This is a Good Book Thursday, October 5, 2023

So many people here had mentioned that Anne Bishop’s Lake Silence was good that I foolishly clicked on the sample just to see what the book was like and ended up buying eight books. That sounds like I’m recommending them, and the were great reads at first, but when I tried to reread them . . . uh, no.

I can tell you that the Others books are addictive. They’re well written (although comedy is not her strength) and have compelling conflicts, and I zipped my way through all eight of them in four days. Great world-building and interesting character interactions and evil antagonists who get their just desserts power the books (emotionally abusive exes who get eaten by monsters are my jam). But there were things about them that bothered me, and as I read them again, they became too much. I learned a lot about what I need from a book by reading these, which was illuminating, and there are just not my kind of stories. But they were a lot of fun to read the first time, so don’t let me put you off.

What good book did you read this week?