21 thoughts on “Argh Author: Susan Berger on The Modern Romantic Podcast

  1. Cool! hope it goes really well
    love the pin
    amused by the detailing of all those time zones, helpful.
    I only recently noticed that EST for Sydney, Australia is listed AEST. Did I just mental edit that ‘A’ out when I lived there or does one need to know whether the continent you are on is the same as the one a timed thing is being listed from

    1. It is AEST – or at the moment AEDT because it’s currently daylight savings. EST doesn’t make any sense unless you know what you’re in the east of 😊

      Although, come to think of it, I’ve sometimes seen WA time just described as WST (no daylight savings for them, as it fades the carpets and frightens the cows 🙄).

      1. yeah, “fades the carpet” I’ve gotten fade lines on clothes left to dry in just couple days of exposure (there was sudden rain so I left it and then I forgot and then lines) and that was only Sydney.
        San Francisco sun can do that but in months not days. I wouldn’t know that but for closet with a window I had for awhile. Closets do not need windows, or heating, if you ask me. Especially not pantries.

  2. Yay! Is this something that can be accessed afterwards? I hope so, because obviously I missed it.

    Susan and I shared a publisher at one time, but I think she was using another pen name for romances. Just tried to look it up but no luck so far. But it’s early and my brain is still in warmup mode.

      1. Thank you for posting this. Apparently we were live and then something happened and this is where we started again. With the liz danger series.

    1. I use Susan B James for romances. My children didn’t want to know that I knew anything about sex.

        1. “No. You were a blue light special. At K Mart. Almost as good. And a lot cheaper.”.
          He gives permission to put his cartoons in dissertation, as long as there aren’t more then a certain number of copies.

        2. They have no interest in where I got them. There is some information about their parents Kids don’t want.

  3. Thank you for posting this. Troy and Emily were a delight to talk to.
    As it turns out, Troy’s mom has a copy of my only children’s book now in print. Mom is there a Santa Claus also he apparently loved me in American horror story not many people recognize me from that. I asked Emily about beekeeping because she is a beekeeper now besides being an artist, and a host of this program. she got her first as a Christmas present from her boyfriend.

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