Argh Author: Harper Cross’s All I Want For Christmas is Her

Our own Nancy Yeager, writing as Harper Cross, has All I Want For Christmas Is Her, a protector Chrismas romance that’s part of a multi-author, nine–individual-books collection.

Deck the halls with spies and groomsmen…

As an agent for a spy organization known as HEAT, my idea of a thrilling vacation is quiet downtime, settling into my new apartment and domesticating my skittish foster cat. When my fuzzy roommate tries to scream down the building, I attract unwanted attention, including from Gage Halifax, the sexy do-gooder next door.

Gage loves animals. And kids and the environment. I hate white knights. And nosy neighbors and romantic liaisons. Which is why, despite my steamy fantasies about my hot neighbor, I intend to keep my distance from him.

Until I learn Gage’s company is being courted by a corrupt international organization and he might be in their crosshairs.

When I find out he’s a groomsman in need of a wedding date, I offer to be his plus one in exchange for him helping me plan my first Christmas in the city. It’s the perfect pretext for sticking close to protect him. I don’t anticipate how hard it will be to resist my forbidden fantasies. And I can’t guard against his heart of gold melting my heart of ice.

We’ll attend the wedding of the season if enemy agents don’t kill us first. And I’ll blow my cover if I can’t help falling for the guy next door.

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The Betting on Christmas Collection

A big-city billionaire with a small-town bride. A high-society New York City wedding with a bossy-boots Momzilla, nine wedding attendants, and one crazy bet. Will the bridesmaids and groomsmen find their own dates to the Christmas wedding of the century, or will they all fall victim to Momzilla’s decree? Find out in this romance collection by nine bestselling authors.

14 thoughts on “Argh Author: Harper Cross’s All I Want For Christmas is Her

  1. Thanks everyone! This book was the one in which I’ve written about a cat (despite having multiple cats of my own at all times), and Mr. Whiskerbottom Fuzzypants was probably my favorite part of the whole story.

    1. That can work for readers too — I had a review on the garlic farm series that said something along the lines of “I liked the main character just fine, but I really loved the cat!”

  2. Congrats Nancy! They sound like something I want to read. I hope I can remember them when the day comes that I am not afraid to buy new books. I have a self-imposed deadline of April 1 to finish my work in progress and new books are distractions. Pout.

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