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  1. I like the cover designs, and having the Honey Pot Plot cover looking like medium dark honey is a plus! Using blue for Very Nice Funerals is more subtle than using black for a funeral (since blue often represents the state of mind with loss of a loved one or friend). I also like the skeletal hand holding a minimalist bouquet, and having a white rose on each cover ties the three books together as a series. I’m looking forward to getting the books in hand soon…I love your work, keep writing as long as possible. Taf

  2. Oh wow, how exciting to see the covers. They are great. I can’t wait to read the books. Again, the synergy in your collaborations with Bob is pure delight. Please keep writing.

  3. They are all of a piece, and the colors are striking. If I didn’t know your writing already, I might bypass this series because of the ghoulishness on the covers. That said, the starkness and in-your-face images are eye-catching. The roses do soften things a bit.

    1. The Liz and Vince books were almost cosies.
      These are different. I thought up the idea for the Liz/Vince books, Bob thought up the idea for this one. And we didn’t want to mislead people into thinking this was another little town full of quirky but nice characters. This is a little town full of quirky killers. So the covers had to be different.

      I think the next series is going to be about art crime. It really helped being able to tell the designer, “We’re going for a Saul Bass look.” Maybe I’ll find another artist to link to the next series. Banksy. Warhol. Hmmmm.

        1. I’m really leaning toward Banksy, or maybe Warhol nods for the covers. I love Banksy’s Love Is In The Bin, and I’d like to riff off of that.

      1. I showed my husband the three covers, and he immediately keyed to Saul Bass I love them, and am wildly looking forward devouring the series.

  4. They remind me of block printing, which is fun. It is interesting to note that they do have a more serious mystery vibe. I wonder if this will change your readership. We are all in, of course but I will be curious to see if these pull different people from Lavender’s Blue.

  5. I like them but my logical mind says there should be one rose for vol 1, two for vol 2 and three for vol 3. Just ignore me…

      1. Not unless my heroine is triplets.
        Also I really wanted these covers to be simple and striking. Saul Bass-like.

    1. Bob said the same thing.
      The rose and the font and the frames are for continuity. The heroine’s name is Rose, so putting on more on would mess with the symbolism.
      The black images are murder weapons. The gun on the first cover is also Max, but somebody gets shot, too.

  6. I have to post my happy. I was at work and there are all kind of diet aids, Ensure etc. There was a new one from Hormel “THICK AND EASY”, (thickened dairy beverage). I immediately thought a Clea porno from WTT. It’s trademarked. Wow.

    1. One of my favorite new authors for comfort rereading is CM Nascosta with Morning Glory Milking Farm. Lots of milk bottle images. And now I am snickering at work.

      1. I read about the milk bottles and thought its a cozy murder mystery set around a dairy, milkshake cafe and lots of cows.
        Then I googled the books….and was confused.
        That was unexpected.

  7. Very eye catching covers ,I love them. Very excited for more new Crusie/Mayer stories for us to savour.

  8. Beautiful covers. I’m impatient…please let Bob be right and hit it in June. He could sneak in and remove your wool! 🙂

    1. I’m trying to think about how much gore there is. Bob keeps shooting people, but they seep more than gush. So far nobody’s had a throat cut or anything that produce a lot of blood. I think there are stranglings. Somebody dies by bee (Bob’s still figuring that out.). Chocked to death with flowers.

      I will confess in the first draft of VNF, Bob had some shockingly brutal deaths. I said, “I’m having nightmares because of the horrible ways to die. Can’t you just shoot them?” So he shot them. I really was having nightmares, too. I worry about Bob sometimes.

      1. As do we all. Then again, we all just spent three days gleefully turning craft tools into murder weapons.

      2. It actually sounds a lot like Midsomer Murders. The killings are very inventive, but somehow never devolve into grisly. Any gore is implied, not explicit.

  9. My one negative is that these covers lack series numbers. My impression is that this series, like Liz Danger, is going to have partial spoilers if not read in order, and the background overarching plot will make less sense if not approached from the beginning. This matters more for bookstore or library readers than for online purchasers, since presumably the online descriptions will make the reading order clear. (And if you see all three in a display, obviously the Rocky Start series will start with the eponymous volume.) The only advantage that I can see to not numbering them is that a bookstore customer of the print volumes might end up buying a volume 2 when volume 1 is not on the shelf. But I’m not sure that is a good thing even for the bookstore. If it happened to me I would be less likely to come back there again. (In the print world, series numbering on the covers is not unknown but is far from universal. On the other hand, many series lack spoilers to earlier books from later books and some even lack overarching plots, or have very minimal ones.)

      1. Is numbers on the spine an option? Or you could add a “series order” page right at the start of t the book.

        Series order is useful to have, but the titles look so clean like this, the marketing person in me is trying to figure out how to avoid adding additional text.

        1. Bob said they advise against it because it discourages people at the point of purchase if they haven’t read the previous books. He said that info goes in the description. I do not argue with Bob or Mollie about promotion.

          1. Could a line be added “A Rocky Start book” or instead of “book”, the type of book – mystery, suspense… I’m thinking about Patrick’s scenario of only 1 book on the shelf so it isn’t obvious by the cover art that it is part of a series. With that tip-off on the cover, I’d look into the front of the book to see what other books were already listed to find out about the whole series.

  10. I really like the covers. I feel like they really fit the spy genre. I know these are mostly retired spies, but the covers give off the right vibe to me from what I know of the storylines.

    Selfishly, I too hope Rocky Start comes out in June because seeing any light shining towards the end of the road is a big bonus right now. I also want you to feel the book is ready for the world to read, and proud of the finished product, so whenever it is released, I will enjoy it. reading it, and then rereading.

  11. Fabulous covers. You’ll have to pardon me if I hope Bob is correct about release dates.

  12. Cool and distinct from Liz/Vince, but the author font keeps the continuity. Impressive. May I ask who are your cover designers for both?
    I can handle the shift, but agree that your own books shouldn’t give you (too many) nightmares!

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