Working Wednesday, December 6, 2023

I know, I’m late again. I spent the morning on the net with Bob picking a cover for Rocky Start which evolved into trying to decide what genre we were (all of them) and then segued into a discussion of whether we wanted to set Rocky Start in the present or back in the sixties (NOT jumping between two time periods). We did pick a cover. Then I got distracted trying to sort out my crochet WiPs which was fun but not productive, although I did give up ten years ago on some really great projects, so I’m going back to those, and then I thought, Wait what day is it? and realized it was Wednesday and I’d screwed up again.

So what did you do this morning, this week, this year?

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  1. I am working on not losing my religion and killing someone. This time of year is always hard on my patience, one of my bank’s branches has had two attempted robberies in under a week. No one was hurt, neither perpetrator got any money and both were caught right away. But everyone is all keyed up and this on top of last month’s potential active shooter situation is just too much. I am done. Fraud is through the roof. Please talk to your older loved ones about the different types of potential scams. They are everywhere right now, debit card fraud is rampant and so on.

    And I am so tired of stupid. Just read the instructions, people! Argh. I will not choose bloodshed this day.

    Anyway, I am sure we will be happy to read whatever you write, but I am intrigued by a story set in the 60s. I can’t recall running across too many of those.

    1. Breathe, Lupe! Don’t do an Agnes on people around you!Stay away from sharp objects and frying-pans. You’ve got this! <3

      1. Thanks, Dr. Garvin.

        Also, no. I cannot cash your gift cards. Or your rebate vouchers. Grrrrr.

        On the bright side, I bought the whole teller line pepper spray for Christmas. I am going to tuck them into mini stockings.

      1. I will not kill. I will not kill. I need to ensure that my cats have two parents, and a stable home life so they don’t grow up to be serial killers.

          1. I prefer the term Homicidal Jungle Cat.

            And you haven’t met my Murderbot. He is an idiot. He wouldn’t survive prison, and he would most certainly get caught… I need to stay un-incarcerated so I can post bail money. At least until his sister, Kikimora, becomes a criminal defense attorney and can get him off on a technicality.

            It is also important to note that she is the only one to actually kill anything, when we had a mouse issue. She waited for months after in the kitchen every night, for more. Bot never showed any interest at all. He does occasionally try to eat flies. And one time a wasp and got stung.

        1. It’s not Thursday but suggest Murder Your Employer by Rupert Holmes. About a school that teaches adults how to murder someone and get away with it. Funny and quirky.

    2. I have a lot of books set in the 60’s on my bookshelves. But that would be because mostof them were written in the 1960’s. A couple may even have been written in the 1860’s! Hee hee.

      1. I have some written and set in the 1860s and written then. I have a lot written in the 1960s and set then, and some from the 1960s set in the 1860s. I wonder if I have any written in the 1860s and set in the 1960s (that is, in early science fiction) I know I have some from the 19th century making similar leaps, but possibly not that one in particular.

  2. I finally completed the stupidly simple shawl I was knitting

    It had been sitting for a long time, before I decided to finish it. Then I had to unknit about 15-20 rows to fix some obvious errors. Finally, on Sunday I decided to buckle down and knit two last rows and then bind off. Unfortunately I lost at yarn chicken – approximately 5 inches from the end of binding I ran out of yarn. So, unbound, and then unknit another row and bound again. It needs to be blocked, but I think I’m pretty much done with this thing.

    I did include a couple of pictures of my feline helpers, to help take the edge off.

    Upcoming – more quilting, maybe more knitting, and I’m dying to start a new crochet project. And I need to work on decorating the house. Fun times!

  3. I suddenly found myself very pressed for time, but the friend who was coming to stay today has postponed, so I’m now full steam ahead on making Christmas cards and going present shopping. A builder spent all day cutting a couple of neat access holes in my kitchen ceiling & stuffing the roof space with rock wool. I’m hopeful this will stop my north-facing kitchen extension getting quite as cold – there were freezing drafts round all six ceiling lights.

    I also finished an editorial evaluation of a book by someone I know locally. It was pretty negative. Must not let myself be sucked into doing jobs like this. No fun at all.

        1. Well, anyone who has written anything intended for publication had better develop a thick skin about criticism and rejection, or else do something else with their time, so at least you have made an important contribution to this person’s development or life choices.

    1. Meant to say: the friend who cancelled is the one who’s been buying a house round the corner from me since August. The vendor had insisted on a cash buyer (which
      Jenny is), and was buying a house with no chain by the sea. She’s been very slow (changing solicitor four times, for example), and decided this week that she doesn’t actually want to sell until the spring, leaving Jenny high and dry, at the worst time of year to find anything else.

  4. I finished the hats I worked on last week. I don’t have pictures because I got too self-conscious after discussions on hat-depth, but they’re done. Even better: I sent them to the child I’d promised to knit for, and his mother sent me a voice-message yesternight telling me they had arrived. He directly knew the package was from me when he saw the hats, and she also told me he was shouting “Yay! Yay!” in absolute joy while trying them on. Happiness achieved. 🙂
    I also finished another spiral hat today that I haven’t had time to photograph yet. It’s in black and white. Not sure what to do with it for it’s too small for me to wear. We’ll see where it ends up.
    Had a talk with dietitian last Thursday and got different nutridrinks to try, since the ones I had made me nauseous, so much they occasionally took a return-trip back out again. Internist said she REALLY wants me to get three down per day since I’m close to underweight now, so we had to figure out a solution, she said, even if that would mean I’d get less protein down than the dietitian prefers. Got juice-based ones instead now in apple- and strawberry-flavours, and I think if I can alternate between them, I can manage to drink three per day. Say I take one of the nauseating ones and two juices per day. I think I can manage that. I’ve now also got ginger capsules to fight nausea.
    Saturday, I joined Sven for a project he had in Utrecht. He’d got the request to show a 15-year-old lad how to play video games as a blind person, and he said: “I’d love for you to come with, especially since you know about all these things too, so would you?” I said no at first but then I did anyway. It was fun. Nice people, and a very happy teenager afterwards. Teamworking is so cool.
    Monday, I took the kitties to the vet to trim their claws and it was . . . an adventure. Triple got so stressed she tried to attack me post-trimming, probably because I was closing the pet-bag-flap and she didn’t see it was me but thought it was the vet’s assistent that had just had the absolute NERVE to trim her claws closing her in. Luckily I’d just got the mesh-bag-flap up, so she only hit that, or else I’d have a dead hand now. She proceeded to attack the insides of the bag and growl and hiss like a maniac. Then she screamed all the way home in the car and peed in the bag so it leaked out through the bottom and onto MIL’s car-seat…Whoops. Matcha, whom is usually the dramaqueen, was coolcat personified in comparison. Last 2 days have been spent washing the bag to get the pee-smell out (succeeded after 4th cleaning) and going back to basics with Trip again, showing her that the bag means treats and pets and fun play afterwards, not scary claw-trimmers and car-rides. Goes well so far. Will try to take a walk outside later this week and see how that goes.
    Bloodwork-lady also showed up Monday before the trimming-adventures to draw blood for the adrenal gland-check, and tomorrow I’ve got a CT-scan scheduled, so the medical adventures continue as well. Whew. Also my post is very long so I’ll say bye now – BYE! Have a lovely week, everyone!

  5. They are cutting our staffing from a max of 25 down below 20. Many meetings with management so they can say there has been staff input,but nothing has changed.

    1. Yeah, before I retired, one of the frustrating things about “enlightened” management was that they asked for input, in meetings or in written form, and then did things their preconceived way anyhow. It mostly wasn’t even the fault of the folks on the next two rungs up on the Great Chain of Being, but stuff coming down from On High. Once or twice on minor matters, input did make a difference, but that was the exception. Anyway, I hope you come through okay.

    2. That is awful. I am sorry. We can’t keep staff here. Regardless, being short is never a good thing.

  6. I had a busy weekend with my sons and one DIL, going to breweries, the 10th Anniversary of business party, and eating, and playing board games. It was great! Yesterday, the furnace maintenance and check went well. It’s good for another year.

    I went back to a trapper hat I was crocheting out of baby Alpaca yarn, and realized that it was going to be too small, so I took out about 8 rows of stitches and added more stitches to go to the larger size. I’m also filling empty milk jugs with water, washing all the area rugs and pet bedding, and I delimed the coffee pot. My county decides the rate for my sewer bill on how much water I use for four months in the winter. That starts in a few days. That sewer bill, for one person who uses a low flow toilet and does not rinse dishes, but uses the dishwasher only when it’s full, and washes clothes in larger batches, was ridiculous. So I save the water from when I wait for the shower to heat up and I shower less frequently (It does dry my skin in the winter time, and I also sweat less), I don’t flush every time, and I use the saved water in jugs for watering plants and other things that don’t care if it’s fresh. I did this last year, and my bill went down a lot.

      1. Well done, both of you! I’m always happier to read that others are working on being part of the energy solutions, not to mention honest frugality!

    1. I’ve always been a tree-hugger, but even if I weren’t, I think I’d do all the resources-saving stuff just because I’m a cheapskate. I hate to spend money unnecessarily! I just set a new record (for me) for latest turning-on of furnace. It just went on yesterday, so December 5th. I frequently make it to Thanksgiving, occasionally to Dec 1, but never past then.

  7. I have (a) therapy, (b) meeting with new psychiatrist, and (c) ADHD evaluation all tomorrow. It’s gonna be a hardcore medical day.

    I am doing a daily blogging project in December, which I do every year, but I hadn’t updated the specific blog since oh, June, so I have to keep back-updating that too.

    Also since I have to save money, I need to make a bunch of gifts this year, so there’s something else to add to the pile of stuff to work on.

    1. I’m so glad you checked in. I’ve been wondering how you are. Hoping tomorrow is productive and helpful.

  8. Judging only from what the authors have shown here, I’m wondering how well a shift back to the 1960s would work, and how much would have to change. I know Bob has done historicals before. I’ve read none from Jenny. I’m about Jenny’s age, and was beginning to look at the world with somewhat adult eyes by the late 1960s. I would still have to research many things and would stand in constant danger of anachronism. Per Wikipedia, Bob was a child then, and hence would have to research the entire adult world. Has he set anything in the sixties before, so that some of the research work is done already?

    The absence of cell phones would make a lot of things simpler. The CIA was probably more into gunplay in those days, which might help with Max’s background. The Soviets would be available as bad guys, if desired. The Post Office was more important for communication and package delivery, which could be a plus. On the other hand, my impression is that marajuana growing was a more amateur and less deadly activity at that time, so that whole scene would have to go, I imagine. Based on what little I’ve seen of the novel, I would think that the surgery involved in moving the action back 60 years or so would be such a hassle that it should be attempted only if it seemed necessary to salvage the manuscript.

    1. Lessons in Chemistry takes place in the 50’s and 60’s and still is a popular book. I have already read it but left it on hold on one of my e-book libraries because I’m # 564 of 11 copies. Just because.

    2. I don’t think we’re going to do that. Bob wasn’t enthusiastic and it’s definitely not a hill I want to die on.
      At this point, I’m just happy we have a cover. And about a quarter of Rocky Start done. Bob wants to finish by the end of the year. HAHAHAHAHHAHahaaaa . . . .

      1. Finishing Rocky Start by the end of the year?!? As a reading glutton, it sounds like more books ready sooner, but I would worry about the quality of the book being impaired, and high quality books are what you produce.

        What has Bob been drinking? That would only work if writing speed could match reading speed, and I have yet to hear of that happening to anyone… Taf

  9. My priorities today are responding to a Request for Proposal and making short bread cookies – both regular and vegan batches. I can’t focus on anything else.

      1. It’s horrible work. I’d rather get in front of the customer and actually sell something. Or serve them a shortbread cookie.

        1. Requests for Proposals (or RFPs) consist of describing work to be done for an entity or a government, then asking potential doers of that work to describe how they’d go about doing it. Since you have to be really careful to give all the details of what you want the finished project to include, and then to specify all the bits and pieces you want proposers to include (things like how many people would work on the project, what would be their assignments as part of the effort, and many other things) and all the time frames that will govern the whole thing (including when proposals must be sent in, when the work needs to be complete, what interim reports will be required and when, etc., etc, et cetera…) it’s a BIG DEAL to put one together. I don’t envy any of you who have to do these!

          1. What Jinx said. And in case you haven’t inferred – people who put together these RFP’s are paid by the word…the documents are endlessly long and call for even more endlessly long responses.

          2. And from the other side – it’s a big deal to respond. At least the ad agency I most often freelance for won’t provide on-spec creative (translation: do stuff for free to try to get the job).

  10. As for my own work, my goals for today beyond routine chores are (1) to get a small but useful part of my end-of-year charity donations done, (2) to bread and bake a family pack of chicken breasts that are currently sitting in brine (a bit for today and most for fridge and freezer compartment), and (3) to discover where the devil I put one batch of CDs and DVDs that I brought home from the library. I got as far on (1) as to pick out some worthy recipients from the accumulated solicitations, and on (3) as to rule out some of the more obvious spots where the the media could be hiding. This, plus routine chores, all took so long that I decided that today’s chicken would be dinner and not lunch. Feh. Slow progress beats no progress, I tell myself.

    1. Hurrah! As the woman in the parable did not quite say, Rejoice with me, for I have found the digital media that I had lost!! After I had posted my earlier comment and had gotten back to chores, I thought of one more place to look, and there the bag with library stuff was! (Before bedtime I now have to get all the stuff I had moved to the bed while looking back where it all belongs. And of course the bag wasn’t in the bedroom at all.)

    2. I was super-skimming, and my eye caught on “where the media could be hiding,” and I thought you were having issues with paparazzi.

  11. Today I’m just doing my Wednesday stuff and trying to relax. Because tomorrow is gong to be stressful: edical appointment, interview for the eligibility list for the election board and a holiday party if the interviews for said list don’t run too long. But I get to cross three things off my pre-December 15th list.

  12. Moving.
    Packed boxes like crazy. Culled 3 large bixes of books. Will habmve to do some more culling as I don’t want to stack them in rows of 2 again.
    Sadly, we did not finish today. The movers were great, but too much stuff and not enough time for preparation.
    Advent will have to be postponed to after xmas…
    Also: expenses mean I’m just not in the mood to get presents and will have no time at all to make some myself…

  13. Repeating here, since I added this very belatedly to the Happiness posting after most may have finished with it: Glynn Stewart’s pretty good military space opera Space Carrier Avalon is available to anyone for free on Kindle through Friday.

  14. I should have worked harder on my hydroponic farm. Somehow, despite reservoirs, two of my Harvests ran low water and I didn’t catch it in time to save two of my jalapeño plants. All their leaves fell off, but I managed to harvest nearly 50 peppers. I’m going to make an enormous batch of salsa. That was all from Teresa. Harvey is full of Romaine Lettuce and seems unharmed by a little low water.

    Louise was harvested last week (lettuce again) and is awaiting cleaning with bleach. It will be replanted with more lettuce of one kind or another.

    One thing to pass on – AeroGarden advertises that the AeroGarden Aerovoir reservoir would let you leave your garden (their Harvest or Bounty) for up to two weeks untended, without running out of water. That turns out not to be the case. [Readers of the team of Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle will recognize this phrase as the polite way to call “Bullshit!”] I have to refill all seven of my reservoirs at least weekly, and every three to four days for the units serving two gardens. The unit (Doris) that watered Teresa also served Harvey Two for a total of just four plants, two each.

    I still have one healthy jalapeño plant in Madison. The rest of my pepper plants, all immature, are Anaheims, Poblanos, and Banana Peppers.

    Meanwhile, the tomatoes are all still green.

    1. It is now December 9, and the “Feed Me, Seymour” alarms demanded attention. Eight gardens were dosed with MiracleGro – four got Part A and Part B plant nutrients (from Lyko.)

      I harvested the first two ripe yellow tomatoes from one of the Golden Harvest plants. There will be salad tomorrow. 😀

  15. I finished the first draft of one book, dove into the final proofread (and a few fixes from a beta reader) of a book due January 1, started a wild & crazy idea for a novella, did a bit of quiltmaking for the baby quilt that’s not going to be finished before Christmas, and body-doubled for a friend to make sure she got some critical year-end deadline stuff done. Oh, and mailed the two Christmas presents that needed mailing, and bought some chocolate for the vet’s office and the doctor’s office, both of which go above and beyond for me and my clowder, so I like to give a little token of appreciation.

    Plus I’ve done a bunchy of social media stuff for my rare disorder community, right when I’d planned to go on hiatus until January, because for some reason, everyone seems to think December is a good time to do research or issue important decisions that need feedback. We’ve got two entities doing surveys, one entity recruiting for a Zoom interview, and finally, a call for patients to post comments to a governmental agency that just said, “Yeah, patients with XLH are suffering and need treatment, but the only effective treatment is too expensive, so the NHS won’t pay for it.” Argh!

    I’ve done all the surveys, volunteered for the interview, posted comments to the government site, scheduled a different interview, and encouraged others to do the same, complete with a blog post on how to write effective comments to government agencies. Now I just need to finish the book I’m proofreading, and write the synopsis and a draft of the cover copy, all by the end of next week, so I can have some time off from deadlines for the rest of the month.

    Retirement is starting to look really appealing. Except I had this idea for a series of novellas that I’m having a lot of fun thinking about at odd moments, and I can’t /won’t stop writing until I run out of ideas.

  16. Down to three banker boxes of papers to go through. The filing cabinet will get new alphabet dividers. The deep paper purge is almost done. Removed two small pieces of furniture. One may be allowed back. Five bins for shredding. Incredible feeling of lightness creeping in the bones,

  17. I’ve been walking at least 10K steps almost every day since the end of Nov. New counters were installed today so I bought ingredients to finally start baking Christmas cookies.

    1. Those are stunning, I hope some knitters take notice, and give friends and family some of those great designs. My knitting started primitive, and since I haven’t done anything for years, primitive would be a good start if I resume. The first scarf I tried, I ended up increasing the number of stitches on the needles without knowing how I was doing it, the object looked like a really long letter Y. After I yelled Why, I undid all my work, cast on again, and managed to avoid adding extra stitches. Considering that I used very large needles to make a nice and open scarf (didn’t want to overheat in Southern California winter), it is amazing that it took me almost a year to finish. I just knitted occasionally and skipped doing anything with it for multiple weeks. Taf

  18. Glad you picked a cover and can’t wait to see it. I am trying not to learn too much about the plot from the collaboration posts Bob is doing on Facebook but they are too funny.

    I have a book that’s a romance and a mystery and suspense light and family issues and six points of view and I call it a genre bender. It doesn’t fit

    I found out I need surgery next week so everything to do with writing is on hold, which is unfortunate because I have my first book in five years coming out December 12. But a bunch of wonderful authors are going to feature my release in their newsletters. So I can focus on preparing for the surgery and healing and Christmas

    1. Good luck with the surgery and healing well and reasonably fast! Some surgeries take a couple of months for most of the healing, but a nurse told me after a lumpectomy two decades or so ago, that it would be a year for complete healing. I was able to do much of my normal moving 15 gallon pots (complete with plants and soil), after the two months, and many other semi-strenuous activities, but be careful not to overdo it… Taf

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