State of the Collaboration, October 24, 2023

I’m slowing Bob down on both Rocky Start and Very Nice Funerals because I cannot get a handle on Rose and the Max-and-Rose relationship/romance. This goes back to the differences in the way we write, and also, I think, to the chaos my own life has been in, which is settling down some now and which I plan to have completely calm (about the house and all the external stuff) by Nov. 1. So it’s a plan.

Right now, in VNF, Rose is suddenly the recipient of a lot of proposals since there’s the possibility of big money in her future. And there’s a serial killer. Yeah, it’s a Crusie-Mayer.

5 thoughts on “State of the Collaboration, October 24, 2023

  1. Well, Jenny was doing killings (granted, mostly offstage) such as in Bradley, and Bob was doing proposals (as I’ve found even in my more limited reading of his solo work), such as in Duty, even before their collaboration, so trading off for variety might work too.

    I took an opportunity today to mention that new Crusie-Mayer collaborations have started coming out again, and was a little disappointed not to evoke cries of joy from any newly discovered long-time readers. But since it was a Zoom meeting for sf and fantasy readers, what I was really recommending was Wild Ride, which, as previously mentioned here, I had only recently read. So perhaps I can hook other readers as a long term effect, if anyone there follows up.

  2. I’ve just started Shane and the Hitwoman. I really appreciated the dedication but am missing the trading of viewpoints that happens in a Crusie/Mayer book.

    Rest up and recharge. You’ve got a lot going on. Then re-attack the Rocky Start novels.

  3. From the pieces you’ve shared, it seems like they’re both used to saving everyone else, and their arc is opening up to let the other person help save them. Oh, wait, that’s pretty much every Crusie heroine… (:

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