Happiness is Work Shirking

I am really tired of having too much to do. No matter how much I accomplish, I turn around and there’s ten other things I should have been doing. Bob said nobody should write more than four or five hours a day, and I’m not sure I can even do that–brain hurts–but I’ve reached the point where I’ll give four or five hours to work and then I shirk. As in shirking work. I read (very good thing for writers to do.). I crochet (very relaxing, guaranteed to get my fingernails out of the ceiling). I cook (eat or die). And I do not think “I should be working.” I think, “I’m a work shirker, this is part of my job.” I kind of want a shirt that says “Work Shirker.” You know, a work shirker shirt.

Happiness is shirking back your life. What made you happy this week?