Argh Author: Brenda Margriet’s Too Good For Words

Our own Brenda Margriet‘s new book, TOO GOOD FOR WORDS, came out yesterday, so the fifth and final book in the Silverberry Seduction Seasoned Romance Series is now available.

Like all the other books in the series, it can be read as a standalone.

Ride hard or stay home…
A phony friendship between an ex-con biker haunted by his past and a suburban mom with an uncertain future shifts gears with startling consequences.

After more than two decades as a stay-at-home mom, Penta Potter’s life is at a crossroads, her future stretching emptily ahead. When her youngest son vandalizes a local motorcycle mechanic’s garage, confronting the forbidding yet compelling owner sparks deliciously wicked longings.

Since his release from prison twelve years ago, Cash Rylance keeps his head down and his nose clean. He has no business aching for a fiercely protective, sweet-lipped, divorced mother of four. If he promises to keep his hands to himself, maybe she will help him be the dad his estranged daughter deserves.

A fake relationship between these two restless hearts seems the perfect route to take…until their improbable plan detours toward a totally different destination.

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💜Blue-collar, ex-convict, tattooed, motorcycle rider hero (48 y/o)
💜Overprotective, divorced, single parent heroine (44 y/o)
💜Fake relationship
💜Bad boy/good girl
💜Opposites attract
💜Estranged child/parent
💜Steamy, open door, slow burn

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