Happiness is Working Internet and a Lot of Yarn

Krissie fixed my internet–she spent a lot of time on the phone talking to a very nice rep who got us online which I needed Krisse for because she has the patience of a saint and I have the focus of a fruit fly–which made it possible for me to hit the Knitpicks/WeCrochet Big Sale hard. For those of you not fiber freaks, once a year the two sister sites have a two week sale that’s really a blow-out, and even though I swear every year I have enough yarn (because I have enough yarn) they get me. So for the past week I’ve been killing my budget with new yarn, and now it’s starting to arrive, and it’s like Christmas every time another box lands. (For the record, this is my Christmas to myself. That makes it okay that I’m spending that much money. I think.). So for me, this week, happiness is yarn, and a working internet because that’s actually more important than yarn. Continue reading