Happiness is Sleeping Most of the Day

I was up all night working on things and then about 6AM I fell asleep and spent the rest of the day waking up and falling back asleep again. REALLY sorry!
What made you happy this week? (For me, it was a good night’s sleep all day.)

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  1. I learned how to put in pocket screws and did not injure myself in the process. That made me happy, as did not having to go out in today’s stormy weather.

    The puppy is not quite so so happy since she is not a fan of going out in the storm to pee,

  2. Attended an appreciation dinner for the historical garden where I volunteer. The garden may not open next year because of much-needed construction and it was lovely to see my gardening friends.

    Took a friend to lunch for her birthday. I reassured her about her daughter’s eye issues (similar to mine) and she reassured me about my upcoming dental procedure, which she had several years ago.

    Successfully navigated Dry January. Not drinking alcohol has improved my sleep and I feel better overall. No plans to drink any time soon.

  3. Our eldest granddaughter stayed for for three nights. It was happiness indeed. Cleaned the front garden, ready for spring. Glad you had a great sleep.

  4. I bought a closet from IKEA to store fabric in. We got most of it put together and I am starting to store stuff. I will be so happy when I can see my fabrics again. Most of them have been in tubs for 1 year or so.

    I got some lovely flowers from one of my bosses. They are so pretty and have lasted for more than a week, so I will remember that florist.

    On a sad note, mother-in-law passed away this week. (Yes, our January has sucked). She was only two months from 100. She raised 3 great people. She lived all over the world and visited the rest of it with a lot of joy and curiosity.
    Growing up her mother would drive past William and Mary college and say “Girls, that is where you are going to college. You can’t get married until you graduate from there.”
    She was so kind to me the first time we visited, while I was still dating my now husband. I was nervous about being the new girlfriend and fitting in with his family. She was warm, welcoming and told me I was great. It probably helped that I loved sailing. She and her late husband used to race sailboats and it was a big part of their lives. I will miss her but she had an amazing life.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss. A great MIL makes a world of difference, and she sounds like a real diamond of a MIL. Glad to hear she had a long life full of adventure. <3

    2. I am sorry for your loss. It sounds like she came from a long line of remarkable women and was happy to add you to the tradition.

  5. Jenny – if you’re like me you have to sleep when you can. I have some trouble sleeping. In fact one of my happys this week should be the night I got 7 hours straight!

    Another happy was – I found a workbook for 5$ alone that proposes to help me turn my book vibes into an actual plot. I’m not halfway through so I don’t know if it will gel into a plot or not but it has been pleasant. And I am working on a short story. And there is a poem brewing.

    I tested negative for covid & I am starting to mend. Unfortunately my daughter Liz tested positive.

    I had some interesting, fun conversations with a friend currently living in Brazil about to move home to Scotland.

    Of course, I’m always happy on Sunday because it’s the last day of my work week. I am off on Mon, Tue and Wed. Almost there!

  6. Went to a candidate petition party held by the Democrats and connected with many people, especially a friend from college. I am officially transitioning to a more partisan role than what I was doing on the election board. Everyone is very supportive and expecting great things from me in monitoring said board for the party. (I need to get over my imposter’s syndrome.)

    And the sun finally came out. I had to wear sunglasses when I walked Pixie.

  7. Happiness right now is mostly anticipation — less than a week to Boskone, where Ben Aaronovitch is the guest of honor, and only about three weeks until my consultation with the cataract surgeon, so I can set a date to be able to see again!

    In a non-deferred gratification this week, I discovered Oui yogurt, which contains more fat than I should eat on a regular basis, but it’s a reasonable treat occasionally, and it comes in these adorable little glass jars (no plastic!), and there’s already a bit of a cottage industry (I seem to be late to the party) making silicone or wood lids for the jars and suggesting assorted reuses for them. And because Amazon was behaving weirdly the other day and forced me to accept a free trial of Prime with free shipping if I wanted to place an order for things I actually needed, I added the lids to my order and already received them, and they’re every bit as adorable as they looked online. If you’re curious: https://www.amazon.com/VOLCANOES-CLUB-Silicone-Food-Grade-Leakproof/dp/B0CJF6WDF3?

    1. I’ve been eating Oui since a friend turned me onto it a few years ago. It is delicious, and I love the glass instead of plastic. The good news is that studies show that the amount of fat in dairy (other than butter and cream, alas) makes no health difference at all. So if you like full fat yogurt and cheese, you might as well eat them.

      1. I see such conflicting advice on full-fat stuff. I gave up cheese almost entirely for over a year (because of coronary artery disease), but I was miserable, so I’ve brought it back in moderation. I think the bottom line is that nutritional science is pretty much just nutritional folklore, because while they’ve shown correlations, they have not shown causation (and for ethical reasons never will be able to do a study that would show causation). What really annoys me is that they don’t even have a THEORY of causation, just “hmm, we’ve noticed this slight correlation, but really, it’s all some mechanism we don’t understand.” Anyway, I’ve decided to just go with a moderation theory — no deprivation, no having 6 servings a day of dairy, but it’s fine as an occasional treat, rather than the American Heart Association’s blanket, “no, cheddar cheese cannot be any part of your diet.”

        1. For a very long time, since the 70s when “health food” got all trendy (although it has stayed that way, so I guess “trendy” is the wrong word) I have told people “If I’m not allergic to it, it’s healthy, and I will eat it if I like it.” (I am allergic to yogurt, and I hate it, too, so no.)

  8. I was very happy to get the cast removed and replaced with a removable brace. As a result, I was able to take my first shower in 3 weeks; good bye sink baths!

    On another note, I went to the local animal shelter and adopted a 6 month old kitty who acclimated here quickly. She and Pippin are getting along very well; they chase each other back and forth all over the house. Miri (the new cat) is not a replacement for Fergus, who died Christmas Day at the age of 14, but a welcome (and lovable) playmate for my 8 month old – still a kitten- who really needed a sibling to play with aside from me.

    1. Hurray for showers! One of humanity’s best inventions. Also hurray for Miri the kitten-sis! Happy cats bring happy to wherever they are. <3

    2. Two cats are really better than one. They need the company. We had a similar situation and everyone is much happier now that they can keep each other company.

    3. Congratulations on the shift from cast – I can only imagine the relief. Also on the new kitty. They will both be much happier. We ended up with 3 cats and now our daughter’s cat so a crazy 4 cat household. Oh well they keep each other busy!

    1. I’d love to read a lovely meet-cute or love story, but the links seems to lead to an ad to honeymoon destinations. Am I just too clumsy to find it?

  9. Snuggles with the kids.
    They are both teenagers, but I treasure that my teenagers (18 and 15) actually do let me snuggle them and even snuggle back.
    And let me/himself/herself find comfort/seek comfort when either of us does feel like I/he/she needs it.
    We’re blessed with good kids.

  10. The big if cautious relief is that last night on a family zoom mom agreed to tell SDW not to walk the dog Tuesday and to change her locks this week and to tell SDW that the best day to get the rest of her stuff out of the basement is Saturday (when my brother can be there although we are not telling SDW that).

    And actually sent the email.

    I am not at all confident that mom will stick with the plan, as she is struggling to believe that this woman who has been so helpful to her could be dangerous. It is encouraging that when l suggested a safe word she said she had been thinking about having a safe word! And also realizes she can use her fall alert watch to call the police.

    But I won’t feel really relaxed about it until this woman is in jail. Which could be a year from now.

    Happy was seeing DD. I’m in the airport on my way home from London.
    Didn’t get a ton of sightseeing done (due to dealing with and bad sleep over SDW) but did spend a lot of time hanging out with DD which was the point and which made her very happy; also with her parents in law which was lovely.

    A happy activity was seeing the musical Operation Mincemeat. It really was good. The music was merely serviceable. But the lyrics were great fun (the shy entomologist song starts something like “I wish I were a maggot”) , and it ranged from silly to satirical to deeply moving . And it emphasized how arrogant it was of these upperclass men to think they were the geniuses who would save the country and ignore the contribution of, among others, the women they were working with and the man whose body they used.

    Most impressively, the cast of five must have played 30 or 40 roles amongst them, and so were nearly all on stage the whole time and doing amazing quick changes —not only costume but also acting, managing to convey which character they were with changes in posture as much as their faces. No method acting here — no time to get into the roles— must have been pure technique. And they often acted a role of the opposite gender. A real ensemble tour de force.

    For those who are interested in reading the book (which I recommend) you may also like this bit about how after the musical was created fans dug up the history of the one character no one knew much about. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12820863/Operation-Mincemeat-West-End-musical-discovered-REAL-identity-heroine.html and they are now putting up a plaque to her in the theater.

    1. Happy to hear mom is starting to lean towards the safer side of all this mess. Keeping fingers crossed she’ll stick to the plan so at least a certain amount of peace can be restored. You’re doing amazing things pushing for change here. It must drain your enormously. Sending big, big, foldable pocket hugs!

          1. Thank you ! Yes it is exhausting. I wake up at night and can’t get back to sleep because of nightmare scenarios.

    2. Congratulations on getting mom to this point. Keeping my fingers crossed for the plan to go as hoped.

  11. My SIL makes me happy. I see her maybe 3-5 times per year, but every time, she makes me feel seen and loved. This family wasn’t the hugging kind before I barged in, but since a few years she hugs back and we exchange really, really good hugs. I should send her a card and/or a gift and tell her she’s amazing. She might need to hear it more often. I wish we could see each other and hang out more, but life. I’ve asked her if she wants to go horsebackriding with me this spring, and she really does, so hopefully we can change this not-seeing-each-other-more-often-trend.
    I’m happy for books that keep me sane and help me wind down when I need it.
    And my cats. Top-tier source of happy.

  12. Happiness is seeing the sun. We had two whole days of it here in a row! It helped. I knocked some things off my list that went completely ignored last week, which also feels good.

    And we have been doing yoga every other night. It’s wonderful to have an accountability partner because even though I know that doing it regularly will make my back feel so much better, I am still very good at talking myself out of it.

    1. Completely agree about the sun. January was such a bust with cloud cover throughout most of it that when the sun finally came out and stayed out, I didn’t realize that sunset had moved from 5 PM to 5:30 PM.

  13. I had two interviews (with the same company); it’s a seven month contract with the possibility of more work in the future – and it’s completely remote!

    I’m nervously confident.

    I need this job because I’m not in a position to retire, and the rent on my new house is really, really high. 🤞 they like me enough to hire me!

  14. My happy is Sunday was our daughter’s 30th birthday, and since our travel plans had hubby and I in Las Vegas, she came out to spend the weekend with us. She had a blast all weekend, and we were thrilled she actually wanted to spend time with us. She said repeatedly-this is the best birthday ever! My heart is filled with joy that she enjoys being with us. We get to see her fairly regularly, but it is gratifying to see she’s a very good person.

  15. In addition to the normal positives, I bought a new kitchen toy, an Oxo Good Grips Vegetable Chopper. This is the one with a grid, not the one with a rotating blade. I haven’t given it much of a trial yet. I tried it for an off-label use on cooked meat, and that did not work at all, but was never promised. It worked well on onion, but for half a large onion the amount of work in even rinsing the chopper might not have justified it. But my technique in disassembling it for rinsing or washing should improve with practice. It’s dishwasher safe, but I don’t run a load every day, and it takes up precious upper rack space, so some manual washing is probably in store. The next time I make a large batch of something there should be more chopping involved and its advantages may come through more.

  16. Happiness was dealing with a few things around the house that had been bugging me for ages. My wonderful handyman came and put an extension on the shelf my microwave sits on (a seemingly simple yet fiddly job). When I had to replace my ancient one last year, the new one was too large to fit in the space that had been built for the old one when I redid the kitchen 22 years ago. So I tried having the microwave on the counter, but really didn’t like it. So having the shelf back is great. Although of course I’ve now formed habits I have to train myself out of, since I keep turning to the wrong place.

    I have an expensive water filtration system for my house (crappy well water) and waited too long to realize I had to have the filter media replaced, so I got horrible rusty stains in the toilet. It bugged me every time I used it, but my usual baking soda cleaning technique couldn’t budge them, and I can’t use nasty chemicals because I’m sensitive. When the plumber replaced the toe kick heater under the sink (SO MUCH PLUMBER IN JANUARY), I pulled everything out and neatened the space, and in the process found a really old container of something called Bar Tender’s Friend, which claimed to get rust stains out of porcelain. It’s made from oxalic acid, which is pretty mild. And it worked! No more stains! This makes me ridiculously happy.

    Sometimes it’s the little things.

  17. I’m glad you’re OK, Jenny, and got lots of sleep.I kept checking yesterday, and was getting a little worried. You are a real night owl, at times!

    My happy is warmer weather and sun. That made all the difference in my mood.

  18. I am also happy to hear that you are okay, Jenny. We are spoiled to the point where when we don’t hear from you, we start imagining health or electronic emergencies. I’m glad that it was only my imagination that was in overdrive.

    My happy this week is that my sister and I have a date for an early dinner and then the opera tomorrow night. I got some gift cards from a medical study I was in that will pay for most of dinner and the opera got good reviews in last week’s paper.

    1. Me too! What aunt snack and Jan Kindwoman said — I’m just happy that Jenny hadn’t floated off the face of the earth — just had some really good sleep.

      But the (hope hope hope!) locking out of the SDW by Debbie’s caring family also makes me happy. What’s good for Jenny and other arghers is very good for all of us.

  19. What made me happy was Taylor Swift winning Album of the Year last night at the Grammies, a thumb-in-the-nose to all the MAGA nutcases who have been so ungenerously and insanely developing conspiracy theories around her relationship to Trevor Kelce and the subsequent impact on the NFL.

    1. Women dominated the awards this year! In just a few years, things have changed. It gives me hope.

  20. Happy was getting a big heavy-labor yard job done Saturday, depositing Miss Kitters O’Scruffian at Wag Hotel yesterday (and getting a cute status photo from them later), and driving through no rain to San Diego. The storm my get here later today or tomorrow. We need to go out to the grocery store to lay in supplies, then decide if we want to actually do anything else. We may do nothing!

  21. DH was playing deejay for me and pulled out a CD he’d made of various performers singing “Silver Threads and Golden Needles”–except he’d lost the list of who did which version. I reminded him about the Shazam app on his phone. Problem solved!

  22. Had an email on Friday from long-lost Cousin Charlie in Kansas, on his way home to New Mexico. He dropped out of touch more than ten years ago, so it was a lovely surprise. I like having relatives in foreign parts.

    I got some gardening done in the fine weather – restraining my exuberant jasmine a little, making a new veg bed, and planting shallots and garlic there.

      1. Oh, I know – I went there in 1990, as part of my two-month tour of the South-West. Did loads of photography. But there’s a lot more chance of Charlie and his wife coming here than of my going there.

  23. Jenny, Bed rest, Bed rest is important, if you have a sleep debt go lie down, everything else can wait and you’ll feel better. Family and food makes me happy, My foodie sister ordered sushi for us

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