Exploiting You: Let’s Talk Newsletters

So Mollie and Bob think it’s time I started sending out newsletters again, and I’m okay with that as long as I’m not annoying people. And you all are the people I’d least like to annoy so . . .

What would you want to see in a newsletter from me? Let’s be Frank and Honest here (I think I just discovered a new business for Rocky Start: Frank and Honest Skidmeyer’s Dollar Store). This newsletter is for marketing. It is to get people to buy books, preferably ones with my name on them. The major goal is to take your money. So I should at least be giving you something back, right?

What I’m afraid of is being seen as pushy and annoying. (Another business? No.) So the next question is What would you NOT like to see in a newsletter from me?

I told Mollie we’d have to add some fun stuff to it even though we’d keep it very short. What kind of stuff would be Short, Fun, and Not Annoying?

Finally, I’m supposed to look at other author’s newsletters. (Mollie runs a tight ship full of research.) Are there any author newsletters you enjoy that I should look at?

And as always, I thank you for your Support and Feedback (definitely a gift and not a business).

This is a Good Book Thursday, February 1, 2024

And here it is February already. 2024 is just zipping in by. In my efforts to turn back time, I’ve now been rereading Heyer’s mysteries. She definitely gives the romances their short shrift so you have to fill in a lot of the blanks there, but the mysteries are solid. Well, the murder method in No Wind of Blame is extremely shaky, but the romance in that one in so good that I don’t care.

So what did you read in the first month of 2024?