The State of the Collaboration

This was a discussion this afternoon:

Okay, look, I don’t have my office set up yet, so this is how I work. Once my office is set up at one end of the living room, I can write on the couch there, but until then, my commute is pretty good. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check to make sure that Veronica is still breathing. She’s seventeen so I keep a good watch. Then I reach for my laptop and go on the internet. This works for me. Here’s my temporary office:

Bob can sneer, but I’m very comfortable.

12 thoughts on “The State of the Collaboration

  1. It’s pouring rain here with major wind gusts, perfect for going back to bed. So that’s what I did after having crockpot oatmeal for breakfast. I napped, listened to an audiobook while knitting (got this great reading light for Christmas that sits around my neck) napped some more, read a bit on a book I’m uncertain about. Then I got up and reheated the spaghetti sauce for supper. I might do more knitting before heading back to bed, but really the sound of rain makes my eyelids very heavy.

    1. Rain can make me sleepy too, especially when in a warm bed with a purring cat nearby.
      On the other hand watching a funny movie (Sextette) makes me laugh. Mae West was one of the stars, she also wrote the play that the screenplay was based on. There were many stars in the movie, including a young Timothy Dalton (must have had a good agent to have 2nd billing in the credits). Watching a good looking man with loads of charm and a really good voice can raise my temperature quite a bit! (I am well past having hot flashes.) Taf

    2. I also got an around-the-neck reading light for Christmas and I love it. I actually got it a an author holiday party. We had a white elephant gift exchange and I “stole” it from someone. And I would do it again.😊

  2. I can’t sit on beds or most couches or chairs for more than a few minutes. Hurts my back.

  3. I’m generally not very good at sitting down for long stretches of time. I blame my job, because we just don’t have the time to sit down on shift except on our breaks. I’m pretty good at lying down though, and my cats appreciate that as a life skill. So my couch is actually a king single daybed that pulls out to a full size king bed, where we can all form a cuddle puddle when we need one.

    1. I only have the one cat, so I can’t do a full-on cuddle puddle, but I love that phrase of yours. When we had a lot of German Shepherd puppies, a cuddle puddle described what they looked like while they were small. (When we walked home from school decades ago, they raised a small dust cloud on the unpaved roads we had.)
      The last litter was 11 puppies, so we had to supplement the Mom dog Vicki by bottle feeding puppy formula. The puppies were small enough to be held in one hand or two for only a few weeks. After that they were lap dogs if they cuddled up while we were outside. They were too big and active to be house dogs. The Dad dog was named Lobo because he looked like a huge wolf. Lobo found us as a fully grown dog when we lived in an old house on an 8 acre parcel about a mile from old Hwy 71 (between Corona and Elsinore). Taf

  4. I am part in the office, part WFH. When WFH, I usually work at the table in the dining room, but we recently got the spare bedroom repainted, and a new desk put in. I got an external monitor from work, and might try to set it up in the spare room, so that I can use it when needed, and the big table when not.

    1. I started in the dining room at the table when WFH first became required. After the first year, I plotted a move into the spare bedroom. My mom, one of the only people who used the spare bedroom and then only once or twice a year for 2 nights, wasn’t happy with me. But on one of her visits, we went shopping and found a futon that could be laid flat and or folded up into a couch. She tried it out and for $30 we got a nice option for her to use when she visits. I too sometimes work from there. I also got myself a desk and bookcase from an estate sale for $100 for both. I love having a room for my office! It works really nice for Zoom/Teams calls.

  5. WFH is good, but WFB is better! I support this productivity hack. And indulge in it every chance I get.

  6. I don’t work from bed, but I definitely read in bed (a lot). Running the heat is like burning money so at a certain point after DH goes to his mancave, I retire under the blankets instead of keeping the space heater on in the den. This is only possible because we live in South LA and while it may get down to the low 40s overnight sometimes in winter, it usually doesn’t get below 55 degrees inside (even with the heat off).

  7. I do my entire job from my couch, with occasional forays into my dining room when I need my monitor for ‘official’ zoom calls. My office has been taken over by a teenager now since I wasn’t using it.

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