Working Wednesday, October 11, 2023

This week I spent time fixing a really dumb mistake. We had to change a name in Rocky Start because it was too similar to another name, so I used a Replace All command without clicking the box (there was no box) that said “Exact word only.” Or whatever the box that was missing was supposed to say. The change was from “Lu” to “Mei”. Do you know how many words have “Lu” in them? At least fourteen thousand. I had to find them all because if Bob found them, I’d never hear the end of it. So I worked on that, and the house, and taxes, and several other things, but that was the dumbest.

What did you work on this week?

ETA: Yeah, I screwed up and this posted a day early. Just another Dumb Mistake. I say we roll with it.

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  1. That reminds me of the time a coworker accidentally changed the name of every file he had on his computer to “Max’s Art”.

    He was trying to create a file folder of that name. We have no idea how he did this, and attempts to recreate it failed. I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe. He was able to reset his computer to the backup saved the day before (it took him a while to find it, he had to sort by largest files, then go by creation date) but can you imagine?

    I’ve been hanging mirrors that had been propped against walls, installing grab bars, installing anchors for PT bands, and getting everything I possibly can off of the floor, in preparation for 3-4 months on crutches. And I’ve started deep cleaning, because I just realized that I wasn’t going to be doing much housework for at least the first three weeks. Yikes!

    Progress is in progress…

  2. I am applying for a new opening in another department at work. It’s a bad time to leave my current team and I feel bad about that, but I really want to go. It’s also scary to want something and not be able to get it for myself. The possible disappointment is terrifying.

    There is one difficult person in that department, but the rest of them seem good and I wouldn’t have to work nights and weekends. I really want that.

      1. Thanks, and yes, but I didn’t get that position. They went with someone external who had experience. This is an entry level position in a different department and I am more hopeful.

    1. Best wishes, Lupe & good on you for put yourself in a situation that is challenging but ultimately may bring you more of what makes your life easier.

      1. Of course the flip side is never getting anything I want… I have decided that if I get the job I will celebrate with another pair of fancy shoes even though I wasn’t going to buy more this year.

        And if I don’t get it, I will buy myself a consolation prize, probably more emotional support shoes, even thought I promised I wasn’t going to buy any more this year. Or a linen dress…

        1. I like that whether you win or lose that job…new shoes are at the end of the path…so smart.

          1. I may do that. There is a dress that I am saving up for, and possibly waiting for a sale. No shoes on the wish list at the moment, but that cab change on a dime…

  3. Wow! Tuesday was just a blur! It’s already Wednesday! LOL

    I managed to get a lot done, now that it’s cooler. I mowed two days ago, and edged yesterday. The edging hasn’t been done for maybe over a year. I got a new tool that doesn’t have a string, but has clippers that move across the grass. It’s easier to manage, and doesn’t chop things off indiscriminately. I cut all the branches off one side of a small evergreen that had died. The other half looks pretty good. From one side it looks great! The other side, not so much. Next up is the basement. And the back Forty, which is getting closed in by a large bushy tree that just keeps growing. That will be getting a drastic haircut.

    I did some packing planning for a trip to Arizona that is coming up. They still have triple digits in the afternoon, and we are in the 40’s in the mornings. It takes a mind shift.

  4. OMG you gave me a heart attack. I have so much to do before my book launches Thursday and I thought I’d lost an entire day!

    Yesterday I swept and washed floors. We haven’t had company in a while and they’ve been neglected. Also spent a lot of time making graphics for book promotion, which at least I enjoy.

    1. It was Jenny’s headline. I think Jenny worked so long and hard on all those changes that it felt like it took two days, instead of one. My head would be reeling!

    2. We also seem to clean the most when company is coming. Otherwise, the house is neglected and only the necessary gets done.

        1. I used to throw parties so I’d have to clean. Then I realized the parties left the place in worse shape than before, so I stopped throwing parties.

          1. Which leaves you with no social life and a home that is still dirty. I think you are better off with the party mess (says the person with a pigsty of an apartment).

  5. We have a break from school this week. We were back 8 weeks and rarely have I needed half-term so much. Insomnia, loss of sense of proportion (mine as well as those around me), some tough safeguarding and child protection stuff, and an inspection to round off the joy.

    So, am reading a lot, trying to get one step ahead with the podcast (next Saturday will be be Crusie day) and starting up edits on a book I wrote ages ago and needs a lot of work. Plan is to have it ready by next March. We’ll see.

    Yesterday I took part in an online poetry workshop on imagery, it was amazing – over 100 women on Zoom from all over the place, all of us playing with language together and sharing some beautiful work.

  6. Hey, Jenny, one time my coworker replaced the word “GERMAN” with “GERMANY.” Turns out many, many people have GERMAN as a last name. Don’t even get me started on replacing “HK” with “HONG KONG.”

    Other than that: have rehearsals, went to an audition last night that was fun if hopeless. My butt hurts from brawling on the stage (seriously), but I was entertained.

  7. I once changed a character’s name from Victoria to Veronica, and suddenly someone had a Veronican house.

    Yesterday and today, I dosed myself up with antihistamines because of sneezing fits. Apparently the mold spore count is Extremely High. Ugh. No, this doesn’t count as work. I’m just whining.

    But I also played around with a possible novella in my mystery series. I made the mistake of having a cliffhanger at the end of book 3. It’s to do with the main characters’ relationship. There have been complaints, which would be fine if I was getting anywhere with book 4, but I’m not. Thus the notion of dealing with the cliffhanger at the beginning of a novella instead. Of course I haven’t written any of that, either, but it was fun thinking about it.

  8. I’ve done the exact same thing! I used “hero” as a placeholder for a novel and then did a “find and replace all” when I came up with the hero’s name. It only affected a couple of words, so my experience ended up being more comical than yours. 14,000 replacements sounds like a nightmare.

  9. Oh, no. Been there, done that! It’s those short little names that get you. I think I was replacing Dev with Finn. Lotsa words with “dev” in them, it turns out…

    We started the week camping at Pinnacles NP, going home today. So apart from prepping for the trip, I’ve just been hiking and reading. Looking at some sweet-faced deer grazing on the hillside right now. I’ll have plenty of laundry to do when we get home, though. One more good hike before then, I hope.

  10. apple (control) shift z? And some systems will let you search and replace with space before and after. I do too much find/replace. but mine is for directions of all sorts: recipes, patterns, anything how to. Too many words and my brain tries to go find something else to do. Unless it’s well told fiction then the problem becomes stopping

    “Floors, Floors, Floors”
    Sung to the tune of “Gold, Gold, Gold” but with less affection.
    Listening to Terry Pratchett while I scrub. Not necessarily needed when re flooring but definitely in this case. Though not today, as I over did yesterday and today is all arm hurt.

    1. Just command-Z on the Mac to undo – but of course you’ve got to realize it’s necessary immediately, which you wouldn’t in a case like this.

  11. Don’t hit me, but for future reference: I’d use Time Machine to revert to the previous saved version of the file – or get Bob to send you a copy of his version. And if this is Word, the options you want (‘whole word only’; ‘match case’) are in Advanced Find and Replace, which is available from a drop-down menu in the Search pane of the sidebar (View/Sidebar/Search).

    I’m working on getting my energy back – I’m still not 100% after the cold that laid me low. I’m doing bits of gardening, and today went shopping for spring bulbs. It’s going to be wet tomorrow, so I want to finish my notes of researching lost rights of way. Plan to sort the greenhouse when it cools down again in a couple of days.

    But my big failure is on the writing front: still haven’t made a start, and am wondering if I’m not cut out for it after all.

    1. I’ve had this thing for so long that Bob’s version is way behind. He’s been waiting for this for a MONTH. And he’s being great about it, but ARGH.

      1. What Deb said. Also, the point is to enjoy yourself. The question is not whether you’re cut out for this project, but whether this project is cut out for you.

  12. I’ve done that. What a nightmare.

    I appreciate you doing Wednesday on the Tuesday, since I’m flying out to Nashville tomorrow for my niece’s wedding, and probably won’t be online much. I’m working on packing, and running errands, and other pre-trip prep. Earlier this week I did a bunch of garden things (dug up potatoes, clipped back the asparagus ferns, and so on) and house things in case I was too tired when I got home.

    Coming back Saturday night, so hopefully I’ll have happy things to report on Sunday…

    In the meanwhile, here’s my early contribution to Good Book Thursday (it’s just chaos here this week). I read a new to me author, Karen Hawkins. The book is called The Book Charmer, and it is a lovely magical realism with a believable romance. I liked it a lot and will be looking for more by that author.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation – particularly since I got it at a special price ;O)
      Next week we’re off to a few days’ vacation in the Netherlands, hopefully I’ll have time to read it then.

  13. I need(hah) a Mac able video game on steam if anyone has suggestions?

    Not violent and nothing that needs fast reactions. I play things like two dot or lost lands (pretty visually, adventure story, with puzzles) on my phone but it strains my eyes. So I’m trying to shift to a laptop for those moments when I just need a ten minute break.
    I bought a nifty one, “Dorfromantik”(recommend!), very peaceful world build but it’s only out for Microsoft and I dislike the hoops involved in playing it on a Mac.

    Found Dorfromantik as a board game first and now I’m wondering about other computer to board game or vice versa possiblities. I’ve got a copy of “Plague” that is also both but I’ve gone off that one somehow…

    1. I’m not sure if it is available on steam, but I play Plants vs. Zombies 2 on my ipad. It’s cute and I’ve been playing daily for probably 10 years now. I recognize it’s an addiction.

    2. Monument Valley. I love that game. It’s very Zen and you have all the time you need to solve it, while soothing music plays in the background.

    3. Maybe Apico? It’s a calm beekeeping / breeding game. Terra Nil was neat too. I love Stardew Valley, but it saves after a 20-minute day; Sun Haven saves throughout the day, so it might be a better quick break. (It has a little bit of combat, but I think you can avoid it if you prefer.) Spiritfarer had great writing but is a more emotional game. I love the wordless puzzle games from Amanita Designs too — so beautiful and great music — but I can’t remember if you need to be quick for them or not.

      I’m also looking forward to trying Mineko’s Night Market, Cloud Gardens, and A Little to the Left. The Wholesome Games curated list on Steam has been great for finding non-violent games. I usually find a gameplay video and watch a little bit before buying to see if I might enjoy it or not. Hope you find something fun! (Longtime lurker, apparently drawn out by game questions.)

      1. Kelly J:
        Thank you! I love the idea of a beekeeping game. Actually I want to keep bees but
        1 I have a tiny garden with close neighbors
        2 I can’t eat honey
        3 bees seem to find me aggravating
        as in just walking along a country road with a friend when a bee stung the top of my head, I hadn’t even noticed bees near

        I’ll check out the others too your list is very promising, I’m glad you came out of lurk 🙂

        Jenny: I have Monument Valley (and now 2) from the first time.
        Its developers offer “Assemble with Care” that you might like to check out

        Kelly S: I looked at Plants vs. Zombies,
        There was a cute singing sunflower music video on Steam you might like
        Sadly couldn’t find a version that works on a new macbook air which is odd, I should be able to get ipad versions which might or might not work on this machine,
        The mac app store had a comic book for it but not the actual game, wierd

  14. though you can go back through quite a few changes as long as you haven’t closed the window. I have saved several pages of good change to a temp file to regress a bad find/replace ten edits back.

    I’ve also closed the whole thing out and started over but Novel!
    The only way I can even imagine writing a novel (In my frequent going to sleep stories, actually) I have a magical friend that does most of the work.

      1. As Clancy notes, the Word undo button can be a lifesaver! As long as you haven’t saved the document in the meantime. Sigh.

  15. I’ve been working on learning the peer-review application that my co-workers have been building for the past 4 years and developing a presentation on it that I’m giving with 1 of them on the 20th. I’m pleased with how nice it is but we still have a few features to create.

    I got 2 garden beds ready for winter earlier, before the warmth left Michigan. I harvested the last of the tomatoes, peppers, and carrots. Kale still remains in the garden. Last year it survived the winter. Kale is hearty, good for a body, and none of the creatures (deer, chipmunks, raccoons, possum, birds, foxes, …) want to eat it. Makes me wonder sometimes why I do.

    Also, my quilt guild is putting on a show this week. Thursday is setup. Friday and Saturday are the show. I’m helping with set up and tear down and I am the public choice awards committee. I have 6 quilts that will be in the show.

    Speaking of sewing, I spent the weekend cutting out mittens, hats, and scarves from fleece and sewing the hats and mittens.

  16. I put my Halloween blocks together, with a couple of borders. It’s looking pretty good here:

    I then spent a lot of time quilting it, and am currently sewing down the binding. I’ll be ready to show my quilter friends tonight.

    In the meantime, I’ve been listening to kitty sneezes. Stanley brought home a cold, as he was getting over it, Teddy was starting up. Now Teddy’s ailment is clearing up and Wendy has her cute little sneezes. I’m hoping they all get over it and not pass it around again!

    1. My reply has disappeared. How odd. It was there, and then it wasn’t. I love that quilt, and especially the way you created a crone/witch with the small candy corns.

    2. I love that ! It is playful and beautiful and the candy corn no longer stimulates sugar cravings when it is surrounded by witches, for which I am thankful.

      1. And cats.. I could put up with the candy corn triggering my taste buds just for the cats..

    3. That looks good!
      I was a bit surprised by the cat’s noses being upside down, but then I realised those must be their mouths instead.

      1. Nope. Just an oops on my part. I noticed when i was quilting, which was too late to attempt to fix it. So these cats have noses like owl beaks.

  17. I spent many many many years typing, reading, proofing and formatting documents for other people. I learned very early on to never use “replace all.” A document can be hundreds of pages long, and it’s still worth it to hit “next” and eyeball every possible change, click, click, click click … . Also it can be very useful to include some formatting if available, like spaces or capitalization. I still do word by word, but it does cut down on the frequency.

    But you know, it’s not so easy to remember this stuff when you are tired and stressed.

  18. I had a productive day planned for today until my c-pap declined to cooperate. I put it on for an hour last night, but couldn’t fall asleep with the air blowing in my eyes. When I turned it off, it said that I had had 12.4 arousals per hour, as opposed to the .5 to 2.0 I usually average. So I turned off the alarm and let myself sleep as long as I could. I woke up shortly after noon, but I still feel like a zombie. I also don’t have time for a trip to the good produce place, so dinner will be boring tonight. But I gathered all the documents I need for this afternoon’s appointment last night so things should look up in an hour or 2. The place where I applied for the state energy assistance program last year sent me an appointment time without any action on my part so I am safe from missing the application deadline. This is especially great because my phone seems to be dying again.

    I spent hours last night on the phone with Amazon who charged my card for my BIL’s monthly Prime and Audible memberships. They had my card number on file from when I bought the Crusie/Mayer trilogy. When they used the number from a closed card on BIL’s account, they immediately rolled it onto my card because that was the last one that had made a purchase. In the process they reopened the account I had closed 3 years earlier because they kept losing the books I purchased from them. When I told my sister what they did, she said she would repay me for the charge and I will change the number on my debit card. I will also have to change the billing for my cell phone, because that is an autopay off my debit card, but that is still better than being transferred and disconnected for hours on ego to the bank tomorrow to order a new card.

    Slightly more productive was mt attempt to block the robocalls I have been getting about Medicare policies and burial insurance. Since I cannot see the numbers on my semi-functioning cell phone screen, I can no longer block them. At first this had no effect, but ever since last weekend, the number of these calls has dropped by 75%. The Whole thing makes me nostalgic for the time when we had no choice of phone models or providers, but those old black phones were indestructible. When I bought my latest phone they told me that the inner hinge was made of metal, not plastic, and the the relevant wiring would not be exposed if the plastic chipped. They lied. This one had the same problem as the last one and it broke faster, even though I have taken care to drop it less.

    1. I have a cheapie nokia still, very popular with the festival crowd. I can’t do internet, but they still hold up really well

  19. Since I bought my last ticket to France (just before the pandemic hit) I have been getting emails from the agency from whom I bought the ticket. Today I responded and asked what they could find for a ticket to Wellington. A nice guy called me almost immediately and the original quotes were out of my range. But after our conversation, he sent me a quote for November that I could afford. Of course, it has a long layover on the way over and it is not the airline I would prefer, but it does mean that perhaps I should start investigating my options. I should also email my friend in NZ and ask if he thinks time is an issue in his wife’s condition.

    1. You’ve had a really busy time, lately! I’m impressed with how you’ve coped with all the mishaps!

      1. Who has coped? I’ve thought about things without acting on them and I didn’t get dressed for 2 or 3 days. The only reason things are this far along is because the travel agency called me so quickly. I also lashed out at a friend who tried to convince me that perhaps my friend’s condition wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. And I really should balance my checkbook before I try to buy a $2000 plane ticket.

        1. I’m not sure I would have handled your friend any better. That is a rather callus thing to say about someone with memory loss. Time is precious because they are leaving by inches.

          1. That’s because she didn’t live with a person who has gone through a similar experience. My Mom’s memory loss was a different kind than my friend’s is, but I spent 10 days a month with my mother for the last few years of her life, so I have a much more specific idea of what it is like for her than my local friend does. Even the brother who lived in the same town as Mom only saw part of it because he went home at night. People who work in the industry refer to “Sun downing” because people wilt as soon as the company leaves. And fatigue also make things worse.

            As for the local friend who doesn’t understand, she is also the only one who regularly wrote or called during that time. She also doesn’t understand how greatly financial constraints can limit your choices, but since her medical issues have been infinitely worse than mine will ever be, I’m just grateful that she had someone to help her keep her insurance before the law was changed to safeguard that. As a 2 time cancer survivor, getting coverage was nigh impossible until she qualified for Medicare.

    2. you may know this already of course but it can make such difference I must say it
      A long layover can be up 24(48?) hours – long enough to find a nearby hotel with a bed and a shower. Most countries you leave your luggage with the airline. It is absolutely worth it if you ve the time and money.
      He of the excessive energy has been known also to sightsee on a long layover (in as little as 7hours with a good guide but that I don’t suggest)
      and bancock airport has a massage kiosk, all clothed, that is so helpful for arriving at the destination in decent shape.

      1. Some airports also have places where you can have a nap and shower for a small charge (eg Amsterdam) but I do not think that will be an option on this trip. The more comfortable option is only an extra $300, but the trip takes 12 hours longer. And each of these is really 3 flights: Chicago to LA or San Francisco to Auckland (customs and immigration) and Auckland to Wellington. Tomorrow I will email NZ and call my travel agent to see what my options are and what a motel in Wellington costs these days.

        1. ETA: the cheaper one takes 10-12 hours longer. It is also on United, which was much less pleasant, I was told, than Air New Zealand when I went 12 years ago.

          1. I know money’s a big consideration, but having done these kinds of journeys in the past (Air India from Sydney to London was a low point), how exhausting/stressful the journey’s likely to be is also important, especially since your friend’s in a challenging situation.

  20. I attacked the hell strip over the weekend and it has been returned to a Not Likely To Attract Unwelcome Attention From The City condition.

    Got five more titles launched wide.

    Finished chapter 5 of the Regency novella. (halfway point!)

    Started writing new novella (finished chapter 2 today). I ask: Brain, could we do one thing at a time? Brain answers: Who do you think you’re talking to?

  21. Did a final mowing of the lawn today. I put off cutting for about 3 weeks because I just didn’t feel like doing it. I’m sure it will grow but I’m just done for the year. I’ll do some cleanup and then will start raking leaves.

    Got my flu shot 2 weeks ago and my Covid today. RSV to go.

    I found out today that I can’t reapply for the county election board when my term is up at the end of this year. I’m not sure how I feel about that (well I do) but publicly I’m ‘very disappointed’. It will be a relief to not to have to hold my tongue in favor of taking the high, nonpartisan road. It will also give me time to do other things.

  22. I’ve done the global search and misplace myself, too many times. Sympathies.

    This week is farming week, more so than usual. I had one impressive green chard crop, but I discovered why one should start chard hydroponically but move it outdoors. I hacked it all down and then had to break out the hand saw and cut through the tree trunks. That wasn’t enough. Once I had the stumps of the chard trees as close to the deck of the unit as I could saw it (both above and below), I had to use my drill to make holes through it so I could eventually collapse the stump to fit through the seed-pod hole. The growth also destroyed the pod basket for each plant.

    The tomato crop is still weeks away. OTOH, the dotter’s outdoor gardens are preparing to die for the season, so I’ll have all the fresh tomatoes and lettuce.

    The equivalent to the global search and displace is oops-pruning, when you’re cutting away unproductive branches and find a bunch of blooms on what you thought was just leaves. I hate when that happens.

  23. Writing / collage wise – I’m working on 2 blogposts – one on kintsugi – the art of repairing broken ceramics with gold, the other on my relationship with trees. Also doing a collage poem on the tree subject & another on my response to Hippocrates question – am I willing to give up the things that make me sick.

    Turns out kintsugi is so much more that just mending ceramics. It is a philosophy about embracing flaws & imperfections & even making them beautiful.

    Also created a cute little senryu (form of haiku but subject matter is humanity foibles instead of nature) which is a mantra to try & stop all the glitches that keep happening in the software & phone system at my job.

    Still doing the project of trying to get my finances in order in prep for possibly buying a house next year. Still can’t decide where to buy a house.

    New office chair arrives Friday. New lamp for my bedroom arrives the 13th.

    Not much else in the way of work. We are really enjoying watching London Irish on Freevee. Thanks for the recommendation from an Arghink commenter – not sure who.

    1. When we bought this house @ 40 years ago, my husband decided commute time was the first thing to look at and he could easily bicycle 4 miles. So he drew a circle that centered on work and we looked within that circle. After that we considered other things. Of course that was a lot of area to cover in a city. Some friends did something similar and drew a circle from each of their jobs plus the school districts they were considering for their children. Where the circles overlapped was their target area.

  24. It’s after midnight of “Working Wednesday (on a Tuesday)” so that must make this “Good Book Thursday (on a Wednesday).”

    I just reread (again) No One Is Alone by Rachel Vincent. Previously, I read this author for her shapeshifter stories. Not werewolves – were panthers. This book is about a young woman whose mother (a nurse) is killed in a traffic accident. Her “pop-up” father who never married her mother and only appears infrequently on weekends or holidays comes to take her home… to his real family. She learns she has a stepmother and three half-siblings and a step-grandmother who has come home after unsuccessful chemotherapy to die. No romance, no mystery, just coming-of-age stuff.

    Like the Liz Danger series, there are t-shirts. Chapter Sixteen, Location 3045 reads , “Don’t make me use my mock trial voice.” Worn by Georgia, Mickaela’s best friend from her “old life.” Chapter Eighteen, Location 3503, “I’m not yelling ; I’m projecting.” Worn by Ms. Bond, the drama teacher. Chapter Twenty-Four, Location 4766 reads , “All Drama Must Remain on the Stage.” Worn by Ms. Bond. Chapter Twenty-Seven, Location 5367, “Theater: It’s a stage I’m going through.” Worn by Ms. Bond. Chapter Twenty-Nine, Location 5829 reads, “I’m not talking to myself . It’s called a MONOLOGUE!” Worn by Ms. Bond.

    The title of the book is also a title of a song from the musical, Into the Woods, which Mickaela’s new high school is putting on and which Micky has auditioned for and earned the part of Cinderella, which her new step-sister Emery wanted, adding to the friction of being a surprise sister who is sharing her room. Frictions include dating the step-sister’s ex-boyfriend and being the love child of her previously believed to be saintly father. Life ensues.
    I finished Wickedly Unraveled (book 4 – Baba Yaga series) and Tiny Treasures (collection of four short-short stories) by Deborah Blake. Good books and good series, Deb!
    I finished Don Pendleton’s Dance of a Lifetime. Six books, 171 chapters (~28.5 per book) and an epilogue. Romance, sex, coming-of-age-, sex, ice dancing, and sex.
    I binge-read the webcomic Too Much Information to its inconclusion. The author/artist had strokes. It’s as done as it ever will be.
    Everything else was Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, or YouTube.

  25. Trying hard to stay on top of two complicated projects. Which explains my recent nightmare about being trapped in an Excel spreadsheet.

  26. I’ve been doing what I realize is some productive puttering, such as fixing my messed up email accounts, updating my information in my identity theft protection, changing batteries, trimming wild roses. Not what I thought I was going to do, but useful nonetheless.

    Also, I saw a recipe for Hasselback butternut squash with sage and maple syrup butter, and I just had to make it. It’s good! Kind of a hassle to prepare (see what I did there) with all the slicing, but good.

    Yesterday I got my Covid booster, pneumonia, and I guess another pneumonia. I’m a bit of a zombie, but also it’s one of the tasks that are easy to put off.

  27. My garlic is planted and I transplanted the 5 plants I bought. Finally my new garden where the magnolia crashed is underway. Nothing but good times ahead.

  28. I finally touched up the door where the wood stain had come off in tiny white cracks . I’m impressed at how well the Cherry touch up stick worked. Now I’m ready to tackle scratches all over the house in more visible areas.

    I also rescued my husband’s peace of mind. He is traveling for work again and spent the weekend with a friend whose 60 ish spouse died unexpectedly of a brain aneurism a few months ago; he is heading to the friend with early dementia. So he was in no shape to be asked if another friend had been in a bad accident and maybe died (especially since that friend’s wife died suddenly four years ago so this would have been awful for his kids). Turns out the person asking had seen one of those scammy Facebook posts and didn’t realize it was a scam— it took me 24 hours to check on line that DHs friend is in fact fine and realize what had prompted the question. DH is ok. Now.

    Otherwise the usual— day job, garden harvesting, getting ready for two upcoming minor surgeries.

  29. The best thing, my older son ever taught me was the command control and Z, which, and does whatever mistake you just made that was hideous in word. I think it works on other programs to love control Z.
    I worked on nothing because I had to go to the emergency room to get in to the hospital so the doctor can take the infection out of my knee incision. Going to the ER is long and boring. I got to bed about like nine last night. It’s still in the emergency room but hey, it’s a bed.

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