Your Argh Post Thanksgiving Tradition

I’m late on this, so I’m copying a post from ten years ago. Note the irony at the bottom.

Thanksgiving is over, and it’s Christmas time, so here’s your Argh tradition:

(Full disclosure: it’s Dec. 26, 2015, as I type this, but I forgot to post this in time this year. It’s not going to happen in 2016, you betcha.)

(Fuller disclosure: It’s Dec. 1, 2023 as I type this and I thought for sure I had set this to post months ago. So once again, I apologize for my lateness. My daughter, my therapist, and my best friend think I have ADHD. This is starting to seem like a distinct possibility.)

(Note: While this is a Christmas song and I full realize not everybody celebrates that, this is just a damn good song, beautifully sung, so think of it as a Happy Holidays song. And have a fabulous multi-colored holiday this year.)

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  1. December 1. The video and song. Love it! My monthly farm report has auto-posted. And finally, The Dark Ones: Part 6 of The Vixen War Bride series by Thomas Doscher just appeared in my library. Gonna be a very good month.

  2. Thank you, thank you. Now I can start my holiday stuff. Christmas is coming.

    Well, after I finish preparing for a dinner party tomorrow night. This is the first major one I have done in years.

    Appetizers: home-made pickled carrots, my cheese-pecan crackers, home-made chicken liver paté (no brandy so I can give some to the kitties as treats. Hannelore is already thinking that this is worth living 10 weeks for to get a chance at this stuff) and assorted nibbles.

    First course: crab quiche with wine and butter reduction sauce

    Main course: Rib roast with roast beef, roast shallots, carrots and potatoes, served with a mustard cognac sauce. (I had to reduce 1 1/2 cups of cognac to 3/4 cup so I used my grandmother’s Revereware sauce pan (now about 90 years old) and flamed it on the barbecue so that I wouldn’t set my kitchen on fire – that’s a lot of alcohol to flame”. Everything worked beautifully.

    Salad: tossed green salad with a toasted hazelnuts, blue cheese and a hazel-nut oil vinagrette

    Desert: Caramel ice cream with pear coulee. (This was the biggest pain to make when I discovered that my copper sautéed pan could not caramelized a cup of sugar then also hold 8 beaten egg yolks, 2 cups of cream and 2 cups of milk without boiling over my stove top and creating an incredible mess. Fortunately, I caught things before I had to start over again. Thankfully I now have a cleaning lady who makes my life livable and can spend my time feeding friends instead of cleaning toilets).

      1. Thank you. Although I feel a handwritten thank you note from the American Dairy Association would be totally appropriate. Single-handedly I am saving the dairy industry.

  3. Thank you for the song and cartoon Jenny really brightened up a very dreich (Scottish word for dreary, bleak, miserable weather) morning. This far north it doesn’t get light for long – roll on the Solstice. Adored the wonderful voice and really cute figures.

    1. I just checked latitudes and I did spend one, and only one, Christmas farther north than Edinburgh, but I don’t think the weather in Moscow is as dreary as you face, although it certainly got dark early enough for me. I once read a comment from a Briton who had moved to Calgary, Alberta, and said that sure, it got a lot colder there than in Britain, but also less cloudy, so he found it more tolerable. I don’t remember where in the UK he was from. Calgary is on about the latitude of London, hence even it also has considerably longer winter days than in Scotland.

  4. And now I’m singing at work. Makes me happy, but I think my co-worker just turned his hearing aids down!!!

    ADHD must be going around. Apparently, I have it too, although, I haven’t tested so it’s only self, friend, family diagnosis!

  5. Thank you for a wonderful day beginner! My power went off three times last night, starting at 12:45. The power company, in its infinite wisdom, sent automated messages to tell me that the power was indeed off. Then there was a message telling when they hoped to have it on again, EACH TIME, except the second time, there was a “Sorry it took so long to get the power on.” So when it went off two minutes later, there were the two messages, again. I turned my phone off, but evidently their messages bypass my “do not disturb”, and silenced phone. I’m a little tired this morning, and groggy from being waked up too many times. This is why they give babies to young people.

    1. There’s probably a setting that will turn off sonic alerts for anything short of national emergency. Unfortunately, it varies by device. On mine, it’s Settings – Notifications – Advanced – Wireless Emergency Alerts. On mine, there are various levels you can turn on or off.

      1. Forgot to add that if yours differs, googling will likely reveal instructions for a similar path.

        1. How about making a foil pouch to store the phone in so that it receives no input? That’s supposed to work for the RFID credit card chips.

          1. And for people hearing voices.
            When I mediated minor criminal cases we were advised to recommend it to some people. Apparently it actually helped them ignore the voices.

  6. I knew there was something missing last week, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Okay, NOW the holidays have begun. Best seasonal wishes to all! No matter how crazy the world is, as long as we have friends, family, love, and laughter, we have reasons to celebrate. <3

    1. Love it! I maintain the Muppet’s “12 Days of Christmas” is the best version of that song. Ba-dum-dum-DUM.

  7. Btw I am a big believer in trusting your kid’s assessment of you. It was my daughter who figured out I was depressed —I had no clue and then I spent the first six months in therapy in tears (it was truly therapeutic).
    So if Molly thinks you have ADHD I would take it seriously. What you do about it is of course a separate question. There are lots of options (speaking as a person who probably has a mild case and has a daughter with a diagnosed moderate case, who have figured out non pharmaceutical approaches—although my foster daughter clearly does better with meds).

  8. I wonder if we are training ourselves into ADHD. I know my ability to pay attention has declined with my increased use of social media.

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