Working Wednesday, November 29, 2023

I was up late last night working on Anna–Bob went through and rewrote Nate and made him a much stronger character–and I forgot today was Wednesday, so I apologize for the late post. He’ll shortly be sending me his newest pass at Very Nice Funerals, so I need to get Anna revised with new scenes and back to him. And I need to clear out enough stuff that hasn’t been unpacked yet so I can get my car in the garage so the local maintenance people can plow the drive. One thing after another.

So what did you work on this week?

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  1. Technical help! For some time, I’ve been unable to read comments on any of your posts. It’s almost noon, and it just comes up with the “leave a comment” screen. Usually much later in the day the correct screen comes up, and then I can read the comments. It used not to do this, but it’s been doing it for quite a while. Could it be something about my email address? I’m stumped.

    1. I often find (not just with this website) I have to press refresh twice to force it to reload – otherwise it uses its cached (previous) version.

      1. Good advice, I used to remember to check caches with older word processing programs (sometimes excess in the caches slowed things down if I am remembering correctly). My memory can let me down about recent stuff, much less stuff that has been around for a decade or two…

        Jennifer – When you mentioned a full garage, I started thinking of things in caches, there are many stacks and piles in the garage here that need to be sorted into: trash, keep, donate, recycle…Yikes! Taf

  2. The weather being iffy yesterday ( most of the snow fell in the higher elevations; we only got an inch), I got my walk in early. Afterwards I started a new supply of white pine honey, and then the white pine tincture I thought it would be fun to make. For anyone interested, to make white pine honey ( good for keeping healthy in the winter), place white pine needles and small twigs in a jar and cover them completely with honey (preferably raw, but not 100% necessary). I place the jar on a double boiler over low heat for several hours over the course of a couple of days, then strain and put the strained honey in a separate container. I use it in my tea, as well as in an elderberry syrup I make. It’s helpful for a cough or sore throat. You can also put it on scones or pancakes, as well as to bake with it.

  3. I’ve been knitting mostly, and swearing over knitting, and finished knitting, and then the dang hat might’ve turned out too small so I’m now knitting another one in a different size. My sib has named these hats “The War of Ants hats, in colour”. They say the hat looks like the TV-screen would look way back when if you didn’t have connection to a channel. In Sweden, we call that crawling spots-screen “myrornas krig” = the war of ants, because it… kinda looked like that, didn’t it? In black and white. The hats are like that, but in colour, sib says. They’re weird, but I love them anyway. <3 The same yarn is available in a black-grey-white variety, so I offered to knit them a REAL War of Ants-hat, but they haven't taken me up on the offer for some reason 🤣

    Tomorrow, hospital lab people will come do the bloodwork for the adrenal glands. Unless that comes back with news of weird, CT-scan is next. Don't have an appointment for that yet though. Also need to call dietitian and ask for nutri-drinks that are, as the internist put it, "more like juice", in the hopes of them making me less nauseous than the ones I have now. She says they exist, now we gotta see what dietitian says. Experimenting continues.

    Debbie, if you read this: I did answer on your message on the Sunday-post with links and all! … but it seems to have been eaten by moderation. I wanted to let you know, lest you'd think I ignored you! I will try posting the links again in a reply to this post and hope they won't get snacked on again. Thank you for your kind words Sunday!💘

    1. @Debbie (and anybody else interested)
      Here is the Dala-horse piggybank Sven gifted to HSBC Bank. I’m all out of these now, but I really like the simplicity in the horse-design, so I might make some more. A Dala-horse is a traditional Swedish woodcarving artform from the province Dalarna, often painted with flowers or spots in different patterns. The particular way of painting those is called kurbits, if I’m not mistaken. Mine doesn’t have flowers and is not made from wood, but I’m not from Dalarna either, so maybe they will forgive me. 🙂
      And here is the sleeping cat-figurine that’s going to Norway somewhere this week.
      Please, WordPress. Don’t eat this post again.🙏

      1. Wow, the Dala horse is really sparkly! So delightful. The cat looks very relaxed.

    2. Shass, have you by chance been tested for a gluten intolerance/allergy? I was reading your post from Sunday and a lot of your symptoms sound like Wheat Belly to me.

      1. Yes, and I don’t seem to have any intolerance to gluten. They’ve tested that in a few different ways, the gastroscopy being one of them. I also react the same way regardless of type of food- doesn’t matter if it’s salad, bread, fruit, turkey-dinner, yoghurt, you name it. Even a cup of tea can make me feel that way sometimes. 🙁

        1. Good luck with getting better fast! (That sounds horrid) I wish you good health whether or not doctors and other health care folk figure out what is going on…Taf

      1. I don’t think we ever had a name for that pattern in English, despite the fact that it did get mentioned occasionally. For instance 10% or something of that screen static supposedly is cosmic background radiation from the Big Bang.

      2. Every kid knew it back then! I don’t know if it’s a thing on TV anymore? I haven’t seen a TV-screen since 2005. Maybe the TVs of today don’t have ant-wars?

        1. I think it vanished with the switch to digital, if not before. And of course, black and white TVs have been consigned to history.

    3. My sister and I called your myrorans krig the “buggy show” as it looked like a million little flies trapped in the tube. Our Icelabdic heritage contains some Swedish, so maybe it’s a Scandi way of seeing things?

      1. That could very well be true! Now I gotta ask my Norwegian friends what they called it. Maybe it is indeed a thing from up north. 🙂

  4. I am slowly working towards my final show of the year this Saturday. Lots of last minute ideas… Why do those always pop up when there is no time left to do them?

    Anyway, I am ignoring all housework and impending Christmas craziness until Sunday. The studio time is lovely and crafting every night does wonderful things for my mental state, even though I feel a clock ticking down in the back of my head.

  5. I’m feeling more productive. I’ve been typing up all my discovery pieces for my fiction project, and noticing which of them feel most alive. Also been getting into my lost rights of way research – adding info to the online map for the project. Had fun today, checking a 1902 map for cyclists against the modern map, and finding a number of lanes – most excitingly, through big estates, which I now hope to find good evidence for. Up the revolution!

  6. I’m getting ready for my surgery tomorrow! Virtually checked in with the hospital and waiting on the doctor’s coordinator to call me with a surgery time.

    I’ll update on Sunday, hopefully with no specs!

    1. Hope everything went well today! Sending timed pocket-hugs for when you need them, and a lot of speedy recovery healing wishes vibes.

  7. I’ve been working on quilting (of course), and trying to finish up a knitted shawl so I can start on something new. I just ordered more yarn, so I really need to get this old project finished! On the quilting front, I’ve been working on the actual quilting, rather than piecing, so there’s not much to show right now. A lot of it is mental – figuring out what if any design you want, and how to actually sew it. And then girding your loins to start. That’s the part that takes me a lot of time. I’m now to the background parts, so I need to do something that will look nice but not overwhelm the rest of the quilt.

    Yesterday, I looked at my pile of shoes and decided to do something with them. I ended up putting the summer sandals away, and pulling out other, warmer options for the current weather. I have some ankle boots on now that I might need to pass along to a new owner. But either I wear them or I get rid of them and free up space in the closet! It’s baby steps in the right direction.

  8. vegetate /vĕj′ĭ-tāt″/
    intransitive verb
    To grow or sprout as a plant does.
    To grow pathologically on a body part, as a wartlike lesion on a heart valve.
    To exist in a state of physical or mental inactivity.
    “He was just vegetating in his parents’ house all winter.”

    Okay, I wasn’t in a state of mental inactivity – I read and watched and listened. The dotter and I have agreed to apportion the refund from the dead refrigerator to cash in my pocket and a treadmill, and possibly an exercycle. She doesn’t want the Owner’s Suite to become a root cellar. 😉 Given the sparsity/scarcity of electrical outlets…

    Physically, my greatest effort was refilling water reservoirs for the farm and harvesting all the Romaine in Louise (and some butterhead lettuce from Lucy. I ate a lot of salads this week.

    Mr. Keurig has been serving up coffee and tea and hot cocoa. Admittedly, the tea is served in “hot water” mode without a k-cup. There are teas available in k-cups. I’m happy with the teas I have in bags. Plus, I have a lot of bags.

      1. I checked on that early on. Step one – get Dom-El to change the wires from the pole to the house. Step two – change the breaker panel from 100 amp service to 200 amp. Step three – have the electrician run wire and mount outlets. Step four – sell kidney to pay for it.

        1. Yikes! Breaker Panel changes are sticker shock city! I believe the same is true for Step one, dang, sorry…

          I did get more outlets done when I bought my house, and lucky for me the previous owner had upgraded the breaker panel. That made the washer and dryer in the back porch (in the house) possible. Buying a house that was built in the late 20’s or early 30’s meant installing some amenities as I could afford them over the more than two decades of “home moanership”.

          The place I rented before I bought this house was the first place that had a dishwasher, what a lovely appliance! That was the first thing I paid someone to install. The kitchen, back porch and back bathroom had seriously ugly and worn linoleum, so another change before I moved in was replacing that with better flooring. I did paint a few rooms white before I moved in, my Granny used white walls in many of her rooms, which looked great. There were some really ugly colors of green or yellow in here before-Ick! Take care of yourself… Taf

          1. The basement/Owner’s Suite walls are all white, and I am content to keep them that way. The dotter, being goth, has painted upstairs walls to suit her mood, i.e. black.

  9. I had an email from someone yesterday asking me to do a 90-minute workshop online next May, for emerging writers – and I realised that I am DONE. I don’t want to even think about next year; I just want a really nice holiday at home reading and gardening and walking in the bush.

    These workshops take days of preparation and it is totally not worth it financially. I enjoy the intellectual challenge, but I’ve had too much of it. So I’m going to stick to the school visits next year and say a big no to workshops for adults. Just the thought of them makes my heart sink. I might feel differently come February, but right now it’s time to clear the decks.

    So that’s what I’m doing today, clearing the decks. Sent the new novel to my agent, sent the corrected first pages of the previous novel to my editor, and cancelled a couple of things that were stressing me out. Now I’ve got one adult workshop (this Saturday) and one school visit (next Thursday), and then I’m on holiday!

    1. That was a brilliant no. Power to the people! And by the way nice to see you again – I fretted on last week’s Good Book Thursday that you hadn’t made an entry – thought you were ill! Jane reassured me that you were just busy.

      1. Thank you for thinking of me, Tammy. Last Friday (which is when Good Book Thursday turns up in Tasmania) I was in Launceston doing school visits. So yes, I’ve been way too busy, but that is about to stop!

    2. Hurrah! Great work! Sounds like you could really use some time off for yourself. Recovery-days incoming! 🙂

  10. Awaiting the time to call and see if I have jury duty in December. Until I know something, several things I need to schedule are on hold. Crossing my fingers that there will be nothing on the docket.

    I’ll get my minimal Xmas decorating and rake the leaves (wind and rain have moved most of them into the flower beds where they’ll stay until spring) done this weekend.

    Meantime just trying to relax.

  11. Bought cream cheese and jam for rugelachs, a little early this year but I want to make some to send to my sister, whose dog died Monday. It’s very hard-he was a rescue, half blind and a little deaf, but he was her favorite dog of all time (and she’s had dogs all her life).

    I listened to Bill Bryson’s Secret Christmas (I think it’s free on Audible), which was an enjoyable while-grocery-shopping listen, and Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer’s Sorcery and Cecelia series the last few days, while cleaning up after Tgiving. If you don’t know it, it’s a YA regency romances with magic, and quite enjoyable. It is truly remarkable the impact Georgette Heyer’s regency romances have had on so many writers, inventing a whole category of writing. I grew up reading her books, as well as the many, many imitators (it was huge in the 80s, then there was a lull, and then, I think, it morphed into the sort of Bridgerton big novel with sex). But you can see her influence in fantasy, too—Bujold’s Civil Campaign, for starters, but lots of others. But I’d bet nine out of ten male writers wouldn’t recognize the name.

    1. Don’t poll the males here. I read A Civil Campaign first, then read Heyer as a result of that. I suspect that of the males at Argh, the percentages are a lot… higher.

      1. I might have heard of Georgette Heyer before discovering Argh but I hadn’t read any of her stuff before, but then I hadn’t read much romance at all before discovering Jenny’s back catalog.

    2. Late to the party, but I’ve been following Patricia Wrede for decades, and once even had occasion to exchange short letters with her. I read S and C not long after its 1988 publication. And, as noted earlier, I’ve been reading Heyer since the late 1960s. Of course, my own published fiction credit amounts to one story. But I read S and C when visiting a now deceased much-published writer, and I know he also read Heyer.

  12. I had to go back to work this week. So far nothing terrible has happened there, knocking on wood, but that can happen at any time.

    What I have “worked” on is:

    (a) getting scammed by a fraudulent website and trying to stop the payment on it, which will probably not go through because I will be paying the Stupid Tax of $95 for not paying attention to which theater website each theater uses, which I can sure afford as a future unemployed dumbass. Oh yeah, and they asked me to upload paperwork their website literally won’t let me upload, and calling India did nothing. I’m going to have to FAX or SNAIL MAIL it. Did I mention the deadline they gave me to return it was Monday and I got it Wednesday?!

    (b) being called umpteen times by one hospital in City A refusing to provide me with a psychiatrist, asking them multiple times to refer me to the other one in City B that they want me to go to, getting other people to refer me to City B, waiting on City B to call me, City B not calling me.

    (c) using my alternate insurance (which I will lose upon firing, but oh well) to get an appointment with a psychiatrist outside the HMO within a week. Like, that took an hour and the other HMO hospitals have taken like 2 weeks to do nothing.

    (d) being told to talk to disability services about accommodations, which is going to be an issue without a psychiatrist signing off on that (my therapist COULD but REFUSES to because it should go through a “real” doctor), and also I have no idea what to ask for because I categorically can’t ask for anything I have a problem with here, work will kill me. They basically said “pick what you want” except I can’t? I can’t ask for dumb shit like my own office (more or less got it), I just want to not be scrutinized, nitpicked, shamed, and abused. That, however, is permitted.

    (e) debating whether or not I want to ask for accommodations they can’t provide so I can be eligible for a job-switching program, which sounds great except I still don’t qualify for too many jobs here and I’d have to find one within 90 days.

    (f) wishing for death, because death would be easier than fighting this.

    (g) Also doing Tunisian crochet, which is a pain in the ass and I took it out like 4-5 times tonight.

    1. I have nothing constructive to offer, Jennifer. But just wanted you to know I am hearing your pain. And that as dark as things are now they can be better for you. I so believe that & the fact that in this truly awful time you are wrangling with Tunisian crochet & persisting until you get to the standard you expect from yourself. You are indeed a survivor. Take good care & because I am thinking you may not want internet hugs from a random blog poster (that’s word is not correct but you get the idea) I am sending you hot & sunny good health & wonderful life vibes from Australia.

    2. Jennifer, that all sounds so awful and frustrating, and most of it out of your control, which makes it even worse. I’m so sorry you’re having such a rotten time and I hope it starts to sort itself out soon. Sending you warm hugs.

    3. How awful, way too many horrible Catch-22’s, for one person to deal with! I hope you get in better health spontaneously and soon…I hope your job either turns around to civilized behavior, or that you get referred to a new good job without being scrutinized, nitpicked, shamed or abused.

      I wish you the kind of great workplaces I enjoyed before retirement! The occasional after work gathering took place not just to let traffic get reasonable before we had to be in it heading home-but because we enjoyed each other’s company. Taf

  13. I didn’t get the email for this, so I’m even later. I’ve been really floored by the long Covid (from the last April, on top of the bout in Feb 2020) and haven’t been getting nearly as much done as I normally would.

    I did manage to put up a couple of strings of colored lights around the living room walls to brighten up the place for the season and set up my Yule altar (which meant putting away all the things normally on that altar on the living room wall to make room), plus made plans for our yearly Yule dinner party. My group (and a couple of spouses and now teen children, so probably 10 total) has been gathering for this every year since 2004. You know, except for 2020 because of Covid, and 2021 because people HAD Covid, and last year, because two households had flu. You can imagine how hard I am praying for no illness–and no snowstorms–this year. It is literally the high point of my year and I have really missed it.

    Managed to write up two book proposals for Llewellyn and send them to my editor, where they will probably languish for at least a couple of months because she is so overloaded.

    Took the cat to the vet AGAIN (they’re threatening to give me frequent flyer miles) for allergy related things. The good news is that after changing his food and feeding him way more than usual, Koshka has put on a pound and a half (he went from 10 lbs to 8 lbs over the course of a year, which was terrifying, and all the tests and scans were clear, so the assumption is a digestive issue). Since this pretty much decisively eliminates the possibility of cancer, I am a very happy camper. He is just happy about the extra food. Although not the gunk I have to put in his ears now.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about the long covid, Deb. And I too hope that you get through this year’s celebrations with no illness! Excellent news about Koshka!

    2. Yay for extra huggability on the cat! Always a worry when they don’t eat as they should. Here’s to hoping he’ll stay a happy fluff and you’ll climb out of the post-COVID-troubles soon!

      1. Deborah – I echo the good wishes from Shass (and others above) for you staying healthy and your cat staying healthy too!

        May all the folks on this list stay healthy through winter and be able to enjoy the whole holiday season that takes us into next year… Taf

  14. My big “work” this week was deciding NOT to work. It dawned on me yesterday that an optional deadline (finishing a quilt to mail in time for Christmas) was one thing too much right now, and I have another quilt (a Christmas one) that I was going to send with the one that’s overdue as a welcome-to-the-world present. So I’m punting the second quilt to January and sending the Christmas one earlier than I’d planned, so they can actually use it in the time leading up to Christmas, rather than having it already be obsolete (for this season) when they get it.

    Now my deadlines are reasonable and I can enjoy the quiltmaking instead of viewing it as a chore.

  15. Well, I just realize today was Thursday, which meant working Wednesday went up yesterday. So I’m even further behind.

    I did go back to work this week after having my sutures removed on Monday. I’m primarily working on healing still. I’m also working through a backlog of email.

    Craft wise, I am limited in what I can do. I did order two new lights for my sewing room as part of black Friday sales. I love them and will be keeping both of them. One is even a happy lamp, so it should help doubly with the seasonal affective disorder. I will be happy because I am working on crafting projects and I will get the light boost.

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