Happiness is Rewatching

I hadn’t watched TV in a couple of years, not because I don’t like TV–I love TV–but because I was having this problem with depression and just didn’t care. Then last week, on a whim, I watched some old episodes of Numb3rs. I’d forgotten what a cosy show that was, all about family and close friends set in front of an ever-changing stream of violent crime and math. I kept watching because it was comforting (I skipped episodes that I remembered as being wrenching), going back to that family again and again. If I ever get through all this stuff that’s overdue, I think I’m going to do a lot of rewatching because if there ever was a time to snuggle down in a comforter with hot chocolate and watch something old, it’s now, as the seasons turn and the world starts to go into winter sleep.

What made you happy this week?