Argh Author: Gin Jones’s My Old Kentucky Homicide

Our own Gin Jones has a book you should check out: My Old Kentucky Homicide (The Bourbon B&B Mysteries)

The back cover says:
From USA Today bestselling author Gin Jones comes three sisters, one corpse, and a whole lot of trouble…

Kentucky native Jess Walker’s big-city career has kept her too busy to visit her sisters and hometown. However, she relents when she’s invited to celebrate her nephew’s third birthday at the newly established Three Sisters B&B in the heart of bourbon country. The nostalgic bubble is quickly popped however when Jess realizes her family hasn’t been entirely honest with her. She was invited not so much for a family reunion, but to help them impress some VIP guests for inclusion in a tourism co-op on the bourbon trail.

Old resentments arise, and the sisters are at loggerheads immediately. But when one of the VIP guests is found dead, things only get worse. The sheriff is intent on treating the death as an accident, blaming it on unsafe conditions at the B&B. But the sisters know this was murder. Jess has always been the fixer of the family, so she jumps in to protect her sisters and their B&B’s reputation. With the remaining guests and the attractive—and single—owner of the nearby whiskey barrel factory all suspects, Jess has her work cut out for her. And it turns out, she can’t do it alone. All three sisters will need to work in perfect harmony in order to find the perpetrator of the Old Kentucky Homicide.

Learn more about Gin and Bourbon B&B series on her website.


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21 thoughts on “Argh Author: Gin Jones’s My Old Kentucky Homicide

    1. People always try to call me “Jen,” which is a perfectly fine name, but it’s not mine, so I usually explain it’s like “gin and tonic.” The irony, of course, is that I’m a non-drinker. Not for moral reasons or anything, I just don’t handle it well, and don’t like how it affects me.

      1. Same here. I just get sad if I drink and it’s really not worth it. I don’t do caffeine either, because it sends me into bouts of anxiety.

    1. Yes! That’s what I loved about the idea of a trio of sisters (an editor suggested two initially, but I thought three would be better) — that it requires all of them and their respective skills to catch the killer. The books are all in the oldest sister’s POV, but each sister has issues to deal with, and the dead body in each of the three books is found by a different sister, who is more motivated than the others to solve it.

  1. Mine should come tomorrow, Amazon Canada says tomorrow is the release date. Either way, I’m looking forward to it!

  2. Congratulations! It looks like fun. I’m from a family of 5 girls so I like reading about sisters 🙂

  3. Late with this as always but I also love the premise of the three sisters having to work together, because I have two sisters myself and that would be like herding the sassiest cats ever. Can’t wait to see how they figure it out! It’s downloaded and waiting for me to finish my current round of library audiobooks.

  4. Is this the first book in the series?

    I am a drinker, on occasion, and like bourbon. I hope reading the series won’t be like reading one of Jenny’s books where I get cravings for a huge breakfast that includes eggs, toast, french toast or pancakes drenched in syrup, and for me, gyro meat, as I’m allergic to pork.

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