Happiness is Slowing Down

My life has been so hectic for so long–clearing out an old house (Mollie did a lot of the work there), packing, moving, unpacking (still in progress) while writing two books (third coming up), trying to get all the technical/legal relocation stuff done (still not done), working on promotion, covers, rewrites and more–that I decided this last week to just slow the hell down. My to-do list is never ending, so there’s no point in worrying about getting to the end, now I just knock something off it every day and congratulate myself for the progress I’ve made, not depress myself with the progress I didn’t. I highly recommend this approach.

What made you happy this week?

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  1. I absolutely agree with you, Jenny. This way of dealing with too many things to do at once was once described to me as the Swiss cheese method: one hold at a time.

    First — Thank you, Jane! — Yesterday I zoomed the Mortimer Society’s program on Medieval Welsh Women at work — fantastic. You know, women impress me — they build castles, bring up kids, make the cord for weapons, and show up on coroners’ reports when they’ve been injured or killed on the job. Actually, both women and men impress me. Time for more workers’ rights and higher pay!

    I also attended a town meeting on flood mitigation yesterday. Another thrill, seriously. I live in one of the small, unnoticed towns in western Massachusetts — it’s hard to get funding for the environmental problems we’re experiencing, but folks are pushing for it.

    Thought I was exhausted after all that, but one of my favorite folk singers, Sally Rogers, sent out a zoom link last minute for a benefit concert last night. Great listening.

    1. Thanks for the reminder. I went to high school with Sally Rogers. I’ll have to see if any of her old albums survived my many moves.

  2. I’ve started downsizing our belongings and packing up things we don’t actively use every day, in preparation to our move in August.

    It may seem early days, but there’s so much to be done and time flies. It makes me happy to be starting now and not feeling frantic and stressed.

    1. These things take longer than one expects! Or else they get done with lots of cut corners. You’re wise to start this far in advance and I wouldn’t be surprised if you find you aren’t finished much in advance of moving day.

  3. Mom is starting to have doubts about SDW and we are trying to schedule a family intervention for Tuesday.
    Still many many pieces to this puzzle and many things could go wrong including mom not believing us, or mom getting hurt because SDW attacks her when told to leave (we have plans for this but could go wrong ) or having to get mom out of her house and leave SDW in it until we can get a legal dont trespass order and that could be days .

    But at least some progress.

    In England about to visit the John Soane museum with DD and partner

    1. Not sure I told you all—the lawyer I consulted got the statement of facts in the felony case. Her victim had 28 broken bones —19 ribs and 9 on his face. Not cracked, broken and some seriously displaced . Also I learned from a police detective off the record she was trying to force him to sign over things he owned —they found written drafts —they wouldn’t have worked legally but she didn’t know that.
      So at least we know the motive .

      1. I’m glad your mom is starting to doubt. Here’s to a safe and speedy resolution and kudos to you for all the hard work you are doing.

      2. That woman is a real threat. I hope mom continues to see the light, where she is concerned. I also hope you can keep your mom safe. Scary stuff.

    2. So in awe of your power of persistance and resilience and just general amazingness. This must take a lot of energy and cause a lot of stress and anxiety. I’m happy too that your mother seems to be turning towards an easier to work with mindset, and hope things will be resolved very soon. It’s quite a scary situation! Sending you lots of strength and hugs and timed pocket-courage.

  4. Happiness is adventure. My hubby needed plumbing supplies yesterday, so we drove about an hour to Home Depot, which he likes much better than Lowe’s. I got my seeds for the year and he got most of what he wanted.

    Then we had lunch at a truly fabulous Indian restaurant, investigated the local library, a small bakery and three thrift stores. This winter has hit us both extra hard. It’s been pretty bleak. So it was really nice to get out and see something new.

      1. It’s still up in the air. I am trying to accustom myself to the idea, but I am still sad about it. I mean, it’s moot at the moment. He hasn’t applied yet.

  5. Snuggling almost my bonus grandbabies, 4 month old twins – a boy & girl. Although I’ve miss my husband since I’ve been away for 15 days. My rescue pup has been missing me. Younger son sent me a picture of the pup carrying one of my slippers around the house. The other slipper is in pup’s bed. Going home today. I will miss those grandbabies.

  6. I’m glad you are taking a new approach, Jenny. I like lists since I can see what has been done since I get easily overwhelmed and don’t always see the progress I’ve made.

    I am still sorting through 30-plus years of hoarding (mine), plus the contents of my MIL’s home (60 years in the same home). It’s been overwhelming but my happy is that I’m finally seeing my way through and we should have a functional basement and garage by summer!

    My other good news isi had a great interview for a job I think I would be great at, and the boss seems like a good guy. I’d be running a decent size agriculture fertilizer dealership so lots of challenges and opportunities there. Wish me luck!

    1. Good luck Lisa! I hope you get the job and keep making progress on sorting in your house. I need to do a major sort in the house here, yikes! Taf

  7. My new red glasses with monovision lenses came this week, and they work great! I can read, and also keep track of the endless commercials on the TV, so I know when to unmute. They are a better shape for my face, and the red cheers me up every time I put them on.

    The snow has mostly melted, and today it may be above a freezing wind chill so I can walk. I have really missed walking. This has been a bad, bad winter, here. This Kansas is no longer the one where “the skies are not cloudy all day.” They have been cloudy for multiple days; weeks, even. It makes my SAD more intense. Water and heat problems aside, Arizona is looking very good, right now.

      1. Lupe, I’ve been listening to Just One Thing on BBC Sounds podcasts. They are only 15 minutes each, there is an episode on Vitamin D you might find interesting.

  8. With my employer in CA for an extended period of time, I am working less hours and so have time to help my sister with projects, help more at the non-profit where an employee we thought well of has ditched us (first basically taking leave and then not coming back and not communicating) and doing a few of my own projects. I know if I try to do all the things I tend to do none, so I am going for the ones like taking everything out of the cupboard where I store extra jars, cat food, soda etc, deciding which containers I really want and recycling/trashing the rest. I now know what I have and can find it. Next up is putting baking things I seldom use in small boxes by type, which should help that cupboard a lot.
    And yes, congratulating myself on my accomplishments is really a good practice.

    1. Let’s face it. We are the only ones who see all the steps involved in whatever we do. Therefore, we are also the ones best placed to monitor our progress. So patting ourselves on the back for all the steps we’ve taken is an excellent and necessary way to keep up the momentum.

    2. As the recipient of your help with projects, I am profoundly grateful! You do indeed simplify my life, in the best possible way.

  9. I finished my March 2021 virtual cardmaking workshop – 20 cards total. The classes are available on YouTube and the instruction book is easy to follow. My cardmaking skills have improved since then which made it easier for me to complete some of the more complicated cards. Our contractor came up with a plan for my craft cave so soon I’ll have a functional craft space.

    I was delighted to discover that I could download Kindle onto my iPhone and I spent a delightful hour reading through Good Book Thursday recommendations. Between Kindle, Kobo and my public library, I have lots of hours of reading ahead.

    FT call with my BFF always makes me happy.

  10. Jenny, I feel your pain. This week what made me happy is that I have finally finished dispositioning the contents of the condo owned by my friend who passed away two summers ago. I discovered he was not a hoarder, but he was a stockpiler: over 50 boxes of Kleenex, 10 pairs of snow pants, 10 large bottles of mouthwash, an extra freezer with 100 handmade meals, you get the picture. And he had many lovely, personal and curated things from his travels to over 150 countries. So very little of his stuff could be thrown out, or it would’ve been a shame. We all took things ourselves, give things away to people we thought would appreciate it, donated things, my teenage neighbour sold his collection of comic books, etc. And it’s finally all done. It has definitely inspired me to do Swedish death cleaning since I don’t ever want to die and leave all my stuff like my fourth year essay on William Faulkner‘s The Sound and The Fury for my husband to have to deal with.

  11. When I was still working, I once remarked that I could do my job and do housework or do my job and pursue hobby activities, but it seemed I couldn’t manage both at the same time. Often the housework suffered; sometimes the hobbies did. Now that I’ve been retired for quite a while, the triad seems to be immediate housework (cooking, cleaning, mending), long-term chores (sorting through and disposing of stuff, seeing to minor non-urgent repairs, some kinds of paperwork, etc.), and hobbies. It’s still a juggling act that I don’t always manage well. But I do try to keep a balance and avoid burnout.

    1. It warms my heart to see you include mending. The time my coworker was going to Throw Away his scrub pants because the pocket tore! I browbeat him into bringing them back the next day and it took me less than five minutes to mend them! And all the chairs I have rescued from the side of the street and repaired and given away.

      1. As far as sewing goes, my skill for mending anything respectable is pretty much limited to resewing seams, doing buttons, fixing cuffs. and such. But after retirement I have a lot of clothes I just wear around the house and some of those now sport things like large patches and a ragged repair of a long tear. I even managed a pocket transplant from worn-out pants to a cardigan sweater whose original pockets were entirely gone. I had an incentive in that I mostly have to order away for big/tall sizes. I generally can’t just run in and pick something up in a store. (That’s gotten a little better than it used to be.)

  12. I’m not UNhappy but I am sick miserable. I have severe sinusitis. My throat hurts, my ears hurt. I have to move cough drops, tissues and fluid with me everywhere I go. I’m only going inside the house.
    I work remotely from home and a very important software system has developed a glitch. There’s a work around but it’s a pain.
    The sinusitis has been going on since Thursday and meant canceling a zoom birthday party I was looking forward to.
    Sorry to be a downer.

    1. Hugs and lots of sympathy. When I was getting sinusitis regularly, I found that leaning over a bowl of very hot water with a towel over my head to keep the steam in provided some temporary relief. I hope you quickly get to the point where you no longer need it.

  13. January has been horribly hectic for me, so I feel you, Jenny. I thought things were finally going to slow down (mostly appointments for me and vet visits for the cat) but now I’ve got PT for my shoulder twice a week, and my February isn’t looking any less hectic. Usually the winter is my quiet time to regroup, and it just isn’t happening.

    I am happy that I got my agent the polished partial for my novel, plus she liked my synopsis, and between the two of us we came up with a pitch that works, so in theory, the novel will be going out on submission on Monday. I’ve been working on it since November 2022, so I’m really happy to have it out in the world. You know, unless no one wants it. I’ll happily take vibes that editors fall in love with it and someone actually buys it.

    1. Vibes because my future happy would be reading something of yours. Argh, I keep forgetting to look up your tarot deck because I feel like I need one and who better than a friend I know from here?!

        1. I adore these cards, I only kept two decks and this was one of them. The book is super helpful and insightful too. Many thanks for creating these Deborah

  14. Getting hugs from the kids, spending quality time with them made me happy: taking part in Sunday’s protest march with ds, watching Percy Jackson with dd, cuddling with all of the family.
    Unexpectedly getting very good feedback/ praise and appreciation from one of the profs at my uni surprised me and made me happy as well. She’s such a role model, so her praise weighs a lot.

  15. My happy this week is that I finally got my new phone working. Of course, the instructions that came with it are non existent and the button placement is different than the old phone, but my project for today is to go online and find out how to access my voice mail. Since the first incoming calls I got once the nice tech at Target got my phone connected to my account were from telemarketers, I may come to miss the days when I had no phone.

    Yesterday, I was offered some compensation for being told that I no longer have allergies. The people for whom I house and cat sit asked if I could stay long enough for them to finally take the trip to Italy that they have had to cancel twice before. It will be a nice change for me and a way to offset some of the money I have spent shopping online. The new ENT doctor I’ve been seeing said that I may be reacting to something other than histamines and gave me a different nasal inhaler to see if it helps. This makes my third nose snort and this one gives me a headache after I inhale it. I think I will go talk to the pharmacist about that and see if the side effects are likely to die down after a week or 2. If this stuff does work, then I should be able to spend a longer time at the cat sitting gig without worrying about my eyes swelling shut.

    1. I would think you can block those marketing calls. I block any unfamiliar numbers on my phone. That means I need to put doctors and others who might call in my contacts list, but that is no problem.

  16. Did you ever have the situation where you didn’t realize how unhappy you were about something until it got better? I dimly remembered that I was really happy in 2021 & 2022, producing like mad and loving it. Since then… I couldn’t put my finger on it but didn’t feel like doing much of anything.
    Then the situation JenniferNennifer mentions above revealed itself in its true awfulness. Our long term employee ever so slowly and gradually disappeared on us, leaving behind colossal messes and backlogs. I know, I know, I should have been more aware and attentive to what was going on…
    It was *hard* for me to face up to the process of finding and hiring a new person. But we got lucky and got someone we think will be not just OK, but really excellent. Whew!
    Now I feel a lot of weight lifting off me and my happiness is coming back.

  17. Slowing down sounds great. I saw a screening of American Fiction last night and and it was wonderful. It’s a dark comedy about a writer. Who happens to be African-American. It made me very happy. today. I think I’ll do nothing. Maybe a puzzle and some reading and tax form. That’s pretty close to nothing for me. I wish you all joyful things.

  18. I managed to make a lemon curd cheese cake… she said in a small voice. I procrastinated for 2 weeks. It is yummy, now I have to make a apple and sour cream cake to use up the sour cream and a lemon curd cake to use up the lemon curd. Then bake something to use up my nut mix and random bags of chocolate chips

  19. I could’ve sworn I’d commented, so apologies if the first version of this rematerializes. I’ve been enjoying my reorganized gardening notes – there’s some great information and exciting ideas in there – I’ve just got to work out what’s realistic for this year. And I’m also enjoying gardening again in the mild weather – pruning and clearing to make space for this year’s crops and flowers. Plus three friends are keen to do short trips with me, which should be fun if they come off.

  20. My happiness was going to a friend’s all-day cultural and religious event and laughing often with both acquaintances and strangers. Then coming home with stories to share and cracking myself up all over again!

  21. Yesterday I got a HUGE happy in form of an email from someone I’d never expected to receive an email from. It winked at me from the inbox first thing in the morning and it was a great surprise. That made me very happy! Even better, I now have something to read that makes me turbomegahappy and makes my brain slow down. You know who you are! Thanks is a far too small word! <3

    I'm also very happy about my Canadian friend/since-last-summer-brother, Joey. He's ever-patient and bears with my capslocked scream-messages several times per week. We both know he can't fix things or fix me, but he listens and comments and when my brain short-circuits and I can't manage to talk/chat for several days, he just sends me hearts and hug-emojis to remind me he's there, but doesn't push anything. He also reminds me to drink nutridrinks (bleh) and cheers me on when I make babystep-progress on things. His latest project is called "Make Shassy laugh more", which involves him throwing commedian-shows, clips or shorts at me so I have things to laugh about every day. He's a great brother. <3

    AND! I'm also happy the thrice cursed dragon-egg is FINALLY done! I've already posted it on Instagram, and THANKS LOTS(!) to those of you whom have commented and liked. It's a relief to be done! Reason I'm not posting the link here now is that this is not WW, so I figure I should wait until then. But, it's done it's done it's dooone!

    1. Congratulations on finishing your egg project!!! I am impressed and, I hope, also inspired to finish one of the many unfinished and in my way projects that I’ve left all over my apartment .

      As for laughing more, maybe it is time to drag out the Bugs Bunny cartoons again. If they pulled me through 2 bouts of pneumonia in the past, they should be able to counteract a gray winter.

      1. Thank you! I was convinced I would never want to see another egg ever again, but I keep catchign myself thinking of making another one. Brains are weird. If this has inspired you, that’s a great happy! I hope you will share your progress here with all of us, once/if you get started on one or more of your resting projects.

  22. I cleared out the last three bins from our move of almost three years ago (!). Office supplies, some papers that needed to be filed, cd box sets that needed to be shelved, and a slew of cables I set aside for my husband to go through. So, Jenny, really, take your time!

  23. My happy this week is just that I have gotten over my man-cold. I have survived the most debilitating so-called common cold that anyone has ever suffered – nearly an entire week of dripping (and occasionally bleeding) nostrils, sneezes that bordered on concussions, racking… wracking? coughs.

    Oh, poor, poor me. OTOH, I got better. 🙂 😀

      1. It was horrible while I was filling the wastebasket with tissue, subjectively. I’m not sure where it placed on brutality indices, objectively. It’s that Y chromosome. It magnifies discomforts and inconveniences disproportionally. Feeling better is better. 🙂

  24. I got good news this week:

    (a) Did my typing test for applying for the state and got a 99 wpm with one error not fixed. Someone please explain to me how I can manage that and yet can’t stop fucking up at work?

    (b) I was told by Union Guy that since I can’t stop fucking up, my work is going to fire me in February unless I get out of working ASAP.

    I had my accommodations meeting with Disability Services. The accommodations I came up with–there weren’t a whole lot–were indeed refused by my office, which means that DS can put me on medical leave–without a doctor cooperating further with it–at least until mid-March. I have a thousand hours of sick time and we might as well use it. So I had my last day in the office/at the office Friday and it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever go back there except to drop off my computer equipment when I’m fired/quit/whatever now.

    (c) Even though I’m supposedly not eligible for work reassignment because both my accommodations were refused *and* my disability (whatever it is) wasn’t written down as permanent, Disability Services granted me permission to try to get reassigned, THANK GAWD. So that meeting is next week.

    1. I am so happy that you are getting some options! Congratulations on all your hard work finally bearing fruit.

    2. So good to read that your persistance and hard work and patience finally pay off a little. Hopefully it gives you some amount of relief and a little bit of peace of mind. Sending hugs!

    3. That all sounds excellent, Jennifer. That place you were working was killing you. Nothing but good times ahead.

  25. My ‘happies’ are mostly work-related, but why wait for Wednesday? 😉 First, a week with three days of rain followed by a weekend with no rain, such that hours of yardkeeping were accomplished and I can now ignore everything for a few weeks.

    I’ve also been very productive with my to-do list. Rebalanced the rollover IRA per recommendations from Daddio, the family expert. Paid bills. Prepped & submitted a short story yesterday and the contract should be on its way. Plus I re-set prices for the book I’m promoting through Queer Your Bookshelf on Feb 2. Plus over the past week I’ve added 6200 words to the new novel-in-progress.

    Finally, I have treated myself to resubscription to BroadwayHD so I can wallow in ballet and musicals again for a month or three. Yesterday I watched ‘William Shatner’s Gonzo Ballet,’ a performance + documentary film about the Milwaukee Ballet and its choreographer setting songs from Shatner’s spoken-word album “Has Been” (co-written with and produced by Ben Folds). I really liked the movement + behind-the-scenes stories and even enjoyed the songs!

  26. Happy week w/family and the two dogs. Last night was first time reading one of my poems in front of friends and strangers at a fund raiser for students going to Paris.
    I wore my mother’s blue wool beret as per instructions from my sweet not-my-daughter but is my daughter from another mother and father. I have great friends who got into the spirit of the theme. Tiff crocheted three berets; one for her mom, one for her, and one for the silent auction. Tres chic. I felt my mama with me. She wrote poetry too.

    The response to my poem was pretty good. Only slightly stumbled over a word. Whew. It was such a good night showcasing songwriter musicians, poets and painters. The young poet who came after me was very nervous, he had an attack not being good enough. He was. At the end of the evening, he came to talk to me. He is a good poet. Wants desperately to excel. My friend was asked to set up another evening by the restaurant owner. He loved it too. So, a really terrific night. I’ll dig out some older poems. Funny thing was several said they didn’t know I wrote poetry.

    Only unhappy is our granddaughter’s eardrum burst. Trip to children’s hospital. Now on heavy antibiotics. Poor little love. Very painful and bloody.

  27. My sister didn’t make it this weekend after all. But, I’ll get over it.

    It did allow me to get something done before today. So, a more relaxing Sunday.

    The really happy is, now that I’m not on the election board, I’ll be getting into a more partisan role with the local Democrats. Yay!

  28. My cat, that I’ve lived with for 9? years, has just now discovered the interesting fact that the text crawls across the screen. He’s interested.

    Just came home from a wonderful symphony concert, the second half was Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Goodness, what a joyful pleasure to hear it live. Zowie. Yowzah. Gosh.

  29. My January-cleaning out closets that are stuffed full, donated 6 totes it clothes to the Women’s Shelter Store, had a long weekend of wonderful company and we sewed and ate ourselves silly, got some major business deals finalized (HOORAY!!) and we are packing for our first retirement trip-spending next weekend in Vegas with our daughter (her 30th birthday-and she WANTS to hang out with us!) then 10 days in Hawaii. Hubby and I are so relieved to not worry about business while on vacation! It’s somebody else’s problem!

    1. High 5! We’ve been cleaning out closets and drawers and donating/tossing. It’s a good feeling but man is it an undertaking. Woot for fun travel.

  30. Yes, taking it slower & easier resonates with me.

    Since quitting my super stressful job, I have been slowly getting calmer and happier.

    We just had our whole house humidifier break. Back in the crazy workday stress time, this would have been a nearly unbearable additional stress. But now, all I felt was nothing. Just call the correct company and have it repaired.

  31. The mail today contained the last W-2 and 1099R I’ve been waiting for. Now I get to fire up TurboTax and see what I can get back. There’ll be happiness there, I’m sure.

    1. State and Federal Tax Returns completed and filed, and boy do I need to reduce my withholding! I mean a Big Check is nice and all, but $200 or so more in pocket each month would be nice, too. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  32. Ohhh yes! I do that and I call it my Ta-Done List!

    Sometimes, it’s the only way I get through the week. I keep it in my planner so that at the end of the month I can look at all my Ta-Dones and confirm that I did indeed accomplish SOME THINGS!!


    1. I usually just count how many things I’ve crossed off the To-Do list, but I love the idea of a Ta-Done list.

  33. I’m a bit late but I hope Jenny reads this and it makes her happy – today I heard the acoustic version of Layla on the radio. As soon as I got home I picked up Maybe This Time to reread😁

  34. Played a new (to us) board game – Merchants & Marauders, it’s a keeper. The best thing about board games are of course not the game, but the conversation with friends that happens around the game. Board games with friends – happy making.

    Which I needed, because my favourite politician (I know, I can’t believe that’s a thing either*) just resigned and I think Parliament and his party will be worse for it.

    *policies aside, the section in this column on ‘book character I most identify with’ – if only more leaders thought this way. https://thespinoff.co.nz/books/08-08-2023/the-secret-reading-history-of-james-shaw

    1. For a politician, Shaw reads a surprising amount of sf and fantasy. (U.S. precedent is that this usually goes with an unsuccessful political career. There must be a moral in there somewhere. )

      It’s probably the fault of the editor rather than Shaw, but that Indian heatwave is only one part of Ministry for the Future, not the whole book.

      1. Yes! And is really ‘own your geek’ about saying so.

        From a distance (external perception might not be actual in-county reality), I imagine that most US politicians might not be comfortable identifying the bible as ‘the book I pretend I’ve read’.

        I also like that idea that the books we loved as teenagers might not actually be any good, but we remember them as such and can hold that love.

    2. @Allanah: DS and DIL loved the board game (Carcassone) that I gave them for Christmas. Do you think they might like Merchants and Marauders? What do you like about it? I do want to give them another game… Thank you for any suggestions.

      1. Oooh, Carcassonne is good.
        Recommendations can be hard as I’m not sure what they liked about it, but here are some others we enjoy:

        Catan – of course! I’m assuming they have it already, but if not, it’s my top recc, even better with the Cities and Knights expansion. It’s a competitive game – first to 10/13 points wins, the rules are relatively easy to learn. You collect or trade cards to built towns, cities, roads and take over an island. 1.5-3 hrs (depending on number of players and expansions)

        Dixit – individual competitive word game, where you try and get people to guess your card without making it too obvious. Good family game (age 8+ maybe) but equally good for adults. Beautiful artwork. Less than an hour.

        Pandemic – cooperative light strategy game where individual players work together to beat a pandemic – everyone wins out everyone loses, no individual winner. Maybe 90 minutes? Potentially triggering.

        Ticket to Ride – another individual light strategy game. You have to complete routes on train systems to complete tickets. Fairly easy to learn, another good for adults or older kids. We have the Europe version.

        Code Names – lots of versions of this – duet/group and themed. It’s easy to learn but quite challenging to play. Duet version is cooperative – both win or both lose, regular version is competitive teams. Gameplay is based on word association clues. Love it.

        There are more, but hopefully you find something here you like! Pictionary is still a winner. Oooh, hive pocket (with the ladybird expansion) is an excellent 2 player game. Pass the pigs is great for families. Exploding kittens, five crowns and Phase 10 are the card games we are most likely to reach for while camping.

      2. Oh, and Merchants and Marauders was great, it’s a bit more independent play than Carcassonne – you can tootle round on your turn trying to avoid pirates and earn gold without directly taking on other players (ie, unless you turn pirate, you pay to win, not to stop others winning) – we played for 3 hours and didn’t finish, but that included set up. It’s not the easiest to learn starting out… Regular reference to the rule book required.

  35. Just read an Amazon Kindle promo email that includes The Cinderella Deal for $1.99. I already have paper and audio, but I definitely need electronic as well. 🙂

    1. I checked out Amazon in case CINDERELLA DEAL was one of my MSReader -formatted books. “You purchased this edition on December 7, 2018.” Thanks for pointing it out, anyway. 🙂

  36. I had a dental visit yesterday involving no drilling, but my subconscious seemed strongly influenced by the previous unpleasant visit and I was much tensed up. Dentist would only allow me off the hook for a month before the next step, which evidently threatens a referral to an oral surgeon if it does not go well. Yutch! I don’t think I’m entirely untensed even today, but it’s back to more routine activities.

  37. I saw my Physiotherapist today and she has discharged me because she recons that the hip op is so imminent. She is asking my surgery to re-refer me 4 weeks after the operation, and given me a number to self-refer if they do not. Sadly she is moving to a different placement in the city – but if I can get to her new placement (it is way across town), I will definitely go back to her, because she has been wonderful.
    Gave her a “wee minding” – small inexpensive present – to say thank you for all she has done for me. Kirsten has made me more mobile, and gave me the details of who to call to get moved to a different waiting list. Got a hug when I left. Cannot say enough to praise this lovely young woman. Hope that we reconnect when I am post op.
    This woman has made me feel loved and taken care of and that feels rare on the NHS and she has made me happy too.

    1. Not just on the NHS. Private physical therapy chains in the US are like revolving doors. Your insurance runs out for one year and when you go back the next year, the therapist you worked with is gone and you have to learn how to work with (train) another.

  38. Happiness is the bill for our garage emergency not breaking the bank. And books, I’ve been mainlining books to deal with the stress of said emergency. (Stress relief rec: My Hockey Romance series by Lauren Blakely) Also happy we’re no longer in the grip of the arctic freeze and my garden seems to have survived.

  39. I’ve spent the last few weeks in a delightful fog of creativity and holidays, doing as little or as much writing as I felt like. Today I start being a more-or-less sensible adult again, and begin to prep my year of school visits, talks, workshops and launches. It’s a real struggle dragging myself away from the novel, but it’s also a good incentive to work hard on this other stuff so I can get back to it.

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