Happiness is Getting All My Vaccines

I am WAY behind on my medical stuff, but Bob was harassing me (remember the “Book done yet?” e-mails? Now they’re “Got your Covid shot, got your flu shot, got your . . .”) so I looked into the easiest way here and it turns out there’s a CVS in my Target so I could get them all there, one at a time because I learned my lesson about getting more than one at once.. (Lesson: Don’t get more than one at once.) So I am now vaxxed for Covid, flu, and RSV, and I have pneumonia coming up this afternoon. Then I’m it’ll be shingles and TDAP shots and I’m done. I’m so proud. Meanwhile Bob is flat on his back because he doubled up on the flu and the RSV. (Lesson: Don’t get more than one at once.) But I’m grateful to him for harassing me to be healthy, so I am sympathetic. Many “poor babies” in e-mail.

Of course, then he took advantage of my sympathy and tried to name a character Lance Hardman. I said no, but I laughed.

What made you happy this week? (Also, did you get your vaccines?)

132 thoughts on “Happiness is Getting All My Vaccines

  1. The NHS offers Covid & flu, which I had last month (together, but don’t think it bothered me; I came down with a bad cold a few days later, so think I was sickening for that more than anything else). No shingles until I’m 70; but will definitely have it – I remember my father being miserable with shingles.

    I’m about to go out: the sun’s out, I’ve got things to do in the garden, plus an old friend coming for lunch. Enjoyed the lighter morning (the clocks went back last night), though I daresay I’ll dislike the early dark.

    1. Interesting you must be 70 to get a shingles shot. Is it the new shingles vaccine? Shingrex? No age restriction had to pay here in Canada. Thankfully extended benefits paid half. H suffered with shingles after a cancer treatment. Awful.

      1. It used to be 60 here in the US. I had shingles when I was 52, and couldn’t wait until they updated the shot they had at the time, which they’d discovered only lasted about 5 years and was about 50% effective. With the new one, Shingrix, you can get it at 50, and they *think* it is about 90% effect and will last forever. Of course, that’s what they thought about the first one…

        1. I had shingles at 30. Truly awful. I will get the shingles vax as soon as it’s offered. I had the covid and flu shots together this year. The local health clinic is 2 blocks away, so I left my house, walked there and back, got both jabs and was home 12 minutes later.

        2. I’m under 60, but local pharmacy was happy to give me the shingles vax. Since I had chicken pox as a kid and have seen two people suffer with shingles, was glad to check that off.

          1. I will be getting it soon (“don’t get all your shots together”) because now that I’m finally on Medicare Part B it’s free—as opposed to $100 on my employer provided insurance (which I kept so long because it had really good drug coverage). My mother had shingles in her seventies. My great aunt had shingles TWICE. Do Not Want.

      2. Shingrex is free here the year you turn 65. I’ve got 10 years to go. I better not get shingles in the next 10 years. Mum and Dad both had it dreadfully. Do not want.

    2. Got my flu, covid and RSV all 2 weeks apart. No effects beyond a slightly sore arm.
      (My cousin swears that the RSV gave her a real burst of energy; went out and did a lot of yard clean up. She turned 92 last month.)

      I had a very mild case of shingles about 8 or 9 years ago. It did effect my one pupil which doesn’t dilate as it should. That I felt. About 24 hours of flu-like symptoms for the first shot and 26 hours for the second. Suggest you plan ahead. Still better than shingles.

  2. Lance Hardman. Ha!

    Oh, very salient post Jenny! I’m happy because we’ve just booked a family trip to Peru next year to walk the Inca Trail! Not til July, but still. yaaaaaay! My kids will be 16 and nearly 15, we’re all very excited.

    We’re also not vaccinated against rabies. Or yellow fever. And neither of them are funded! The rabies will be between NZD240-510 per person. (About USD 140-300) plus another NZD230 for yellow fever. And that’s not even thinking about malaria. Is it worth it? I know it is, I just wish it wasn’t.

    One of my kids is so needle phobic that a conversation about injections between her dad and the dentist on the other side of the dentist’s room caused her to pass out when she stood up from the dentist chair.

    Nothing but good times ahead.

    1. Yesterday the pharmacy was backlogged, cause they gave a girl a flu shot and she fainted and threw up and they had to take care of her. Needle phobic people need delicate handling. I don’t like injections either, but I just close my eyes at the appropriate moment

      1. Yep. Triple vaccinated for covid, passed out every time. She has to get a blood test every two months, it usually involves thank you chocolates for the nurse. She is getting better.

          1. Not yet. She did a course of virtual reality exposure therapy, which seemed to help a little, she should probably repeat it.

      2. I used to be afraid of needles and closed my eyes.

        Not I’m afraid of needles and watch then like a hawk.

        It’s far less stressful for me if I watch them than if I close my eyes. No idea why, but I’m very glad to have accidentally figured that out.

        1. A phlebotomist told me it goes to fight or flight. If you keep your eyes open, even if you are looking elsewhere(like i do), you have more control over your reactions than if you close your eyes.

    2. Both my sister and I are needle phobic as well. Last time my sister got vaccinated she asked for tips on how to deal with it. All she got was that she should ask to lay down for her shots… Not the answer we were looking for but probably the wrong person to ask as well.

      We get our vaccinations, but it is an ordeal.

      1. Also, I always buy myself a present after I get a shot. Trying to work on my positive associations.

        1. Yes there’s a really good doughnut shop beside the blood test place that we’re very familiar with!

    3. I am SOOOOO grateful to be fearless around needles. I get an injection (technically, two injections, half dose in each) once a month, and will for life. Doesn’t bother me, but it’s got to be a difficult choice for some people — get effective treatment for a painful, debilitating disease vs the trauma of getting a pair of injections every single month. The pharma company is contemplating an oral version, which would also have the benefit of being shelf-stable, rather than the liquid version that needs to be refrigerated, which makes shipping and sometimes regular storage difficult (i.e., in a college dorm room).

      1. Grateful here too. I’ve been having weekly allergy injections for 64 years now, and giving them to myself for 40. Since I was first diagnosed as hypothyroid 56 years ago I’ve had blood drawn at least twice a year and I’m the kind of patient who says “That’s my best vein even though it doesn’t look like it.”

        1. I’ve been the one putting eye drops in my husband’s eye both pre and post cataract surgery. It’s a tricky situation having to get it in when the eyelid is open. Controlling the blink is difficult when you see something coming at you.

          1. In Louise Erdrich’s Love Medicine she use these drops as a wonderful metaphor at the end …

  3. Glad to hear you’re all safe & vaxxed. Must check if I’m due for mine 😉

    Happiness is mucking about with books! This week I saw a post from earlier this month on AAR where I used to spend a lot of time, saying they’re re-doing their Top100 poll with a google spreadsheet for nominations. I don’t know if they’ve closed nominations or decided to do it another way, but I spent a happy afternoon looking through my book records, making up my personal top 100 romances, comparing it to the one I did ten years ago and marveling at how much my reading has changed. Plus looking at the number of old favorites I haven’t read in a decade and promising myself (again!) to make time to re-read them.

    1. Oh and “Rabbit Test” by Samantha Mills won the Short Story Hugo. I liked all the winners I’ve read but I thought “Rabbit Test” was excellent.

        1. Excellent list! I’ve read and liked everything except “Midsummer Moon”, which I think I have in my tbr somewhere, and “Flowers in the Storm” but that’s just me as everyone else seems to love it.

  4. ah, one aspect I am not happy about in the move. Covid, Australia doubled vaccinated anyone in the country, citizen, visitor or illegal resident (except the very young) who was willing. Booster shots are available now for the over 18, younger if you especially need one.
    Here, only by invitation. Invitations are for people who are signed up to NHS, and over 65, immune compromised(or adjacent), or in health care. Drug companies are interested in selling to the uninvited (of course) but they are not allowed.
    So, no, I’m not currently vaccinated against covid, though I am encouraging my EU citizen partner to get it done next time he travels.
    Flu, waiting for an invitation.
    Shingle vaccine, here, I’m not old enough for yet. I got very bad chicken pox at thirteen. I plan a birthday immunization.
    I hadn’t heard of vaccines for RSV or pneumonia? TDAP I’ve done multiple times, Last time was right before visiting a new nephew. So that one at least.

    I’ve been taking my cat for walks. Since her brother died she often wails when she’s alone. I hoped the escorted exploration would help her take an interest in the neighbourhood outside our yard. I kind of felt mean about it but “it’s hard to make friends when you don’t leave the house” -generations of mothers (and can’t use the internet) -modern adaption
    The happy is that last time I left house through the garden she tried to go with me, even though she had company. Maybe she likes it after all!

  5. I’m due for boosters for the flu and Covid, waiting for an opening at my local clinic, they email when slots are free, there’s a list prioritized by risk level, and they get everyone in in good time.

    Had the pneumonia, thank heavens. Had walking pneumonia for 6 weeks once, it was horrible. Looking forward to the shingles vaccine at 55. My family gets shingles reliably between 65-68, so I’m jumping on that the second I can.

    My surgery was postponed, I think someone was ill. But I’m pleased to be well set up, and to have a few more weeks of being able to walk while also feeling calm and ready.

    Looks like I’ll be immobilized around the time snow hits, here in MN, so I have an excuse not to go outside all winter long, except for appointments. But ice while on crutches will be exciting.

    Sending poor babies to Bob- I’ve made that mistake, it’s not fun!

    1. Yes, be very careful with crutches on slippery surfaces. The scariest time when I was non-weight-bearing this summer was when I came home from a dr appt on a rainy day. I thought I’d dried the crutches well on the inside door mat, but not well enough. When I crutched onto the hardwood floor, the crutches flew away from me. I had to shift my weight onto my non-weight-bearing leg to save myself.

      1. I prefer using a walker though nothing is foolproof. Foolproof = what a mean word. It’s the crutches or walkers that fail and are therefore the fools.

        1. My sister used to write, “Nothing is fool proof to a sufficiently motivated fool” at the top of all her emails. She is a very crafty person.

  6. I am way behind on immunizations. Thank you for the reminder.

    One of my Anaheim pepper seed pods germinated last night while I wasn’t looking. Now I have jalapeño, poblano, and Anaheim pepper plants growing, and the latter two are in fruit. My banana peppers haven’t germinated yet. Three of the five cherry tomato plants are flowering. Tomatoes can’t be too far behind.

    Breakfast was an omelet. Lunch will be a salad. Supper will be a surprise.

  7. Happy: Got some nice ideas for xmas…
    Usually my mind is swept free from amy idea as soon as the season approaches.
    But today, I got a eec on insta: a book Advent calender. Will propose this idea to my colleague for the office.
    On etsy they have the option for “pre loved” = second hand books. We’ve got “Bücherschränke” (book cupboards) in most neighbourhoods with books given up for adoption (plus I have to do a severe culling of my library soon begore the move), so there shouldn’t be much spending needed.
    Other small items are possible as well. Thrilled about the idea 😀
    Spent some time brainstorming xmas ideas with dd and ordered rings (with heartstopper leaves) from a UK shop via etsy and was surprised that postage wasn’t horribly expensive.
    Also found socks for my book-gourmet/gourmand friend. She got me socks for my b’day and mentioned that she has a thing for funny/unusual socks…

    1. Plus, found a company that combined a kanban board with a simple notebook. Will try this at work! I love kanban!!

    2. Here in the US peopke put up little free libraries outside their homes for people to take and leave books.

    1. This totally makes sense to me. I wonder if there’s a similar counter in the London, Ontario airport?

      1. I was on a plane to Oakland CA once where the staff in the pre departure announcements made several comments about the destination being OAKLAND not AUCKLAND. Evidently they had a customer recently who had boarded incorrectly. How the person got on the plane in the first place still puzzles me but that’s the story.

        1. My Great Grand Mother was the opposite, couldn’t speak any language, except her village dialect, couldn’t read the tickets her kids bought her even, but she managed to get from one country to another on a combination of trains. planes and boats to visit her children. She was known for her good observation skills and being very capable in the village, probably didn’t let a little thing like the complete unknown faze her

    2. Years ago I excitedly told the ticket agent at the counter that I was going to Melbourne, and the first thing she did, before even looking at the ticket, was to ask me if I meant Melbourne, Australia (and not, presumably, Melbourne, Florida).

      1. Ask a manager has a question about whether someone who accidentally sent boss to Naples Italy instead of Florida has any hope of getting their job back. Basically no.

  8. Happiness is being happy. My week off is coming to a close and I feel better. I read, I made things, I cleaned (not enough but there you are). I ate good food and drank a lot of tea.

    Yesterday I went to my cousin’s Halloween party. He and his wife put a ton of work into it and it was lovely. I am not a big party person, but I appreciate the care and curation. They are both artists and live in a Victorian style historic house. It’s weird and gorgeous. Anyway, I stood in their kitchen in the costume I finished in time with a cup of hot mulled cider and thought, “I’m happy”. Now to hold on to that feeling.

    Oh, and I offered to help my friend with her wedding in February, which was a stupid thing to do because she has big dreams, no budget and no time. I have been stressing about it and yesterday the florist I used to work for had a cleaning out/retirement sale and we got a ton of stuff under budget. I am so relieved and happy.

    1. My daughter was married in may, and to save (some) money I started plants from seed in January (pansies, sweet alyssum, sweet peas, stock) and potted them up for centerpieces; for a February wedding you might force some bulbs to bloom? Guests can take them home. There’s a lovely double white daffodil, fragrant, called Bridal Crown….

      1. My daughter did email invites and a website rsvp form. Free and worked well.
        Also she chose not to have a bridal party (but did have chuppah holders). Bridal parties assume a lot of their costs but you do end up paying for more than you think (rehearsal dinner, thank you presents, flowers for them).
        It was not a cheap wedding (I keep reminding myself we were pulling together her network of family and friends, forming a new family is worth celebrating) but there were many things she just didn’t care about that saved money because we skipped them. Only spent money on what she really cares about.

  9. Good for you! The shingles shot is the only one of those that hurt and physically hurt for about a week. Then you have to take two of them. It is far superior to getting shingles, however. I don’t have the RSV and I have all but the most recent Covid shots but I need to pass it by my doctor first because I have an immune issue.

  10. Up to date on all my COVID shots – I didn’t know there was an RSV shot and behind on my flu shot so I also appreciate the reminder.

    What made me happy this week is getting costumes for Hallowe’en for the whole family – Pixie will be a bee and Sparkle a lobster. My husband and I will be unicorns, of course.

  11. My province is supposed to have Covid and flu shots available to those under 65 yo this week. Travelling to the US to spend American Thanksgiving with family so I’m getting both as soon as possible.

    Our kitchen reno started this week. So far we’ve encountered a broken water shutoff valve (no water for a day) and asbestos floor tile. Par for the course in a 100+ yo house. Our contractor is great and does his very best to deal with issues quickly, including calling the appropriate professionals. We ordered our floor and backsplash tile – the final product will be amazing.

    I bought bright red winter boots with ice picks built into the bottom. I fell on ice last winter so wanted this type of boot. Finding them in red is a bonus.

    Volunteered at a conference this week. Unfortunately for the organization, half of the attendees didn’t show. However, good energy among those that did. I talked with 2 young women who are new volunteers. Most of the volunteers are retirees, so I’m happy that they’re actively recruiting a broader diversity of volunteers.

  12. I’m in Australia, so our rules are different.

    I’m a couple of years off getting the shingles shot for free – I can pay, but it’s $400AUD. Pneumonia will also be free in a few years, but as I had pneumonia three times in 2019 (why I’ve very carefully avoided Covid), I’d like to get it now rather than later.

    RSV is new here; I’ll have to find out the rules.

    I asked a doctor about tetanus – I last had a shot last century – and he looked bemused that I’d want it. Man is clearly an idiot (I changed doctors). I am a spinner, and raw fleeces can hide soil-borne diseases.

    I’ve had five Covid shots, the last in April (and here in Australia you can’t pay for them), so I have wait until I’m allowed the next one. So far I’m Covid free, but…

    I get the flu shot every year (usually March/April); I haven’t had the flu in years, touch wood!

    1. I asked my doctor a couple of years ago about tetanus, since I hadn’t had a shot in about 20 years at that point, maybe more. (And I’m a gardener, which can be a risk.) He said that if you had a few tetanus shots when you were younger, you were probably good for life, although obviously if you step on a rusty nail or something, you should get a booster. This was good news, because the tetanus shot kicks my butt.

      1. I checked re tetanus, as a gardener too: the NHS reckons if you’ve had five doses, you should be covered for the rest of your life. (I’ve had six.)

        1. But also, as Deb says, if you cut yourself on something risky, get a booster. I think the NHS talks about ‘large wounds’, which I imagine would need medical treatment anyway.

      2. The protocol for people who work with animals is once every five years. I have to remind my doctor of that every time.

  13. Good for you, Jenny… and poor baby Bob. I need to get out and get the RSV shot. I got the flu and COVID shots at the same time, with no serious repercussions. I was warned to wait on the RSV. I’ve had the pneumonia, multiple shingles, TDAP, and tetanus shots. Do you have a PCP in your new area, yet?

    I’m happy that the rain finally stopped, and winter is here! It will freeze overnight, so I will be picking green tomatoes, and cutting my Gomphrena for a dried bouquet today. The rest of the potted flowers will go into the sun room, where they will survive for awhile. The hoses are unhooked from the spigots. The rain gauge is coming inside, and the heated water dish is already set up.

    I really want to feed the Opossum, but a raccoon keeps beating them to the food, so I have quit putting it out. The raccoon left an apple core alone, so maybe things like that will help the Opossum. At this time last year, I had many Opossums visiting, and now it’s down to one, or maybe two. It makes me sad.

    1. Maybe this will help (assuming it doesn’t get stuck in moderation):

      Is there any chance you just are not seeing the possums? We got a super cheap outdoor camera from wyze that is motion activated and get endless pleasure from the pictures it sends DHs phone. Aside from the pics it sends of animals eating our garden when we are too far away to do anything about it. 🙂

        1. I have often thought about getting a camera, but wanted a solar one, which would be hard to mount and aim in the right direction. I do have outdoor electrical outlets, so that would work. Thanks for your recommendation.

      1. Thanks for that. I don’t have fruit trees, alas. I’m sure I am not seeing many critters.

  14. I got my COVID and flu shot at the same time. Still worked but really tired. Up to date on everything but the shingles vaccine and my doctor told me to take time off work when I do.

  15. I am fortunate to have no side effects. I got my Covid booster and flu shot at the same time in the same arm. I haven’t done RSV, for no particular reason. I did the shingles shot when it was age-appropriate. I was eager to get the shingles shot because my mom developed shingles and it was so painful for her, it broke my heart.

  16. I don’t want to be the keep being annoying guy by bringing back the BlueSky thing. I have an invite code if anyone wants it. I’ll stop after this promise!

  17. I’m happy I’m now officially done with my last therapy. Last appointment was last Friday. There’s still lots of work to be done, but there’s no therapy anymore. Hurray for me! Well I say happy but I don’t really feel anything, I think I’m too wrapped up in my protective shell, there’s been too much going on lately. BUT I am proud of myself for finishing, and I’ll feel it later.
    I also reached out to someone I’d never expected to have as an ally, and I think that was good and made for progress on everything. Sometimes you find support in the last place you expect it. Cautiously happy.
    Yesterday was Sven’s and my 12th anniversary, and I did this very scary thing where I recorded myself singing a’capella and put it on Youtube, for him. I’ve always felt very uncomfortable singing a’capella, but I couldn’t find an instrumental version of the song without choir in the wrong language, and I really felt I wanted to do this thing, so I… did it anyway. I also promised him and myself last May to try to not let fear hold me back from doing things anymore, so I tried to keep that promise to us both as well. I screwed up the video of the recording, so my buddy Joey helped me make a slideshow of pictures instead. I’m now debating whether I should put it on Instagram as well, since it’s on YouTube and Twitter, but can’t decide.
    I’m happy I have the best kind of friends. Even if they all live faaaaar to far away. (This includes all of you.)
    I am happy I have my cats. I love my cats so so so so so so much.

    1. I’m so glad you had the therapy and seem to be doing better. Also I am thrilled your cats make you happy. My daughter got a cat in the pandemic and ir has made her MUCH happier. DH and keep thinking we should have gotten her a cat long ago.

      1. Cats are magical and the very best cure to pretty much anything (except for allergies, possibly… for the unfortunate ones). I’m so happy to hear it’s helped your daughter to have a furry meowy friend like that, too.

          1. Excellent advice! Some people don’t like cleaning the litter box, but it’s a small thing, compared to the companionship and entertainment value of a cat, and the mouse-catching talents.

  18. I got my Covid booster at the end of last month, on the first day it was available, because I knew I was heading out 11 days after to attend my niece’s wedding (60 people at the rehearsal dinner, 130 at the reception, none of whom took precautions that I could tell, but most in my family at least got boosters). Came back with a cold, but no Covid, so I was happy about that.

    I got my shingles shots a few years ago, as soon as the new version (Shingrix) came out. I had shingles once, in my early to mid-50’s and it was hell. They told me I had a mild version, and I couldn’t even imagine what a not-mild version felt like. I will warn you, the shot is brutal for many people. I had a sore arm (I mean REALLY sore, and the entire arm) for about two weeks both times. But it was well worth it.

    Bob, I hope you feel better soon.

  19. Well, I had PLANNED to schedule my shots in early October, but by then I was in the push to get urgent tasks done and could not afford to lose time to a bad shot reaction. (The previous year’s reaction was not horrible, but was somewhat impairing for a few days.) Then (as had happened last year to postpone things), I came down with some vague fall virus and one is not supposed to get inoculations while feeling sick. That is finally going away, so shortly I’ll get the shots done.


    The tests came back fine, so now I can tell everyone that my son & daughter-in-law are having a baby next April! This will be our only grandchild. We had no idea that they were interested in having a baby, but it turns out that they haven’t been telling us about the nogos and near misses. Daughter-in-law is 39 — she’s annoyed that hers is called a “geriatric pregnancy.”

    So, we’re off to Warsaw, Poland, (where they live) for Christmas. Did I mention that my husband and I are thrilled? I chirp about it constantly while he just smiles his little smile.

    1. Good news! Yes, “geriatric” seems a little extreme a label for someone who is just a little older.

    2. Congratulations! My own mother was only a little younger (and in days of much worse medical care) when I came along.

      My only visit to Warsaw was in the mid-1970s, after an academic year in Moscow on the exchange. Even under the Communists, Warsaw seemed vastly better than Moscow. I was a bit embarrassed when I got to my next stop, Copenhagen, and saw how much still better a non-Communist capital city was. And now, of course, Poland is in NATO and a bulwark of the West.

    3. That’s wonderful! Yes, being told you’re having a geriatric pregnancy is annoying. My younger son was born when I was 39. I would’ve been 38 but he was late. He’s 41 now and he’s still late to most stuff.

  21. What made me happy was sharing bits of the Diana Wynne Jones Reflections on writing with my son. Funnily my physics grad student son loves her writing and Terry Pratchett and will discuss them in depth. My daughter who is a writer and has a book contract is all about political theory and not interested in talking about the books and authors she read as a kid (aside from being infuriated by JK Rowlings stance on trans people.)

    I am glad I got to proofread both my son’s first professional journal paper and my daughter’s thesis—it’s nice to feel I can still contribute something to their professional lives even if I didn’t understand what I was reading at all for one or very much for the other.

    I’m glad the cheating Astros are not in the world series and I’m glad I can watch mad Max Scherzer pitch Monday (I just hope he is healthy enough). He is a lot of fun even if you don’t really follow baseball.

    I think that’s it. It was a quietly content week not a bursts of happiness week.

    My husband and son and I all got our flu shots and new covid shots and DH and I got Shingrix maybe a year ago. I don’t recall it being particularly awful but maybe that’s because I expected some trouble. My doctor felt that the RSV vaccine made sense for people in their 80s (maybe 70’s?) but not early 60s because the risk of side effects doesn’t make it worthwhile for that age group where hospitalization is lower. So I think we are up to date. DD is not eligible for the Covid shot in England and I think we will pay for her to get it here when she comes. She has to pay for the flu shot —apparently National Health only pays for certain high risk individuals. This doesn’t seem like good preventive care.

    1. I’m looking forward to seeing Max pitch too. He’s so intense, always interesting. And I’m off to get my flu shot in about 15 minutes.

    2. Same on the Trashtros. I will miss Max pitching. I hope he does well, though I am pulling for the Diamondbacks.

  22. I need to get my shingles shots but keep putting it off. There are SO MANY shots recommended now, and I lose a day or two of productivity each time, so I’ve been trying to space them out, and I don’t want to do them the same week as my monthly injections (also in the arm), and …. Yeah, whine, whine, whine. I will do it in 2024.

    Three happies this week: 1. I got the display working right on my desktop computer, so I can actually read the screen instead of having everything either too big or too small or a combination of both. 2. I got my secret project novella’s first draft half-written in just one week. 3. The 80 degree weather is finally over, and a hard frost is coming on Wednesday, so maybe my allergies will finally settle down for the winter.

    1. Get the shingles shot, do. Folks I know–yes, plural–contemplate suicide for the release from pain. The shingles shot is not an easy one, but absolutely needed to forestall what you will do more than whine about.

      1. Also you can have shingles for the rest of your life,
        Which I did not realize until my doctor told me.

  23. Happy or content with life. Spend time with eldest granddaughter driving her to and from diving lessons, now a weekly joy. Two birthdays DIL and GD this week. The GD’s constantly changing birthday list was hilarious. Watched younger GD’s horse competition. Finally over jet lag mid week. More getting ready for winter gardening, thankfully the sun has been shining. Sister is improving a bit.

    Up to date except for flu shot and RSV which was just approved in August. Pay for it vaccine in most provinces. Shingrix, same. Booking a flu shot for this Friday. It usually upsets the body. I scoff every time “they” say do both. No thank you. Never had a reaction to the Covid shots. Doc thinks the head cold we got while away was probably just that, not covid.

  24. Happy this week was progress made in housekeeping and yardkeeping as well as successfully nudging DH to do a thing for my workstation that he promised to do two weeks ago. Ahem. It’s not actually 100% done but the hard part is, so I’m calling that a win.

    Unhappy today: who decided it should be 80 degrees and 18% humidity? Why was I not consulted? Two days ago I was dusting off the space heater and now I have to plug in the humidifier. $*#&@!

  25. I’m off on a work trip to Europe, and travel always makes me happy no matter where I’m going.

    I also got the new Covid shot and the flu shot last week. I believe in getting as many done at one time as possible. No effects.

    The only vax that ever gave me a reaction was the second shingles shot. However, having had a m8 or case of shingles when I was 25, I was happy to have a sligh5 fever one night. The shingles I had was a patch about the size of a quarter, and I describe it as feeling l8ke someone was stabbing me in the side with a hot sword.


    Work has been insane, but I got a major task done at the end of the week, so feeling good!

    1. Well, you can tell I had been in the lounge having a pre-flight drink. *minor, *slight, *like

  26. All vaxed. Gotta keep up with them since I’ll be doing election work 3 weeks with many people in the room. Also, I work with a non-vaxer. My bad but it’s fun to talk about getting them in front of her.

    Big project tomorrow will be bringing in my houseplants. It’s finally going into the 30’s.

    Got called for jury duty in December. That’s good since the courts usually have very little on their dockets that month.

  27. I’m due for a Covid. Now that my leg is out of a brace. I’m gonna get that done. All right I already had pneumonia this year so I would say that the pneumonia shot did not work. I can’t do tetanus because I’m allergic and have not had a shot since I was seven. That feels like a good thing.
    I got my book covered this week for the republication of maybe this time
    I also got to go to a wonderful party on Friday night in a huge winding garden, full of beautiful nooks and art. The food was great and so is the company and I got to talk books with a fellow bookaholic. We exchanged recommendations.
    Today the song at church was about remembering to pat yourself on the back for all the good stuff you got done. I feel like passing that along because I spent so many years with a laundry list of what I hadn’t done and going to sleep at night with that list did not make me happy, it got much better when I started approving of myself and patting myself on the back. Great laundry, pick up! Kids are fed and in bed!
    Happy week, everyone

  28. Get the shingles shot, do. Folks I know–yes, plural–contemplate suicide for the release from pain. The shingles shot is not an easy one, but absolutely needed to forestall what you will do more than whine about.

  29. I had Covid last week, so not getting the shot for at least 90 days. I’m happy it was a very mild case. Feeling mostly normal now.

    I won’t ever get the shingles shot. I’ve never had chicken pox. I get the booster for chicken pox every 10 years instead.

    I’m also happy my rotator cuff surgery is scheduled. A week later than originally planned but this will allow me to hopefully 🤞 finishing the quilting/sewing I need to do for others before the surgery. Pictures on Wed.

  30. Happy is that I’ve been writing again. And I’m writing comedy, which makes me grin while writing it.

  31. Inoculations, immunizations, vaccinations, jabs, pokes…

    My words of the day are sesquipedalian and breviloquence. Also crepuscular.

    1. I know it is an innocuous word, but ‘crepuscular’ creeps me out. Makes me think of crusty oozing sores; in fact shingles, I guess!

    1. Interesting. (I read the typo-filled transcript—machine transcription?) As Audi Cornish notes, sf/fantasy had coalesced into a community before romance had, and there used to be specialized sf bookstores and also mystery ones (or sometimes both, or twin stores with the same owners). Some survive, but many, probably most, have gone under. (In the 1970s, science fiction sort of adopted Georgette Heyer, which early experience is why I sometimes do read romance novels.) There must be something specific about romance, maybe the guaranteed happy ending, that let’s those specialized stores expand while others contract.

        1. JaneB, It’s even mentioned in an early Heyer biography, title unrecalled. I think the attraction is that Regency society, as pictured, is so different from the here-and-now but has its own rules. Later, Patrick O’Brian’s sea stories, also mostly set during the Regency, were similarly adopted.

          1. I can sort of see that; though I suspect the Regency wouldn’t have been quite as alien for British readers – especially as recounted by C20 authors.

  32. Shingles is a dominant motif on this comment thread! In Canada they recommend you get the vaccine at 50; I got shingles in a line across my ribs at 49. Argh. However I recognized it within a couple of hours of absently scratching at my midriff, ran to my doc and got an Rx for Valcyclovir, an anti-viral.
    If you catch it early, you can nip it in the bud. Mine never progressed to the horrific blistery phase, just felt like a zone of scalded over-sensitive skin.
    Still get vaxxed but keep the anti-virals in mind, they really helped and will also abort a cold sore. A colleague of mine carries them in her purse all the time.

  33. Fellow arghers (arghites?) – I haven’t read the last 50 comments or so. Will come back later & do that.

    For now – I appeal to the lovers of TENTACLE PORN here. Can you give me an example of a good novel written that readers of this type of (I say this affectionately) ‘smut’ enjoy?

    I need a good one to reference in my current wip.

  34. Shingles is a beast you do not want to have to fight. I haven’t had it, but I have friends who have. Yuck.

    The shots are also a bit of a thing. There are 3! Don’t forget! The lymph nodes in my neck, shoulder, and scalp were swollen for a week with the first shot. One of the lymph nodes in my shoulder was the size of a marble. I did not know one had lymph nodes in one’s scalp until that shot. The first shot was the worst as far as symptoms. The second and third weren’t so bad.

    With that said, I’ll take three shots over a shingles outbreak any day of the week!


    1. The Shingrix website says two. Maybe the older vaccine was three? In which case you might want to get the Shingrix now as it’s supposed to be much more effective

  35. I have doubled up on flu and Covid vaccines with no problem, but I never have much reaction to the flu vaccine so I figured that was safe. But I would hesitate to do RSV as well. I still need get the RSV, in fact. But I’m good on everything else.

    It’s been a while since I got the shingles vaccine, but I don’t recall either (it was two doses a few months apart) bothering me much beyond a sore arm and maybe a little tired.

    My happy today is sitting out on my covered patio working. It’s a little overcast at the mo, but was nice earlier. I have a sweater so I’m staying out here a while longer. Also, my cyclamen are spreading so nicely under a bush. It’s fun having something that blooms just as everything else is fading.

  36. We had flu & covid shots available at work last week and I gave into the convenience against my better judgment. (So did about half of my coworkers.) Guess who came in to a very empty office and was glassy-eyed all day because she couldn’t bring herself to call in sick like the rest of them? I’ve never had a vaccine hit me like that … Definitely the two-fer effect.

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