Working Wednesday, January 31, 2024

And there goes January.
My work got kneecapped when I plunged my hand into my dishpan and impaled my right hand ring finger on a hidden knife. Bled like a stuck pig. Two days later, I still have four bandaids wrapped around the finger because it would not stop bleeding. It’s amazing how many things you do with the ring finger on your right hand. Like type. And crochet. But I am persevering. Just a lot slower than usual.

How did you work go in January, 2024?

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  1. Ouch! Do you need stitches?

    Still working on mom and getting SDW out. In theory she leaves today. Don’t believe that will happen. Unclear if mom believes the info we gave her yesterday showing this had to be abuse .
    Will update you all tomorrow.

    It’s really weird and if it weren’t so important would be fascinating intellectually to watch mom look for explanations of why this info is wrong and SDW is safe after reading DD thesis on cognitive dissonance .

    On a side note she apparently completely blames the police for taking away her license last March when we are the ones who persuaded them. I’m not going to point this out because it makes our lives easier but it’s another example of cognitive dissonance at work.

    1. It’s so hard to convince anyone who doesn’t want to be convinced. My Mom’s an old hippie/burnout & allowed her ex-roommate to move out with all of my mom’s expensive belongings because “it was too hard” to supervise what the renter was taking with her. And, sadly, the police can’t do anything because my mom can’t prove it belonged to her (although it’s obvious because Mom’s in her 80’s & renter was in her 20’s & renting). Some people are harder to help than others. Best of luck

        1. Nope but it will be possible to read her book when it comes out in 2025.

          And at this rate we may write a case study ….

    2. Like they say Denial is a river in Egypt, the thing is your mother is a strong woman, in the beginning she decided to believe SDW and now she is in so deep, she can’t back out without losing face, so she doubled down. The same with the drivers license, the loss of control, it is an indignity to her to be told what to do, you are her children and she is your mother, so she blames it on the police, because she doesn’t need them to help her out with her chores.

      1. So true. If the SDW hasn’t nearly killed her victim I could just let it go. If mom wasn’t a danger to others we would have let the license go. She does a lot of things that I think are poor judgement that we try to persuade her out of but don’t push. Taking hot heavy things out of the oven when she needs one hand to hold on things to balance would be an example —just a matter of time til she gets a bad burn.

      1. This was supposed to be a reply to Shass, about the dragon egg she posted a link for; I don’t know why it ended up here instead 🙄

      2. Thank you, Rouwan! <3 Good thing I can search with my screenreading software on my name so I happened to see your comment. 🙂

  2. Another week gone by. Had a cold. Got over it. Had a reading slump. Got over it. Got a new Home Moaner Issue – dead sump pump – I’ll get over it.

    I bought a packet of scallion seeds. I’ll plant them today. Two or three dozen. Eight weeks to harvest.

    1. I just had to replace my sump pump too, Gary. It died in the middle of my plumber doing the yearly clean-out of the hot water heater. Must be something in the water…

    2. Dead sump pump condolences. I hope you didn’t have six inches of water in the basement (AKA Owner’s Suite), that’s what happened to my basement (not-owner’s-suite.)

  3. Eek = Jenny! Take care of yourself, please.

    I’m roller-coastering from anxiety over trip planning, writing for group (I’m awful), and glad to see friends while being overwhelmed at doing too many things at once constantly.

  4. Ouch! Take care, Jenny. We need you here.

    I got derailed here too, but nothing so dramatic or exciting. Just winter blues, I guess. My goal this week was to start reading some of the paperbacks in my Tbr pile and decide of I could let them go for my blind dates with a book, which are still going strong. I have been carrying a likely candidate around, but haven’t managed to open it yet and it’s already half way through the week… I haven’t knocked any other projects off my list either.

  5. Oh no! The old forgotten knife at the bottom of the sink trick, I know it well. That and the glass that breaks while washing it for another injury. I’ve watched the chef knife that I placed in the dish pan flip over and turn so the blade is up. There is nothing worse than having your tools take advantage of you while doing a mindless chore. And did you go for stitches? Please take care.

    We had a roofer give us a quote on a new roof. Then called the insurance company and the claims adjuster brought a roofer with him got a quote from them. The figures align. Our roofer said he could start the new roof now, but my husband wants to wait till March when the weather is a bit warmer. Now I have to make sure to save every receipt in order to submit by the end of the project which has to be done within six months.

    I missed happiness Sunday because I had nothing to report until yesterday. It had snowed just a little, but I finally had a chance to wear my new boots. My favorite London Fog boots gave out after twenty years and I bought new ones. There just regulars snow boots but with this great feature. For getting in and out of they have a zipper on both sides and for someone who is pushing eighty it’s a real treat.

  6. Jenny, that kind of thing is SO annoying. “What grievous pain a little fault doth give thee!” Dante. I had a minor procedure on my arm to remove lumps (benign but unsightly) last week and it’s been itching like mad so I can slightly relate.

    Other than that, I did some career coaching with a friend this morning, to create her long term future. I don’t do much of that anymore and it was really fun to do.

    1. It is very tempting to impose on our friendship and you patience and ask for some career coaching myself.

      Is Sparkle doing well? I assume that no news is good news.

        1. You are a dear. I was mostly kidding, but I will give the book a look. I’m not sure if I am at a place where I can be helped yet, you know?

          I am feeling thwarted. I have been asking to shadow other departments for years, but there was never a good time to lose me on the front line. Then, as part of my interviewing, I got recommended for the Employee Development Program. I was excited and filled out my application a couple of weeks ago. Found out yesterday that my application is being delayed because we are switching systems this year and it is going to be too busy and I am too important to lose. I know it’s not personal, but I am frustrated.

          1. That’s really frustrating. I think I got stuck in a low-level job because I was too good at the donkey work. Finally moved to another firm, but never earned as much as I could have without that slow start. Do hope you can move forward soon.

          2. Thanks JaneB. That is definitely what I am worried about. I am hoping that something will open up in another department and I can move myself. I don’t really want to switch banks until I bump up another step at least. Starting at the bottom all over again is off-putting.

          3. Oh get out of there. Utter timewasters. There’s never going to be a good time for them to lose someone they can overwork and underpay. Just apply elsewhere and see what happens. At the very least, it’s ammunition for a raise where you are now.

        2. Lupe, it’s never a bad time to create your ‘vision’ for your future. Even if you don’t take action immediately, that vision and or future should worry away at you like a gentle nudge, reminding you of what you’re really committed to and when it’s time to take action…you will.

          1. I definitely concur with what Tammy said. And after all you don’t have to do anything with the insight & information you gain. But is amazing how we do use it once we have consolidated a vision of the future us, professional or personal. I have seen the positive impacts. In its own way it can powerful way to start becoming unstuck. But if you are dealing with SAD or similar it can be difficult to find the headspace for reimagining. Everything in its time & sometimes a change of season can be a time when this happens naturally. Also I think it is deplorable of your employer to hold you back from new opportunities within the organisation because you are so good at your current role.

  7. Holy shades of Anyone But You! Glad it wasn’t as bad as Nina’s cut, but sorry you are slowed down, which can be so frustrating. Please take good care.

  8. Jenny, I’m so sorry you are injured. Maybe, from now on, put the knives on the counter next to the sink and wash them separately? Eating leafy greens speeds healing. Feel better soon!

  9. I was hoping you were doing well, because I’m seeing you interacting in Facebook. I even made a comment there. But we all know your true home is here. 🙂

    Meanwhile, I spent the entire weekend trying to get the background of that quilt done. Of course I thought I could knock it out Saturday afternoon, but by the time it got dark, I was only halfway done. I think I spend a lot of time staring and thinking about things before I do it, which eats up the time. Anyway, I lashed myself to my sewing chair on Sunday afternoon and barely completed my quilting before it was totally dark outside. I’ve discovered it is very hard to quilt black thread on a black background, at least for me, because I can’t see where I’m going or where I’ve been. Yes, I have a task light next to the machine, and the machine has LED lights too – but I rely on the daylight coming in the window for an additional boost. Next time, I should choose a white background.

    Anyway, this morning I stitched the binding on the front side of the quilt and trimmed off the excess, so there it is in all it’s glory. I showed a picture to a friend who remarked that it looked “stark”. I hope not! At this point, I’ve got another big quilt to quilt, and my miniature, and then all of the bindings. I’m hopeful I’ll finish before I need to turn things in to the quilt show (although one of the things I was thinking as I stared at the black quilt was “maybe I don’t have to get that last big quilt done right now”.) We’ll see how I feel this weekend.

    1. I surprised you can see anything after all of that black on black quilting. Please take care of your eyes!

    2. Many years ago (I was only thirty) I bought a great deal of black cotton yarn, intending to crochet a dress. By the time I had worked up some swatches for the gauge, I decided I couldn’t do it, and returned almost all the yarn. My eyes salute you.

  10. Ouch! I hope your finger heals quickly.

    I got the cast off yesterday and now that I have a removable brace, I was able to take my first shower in 3 weeks. Sink baths are all well and good but there’s nothing like a shower to get that all over clean feeling.

  11. I have been able to get out and walk for three days in a row! The snow is gone, and the roads are clear. I am now 2 pounds lighter, too! Yay!

    I also started another box of books to sell. It’s going slower, since a lot of the eligible books have already been weeded out.

    I picked up all the twigs that fell into my yard from the two huge Sycamores next door. A plague upon you, sycamores!

  12. I have a couple of editing assignments, which is good. Thank God it’s the last day of January. I’ve decided that it’s silly to ask too much of one’s self in January.

  13. Adding my Oh No! to the chorus. I have done something similar. It’s because fingers are so darned mobile that they bleed a lot so it can be helpful to keep it immobile for a day or so until healing starts.

    I am having a working week. Someone is coming this weekend to haul away furniture (old, shabby, and broken down) from my basement so I have been decluttering and re-homing things that used to reside in said furnishings. I also have my favorite contractor coming by sometime in the next week to help me flesh out ideas for the space which I want to turn into a proper crafting room. I was inspired by a sale on an adjustable height sewing table sponsored by a local fabric store. It’s something I have wanted for a long time. Making space for the table is forcing me to be more productive this week than I might have been otherwise.

  14. I moved – less than 5 miles away – on January 12. I had movers move all of my furniture, but I’ve been moving the boxes myself and trying to get my old house ready to put on the market. I’m really tired, but also please with the amount of physical labor that I have been able to do in the past month. I’ve only read 1/2 of a book this month! I think that is some kind of record for me. Typically, I would read that same book in an evening or two.

    At the seller’s request, we closed very quickly – just 5 weeks with Christmas in the middle. I found pretty quickly that the stress of moving made it really hard for me to make decisions about what to keep, so I have just been moving everything over instead of sorting and decluttering while packing. I have made a commitment to myself to not do any decorating at the new house until I have unpacked and sorted every single box. I’m actually excited about doing it, even though it is somewhat overwhelming. I have lived surrounded by clutter for years and the thought of having a new space that is not covered with a foot of junk on every flat surface and closets and spare rooms filled to overflowing makes me really happy. There is a neighborhood garage sale in my new area in late May, so I have a realistic deadline. I think.

    Also, I love my new house.

    1. Deadlines are great and I think that all the decisions that have to be made make it very hard to sort things clearly. Kudos to you for waiting to see what the new space needs.

    2. Congrats to a new living-space that makes you happy, and a restart that’s less cluttered than before!

    3. We moved out of our house in 2012 and back in to the rebuilt one 18 m later and I could not believe how much stuff we moved that should have been thrown out because we had thrown so much out when we moved . It was like Terry Pratchett’s theory about paper clips — I think the stuff spontaneously appeared.
      We threw out a lot when we moved back in and still my goal is to go through the many many storage shelves in the basement.

  15. The only thing I remember from Home Ec classes (do they even give such things anymore?) was our teacher absolutely losing her sh*t when one of the students put a sharp knife into the soapy water in the dishpan. The teacher then explained exactly why this was a bad idea, since you wouldn’t be able to see the knife when you put your hand in. It’s stuck with me to this day, and I don’t even put them in the empty sink. Because of the cats, I tend to wash them as soon as I’m done with them and put them in the drainer, point down. I hope your cut heals up soon. Fingers are the worst.

    I’ve been working on getting the novel ready to go out into the world, and it is finally out on submission. Now I’m working on not thinking about it, since that way lies madness. (Especially considering how long the whole process takes.)

    Today is my only day this week without at least one appointment on it, so I am going to be working on some much needed house straightening (seriously, who puts all this crap on my tables and counters?), putting together a tarot proposal for Llewellyn, starting some fairly extensive revisions for my last Llewellyn book, and making myself do at least some of the PT exercises for my shoulder, even though they hurt.

  16. The knife incident brought back memories of the time when I put a nice slice into my finger while slicing crusty bread. I had a trip impending too, but fortunately the finger had healed enough without outside medical aid (I did disinfect it immediately) by trip time that it was not much of a problem. I’m more careful when slicing these days!

    Late last week I did a home covid test (negative), which reminded me that the extension on the validity of my government supplied tests was soon to run out (unless there’s a last minute further extension, for which I’ll check). I ordered more and just got a notice that they should arrive today (quick action). Unfortunately, when I ordered, the site had a notice that any tests supplied might be already past the printed Use By date, but were validly extended. So we’ll see how many of the arriving batch get used before they too must be tossed. But perhaps I’ll get lucky and receive fresh ones. We’ll see. (The virus that caused me to test seems to be going away, slowly. I’m getting more done.)

    1. The covid tests have about 3 months left on the original expiration term, plus a 6 month extension. At a minimum that’s a useful span, and if any are left I’ll check for any further extension when the time comes.

  17. Yikes, Jenny! This reinforces my water-wasting method of one item at a time, rinsed as I go, and directly into the dishrack. I can’t remember the last time I submerged dirty dishes.

    Working this week: well, there was a lot of yardkeeping, such that the front is now in good order to be neglected for a couple of weeks, though seeing as our forecast for next week is All Rain, it’ll be a weedfest again by March if not mid-February.

    Also quite a bit of writer business and general organization. I have one more completed work to assemble and submit to my publisher, then a novelette to write, and the novel-in-progress. Plus a self-release of one of the stories that was anthologized last year (it’s non-exclusive, so I can put it out separately), once my designer gives me a cover and I reformat the text. Why put that here? It’s a to-do, not an accomplishment! But at least I did source a handful of potential cover images for her to work with and send her the Drive link.

    Aside from that, I’ve been housekeeping at Day Job, prepping for next week’s vacation.

  18. I’ve been busy being sick. Starting to feel better.

    Right before every nasty thing that was in the recent windstorm landed in my sinuses and set up shop, I had purchased a 5$ workbook designed to help me turn my novel vibes into a plot. I started working it today. Not far enough along to know if it’s gonna produce results but I’m enjoying the process so far.

    One thing has come clear- the overall book vibe is summed up in these lyrics: “If there’s a lesson to be learned I want to get my jamming words out first.” From the song- Sweet About Me- by Gabriella Cilmi.

    (I love the song and her voice. It’s on YouTube.)

  19. Oh my. Hope your finger feels better soon.

    I have also been derailed some by a tooth issue over the past week. Very grateful I have a caring dentist to deal with it, but it put a crimp in my writing productivity so I feel you on that point.

    Here’s hoping for a calmer week ahead:)

  20. I’ve been slowing down and trying to relax, having realized all the headaches I was getting was me being wound up about all the things I’m not getting done – none of which are in fact vital. I did manage to come up with a plan for the allotment for the next few years at least, which is a great relief. I’ve also done my seed order, and am just organizing my seeds by order of sowing, starting some time next month.

    I’ve also bought a new external hard drive, so I can keep a backup of my tens of thousands of photos before I start my radical edit of them. I thought this would help me be more ruthless – knowing I could retrieve a reject if I wanted, even though I know I probably won’t.

    Hoping for a couple of gardening days now, so I can make my new veg beds and mulch them while it’s mild.

  21. I hope the finger wound is starting to knit and has stopped bleeding, Jenny. I’m not sure if the following is relevant for a cut as severe as yours sounds, and its exact location is also an issue, but I’ve found that once the bleeding stops, brush-on liquid bandage often protects a finger wound better than band-aids because it stays on better in places with a lot of flexing. (Better, but not perfectly, since it wears off pretty quickly, especially with hand-washing.)

    All this talk of accidental cuts reminds me of my early conditioning from my mother. Back in the olden days of lower tech, it apparently was common not to cut the top completely off a can, and instead to leave a bit on and just pry up the can lid while leaving it attached at one spot. (I suppose that this gave you one less object to dispose of and reduced the chance that the outside of the lid would contaminate the contents.) Reportedly, when I was too young to remember, my mother cut her wrist on a lid because of having done this and had to go to the emergency room (or whatever they called it in 1950 or so) to get the bleeding stopped and get sewn up. The result was that I got instructed from tenderest years never EVER to open a can this way, and instead to take the lid entirely off. Which I have obeyed ever since, even when using the low tech kind of opener on a pocket knife. It does make it a good idea to rinse off the lid before opening, in case it sinks below the surface of the contents.

    1. The only time I ever left the lid attached to the can was when I was a Boy Scout, using the can as a pot to cook the contents. My go-to can opener these days is one of those side-cutters, though I do own a traditional opener and a couple P-38/”John Wayne” folding openers. I have a pocketknife such as you describe but have never used it for that.

      Jenny, get well and stay that way.

      1. My electric opener is on its last legs. If it goes, or gets unreliable, I’ll probably move to a side opener, since those look intriguing. For a long time I resisted going to an electric, but I’ve found that for some reason they last much longer than manual ones. (Or used to; I haven’t bought one of either sort in over at least a decade.)

        I cooked in Boy Scouts, but think I always used the smallish pots and pans in my official Scout mess kit. (Which I still have, at least in part, and occasionally use in the kitchen when I need an extra pan.) I do vaguely recall participating in making joint dishes that must have required larger pots, presumably s owned by the troop or on one occasion a Scout camp.

  22. OUCH, Jenny! I got a full-body sympathy pain-stab just from reading it. My fingers are my eyes, so I can definitely imagine how frustrating it is to not be able to use it, albeit in a different way. Get well soon! Take good care of your hands!
    As mentioned Sunday: I finished the dragon-egg!
    Thanks again to everyone who dropped a like and/or a comment! <3 I'm trying to figure out whether to make another one and if yes, what colour(s).
    Went to choir again yesterday, and even though I still don't get a WOW-feeling from it, it felt better than last time. I'm thinking I'll sign up for the coming month and see how I feel at the end of February. If I'm still not convinced or looking forward every week to next week's session, I should probably look further, since the monthly fee is nuts.
    I'm growing (or uh, shrinking?) out of my clothes on the minus-side, and SHOULD work on 1. getting more calories in (Can't! 🙁 ) and 2. buy new clothes. I don't like clothes-shopping. 🙁 Send help!
    Increasingly stressed and distressed by person in semi-close proximity whom I don't feel is trustworthy. I'm constantly searching for signs that'll disprove the feeling, but I can't seem to shake it. I can't cut the ties with this person because they are not tied to me, but they have a big impact on my life regardless. Feeling utterly powerless and at a loss as to what to do. Need evidence or counter-evidence so I can find peace of mind, but do not know how to make this person show their true colours. Any advice?*

    * Yes, I do realize it's all very vague, but the internet is a huge and scary place where things…stay.

    1. Hard to say about your situation, but I am a believer in trusting your gut. The other thing I would say is document things that raise orange flags for you. A list of occurrences is a lot more compelling as incidents, especially if you note dates and times, etc. And if your fears are put to rest, no harm done. No one has to see the notes.

      1. I will try to do this. Thank you so much. I am also a big believer in gut-feeling generally speaking, only I second-guess myself so much thanks to too many people telling me “it’s only in my head” through the years that I’m scared of trusting my gut. Figures that their words, although disproven, have more sway over me than my own gut, which has proven itself several times. Argh. 🙁
        Anyway, will start taking notes! <3

    2. That egg is amazing! I completely failed to imagine it well enough. I don’t know what color the dragon should be, but it is sure to be a glorious hatching!

      I’m with Lupe on trusting your gut. Mine has rarely been wrong.

      1. Thank you so much, Mary Anne! JaneB said something similar over on Instagram on the imagining it. Fair is fair though: None of you had any idea what I was working with colourwise. 🙂 I’m so happy people like it!
        I don’t think I’ve had a faulty gut-feeling so far either, but I will doubt it and not listen to it until it’s already too late. 🙁 But, Appreciate the advice very, very much! I really need to start trusting it. Then again, what if I’m wrong THIS time? 🙁 I am not sure what I can do about this situation, since this the one this person is tied to won’t hear any of my concerns. :/ But, I will start taking notes!

    3. Your egg is amazing and reflects all the love and care you put into it.

      As for your uncomfortable situation, I strongly agree with Lupe (see below). It is very important to trust your gut, but if you need to convince anyone else, documentation will make it much easier and faster to convince them.

      1. Thank you, Aunt Snack! <3 I am happy I finished it.
        Gut-feeling and documentation is a theme. Let's get to it. Thanks for the advice!

    4. Wow Shass, that’s a great dragons egg be proud. Next colour I vote for a mix of colours to make it look like flames. Oh dear, do tell the doctor if you lose too much weight. As for clothes, I hate clothes shopping too, so I go places where they just stack the sizes in different colours, then you just hold up the clothes against you or pull one on. After you find the right size, you can just grab everything in that size, job done. I can get my clothes shopping done in one Saturday morning. If you are worried about someone and it is bothering you, talk to people you trust about this, not who they are tied to obviously or anyone who knows them, but someone who will have your back. Everyone has a gut instinct and we have it for a reason. You may need to break down why you don’t trust them and then work on setting boundaries

      1. Thank you lots, Kay! I think these mosaics win on having these shifting colours, so they change depending on how the light falls on them if I’m not mistaken.
        I *did* buy glass-mosaics a while ago that was called just “red”, but turned out to be a mix of red, yellow and orange shades. Perhaps I should give those a go re: flames! 🙂
        Smart way of clothes-shopping indeed. I think my current frustration is that I don’t want to “just wear whatever” anymore either. I’ve done that for so many years now, I want to wear stuff that is… Me? If that makes sense.
        Documenting will happen. At least I will try. Thanks for the support and advice <3 Boundaries…trying that one as well, but also trying to keep the peace, so ugh. UGH.

    5. Somehow I missed the link to the egg, or it showed up later? Anyway, it’s gorgeous, and well done!! What a wonderful work of art!

      1. Thank you so much, Jan! I did not post a link on Sunday because it was Sunday and not Wednesday, hence why link didn’t arrive until this post. 🙂

    6. I agree document it. Maybe also some discrete sleuthing ? For example w SDW she told mom she was working at a sandwich shop so my sister called up the two local branches and they didn’t know of her.

      1. I am SO happy you also threw your voice into it, because you have to go up against people whom are (possibly) much fishier than this one, so you certainly have experience of…stuff. Not sure how I could do sleuthing in this case, but I will give it some thought. I figure there should be threads to pull and tug at, if I can only find them.
        I will start on the advice from above and document things that don’t feel right or things I can really prove and see if that helps/takes me anywhere. Will see if I can enlist allies for research/sleuthing somehow too. Thank you lots, Debbie!

  23. Nope, I got nuthin’.

    Missing more yoga than most, am about 3 days behind, 65 but two went to Tai Chi and one went to Sunday’s friend-y activities which were in extreme heat.

    Hope you feel better, digitally speaking. Heh.

  24. I just finished my contribution to a dinner at my friend’s: a chocolate and almond flour cake (6 ingredients- great recipe) to be served with caramel whipped cream, which is also completed. I will accompany it with small glasses of port. Now I will sit down and put my feet up until I need to get ready.

    1. Capri cake? One of my favs and so easy but it’s really rich and DH can’t eat chocolate so I don’t make it often.

  25. Hope you’re healing, Jenny – and everyone else who’s ailing.
    I am finally nearing the end of an overwhelming project, and it’s about time: the other night I dreamed the client was turning my copy into soup recipes.

  26. I have the BEST tenants! (Said in the same tone as Murderbot saying it has the best clients.) Today’s big non-writing project was dragging the trash out to the curb, and I only got it as far as outside my back door before I had to leave for errands, and I got home to find my tenants had taken it to the curb for me. Just the best tenants.

    Beyond that, I’m getting a lot of fiction written/edited/brainstormed, both the stuff that has deadlines and not just one but two fun side projects. It’s just everything else (housework, taking out trash, etc.) that doesn’t seem to be getting done. I think it’s at least partly because we haven’t had a sunny day pretty much all of January, and the lack of sunlight is sapping my energy/motivation. I don’t get SAD generally, despite living in New England, but it’s been a REALLY gray, low-sunshine January this year.

    1. The lack of sunlight doesn’t sap my energy, but it makes it impossible to see whether I’m getting things clean.

  27. Oh! And it’s time for Daily February. I think my theme this year is A Cup of Art – doing an index-card-size drawing/painting/collage of a cup or mug every day. As Lee had laid out:
    – Low bar to entry
    – Measurable
    – Quantity over quality

    1. I have a stack of index cards. So, I will participate this February by writing and drawing something.

  28. There’s just nothing like involuntary vacation. I hope you find something you wanted to read or watch. I went to two screenings this week. One of them was American fiction, which I strongly recommend for any writer. What a wonderful film. And the second one was red, white and Royal Blue. I love the book and I thought they get a great job with the movie. They had to cut a couple a couple of characters. I’ve given that I submitted a book to an agent did somebody’s taxes I’m supposed to be working on somebody else’s and taking the IRA test did a couple of auditions and babysitting and a few other things I’m really tired. but I’m still feeling very grateful for my life and for the fun I’m having.

  29. YIKES! Those ding dang knives hiding in the soap suds… they’re always up to no good! I’m glad it wasn’t worse! Take care…

  30. Bob Mayer is currently writing a new survival guide (exclusively for you) related to hidden knives

    1. Bob once told me he’d cut himself on every knife he’d ever owned. I do not think he was talking about kitchen knives, but still.

      1. Swiss knives are design to harm the owner sooner or later. With so many tools/functions available at once, the probability of having the blade snapping shut with a finger in the way is very high.

  31. I was working on my Food Stamp and Free Ride Permit applications and decided that I would take them around the block to the state senator’s office and have them fax everything into the appropriate place at the State capitol. By the time I finished it was after 4pm and I didn’t think there would be anyone there to receive my faxes. I called the number on the forms and wa offices told that I should just take pictures of every thing on my smartphone, including my State ID. It used to be that I could take my forms and ID into the downtown RTA office and they would see that it all got to the appropriate places, but now they’ve closed at least one of the offices in question and I’ll have to try again tomorrow. I do not want to mail anything to Springfield because then there will be no record of what I sent and when I sent it.

    I should really wait until Sunday to post about this, but I’m afraid I’ll forget. The last time I went to see my sister, she gave me an adorable mug. It is made by knitbaahpurl and is called scholasrsheep. It features a sheep sitting at a table in a library. There are baskets of yarn on top of the book cases and next to the sheep’s feet. And the sheep, wearing glasses, is reading a book called “How to Knit”. It is adorable, even for those of us who do not knit.

    1. What a great mug! I love how you describe how it looks. Hope it is nice to drink out of!
      I stopped using “fancy” mugs since Sven has already crashed two of my favourite ones (and one I bought for him), but heck, I deserve great mugs. I don’t care that I can’t see the print. I know it’s there.

  32. I hope your finger is better soon. I’m doing lots of volunteering and cardmaking. Also nursing my sourdough starter back to full strength, as recent loaves were more curling rock than bread.

  33. I applied for 14 jobs so far at the state, dredged through reading a few hundred listings this week, all of which are dreary and I’m just trying to figure out what I might be able to barely stomach. I hate “excellent customer service” and “fast paced” and RTO and well, everything. But I finished…and now I have to read through 30+ job spams they sent me too.

    I had my reassignment meeting at work, which the two I met with sounded quite optimistic about that I’d find another job within the next 3 months. There were six jobs at my level this week, four of which were financial and I can’t do ’em, one was an imaginary placeholder, and one was what looked like an awesome job, but is at an absolutely shitty department that I’m told is still shitty AND layoff-prone. Waaaah.

    My friend just said, “That sounds like more work than work.” Amen to that. Especially when you have to download 200+ PDF’s individually to find out how awful the jobs are.

    1. Jennifer, you are doing a great job of tackling this difficult time! Do not settle for something you can barely stomach, please. Or a really shitty department. I feel sure your perfect job is waiting for you. Keep at it.

  34. Ooh! Sorry about the cut. Hope it heals quickly.

    Nothing much happened this week. It’s just been really gray and rainy. I’m ready for longer days.

  35. Oh ouch!
    I had a stone roll out from under me on a trail and managed to jam my entire hand down on a dry gorse bush driving a lot prickles deep in my hand, not an experience I would recommend…

  36. Yikes! I hope it heals soon.

    I have been reading Dorothy Sayers, plus read the latest JD Robb (which gave me icky depressed feelings) and the latest Michelle Diener book “Enthraller,” which I enjoyed. The last one is sci-fi

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