Argh Author: A. Y. Caluen’s Lost and Found

. Our own A. Y. Caluen (that would be Chacha to you) has a reissue out, Lost and Found. Here’s what she has to say about it:

Hi Arghers,

Chacha1 coming to you with a backlist title. I wrote this novel during a six-month period of unemployment in 2019, when my recurring themes of loss and reinvention really took hold. It’s been slightly revised since then, and this year was given a wide launch along with most of my other backlist titles. I consider it an F/M romance novel, but those who know me and what I read will not be surprised to find significant queer content.

It’s a book about finding a new way to relate to the world after a major loss, rapidly and unexpectedly followed by a major inheritance. It’s also about finding the people who accept and embrace you no matter what. Continue reading