86 thoughts on “Happiness is a Nap

  1. What made me happy this week is the gift my husband gave to our friend having a Big Birthday who has also been promoted to Chief Technology Officer at her firm – so my husband gave her a book from almost 25 years ago: “Y2K for Women”. We’ve been listening to her read hilarious bits learning “How to Protect Your Home and Family in the Coming Crisis”.

    By the way, would give thumbs up to anyone wanting to go to Curacao for a beach vacation – if you want interesting things to do like cave tours and the world’s oldest pontoon bridge and the black history museum (with an emphasis on the slave trade) and good food for reasonable prices. Some beautiful beaches but not the long walkable ones of Aruba. No all-inclusives or big resorts although there are a couple of nameable hotels. Get here before they finish building two more cruise ship moorings in draft stage. It’s a gem.

  2. Happiness is getting things done… And shoes.

    I spent almost the entire day yesterday working on. Christmas crafts for my show next week. I feel much better.

    And I dodged most black Friday shopping until an email came from a company that I have followed for years. Up to 70 percent off, a lot of styles discontinued. So I caved. I know I said not until next year, but I bought these because they were on sale, not because I was sad, so it doesn’t count. Plus they are going to go great with the Pendleton wool cape I found at the thrift store.

    Today is the extended family Christmas cookie bake. If I survive that, I really will be happy.

    1. Hi Lupe — would you publish the link to your site once you have finished all your prep work for your upcoming show? I’d love to buy something you’ve decorated — love the bits I’ve seen in the past that you’ve done.

        1. I clicked on that, and loved the ornament, but when I arrowed back, half this page had disappeared!

  3. I too successfully avoided shopping areas, limiting my spending to various online sales. I’ll be expecting boxes to come soon!

    My happy this week has been extended time off for rest and recharge. There was also a very low key and happy Thanksgiving dinner with family. It will be back to the real world come tomorrow.

  4. I went to a really bad talk on Thursday (meant to be about historic local trees, but actually non-stop name-dropping), but I bumped into fellow artists there and had a good catch-up. Also had a good time yesterday going round some open studios and meeting interesting people. And I’m happy about my two Black Friday bargains.

  5. Oh, my Dog!!! Those are hilarious photos!

    We got 4″ of snow last night, and it’s beautiful out there, since it is a Sunday, and no one seems to be going anywhere. It’s also very cold. Only the birds are out, charging at the feeder for all they’re worth.

    Naps are great. I have seen several articles recently saying people who nap don’t live as long, and also, people who don’t get enough sleep don’t live as long. Can’t win. I’ll take the naps, though. I dug out the 3 pound, small, child’s weighted blanket this week and I am sleeping much better under it and the down comforter. The cats seem to think it was made for them to laze on.

  6. I could be wrong, but it looks to me as if most of those dogs are either posing or just resting. In my limited experience, dogs curl up when they sleep, and, like humans, they normally close their eyes. Most of the ones in that series clearly have eyes open.

  7. On napping: I’m one of those who can’t (normally) take a short nap. It’s either nothing or being out for 90 minutes or so, with a bleary inefficient period of waking up afterward. I experimented with regular napping for a while after I retired, but I concluded I was better off just forcing myself through the afternoon sleepies. Good thing I don’t live in a siesta culture (although perhaps lifelong training would have made a difference). Of course, if I’ve had a really bad night’s sleep, occasionally I do give in and nap.

    So whatever has made me happy lately is not a good nap, but I’ll think some more and save that answer for another post.

    1. My naps are much like Patrick’s naps, 90+ minutes and bleary after. The difference is that if I want to nap, I nap. I can live with a little bleariness. My excuse for not napping is I want a better, earlier night’s sleep.

      That said, I feel like a nap right now. 🙂

      1. Instead of that nap, I fired up the Keurig for a cuppa Hot Cocoa. Mr. Keurig has taken over all the hot beverage duties – coffee, tea, hot cocoa. Carbonated drinks, of course, are cold drinks. Well, no warmer than room temperature.

        My Keurig is teal, but I blame Liz Danger anyway.

    2. Yes, I haven’t napped comfortably since I was about two and a half. If I’m sleeping in the day time it’s because I’m sick. (I don’t get sleepy in the late part of the day; I get tired, which is quite different.)

  8. Along with a fantastic vegetarian Thanksgiving feast with my sister (quiche, green beans, & potatoes, followed some time later by peppermint ice cream & two-layer cake), the following Christmas favorites have been making me happy:

    Rest Ye Merry – MacLeod
    Let It Crow, Let It Crow, Let It Crow – D. Andrews
    Trojan Gold – Peters
    Visions of Sugar Plums – Evanovich
    Blue Christmas – M.K. Andrews
    Curtsey – M.D. Kellogg
    A Christmas Carol – Dickens
    Still Life – Penny
    The Christmas Bookshop – Colgan
    Talk Santa to Me – Urban
    The Sherwood Ring – Pope (Best chapter takes place at Christmas. This book will charm your socks off.)

    1. I’m not a vegetarian, but by yesterday (Saturday) I ended up just polishing off various side dishes that at most had meat broth. (Plus a dab of leftover rice and tofu.) Today I’ve got to slice up the turkey breast and freeze what I don’t eat. I don’t think I’m in the mood for soup making, so that also means freezing the bones for later use, I suppose.

      I’m not yet into my pre-Christmas reading, though I do have one new holiday theme book downloaded. I wonder if I’ve hit overload on Miracle on 34th Street. I skipped viewing my DVD last season.

      1. That happens I grew up watching the Sound of Music, I could sing all the songs and remembered most of the dialogue, probably watched it annually. Haven’t seen it for at least 5 years, I love it, but I am taking a break from it. I will see how long the break lasts, but I am sure I will love it again when I watch it again, it is a great movie

    2. Of this book list, my only present favorite is A Christmas Carol. (I may check out some of the others.) This Dickens is part of the small proportion of his work that I enjoy. On my reread last season, I noticed a couple of details that I was surprised were already a thing by 1843: the blind were using guide dogs (although systematically trained ones came only later), and Dickens could already assume his readers knew about stakes through the hearts of vampires, even though Stoker’s Dracula appeared only in 1897. (There were earlier Anglophone works dealing with vampires, but not all that many by 1843, although vampires were an ancient folk belief in parts of the Continent.)

    3. I dug out my copy of His last Christmas in London today. It’s by Con Riley. Last night I watched Bell, Book, and Candle, with Kim Novak, Jimmy Stewart and Jack Lemmon, plus others. It’s a great cast, and sweet love story about witches and mortals. Made in 1958.

    4. Thanks for the reminder. I no longer have copies of the Charlotte MacLeod mysteries, but Trojan Gold was right where it was supposed to be. And I enjoyed the reminder of the friends who turned me onto those titles.

    5. There is nothing more festive than quiche! I have not made one in a while, because things other than broccoli and cheese keep being on sale. It is time.

  9. I take a nap almost every day and have for years. Of course, I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, so naps are my friend. They usually give me enough of a second wind to make it through the rest of the day, and get writing done in the evening. (You know, until long Covid. Sigh.)

    Happiness was not having to get up early on Friday and Saturday to work Black Friday at the shop I ran for 23 years. I left a year and a half ago, and last year I really missed it. This year, not at all. So I’m also happy for finally letting go.

    REALLY happy because the new Doctor Who specials (with David Tennant!) start this week on Disney+ (it used to be BBCA). A Whovian-loving friend is coming over to watch the first one with me this afternoon.

    1. How was the new season of Dr. Who? I am jealous that you get to see it! I used to be able to see it on BBC (America). but would now have to pay extra to see it on Disney+, which I won’t be doing.

      1. As I said about Lower Decks earlier, with any luck your local public library may well get the DVD set once the season is over.

        For myself, I was never a huge Dr Who fan, since for my taste the show involves too much horror, bad science, and plain illogicality and inconsistency, and I’ve pretty much given up on it, although I do follow a podcast that provides summaries and evaluations. The people doing that podcast are not blind to its flaws, but are willing to overlook more of them than I am.

  10. The only real shopping I did was a new dog crate as the puppy is no longer a puppy and no longer fits comfortably in the old one.

    We had a lovely holiday with some friends and family. We did the drive through Christmas lights and the kids loved riding through in the convertible. All the grandkids think I have a cool car. I say they think that just because it is not a van.

  11. My happy is spending the week in California with my brother and his family. Lots of great food and vegan baked goods – brother is a baker – hikes, dog walks and sunshine. Long walk on Carmel Beach where my brother and his kids scattered my mother’s ashes. Visited a farmer’s market, an organic research farm and a biodynamic intensive garden in Santa Cruz. DH and I got to cuddle chickens. It was really helpful to see how effective interplanting flowers, vegetables and herbs in a small space can be and gave me lots of ideas for my own garden. On the way home, we stopped and bought fish off the back of a boat and saw sea lions in the harbour.

    Thanks to Black Friday sales and quick US shipping, my Christmas shopping for my the brother’s family is done. I also ordered myself some new Bombas which are the best socks and not available in Canada.

  12. I tend to no longer feel sleepy in the mid-afternoon, since my stress levels have been at least halved. Note I’ve got time to take a second walk at that time.

    Not anti nap, but they’ve always tended to just mess up my energy levels and sleep patterns.

  13. I cannot nap, even after taking a red-eye flight. Just makes me feel worse.

    Black Friday: my shopping was round-trip tix, not noticeably on sale, to NC for the Christmas Co-Living Trial, a.k.a. me remote working from there for a week while analyzing the 24-7 of my aged & falling-apart parents (mentally competent but getting worse physically).

    We hosted our best friends / landlords on Thanksgiving, which was happy. And having four days off in a row is always happy.

  14. Happy to have had a pleasant thanksgiving and to be on the best stage: soup made for DH and plenty of turkey left for sandwiches.

    Enjoyed everyone’s book title comments in the last post – especially about smarmy subtitles (a feel good romp about ax murders that is laugh out loud funny) (brings out the ax murderer in me, which is probably how it crept into my example). It’s like introducing myself as “I’m Jennifer, so pretty, smart and funny that you can’t help liking me”. Grrrrr

    Also happy to have ordered a lightweight vacuum for my hardwood floors that sounds like it actually has some suction, which is sadly lacking in my current one. Not on sale, but not pricey, so fingers crossed.

  15. I’m sleeping much better at night since my parathyroid surgery, longer and with fewer wake ups. But also more vivid dreams.

    So no naps for me.

    Happy this week was a small thanksgiving with our son zooming in, and starting to plant my tulip bulbs. I was going to do more today but it’s 10 degrees colder than the weather people promised so I may just dig a few holes and come back in. It’s supposed to be warmer at the end of the week but how can I rely on that now?

    Side note — why does Amazon list The Perilous Gard under the illustrator instead of under author Elizabeth Marie Pope?

    1. Ok I was able to plant 40 and could have done more except for phone calls. So I’m optimistic that even if the weather doesn’t get warmer I will get the last 70 in this week.

      I might even buy more crocuses …

    2. Congratulations on getting better sleep! I too have been able to sleep better the last two nights, and it has made a world of difference! I’m still sleeping in my sling, but my stitches get out tomorrow.

  16. Splendid Thanksgiving here. Off to niece’s for turkey day, bringing stuffing, rolls, and mashed potatoes. Fun to see her, her son (our great nephew — and he is!) and her mom, our sister-in-law. And two dogs and two cats. I figured out how to make Chocolate Caramel Shortbread Bars which are to die for. That left Friday for roasting our own turkey with stuffing and gravy and homemade cranberry jelly. And now just living with hot browns. The house smells great because I’m simmering the carcase.

    Feeling thankful for all the people I know and care for — including you guys, of course.

    Have decided to switch my pieces for the women’s writing group I’m in from memoir to short story. So, printed out a story inspired by Bujold’s Chalion world that I posted on AO3 back in 2016. I just need to replace all the Five Gods references with Christian and Muslim versions. Hmm. . . . Fortunately, I like to research.

    1. An interesting bit of backward engineering, since Bujold clearly created Five Gods and Four Gods theology with Christianity and Islam in mind respectively, even though there’s no one-to-one correspondence. My understanding is that Bujold is an agnostic tending toward atheism, but every so often, especially in the Five Gods books, she comes up with something that makes striking sense from a Christian perspective.

      1. Agreed. My real interest is in 12th century British Isles and France, so I’ll probably slide things back from the Ferdinand and Isabella world to that of Geoffrey of Monmouth. I need the Pyrenees for my plot, however. As far as religion goes, I don’t want to bring up modern antagonisms, so I might use the tensions between the established Church and local cults instead of Christianity versus Islam.

  17. Where, oh where is I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas? I thought it was our Black Friday . I love it.

    1. If , like me, you save far too many of Jenny’s blog posts, she last posted it on November 26, 2022. And there is always you tube.

      1. One year my sister worked in the Budget Juniors department at Marshall Fields in Chicago. She has a master’s degree in choral conducting, but after months of hearing Michael Jackson singing “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” every day, even she was unable to remember any other carols.

  18. Thank you for the dog photos, Jenny, they are hilarious and heartwarming. What made me happy this week was getting home from my last trip for the year. No more travelling for at least four months! Possibly even more. I’m walking around the house sighing a lot, for the relief of it.

    Plus I’ve worked out that if I let the chickweed and other things grow in my garden beds, they distract the earwigs and slaters from my teeny tiny carrot seedlings.

  19. Yesterday I celebrated Small Business Saturday by visiting my favorite local bookstore and taking advantage of 2 of their promotions. Their mugs were BOGO and have nice big handles that fit all of my fingers for a very secure hold. My favorite pottery’s mugs have a “trigger” grip which I find very nerve wracking when I am trying to maneuver a mug full of hot liquid with my often shaking hand. These will be nice and secure while advertising a place I love. I also bought a sale cookbook I may not ever use, but it was double discounted so I figured that I might as well.
    They also had a deal where if you buy one of their tote bags, you get 10 percent off your purchase every time you use their tote bag. I always prefer carrying heavy things in my backpack rather than a tote bag because it distributes the weight more evenly, but this was a nice, sturdy bag with a wide flat bottom that will be useful for groceries and , unlike most of the bags I haul around, will not tear. And a discount when I am looking for birthday presents will be useful.

    Thanksgiving turned out to be blessedly peaceful and pleasant. Every day the week before my friend Harriet emailed me asking if I would be able to come for dinner and up until that day I had no idea how to answer her. Fortunately, I was able to join the festivities and survive the long ride out to the boonies without any unpleasant surprises. The group was much smaller than previous years and I enjoyed seeing people I remembered from other occasions. My brother came in from Milwaukee and it was nice spending some time with him.

    1. One of my most reliable mugs is from a line called Rehabilitation Advantage. I am not rehabilitating from anything, but I have largish hands and a tendency to clutter up all flat surfaces and to knock over mugs if given half a chance. This one has a wide base and a cover that you can unseal with a thumb motion, and it keeps liquids hot or cold for an hour or more. And it’s sturdy plastic. My other useful mugs, mostly microwavable pottery or glass, have handles that I can get multiple fingers into and that have flat surfaces on the handle top, and ideally also the handle bottom, for stability. It can be oddly difficult to find mugs like that.

  20. Three happies:

    1. Happy to be generally happy (content), which I just noticed, and I think is because I’m FINALLY really over the open heart surgery a little over two years ago. All along, I’ve thought I was physically healed sooner than I really was, and maybe it applies to emotional healing too.

    2. Happy to have trimmed half of the triangle-squares I need for a quilt that should be mailed in about two weeks. Hope to have the rest trimmed tonight, or at least before Working Wednesday.

    3. Happy to find that the less-sugar cranberry sauce I made today to freeze for use the rest of the winter, and originally thought was a bit TOO tart when I taste-tested it alone, is actually perfect when eaten as intended, along with other foods. Provides a real dash of fruity contrast, rather than just sugar.

    1. Surgery like that affects everything! There is a brain quotient to it, too, I believe. I’m glad you have passed that milestone. We might need that cranberry recipe. 😜

      1. Toss in a pot: two 12 oz bags of cranberries, 1 cup sugar (most recipes use twice that), 1 1/3 cups water, and the juice and zest of a large orange. Bring to boil, cook until the berries all pop (about 10-15 minutes).

        That’s it. I ran about 3/4 of it through a food mill before mixing it back in with the portion of the sauce that still had berries, because while I like whole-berry sauce, I prefer a smaller percentage of berries. with the skins removed, it filled four 8-oz jelly jars. With the skins, it would be a bit more.

        You could substitute half as much honey for the sugar. And I may try adding 1/2 a cinnamon stick to the pot the next time I make it (and remove it before pouring it into jars).

        Another experiment I need to do (for the third Bourbon B&B Mystery, coming out in December 2024, since the sisters who run the B&B make their own locally-inspired jams and jellies), is Bourbon Cranberry Sauce. Basically the above recipe, perhaps with a bit more sugar, and then after the berries are fully cooked and milled, put the sauce back in the pan, add 1/3 cup bourbon per bag of cranberries, and return it to the pan to boil the alcohol off for a few minutes.

    2. I love cranberry sauce but make it with honey, orange juice and orange peel. Since I don’t eat any processed sugar, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so my cranberry sauce is always a bit tart, which I like.

  21. We stopped in Indianapolis instead of driving all the way back to Ann Arbor today because Southern Michigan is having a snowstorm this afternoon. So we’re about to take a nap in our hotel instead of driving through said snowstorm

      1. When we got home to Ann Arbor today it had gotten 2 inches, and that’s after the temperature dropped while it was raining, so we are glad we stopped.

  22. Napping is glorious. I barely got enough sleep and would go through the day trying to get by. Now I nap and it helps a great deal

  23. This week has been long and tiring, so I’m happy it’s over.
    Called with internist doc on Tuesday because of the dizziness, surrealistic sensations and also because I started throwing up my nutri-drinks. She prescribed anti-nausea-pills and said she’d chase the stomach-intestine-liver-department about the gastroscopy. The latter called same afternoon that they’d had a cancellation for Wednesday, so they could fit me in. So, gastroscopy happened. It was horrible, because no sedation and/or anaesthesia. Bleh. . HAPPY that is behind me now, and also that they didn’t “see anything out of the ordinary”. The not-seeing stuff is a mixed happy, because what is it then that causes all this trouble? Result of samples taken from inside on December 14th.
    Internist also wants to do some bloodwork to see if the adrenal gland works as it should. Still waiting on appointment for that.
    Post-gastroscopy time was pretty ick because I felt like a balloon after all the air they’d pumped into my belly and guts. Took me 1.5 day to figure out that was why I felt so bad. Also turned out the anti-nausea-pills cause high-level tiredness, so… I stopped taking them. 🙁 Sigh.
    Happy for books that are easy on my brain, and happy that I’ve started knitting again! Almost finished a toddler-size hat, and started on another on another loom. Bought two e-books and two single patterns on a Black Friday-sale of one of the Ravelry-designers that writes accessible patterns. Hopefully those will turn into more happy later on. And you, you all are happy a’plenty.
    Happy it’s bedtime now! Means this week is done. Hurrah! But first another happy: Reading for a while together with Sven before we sleep. Love. <3

    1. Oh! And another happy I mustn’t forget: I’ve recently sold one of my mosaicked pieces, and a sleeping cat-figurine that I’ve done the colour-design on is going out the door coming week, probably. Sven bought the mosaicked one, a Dala-horse piggybank in black, white, red and gold, which he gifted to the staff at HSBC Bank 2 weeks ago when he was in London to hold a speech and game with people at an accessibility-event they organized for the big tech-companies. They said they’d put it up in their Arts-department at the Head Office there, which is a HUGE(!) honour and compliment.
      I hope this’ll motivate me to craft again. I’ve got some ideas to work out. Sven also pushed for more visibility for my stuff, so he’ll start promoting me on his gaming streams. Maybe it’ll lead somewhere and maybe it won’t. I guess that whatever happens, it can’t hurt to give it a go.

        1. Thank you! I have little tricks for working colours, both choosing mosaics and for making patterns on things. Sometimes I feel limited by the materials, like when I colour things with foam- or silk clay and either the colours I actually want aren’t available, or I can’t mix them to the right shade because I can’t see how much I need to add of one colour or another, but I try my best.
          Here’s the Dala-horse piggybank. And here’s the striped cat figurine.
          I hope Jenny doesn’t mind.

      1. So proud you sold some work Shass, keep on crafting. I don’t know much about nausea, but I think the classic is drinks that contain actual ginger. Though eating bland food like crackers and dry toast might help with settling your stomach

        1. Ginger is great. I’m trying to find ginger-pills to take instead. I hear Ginger Gravol is a thing in Canada, but unfortunately it’s not a thing here. 🙂 We supposedly have similar things though. I also always have mini-cans of coke at home, for when it gets really bad. That also usually settles the stomach.
          Thanks for the crafting-cheers – I’l try!

    2. While you’re waiting for answers about the nausea, perhaps ginger would help a bit? I make ginger tea by pouring boiling water over two or three slices of root ginger in a mug, or you could grate it if that’s easier. I’ve also taken capsules of powdered ginger (bought from a health food shop) for travel sickness.

      Do hope you get some helpful answers soon.

      1. Yes, I love ginger. Been a while since I made tea on fresh one though, great reminder. I’ll buy some!
        Nausea hasn’t been a huge issue up until now, the bigger issue is that eating a cracker makes me feel like I’ve eaten a 7-course Christmas-dinner + dessert. Doesn’t matter what I eat, even a cup of tea can make me feel that way sometimes. Or a biscuit. I lost a lot of weight, even when we were on vacation in Canada and Vegas and more or less lived on junkfood. I think Sven gained roughly the weight that I lost. So they gave me nutri-drinks to get some extra calories onto this skeleton, but they make me nauseous and occasionally they take a return-ticket back out again. I “have to” drink 3of those every day, but my record after almost 2 months is still only 2. The doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong and I’m worried they’ll end up telling me it’s “only in my head”, which is weird because mentally I feel pretty good. But all bloodwork and ultrasounds and gastroscopies and whatsits come back normal/perfect/turbo-healthy. So, no one knows what’s going on, and I keep losing weight.

        1. My only piece of advice, Shass, is Keep Finding Another Doctor until your condition is diagnosed and successfully treated. We’re all rooting for you!

          1. Thank you! I will try. This one is still doing her best, so as long as she’s still trying, we’re letting her do her thing. Just had a phone-appointment with her and gastroscopy came out flawless and perfect (like all other tests…), so she’s now hunting down the lab-people so they can come do bloodwork on my adrenal glands, and she’s requesting a CT-scan. More waiting and not-knowing ahead.
            At least I aten’t dead, as Granny Weatherwax would’ve put it.

  24. I’m another person who is just to groggy after a nap to make taking one worthwhile.

    Got my minutes done for election adjudication-so many votes. I’m actually ahead of the game with that.

    Everything I need to schedule for December is on hold because-jury duty. I’m hoping there’s nothing on the docket for December and they’ll just dismiss us. That’s what happened two years ago. Nothing but good times ahead.

  25. I’m happy because like Debbie, I managed to get some sleep the last two nights. This is post rotator cuff surgery. Prior to that I was averaging two bouts of 2-2.5 hours of sleep per night for a total of about 5 hours per night total but two nights ago I slept for 7.5 hours straight. it was amazing! Last night was really good too (8.5 hrs). I’m also grateful and happy that I’m slowly being able to do more and I hurt less. Tomorrow I see the surgeon then he’ll be taking the stitches out and I’ll find out about physical therapy.

    I am also happy for a good friend who stayed with me over Thanksgiving, while my husband went and visited his family. We watched an abundance of television. She also cooked some very tasty meals while she was here. I was also very happy when my husband got home! One, because I love him and I get to see him again and two, because then I could take a shower. Showering also made me happy. (I need help drying off and getting dressed still.)

    My church also sent me a bouquet of flowers that made me very happy. It was so sweet to be remembered and thought of.

    1. I’m so happy that you managed you have to be sleeping again post surgery. It is really hard when you have to be strapped into and out of all those machines and splints every time you need to move. I hope you continue to improve every night,

    2. The restorative power of sleep is truly amazing. I only discovered/realized it this June. Who knew. So happy you’ve got some of that good sleep. Sending you healing-vibes for the rest of your recovery-jourey!

      1. Kelly, Rotator cuff surgery is tough. I’m glad you are getting sleep. Doing the physical therapy will make a huge difference if your case is like my husband’s was.

  26. We finished Oklahoma this weekend. No covid cancellations the entire run, and only one person out sick for a day and then returned, and I had laryngitis but lip-synced! So there’s that.

  27. This past week, happiness was a relaxed Thanksgiving holiday in which we also finished my office! Still need to caulk the trim, but I will soon be moving back in and that is a happy happy happy thing.

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