Argh Author: A. Y. Caluen’s Lost and Found

. Our own A. Y. Caluen (that would be Chacha to you) has a reissue out, Lost and Found. Here’s what she has to say about it:

Hi Arghers,

Chacha1 coming to you with a backlist title. I wrote this novel during a six-month period of unemployment in 2019, when my recurring themes of loss and reinvention really took hold. It’s been slightly revised since then, and this year was given a wide launch along with most of my other backlist titles. I consider it an F/M romance novel, but those who know me and what I read will not be surprised to find significant queer content.

It’s a book about finding a new way to relate to the world after a major loss, rapidly and unexpectedly followed by a major inheritance. It’s also about finding the people who accept and embrace you no matter what.

LOST & FOUND is Hollywood-adjacent, features a number of my other characters in supporting roles, takes the main characters from first meeting to their honeymoon, and is one of the five most unusual books I’ve written. I’d love for it to find an audience. (And it’s 50% off through Jan 1 on Smashwords!)

This blog post went up when we completed the redesign, and is now updated with vendor links and a link to a bonus flash fic:

5 thoughts on “Argh Author: A. Y. Caluen’s Lost and Found

  1. I got it. When I go back to reading new stuff it will be on top of my tbr pile. Have wanted to read something by you for a while now.

    Only doing re-reading right now because I want to possibly finish a novel for once.

    And thanks to our mutual friend Tammy aka my accountability partner – I might.

    1. Hi Chacha1, thanks for the heads up & for making it available through Kobo Aust. And all the best for your reissue. I have been interested to read something you had written also but wasn’t aware of your author name.

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