Working Wednesday, February 14, 2024

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m only allowed sugar free chocolate. I consider this to be the universe taunting me, so I’m ignoring the whole pink thing and working on a book about serial killers, my taxes, and my housecleaning. If anybody deserves full-sugar chocolate, it’s me.

What did you work on this week?

79 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, February 14, 2024

  1. Sugar free anything just sounds wrong. I prefer real sugar to ANY substitute but try to avoid sugar anyway.

    For Valentine’s day, the kids and I agreed upon getting each other little gifts: I don’t like candy too much and prices for flowers are high for that specific day. So ds got a self-planter with edible flowers to grow on the window sill of his new room. DD got a porcellaine breakfast plate. DH got aromatic oils and and porous stone to drip it on – to get a good scent in his office.

    Also I “requested” of ds that he makes heart shaped flaky pastry filled with red pesto: it’s a very easy hack (with ready-to-use flaky pastry dough) and from what I saw on instagram, looks cute, too.

    DH makes a statement to not succumb to outside pressure when it comes to Valentine’s day. So he usually boycots it. Since he’s otherwise attentive of important dates, I must not complain or dig deep into why I’d nevertheless like to get a romantic gesture. Or so I was told by my speech therapist – who doesn’t like reading fiction. Go figure. I will not listen to anything someone says who doesn’t see the fun/pleasure/enhancement of life in reading fiction!!

    1. Ah, workwise it’s only the never ending usual stuff plus trying to get settled in the new place.

    2. My husband is a terrible gift buyer. Our first Christmas in our house he famously got me a trash can and bags.

      For my latest birthday, ending in a 0, which was kind of a big deal for me for various reasons, he got me an air fryer. Don’t get me wrong, I love the air fryer and use it all the time. I also adore my Bissell upholstery cleaner with a burning passion. But sometimes a girl wants a piece of jewelry to pick up and remember a special moment every time you wear it.

      So I put aside a little money to buy myself presents. Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s day and now anniversary. It will surprise no one that I often splurge on shoes for such occasions. This year it was pretty physical copies of books. I feel like I am building a Victorian library of precious volumes. Sometimes its jewelry if I have my eye on something special. That way the hubby doesn’t feel overwhelmed and I don’t feel sad.

      1. Yes, one must be patient and compensate if they are not perfect in some areas as long as they are great companions.
        My dh early on got the memo that I live jewellery (not rhe horribly expensive kind tho). It was a bumpy learning curve to get it right what I like/love. He gets it now most of the time. But gifting really is horribly difficult. And as long as the one gifting is actively and noteably thinking what the one receiving would loke/love, that’s a gift in itself.

        1. Truth. He is a good partner and to be fair, I am pretty picky. But I would also treasure anything he gave me, ugly or no (I think)… Maybe someday.

          1. This reminds me of my dad. He, too, gave my mother practical stuff – I’ve still got the sewing machine he gave her for their first anniversary. But he simply wouldn’t risk getting the wrong thing, so would only pay for something she’d chosen. I tried to encourage him, because I knew she’d have loved him to choose her present himself, but no go. He was the same with the rest of us.

            Maybe you could suggest he gets you something small – with a price limit – so it’s less of a risk for him?

          2. Thanks JaneB.

            It’s really fine. I nagged until he got me earrings one Christmas. Little enamel fox studs that are very cute.

            I just accept it as a part of him, like wanting to eat everything with a spoon.

      2. The first year we were together, DH gave me a coffee grinder for my birthday. I suggested that not all gifts had to be practical. In the intervening 29 years, he’s gotten much more imaginative. We still have the coffee grinder.

  2. It’s also Ash Wednesday, which feels cruel to have on Valentine’s Day as well. I’m not practicing anymore, but don’t have a date for the holiday? You can go repent your sins and start fasting…

    Anyway, I am working. I don’t really know what I am doing because nothing seems to be getting done, but I am quite busy so something must be happening.

    I was very disappointed to not get a snow day yesterday. They kept promising more and more snow and I was thinking about all the things I wanted to do at home and we got a dusting that melted off almost immediately. Gah. I didn’t want to shovel, but I did want to stay all day in my pajamas. Poor baby.

    1. Per the Internet, Ash Wednesday was in the 20th Century last on Valentine’s Day in 1945. In the 21st, it happened already in 2018, which for some reason I don’t remember, and this year, and will again in 2029. Lucky us.

  3. Happy V Day everyone! I’m going to quote Jesse Reign, an author who sent this in her newsletter yesterday: “Stay smutty, keep reading and remember, you’re an adult – you can buy your own damn flowers and heart shaped chocolate ;)”. Amen to that!

    1. Lol. The real holiday is tomorrow when all the chocolate is on sale. That should be galentine’s day, not the 13th.

  4. I’ve been quilting, and quilting, and quilting. Almost every spare minute not spent working or sleeping. I need to remind myself that I don’t want to do this next year – spend the entirety of January and February trying to get things done for March. Ah well. No pictures though, since things aren’t entirely done. BUT – I have a plan, which is almost as good!

    For VDay, DH and I are planning on going to dinner and exchanging cards. He does try for the flowers, but we have to be careful. I used to have a cat that thought the flowers were a great snack, and I think I might have another one who would help herself if she bothered to jump up on the counter. So flowers have a tendency to stay locked away in the laundry room where no one can enjoy them.

    Jenny – I’ve been enjoying my sugar free hot cocoa – a spoonful of cocoa powder and some hot water and chocolate stevia. It’s a solace on cold mornings like today.

    1. You can also get sugar-free liquid flavorings. They are intended for coffee, but a shot of hazelnut, or similar, might be nice in hot cocoa.

      1. Some flavorings. I like chocolate, caramel, coconut, and vanilla in my coffee. I like the Valencia orange, lemon, peppermint, and flavorless in my tea.

        For cocoa, I have Swiss Miss, Starbucks Hot Cocoa, Great Value Hot Milk Chocolate, and a variety pack from Amazon that was interesting.

  5. Swapping out main characters and working on an outline for my YA sci-fi story.

    I have two little schnauzer girls. We’ll probably go to the park if the sun’s still shining when I finish up work for the day- that’ll be our Vday – then home for some yummy dinner.

  6. I actually worked on finishing One in Vermillion! Perfect way to celebrate Galentines Day was wrapping up the series and seeing Liz and Vince finally beat Cash!

  7. I spent the week consulting the oracle, trying to decide what to wear for a trip to Phoenix in the future. The oracle was the 10 day weather report. It keeps changing, mostly by a few degrees. I think layers will have to be the solution, eventually, since, right now, there is a 30º difference between morning and evening temperatures! At least it will be warm part of the day. Otherwise, I have been out walking, and doing the usual chores.

    Kansas City got an early Valentine’s gift at the Super Bowl. I am not a football fan, but tuned in partway and was enthralled by the expertise of Mahomes and Kelsey, and their teammates. By the time it came down to overtime, I was a bundle of nerves. Today is the victory parade, as well as Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day. School is canceled, and people went to line up before dawn on the parade route. This is the most sports-minded city I have ever lived in, and the mania today is at fever heights. I’m staying at home, as being surrounded by a predicted one million screaming people is not fun for me.

    1. I just got back from Phoenix yesterday. It was in the 30s at night and got up to 65 yesterday afternoon. Challenging to pack for, especially when going to a conference at a hotel where the temperature fluctuates wildly.

  8. I just put this photo up on Twitter, because love. Sven and I aren’t celebrating, we’ve never done that. But kitty-love is also love.
    I got the referral for the second opinion from the GP. We chose the big University/Academic hospital in Rotterdam where they found out Sven had two types of cancer back in 1992 where the hospital here had diagnosed him with the flu…just saying. Let’s go where past experiences are good. Now just gotta make appointment.
    I bought and assembled a new cat-tree for the ladies last Friday. Triple approved pretty quickly, but it took Matcha until last night to get used to it and figure out how to climb it safely. Sometimes she needs a little time to figure out the hows, but once she has, she’s absolutely fearless. This morning she swooshed up onto it like a lightning bolt. I’m one proud cat-mum.
    Oh, and I also bought new pants. And leggings. Yes that is work because UGH. I’ve never been this thin (read: skeleton) as an adult. Bleh. What do you even wear with leggings by the way? I’ve never been a leggings person, why did I even buy those? Clearly brain is starting to rot.
    Trying to pick up the knitting again, so am looking at yarns for the January/February loom-along and maybe, maybe the Feb/March one too. Have also unraveled and restarted a washcloth I’ve been at since November. The yarn is 4 strands plied together and it’s starting to annoy the heck out of me when they split up, but I’m trying. Next cotton yarn I buy is gonna be single-strand, dammit.

    1. I tend to dress pretty modestly, so I just wear leggings as an extra layer under skirts and dresses, which have been getting longer as I age.

      I like the leggings with a long tunic/ oversized sweater and boots look on other people, though.

      I only wear leggings as pants when I am doing yoga at home. I like to have my butt covered when I am out in public.

    2. Cute Kitty pic! I’m so glad you got a referral to a reliable diagnostics place!

      I have tried to crochet with that kind of “homespun” yarn and finally tossed it. Don’t stress yourself over it. Just donate it somewhere. I’m also with Lupe on the tunic with leggings. I wear mine with an oversized flannel shirt.

    3. Thank goodness for the second opinion! And I agree with the tunic tops/long sweaters to go with leggings. Mind you, I won’t wear them anymore because they don’t have pockets…

    4. Delighted about the second opinion: hope you get an appointment soon. University hospitals are usually a better option, I think.

      And I’m with the wearing a dress over leggings. Not that I’ve ever done it, but I think it looks good. (I live permanently in jeans or other trousers, except on really hot days, when I wear a kaftan.)

    5. I like wearing tunics or very long blouses or shirts when wearing leggings, I like having my rear end covered, tight clothing feels too exposed.

      In my 20’s and 30’s I often wore tight clothing, but if I got whistles or catcalls, back to loose and even frumpy clothing to deter attention. After I took up bellydancing for exercise at 25, and started performing in my 30’s and 40’s (one of the many part time jobs that got me through college before I turned 50), the costumes were less revealing than most bathing suits, but did not leave much uncertainty about my shape. Between the clinging aspects and the beads or cloth fringe to display the movements, it was quite the switch for a formerly shy bookworm…I wore street clothing that provided a lot of coverage to make a difference between performance gear and off-stage clothing. Taf

    6. I’m so happy that you got the second opinion referral and it sounds like that will be a great place to go.

  9. My real post will follow eventually today. In the meantime:

    Nancy A. Collins has opened a GoFundMe for expenses beyond insurance coverage from a blood clotting incident.  She is predominantly a horror and comics writer, but at a quick perusal some of her work looks to me like urban fantasy.  Horror and comics are not my things, and urban fantasy only sometimes.  Still, I made a small donation on general principles when it came to my attention.  If anyone here happens to be fans of hers, after a strong start the funding has slowed way down and I’m sure she’d be grateful for help.

  10. Working on calming down and not freaking out! I got a call from the hospital in Fife (in the middle of a Teams call with my line manager) asking me to go for pre-op consultation and tests in 2 weeks time. After waiting for 20 months it is finally kicking off. I only had the x-rays for this done on Friday, so it is all quite sudden!

    Lots of logistics to plan, a colleague has already said she will take the morning off to take me over there along with my BFF (and next of kin), which I gratefully accepted. Speaking to BFF/NoK tonight because I didn’t have the full story last night, and she was at Pilates; she lives in East Lothian and the appointment is for 9.45am so that might be an early start. The hospital 8.45am but I said I couldn’t get there from Edinburgh that early.

    Really excited, scared and stressed (also in a lot of pain), didn’t sleep last night and am being pretty useless at work today! But I have been planning for this for months so …

    1. Should have said I am getting a new hip. Everyone keeps saying my life will be transformed – can’t wait for that bit to start.

      1. Christine, best of luck I hope you feel amazing after. I’ve had total replacement of both knees in the last 3 months. It’s been a years long journey but there is light and hope at the end of the tunnel, it was worth it. Sending all the good healing vibes your way.

    2. Yay! Progress is great, but also nerve-wracking. I’m glad you will have support and help from loved ones and friends.

    3. Oh dear! Completely understand the stress-feeling that pops up with op ahead. Best of luck, keep us updated on how it goes! Sending pocket-hugs and healing vibes in advance!

      1. Thank you Aunt Snack. I have had a Physio for the past six months and she has been telling me “you will have to do it after the op, might as well do them now and make your recovery easier and quicker. I am going back to her 4 weeks after the op so will let her know if she is right 🙂

      2. Thank you Shass I am accepting all healing vibes and in need of the hugs. I appreciate everyone’s help and good wishes more than I can say.

    4. Congratulations! My SIL finally had both of her hips replaced once the pandemic ended and says that the release from pain has been life changing and more than justifies the PT that comes with the surgery. May your results be equally pleasing.

      1. Thank you Aunt Snack. I have had a Physio for the past six months and she has been telling me “you will have to do it after the op, might as well do them now and make your recovery easier and quicker. I am going back to her 4 weeks after the op so will let her know if she is right 🙂

    5. Yep, my new hip made a world of difference. Three years later I don’t even notice it’s there unless someone asks me about it. And the recovery is surprisingly quick. Make sure you’ve got useful things like a raised toilet seat, a picker-upper for when you drop things, and a way of getting your socks on.

      1. Thank you Lian for your reassurance.

        I have the sock thing and the picker-upper, no one has mentioned a raised toilet seat yet. Will ask about it when I go to the hospital, the info pack arrived today mentioning sock & pickup but not that.

  11. Giant four-month work project is nearly over, though it still haunts my dreams (last night’s: trying to pick up a long URL from the sink using a hairbrush).

    I’ve kept up with my index-card-pic-of-a-cup for daily February, keeping the bar LOW. Tonight I should also have time to make a couple get-well cards and enjoy a glass of wine with DH.

    Hearts to all Arghers!

  12. For Valentines Day… nothing. Not my day.

    I’ve spent the week preparing to get ready to start rearranging the “farm,” which included rearranging the Owner’s Suite to free up shelving units three in all.)

    But the last few very rainy days involved pumping out the sump before it completely (as opposed to partially) flooded the basement. Home Moanership XVI

      1. Strange but true: the dotter has had a submersible pump sitting by the basement door since we moved in. It emptied the sump, and I used a straw push-broom to sweep the standing water out the door into its area of effect. I still need a new sump-pump, but the flooding is over.

    1. Oh, no! My basement has been flooded 3 times since I moved here; causing the furnace to be replaced (3 times, after the third time, it was replaced with a horizontal, hang from the ceiling furnace), the washer and dryer ditto, and the hot water heater twice (after the 2nd time, I went with an on demand hot water heater, which is mounted on the wall, above the height of the flood water) so you have my sympathy! I hope you didn’t lose much from this.

      1. I appear to have three wet throw rugs. One of them is below the computer work station in the Owner’s Suite. No other damage noted, besides wet house slippers or cold toes in flip-flops.

  13. I’m very sad I can’t stalk you with real chocolate anymore, Jenny. I’d buy you sugar-free chocolate, but it’s against my religion. (i.e — chocolate)

    I’m working on revisions on my current Llewellyn book, which is a “Year and a Day” 366 day book. I wrote it when I had Covid brain, and it is a hot mess. As in, I have to completely throw out at least 65 topics or the 366, and tweak most of the rest of them. It’s not hard, just a lot of work I wasn’t anticipating having to do, since most of my books need minimal revision. Mostly I’m just grateful that I’ve gotten enough of my brain back to realize where I’ve gone wrong, and to be able to correct it. And that my editor and the team at Llewellyn didn’t just throw the book back at me and fire me.

    Still working on getting the shoulder fixed. The current PT place I’m going isn’t working out well, and I’m going to try another one next week that was recommended by my acupuncturist. This place is independent and doesn’t take insurance, so it’s going to cost me more money (as it is, I’m paying $50 twice a week for the current one, so I really need a new book contract…just sayin’) but if the woman is as good as my acupuncturist says, it will be worth switching.

    I hate Valentine’s Day, so I’m mostly just ignoring it.

    1. I am sending healing vibes for your shoulder and am delighted to hear that your brain fog has lifted. If the new PT is as good as advertised, perhaps the your progress will accelerate to the point where it costs the same as the bad stuff did.

  14. DH brought home a massive dose of roses yesterday, bless him. I don’t actually require flowers, but after 25+ years together, the fact that he still wants to is sweet. 🙂

    I’ve been working mostly on writer stuff. On vacation I wrote 10K of a new thing, probably a novella. Over the weekend I did more work on the novel-in-progress, which is now up over 20K. Set up a new sale to start next week, did some promo, submitted and contracted my last completed work (a novel), sent in my blurb & cover concept contribution to publish for the first title that’ll come out this year (in March, should be getting the edits soon for review).

    Next weekend is 3 days. I have a date with a girlfriend one day, a date (to be confirmed) with DH another, and need to compile my tax stuff. Also want to fit some more writing in there!

  15. Job applications, applied for six this week. One of them is for trying to get reassigned at my job, we’ll see there. Other than that, rehearsals and trying to finish up sweaters and slog through a commissioned piece that is a pain.

  16. I think I’m out the other side of the tech challenges, though am still finding my way round the software updates. Triumph just now when I managed to turn off predictive text on the Mac – I’m a touch typist, so it was just distracting. Would be more useful on the iPad, where I can’t touch type. One of the technical snafus led to me updating my online gallery for the artists network I belong to. I wasn’t going to bother, since I haven’t exhibited for years, but it felt good to do it; and I was chuffed that my previous work in Lightroom meant I could pull up a selection instantly, and transfer the captions, so the whole thing took less than an hour:

    My other achievement was moving a Japanese quince from the allotment back to the garden, and finding an excellent place for it opposite my glass back door; and then planting my new greengage in its place.

    This week I’m testing a ‘normal’ length macro lens, on loan from a friend; hoping to finally get going on the big photo sort-out; and expecting another visit from a friend, who stayed over on Monday and plans to come back soon.

  17. This is what we’ve been working on for the last few days. And by few days I mean weeks to find the right stain colour, stain the boards, wait for them to dry, get distracted and wander away, then spend about an hour building the shelves. They are just plain pine shelves with a 2″ border added to the top. The anchors for the brackets turned out to be a giant pain but we got through it.

    Today I’m taking the truck to get a service and some warranty work. It has to stay over night so tomorrow I’ll go back and get it. Courtesy vehicles are a good thing.

    Today was also a lot of little bits of paperwork and admin things done. The civilian clerk position at our RCMP detachment is opening up and I’m applying for that. I haven’t left the house on a full-time basis for work in over 10 year. I’m not sure I want to, but the money is good and if I get the job it will pull a lot of stress off of Paul which makes it worth it. Very small town, small detachment. There are no guarantees but even applying make me feel like I’m doing my best to contribute.

    1. Good luck, it’s always worth giving something new a try and you might actually enjoy it. Also if it isn’t a good fit, you can always leave.

  18. I have been productive. I did some cleaning and clearing out in the laundry room and took a long walk. Okay to the pizza place, but I still walked. It’s brisk out and I needed an actual coat instead of my usual spring jacket and scarf.

    My favorite general contractor is coming by in a bit to discuss my plans for the basement, and possibly the laundry room as well. It’s a walk out basement with a view of my backyard, and finished. But it was finished in the 80s, and after using it for a home office I am really tired of it. I’m going to reimagine it as my crafting space, lots of shelving and possibly more overhead lighting. Definitely more outlets. Lots and lots of outlets, I am tired of arranging furniture based on how long the power cords are.

  19. I don’t have cable and since the arrival of digital broadcast TV,  I get little or no reception of CBS.  I watch relatively little TV, and my PBS reception is good, so generally this is not a huge annoyance.  For some reason I do tend to watch the Super Bowl even when I have no tie to the competing teams.  The game rotates among 3 networks and got back to CBS this year.  I vaguely recalled that the last time this happened I did find a place where I could stand the antenna to bring in the channel.  After much clambering around and borrowing an extension cord from another use, I ended up with excellent CBS reception, and I mildly enjoyed the game.  I’ve toyed with the idea of leaving the antenna there, which would mean buying another extension cord and rearranging some other stuff.  Meanwhile,  I’ve been checking the schedule to see if there’s anything else on CBS that I want to watch.  Not so far.  What I may do is to buy the extra extension cord in case another interesting program turns up but put things back as they were for normal use.  We’ll see.

    Many, many years ago I was in a children’s football league that named its teams after the big-time ones.  I was on the 49ers (playing very badly), and we had red jerseys.  But pro teams, partly as a relic of the days of black and white TV,  have both uniforms with light-colored jerseys and dark ones.  The 49ers were actually in light jerseys for the game and Kansas City was wearing the red ones.  After my youthful  conditioning, I found this confusing.  (More on this subject than you wanted to know:  )

    That antenna relocation was probably my major accomplishment for the week. I did successfully make an eye-of-round pot roast in my slow cooker, then ate my weekly red-meat quota and froze the rest.  Oh, and the book club discussion on The Galaxy and the Ground Within that I mentioned earlier did lead into some interesting follow-up online discussion.

    Otherwise,  I’ve mostly been chipping away at boring chores.  I’ve managed to keep things from getting worse, but I don’t seem to be making a lot of forward progress. Feh. 

    1. I don’t have cable, either, but I do get CBS and the local station that has daily reruns of MASH. I like MASH, but I also mute a lot of the episodes, or just watch my favorite parts. If I got other shows, I would waste a lot of time watching them, so this is good.

  20. There was a shooter toward the end of the Chiefs parade. My kids had already left the area, thank goodness. It seems like whenever there is a crowd, someone decides it would be a good opportunity to shoot people. It’s sick.

    1. I’m working on a grant proposal at the day job, and on helping DH’s friend with early onset Alzheimer’s navigate the end of his divorce in a way that will best serve his disabled daughter. Waiting to see what I need to do next about SDW (mom changed the locks and sent her an email saying they should have no
      Contact so mom can be a creditable witness at trial which is nonsense since there won’t be a trial and mom didn’t see anything relevant to testify about and no lawyer would call a frail 86 yo to testify for someone charged with felony senior abuse, but mom thought this would be a friendly way to break it off) and my brother packed up all SDW stuff and put it in the garage for SDW to get.
      So now the question is do we need to do additional stuff to ward off SDW and stiffen mom’s spine or do we just need to do more clean up (get car key and garage opener back, get SDW off car insurance, etc) .
      And spring has sprung so I need to spray the snowdrops and crocuses and tulips with organic spray to keep the deer and bunnies off.
      I have also completed the follow up Dr visits from my three surgeries. One is fine, one needs a bone scan in six months, and the gum surgeon wants to do a small spot on the top now the bottoms have healed. So progress.

      1. Wow! SDW was really dug in! Definitely get all those details taken care of. I’m glad to hear your health checkups are good.

      2. I’m so glad that you are making progress with SDW. Hopefully she will know when she is beaten and slink off never to be seen or heard from again.

    2. Read your earlier post after watching the ‘breaking news’. I have no words, thoughts, prayers, or anything else.

      Happy your kids already had left.

      1. Thanks, Audrey. I hope KC will be remembered for the victories longer than the shooting. And it seems like the children, at least, are doing OK.

    3. Missouri seems to have pretty lax gun laws, but similar shootings have happened even in states with more stringent ones. Given the ease of travel between states I’m not sure how one would discern how much difference laws would make even if more uniform.

      1. This country needs to seriously work on stringent gun laws. It’s easier to buy a gun than it is to get a driver’s license.

    4. I’m glad your family is safe. I have active shooter training multiple time and been in a lockdown situation several times and now the fear just lives in me when I am in a crowded public space. It just pops up unbidden. I hate that it is a reality.

  21. I lost the bag where I carry my ear muffs and head scarf and have been busily tearing apart my apartment in the hope that it fell out of my backpack inside my home. Nope, they are gone forever since I have no Idea when or where I dropped them.The only consolation is that I found the name of the place where I bought them so I can replace the back up pair I will now start wearing. I didn’t lose my gloves because those were in my coat pockets. When I tried to straighten out the shelf where I store my extra cold weather accessories, I discovered that the reason I couldn’t get the stuff to stay on the shelf is because there was another bag blocking the way. It had 2 pairs of earmuffs inside as well as a scarf that I don’t use because it gets too heavy when it gets wet.

    Hallelujah! I had already planned to go to my favorite thrift shop this weekend, but now I can keep my head some what dry on the way there if it rains or snows. And they rarely have the kind of scarves I like at this store anyway. So maybe now that I don’t immediately need a new scarf, I will find one.

  22. We’re not big on Valentine’s Day at my house. I made cards for DH and DS and gave them a small bags of chocolate kisses. DH is really busy at work so I wasn’t expecting anything. We’re leaving for Mexico on Sat which is better than chocolate (which I can’t eat).

    Busy finishing cards from a recent card workshop and getting ready for our trip.

  23. Met my friend for lunch yesterday. After the snow stopped, the roads cleared up fast. We got about 3-4″. So glad we didn’t postpone because we probably wouldn’t get together for another month.

    Today, I cleaned, ate some fudge, pretty much ignored V-day, and tried to start my taxes. I was unable to sign on the website. Maybe I’ll try a different browser later. I did straighten out a problem with another website so there’s that.

  24. I’m still prepping talks and workshops, but I gave in and went back to working on the novel as well, which is much more fun. So a couple of hours of sensible work each morning, then I can indulge myself.

    Plus I’m at last getting a new water tank, because my old one rusted out. And I’ve got a new bookcase for all the overflow books.

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