too will pass and all will be well.

    1. If it persists, I’d consult an ophthalmologist fast. Flashes could be a symptom of a detached retina, I gather from what I get asked at checkups. (I’m decidedly ot a doctor.)

      1. Thank you for the concern, no detached retina at the eye exam, have requested an appointment with an ophthalmologist. Interesting the headache was left eye and the spikes on the right which had no pain. So silent migraines on the right and pain on the left. Who knows.

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