28 thoughts on “Exploiting You with a BookBub Ad

    1. I don’t think there was. I think that’s from one of the earlier books we did. Bob wrote the ad. He and Mollie do the marketing, I do the book covers and the blurbs.

  1. Speaking of exploiting made me remember an old post – Feb 8, 2007 (I looked it up) -talking about Crusie Merch. I know there is a Cranky Agnes apron on Cafe Press, but you could seriously license a bunch more things that we’d all be happy to obtain. (And if you are revamping anything, my Mom would love an apron that had Agnes, but not the words Mob Food – she listens to Agnes as her comfort read). Agnes on a coffee mug would express my general mood at work these days.

    1. I just ordered an Agnes mug from Cafe Press after a discussion in about merch in a recent-ish post. If I remember correctly, there were a handful of different items/designs. I love my mug 🙂

      1. There are. I just ordered an apron a week ago and there were several different items listed.

  2. Reading on my Kobo now, so…I bought the Liz Danger series and preordered the Rocky Start. Not exploited. Saved some coin. Nook or Kobo, the books are there. I’m a fickle reader lately, except for yours and Bob’s books.

  3. What I want to know is why wasn’t it on my book Bub list! I’m gonna go back and check what I have as my parameters. Because I’d love to share that one.

    1. It wasn’t on my regular list. I got an email because I follow Jenny. But that makes me wonder how much help ads are, if they only reach people who are already following you on Bookbub. (I think I literally have 100 followers there.)

  4. Looks good. Question for Bob if that’s okay: What service are you using to make your ads?

    I ask the latter because I’m trying to decide between two services to use to format my ads and thought given Bob is such a pro at marketing he may have a fave go-to for his formatting that may edge one out for ease of use:)

  5. The ad looks good. Has anyone in the U.S. successfully purchased a new paperback of Lavender’s Blue and the others from anywhere besides Amazon? I keep trying via various routes and various booksellers, but I have not yet been successful. When I talk to the people who answer the phone or who chat for B & N, they tell me to talk to the authors . . . .

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