Working Wednesday, November 22, 2023

For the first time in decades, I am not making a Thanksgiving meal tomorrow. That means I can organize my office, work on Rocky Start, clean up the kitchen, and crochet. Good decision, I think.

What did you decide about work this week?

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  1. I decided not to work and to continue to hang out in Curacao 🇨🇼. We went on a tour of a Mangrove Park. Fascinating. Lots of wildlife. Our tour guide told us his original choices were either to be a nature biologist or a dj.

      1. We flew in. Direct flights from Toronto on two airlines. Very few American tourists here. Mostly Dutch and Canadian.

  2. I’ve been researching how to cook a turkey breast. I’ve got whole turkey down, but this year we have a smaller gathering. I suspect it takes considerably less time, so I need to work out when I want to pull it from the oven (for the trip to the in-laws), and work backwards from there.

    But in other new this week – I got my purple quilt put together. I think it looks pretty cool – all because of the choice of colors – and I’m sure my neighbor will like it. I might have to make a second one for another lad who loves purple – but he’s not done for another year, so I’ve got some time.

    I also had help early Saturday morning on clearing a pile of stuff from my desk. It was all over the floor, so I used that as a sign to actually cull through it. Most went into the trash, either shredded or unshredded. I also rounded up large feral dust bunnies and now every time I look at that corner of my desk I’m happy. Hopefully that will inspire me to further forays into cleaning and decluttering!

  3. I am at the stage of my life where I have to sit down between tasks. Mop the floor, rest in rocker, laundry (up and down stairs), rest in rocker. The draw back in that is I don’t rest but think of other jobs to be done. So, I never made an appointment at the hairdressers for a cut. This morning I do what I usually end up doing is grab the scissors and do it myself. The best tool after a self-cut is the curling iron, you know, to hide the mistakes that will eventually grow in.

    A fun thing happened this week was when the grocery clerk carded me at the supermarket after I placed two bottles of wine (red and white) on the belt along with the groceries. She did make an announcement to the fact that I had alcohol, and she would have to card me. Maybe it is a new thing where everyone is ratted out.

  4. We are cooking for three which may be nuts . But we will meet up with neighbors for dessert. And will zoom with our son over dinner.

    So today and tomorrow are cooking but after that i am going to plant bulbs

  5. I am making Thanksgiving for ten tomorrow—I’ve made Thanksgiving dinner (at least the turkey) every year since, I think, 1989, except for the year my daughter had back surgery. It is astonishing to me that, despite how long I’ve been cooking it, I still spend days looking at recipes (mostly to reject them and occasionally to sneer at them), particularly since the menu is now set in stone: turkey stuffed with sausage bread stuffing, white wine reduction gravy, mashed potatoes, creamed mushrooms, green beans with almonds, cauliflower with brown butter and crumbs, chard lasagna, rolls, and pie. Apple crumb, pumpkin, pecan, key lime. My mom contributed the recipe for stuffing, my mother-in-law the one for the mushrooms and cauliflower, my older daughter makes the apple pie and the mushrooms, and my son makes key lime pie. Although this year he’s trying pecan cheesecake, and my daughter is also making vegan curry hand tarts, and I’m going to try making roasted squash and vegan chocolate pudding (I have yet to find a recipe for vegan dessert that is worthy of Thanksgiving). So I guess there’s some new stuff, after all.

    What traditional dishes are on your tables, and what wild and crazy?

    1. I found a recipe for a tart vegan lemon custard for a baby shower that was pretty good. And my friend did fudge cookies for the same event that you wouldn’t even know were butter and egg free. I can try to find the recipes if you like.

      1. I have two at dessert who can’t eat dairy so I’m trying tahini cookies and a date/almond flour/oatmeal cookie with milk free chocolate chips.
        Both are vegan.
        There will also be chocolate cake and raspberry pie for those who are not.
        And because one guest has significant additional dietary constraints there will be two versions of cranberry sauce and two versions of sweet potato casserole with fruit and nuts .
        Otherwise it’s Turkey brined and cooked on the big green egg (DH), peas, mushrooms and a plain salad .

        1. Because of the conflicting dietary requirements (allergies, heart, gastric) of my extended family as a child, there were always five different dressings.

        2. I do not cook stuffing. No one in my immediate family likes it to make it worth while.
          It is amazing how much easier a Turkey dinner is if you don’t make stuffing.
          My mom and sisters can’t imagine thanksgiving without stuffing but we no longer celebrate holidays with them. For cause.
          (We see them but in smaller groups and not for holidays.)

    2. In years past my husband would bone out the turkey for the holiday feast serving multiple family members. For tomorrow he already boned out the turkey breast for the five of us. That’s so much easier to then stuff and roll the bird, roast and slice it. Not too much worry about leftovers. There will be no turkey soup.

  6. My house is as clean as it is going to get. Not saying much, but it is better. I really need to not let it get so bad. But that is for next year.

    I believe that my turkey is fully defrosted. Also the pie that I baked back in October and the bread that I tucked away. Ditto the applesauce and corn I did this fall.

    Now I have one more push for the only in person craft show I do a year, the local performance of the Nutcracker that I do a bit of costuming for and the remainder of the family obligation stuff. Then I am hope free. I am going to try to hibernate for a bit before some new year cleaning and organizing. But I am bad a resting. We will see.

  7. Happy Holiday to those who celebrate, and Thanks to everyone for this haven.

    I’ve been working on setting up satellite home office in NC so I can spend Christmas week there with the aged and falling-apart parents while my sister & her wife get a break in the shape of travel to TX to visit my sister-in-law’s family.

    Completed uploading all titles intended for wide launch. This was a big project and a big relief to have done. Next I have to add my Books2Read links at QRI and my blog, then do some promo in December.

    Wrote a new chapter in the historical novella. Four to go. Would much rather work on that than sign on for Day Job, but alas; must pay the rent!

  8. Been working on yard cleanup and finally getting my office back together! We put all the trim and stuff up there on one day, husband cut and installed trim in the closet the next which was the hardest part. Today we measure the rest of the walls and one day soon I will have a floored, trimmed, ready to move back into office! This has been a much interrupted project with other things taking priority but we’re not far off now.

  9. What I love most about Working Wednesdays of 2023, is that any work I do is both personal and for me and my family. That’s retirement.

    As for Thanksgiving, I have two Stouffer’s Roast Turkey frozen dinners. “tender white meat turkey & stuffing in a homestyle gravy with russet mashed potatoes” 270 calories, 770 mg of Sodium, 27 net g of carbs. To be served with Ocean Spray cranapple juice.

    I have a pair of Tyson premium Cornish Hens that I bought specifically for Thanksfest, but a) they are not thawed, and 2) they’re too much trouble unless I am in the mood, and iii) I need a bigger toaster oven. No. I want a bigger toaster oven, preferably one with words like “convection” in the description.

    Tonight, Amazon should deliver my new Keurig and a box of K-cups (decaf). I can has Koffee.

    1. I love my Breville toaster oven. They are expensive, but they make very durable items. I also love my Breville tea maker. I’m not is in love with my Breville blender. Unless they have improved how you can clean them, they’re not worth it.

      1. Breville Smart Oven Pro Toaster Oven, Brushed Stainless Steel, BOV845BSS $229

        Gary’s current Mainstays 4 Slice Toaster Oven with 3 Setting, Baking Rack and Pan $19.98

        Maybe I’ll just buy another Mainstay. I can waste twenty bucks easier than two hundred twenty…

  10. I did a lot of work today (and over the last week), but pretty much none of it was what I NEEDED to do (like make the cheese puffs and salad that I’m bringing to dinner tomorrow, and I won’t have time in the morning before I leave to do it).

    On the plus side, my procrastitasks (hat tip to Ursula Vernon) included getting out my Christmas quilts and other textiles and scattering them around the house, so it will be all Christmasy when I get home from Thanksgiving dinner.

  11. I am not working Thanksgiving, which after all these years is very very strange. I am working Friday, though, so I’m not going to anyone else’s Thanksgiving which would disrupt my day-before-work routine too much and lead to not getting enough sleep before four-thirty in the morning. I cooked a turkey yesterday, and had it with dressing (the one of the five mentioned above that suits my allergies) and sweet potato. Today I will have more of it, with some green vegetable or other.
    I am far, far behind on outdoor work to prepare for winter (in other words, to be ready for spring) and I’m not getting as much baking done as I would like, but at least I’m getting nearly enough rest.

    1. I don’t think I could hold down any job where I had to get up at 4:30. It’s not that I would be miserable; I would be fired.

      1. I’m not miserable at all once I finally wake up. I’m no more short of sleep than I am on days when I can sleep later (thank you, arthritis pain) and I get to totally miss Rush Hour.

    2. I am in the same boat with Debbie. I am so not a morning person. I love working from home now. But when I had to go in, I was arriving between 11 am and noon.

  12. I’m not doing much. I got laryngitis so I didn’t have to go back to work this week. I’m not sleeping a whole lot (AGAIN), just catching up on all the Hallmark Christmas movies I DVR’d (I’m on the last one!) and trying to figure out Tunisian crochet. I finished a vest yesterday, so I’m happy about that. I’m also waiting around on a second opinion from a psychiatrist, but I requested a different location than the one that called me, so that makes the situation take even longer, sigh. (If they make me go in person, I’d rather pick the location with less traffic.) Otherwise, I just feel…bleah. I’m going to be worse next week once I have no excuse but go to back to work.

    Y’all, I don’t know how I am going to save myself from this situation. I know I should be applying for jobs, but I feel too shitty to on many levels. Nor can I sell myself as someone to hire because I shouldn’t be hired. I feel like I am drowning, like water in the lungs levels of drowning and I don’t have the energy to save myself further when all my executive function has gone to making psychiatric and union phone calls for 3 weeks.

    So this is more of a “I should be working on…” post, I guess.

  13. I am learning to speak a dialect of Keurigami. My new machine doesn’t have “strong” buttons or the other bells and whatsils. It just permits selections of “Large Mug” (10 oz), “Small Mug” (8 oz), and “Small Cup” (6 oz).

    After the first large mug of Maud’s Tall Dark and Handsome decaf, I nearly re-boxed the unit for re-gifting. The second attempt was a small cup. Both were doctored with a serving (30 CCs) of Half & Half and one mL of chocolate stevia. The small cup was pretty good, probably due to the ratio of dark roast to creamer.

    I have other k-cups coming, both coffee and hot chocolate. But I’m not throwing out my Folgers crystals.

  14. Thought I was done with ballot adjudication. The judge thought otherwise. There’s been a court case that’s been going on for at least the last 3 elections. every time there’s a decision, the losing party appeals.

    The question is whether to count the ballot that are not dated or incorrectly dated on the outer envelope. Seems reasonable that the date is irrelevant. Either the ballot is physically at at the election bureau when the polls close or it isn’t. Why would a date matter? The last judge, finally, decided that the ballots could be counted.

    So back to ballot adjudication. I can’t really complain-we have clear instructions, there aren’t that many, and fewer voters disenfranchised. Another day devoted to my county. And we were doing so well making all our deadlines.

    Not cooking tomorrow. Going to my cousin’s. Have a happy, everyone.

  15. I became a grand aunt twice today (different nieces, one on time, one 3 weeks early), which is amazing and such a blessing. Moms and babies are fine. Our Thanksgiving plans got shifted around a bit because one of the fathers was the turkey chef and was going to deep fry one and smoke another. I gave my partially defrosted turkey to a food bank, and my brother is going to roast the other. What a crazy and happy day!

  16. I’m dog-sitting, so I decided not to bother sweeping/vacuuming until the weekend. My dog and the visitor are both black labs and I think there is enough dog hair on the floor to at least make another puppy. The dog-toy basket has been emptied; ,many toys tugged to shreds; and random bits of toy-stuffing scattered around the house.

    It has been 4 hours.

  17. I have been working on healing. While I wish I was further along, I was kind of thrilled yesterday, when I noticed I was typing with both hands. My left arm was still in a sling, but the fingers work. i’m also working on trying to find a position that I can sleep in. So far, sitting upright in the recliner has been about it. I’m also doing a great job of distracting myself with movies, TV, my iPad.

    I am super grateful for voice to text.

    And as for Thanksgiving, I can’t cook because of being one-handed temporarily. My hubby went to Illinois to visit his family this morning. I have a good friend who will be coming over and bringing her sister. They are going to cook Thanksgiving meal at my place and feed me. She’ll stay and take care of me while my hubby is gone. We are going to be having whitefish, green beans, and almonds, butternut soup, and peppermint stick, ice cream, or so I have been told. 😊 it works for me as the traditional Thanksgiving dinner isn’t actually my favorite.

    1. For both my rotator cuff surgeries I could only sleep in a recliner for the first month or 6 weeks and after that a bed was possible with many pillows.
      I still regret agreeing to go with DH to his office Christmas weekend in NYC ( yes just as expensive and absurd as it sounds for a DC firm) and trying to sleep in a hotel bed and then a hotel arm chair at 2 weeks or so.

      Rotator cuff surgery is not fun but it does make life so much better in the long run.

  18. We had an OG family Thanksgiving at my aunt’s—my dad and his two remaining siblings, 2 cousins and families, my mom—whose birthday it is—and my brother, who has finally escaped his toxic girlfriend. The older generation is in their mid to late 80s, so every Thanksgiving may be the last one. But I’m glad it’s only once a year my family is exhausting.

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