Happiness is Getting All My Vaccines

I am WAY behind on my medical stuff, but Bob was harassing me (remember the “Book done yet?” e-mails? Now they’re “Got your Covid shot, got your flu shot, got your . . .”) so I looked into the easiest way here and it turns out there’s a CVS in my Target so I could get them all there, one at a time because I learned my lesson about getting more than one at once.. (Lesson: Don’t get more than one at once.) So I am now vaxxed for Covid, flu, and RSV, and I have pneumonia coming up this afternoon. Then I’m it’ll be shingles and TDAP shots and I’m done. I’m so proud. Meanwhile Bob is flat on his back because he doubled up on the flu and the RSV. (Lesson: Don’t get more than one at once.) But I’m grateful to him for harassing me to be healthy, so I am sympathetic. Many “poor babies” in e-mail.

Of course, then he took advantage of my sympathy and tried to name a character Lance Hardman. I said no, but I laughed.

What made you happy this week? (Also, did you get your vaccines?)