Working Wednesday, September 20, 2023

So we survived the podcast which turned out to be a lot of fun, so thank you, Emily and Trey! And now we’re back to work at writing and all the other stuff we have to do (I don’t know what Bob was doing with that rake he was talking about, but I’m still unpacking and doing laundry and trying to figure out where everything goes (I feel your pain, Zoe). But mostly, we’re back to work.

But a couple of things from the podcast . . .

First of all, Bob asked me to collaborate when we were both in Maui in 2004. Here’s the story. I did go find him the next day and say, “Let’s discuss this,” but he asked first.

Second, on our first book, the first time he asked me who I wanted to write about, I said, “Film director” because Mollie was working in film at that time, and he said something like “army guy” and we wrote Don’t Look Down. The food writer/hitman thing was Agnes.

Third, I had a really good time, and Bob survived, so it all turned out fine after all. And we thank you for your support.

Enough about us, what did you work on this week?

36 thoughts on “Working Wednesday, September 20, 2023

  1. REALLY SORRY this went up so late. I was working on a million things last night–must stop multi-tasking–and finished this and then didn’t schedule it. ARGH.

  2. I am sewing today. Two vests for the granddaughters with fringes, an hour for each. One birthday present; the faux pink leather jacket, (3+ hours, on a schedule), for the soon to be 10. She is excited for the vest. The jacket will put her over the moon. She is such a girl. I’ve already done the recycling and pulled up the dying tomato plants. Finishing One in Vermillion, today. It is SO good. Thanks, Jenny & Bob.

      1. I didn’t have grandmothers like me either. Mom’s mom may have been. The one I had barely acknowledged us. She was not nice.

          1. I had one remote (geographically and emotionally) and one histrionic, selfish and traumatized grandmother. And no meaningful aunts.

            But the histrionic one was a painter so we each got portraits of ourselves and I also got portraits of my kids.

  3. Jenny, what you’re working on is way more interesting than what I’ve been working on! So instead…I’ve started online yoga classes. A friend of mine has her own yoga studio and soI got the $50/month all-you-can-eat yoga class pass (which is $38 USD). She personally teaches the 7:00-7:45 am weekday class so I’m going to one or two of those weekly. Might also try a weekend 9:00 am class. It’s what I would call an intermediate flow class – totally gets my blood going and finally I’ve found a structure that works for me for doing yoga.

  4. Hey, I figured you were recuperating from the podcast. No worries.

    I’ve been doing my usual chores, but this morning I had APPLE PIE with melted cheddar on top for breakfast! I finally baked the pie, and it turned out great. I took some to my son’s family. The rest is saved for me, and some will be frozen for future yens. That is all.

      1. I put it in the garage freezer, so it makes it harder for me to just get it out and eat it. And the freezing slows me down a bit, too. In my mind, those things are set aside for special times.

  5. Great podcast. After over 50 years my Italian escaped my clutches by dying. He was 91 so I think he really was ready to go. When you talked about how men and women tell stories. It was sooo true. I laughed out loud. Luigi: what’s for dinner? Me: well it’s ages since we’ve had………Luigi. I only asked what’s for dinner.
    We used to call him shut you up o, but now I understand it’s just because he was a man. 😂

  6. Working on job stuff , —slowly getting caught up after doing kind of the minimum over the summer because of surgery and parties.

    Trying to support DH who is now staying with and trying to help our friend with early onset Alzheimer’s. It’s super stressful because there is so much to do —we made a tracker to make sure we don’t miss anything and DH knew of stuff I didn’t and I knew of stuff he didn’t.
    Also because the dementia is far enough advanced that the friend doesn’t even know basic things like who is paying his bills (could be his son, a business colleague or no one) and this is a guy whose career was doing a specialized kind of litigation support for financial cases. So DH has to keep reminding himself that this guy can no longer understand the emails he gets and has to be told things multiple times to start to understand them.
    And everything requires many steps because red tape — for example DH is trying to help him apply for SS and Medicare which has to be done through the embassy there and no one answers the phone. Multiply that by maybe 10 different major things that need to happen…

    Also of course despite DH’s many requests friend never made any of the 3 medical appointments and 2 lawyer appointments that DH needs to go to with him so DH will have to stay another week. So far I think they did schedule 2.

    We did discover he will be eligible for a small British pension starting next spring that he has no idea about and none of his lawyers or friends had bothered to tell him. So that’s progress.
    But poor DH is really having a hard time. And I’m trying to pick up all the online research to back him up to make it easier.

    Also caring for fish and turtle, harvesting tomatoes and figs and blossoms, mowed the lawn which was great exercise because it hadn’t been mowed in a month due to heat. And trying to schedule many overdue tasks.

    I am planning to bake Sunday for a break fast Monday. Seriously tempted to make two desserts because I don’t often get to bake. And I think I could freeze the leftovers.

  7. Saturday was “National Sew a Jelly Roll Day”. (Jelly rolls, in this case, are a form of fabric precut, usually 40 strips of 2 1/2″ wide fabric in a fabric line. It’s a nice quick way to get a wide variety of fabric that’s already cut into usable pieces for quilting).

    Anyway, a couple of friends and I decided we’d try to do something to celebrate. Saturday morning, I rummaged around in my sewing room and came up with a jelly roll and some yardage that I could use for one of the free patterns I found online earlier in the morning.

    The first picture is my starting point about 9:30 AM. Our group kept in touch by text, sending pictures, encouraging progress and in general sharing without actually being in the same room. You’ll see in the link my blocks and finally my finished top. It was a long day, but I did other things along the way, like some laundry, and some grocery shopping. I finished up the top about 7:30 pm.

    Because I knew I was committing to sewing on Saturday, I spent some time on Friday working in the garden, mostly pruning. I filled one yard waste bin, but there’s plenty more to be done there.

    Meanwhile, I keep looking at the shawl I’m knitting. I’m contemplating ripping it all out and starting over. I’m very torn because I’d like to be done with it, but I also want it to look nice. Oh well, we’ll see how I feel about it tomorrow.

    Other than this – work work work! I might need to think about retirement at some point.

    1. Wow. So you find colors you like and make a jelly roll and tuck it away until you are ready to make a top?

      1. Actually, manufacturers precut jelly rolls for you. In this case, the manufacturer used twenty different fabrics and cut two strips off of each, and wound them in the jelly roll. Usually these go for about $35 each.

  8. I was on a mini quest this morning to find a different filling for peppers or any scrapped-out vegetable like zucchini or acorn squash and came upon a few I’d like to try. There was ham and rice, and a cheesy chicken and rice southwest filling. Then there was a macaroni and cheese version and another chicken and rice in a jack-o-lantern cut out of an orange pepper. Ricotta and spinach I’ve already tried and is one of my go-tos. I stopped when I got to the Shepard’s pie version that’s a little too much for my taste. But the jack-o-lantern got my attention. It’s so cute.

  9. I’ve been adjusting to being back home and starting on my creative year. I put my landscape slides away safely (not going to edit them for a while) and sorted out my writing space. Started reading through all my fiction ideas. Planning to focus on writing in the mornings and gardening and exploring in the afternoons. Also need to squeeze in half a day a week on researching lost rights of way – which means a couple of hours more this week, since there was a Zoom meeting yesterday.

      1. It’s a UK thing – well, except in Scotland, where they now have freedom to roam. Basically, restoring and improving the public path & bridleway network.

  10. My mom turned 80 on Monday and didn’t want a party (due to the Covid upswing, but she’s also pretty tired from helping my dad through his knee replacement recovery). So I did a bunch of little things for her and it all came together nicely. She even wore the birthday tiara I got her to a restaurant—very out of character for her, but she was tickled and it was adorable.

    I’m editing the WIP still/always, and I’m working on “going wide” with one of my books as a test case. This week’s hurdle is getting banking info set up and confirmed on a couple of the platforms. Starting to see the appeal of using an aggregator like D2D.

  11. What I did this week that actually involve manual effort was to assemble an AmazonBasics Baker’s Rack. Mostly. I need to reposition the middle and bottom shelves. Then I need to decide where it’s going to live in the Owner’s Suite, or maybe in the garden room. If it goes in the garden room, I’ll probably get another like it for the suite.

    No physical effort work was two or three blog posts on my blog. (Click my name above to look at them.) One was the mid-September Farm Report. Another was “Woman at Work IV” featuring the dotter’s home decoration themes. And her picture, but don’t tell her that. I mean, it’s on her FaceBook page, but I am not aposta take her piccy.

    Everything else was reading, which is for tomorrow’s post. 🙂

        1. There is an entire corner of the basement available for storage and a plethora of storage containers. The thing is, you’re assuming my gothy dotter actually removes those things. I think the only things that came out of storage for seasonal decor was a string of orange “Christmas Lights.” All those skeletons and pumpkins are always there, as is the coffin-shaped doggy bed.

          That’s just the way she is. 🙂

  12. DH is still testing positive for COVID, though he feels much better. I haven’t bothered testing because my mild less-than-perfectly-healthy feelings are not enough to keep me from working and I don’t have to go anywhere to work, so, eh.

    Due to sales, treating myself to everything on the wishlist that was 3.99 or less, and a couple of pre-orders coming in, I’ve bought almost 20 books in the past 10 days so I need to work on my TBR.

    Text for two shorts prepped for the wide launch. Aside from that, very little accomplished.

  13. Finished the weeding and trimming for the season. I’ll have to cleanup the tomato and pepper plants and bring in the house plants and continue to mow the weed patch/wildflower meadow/it’s-green-so-at-a-distance-it’s-grass yard.

    I also went to my progressive group meeting which included a potluck. That bit wasn’t work. My contribution was a large container of mixed nuts. It was really great to see everyone.

    And I’m finishing up the Board’s bylaw project. Just need to reread them and send them out for review.

    Mostly I need to order Vermillion.

    1. Vermillion finally showed up in my library catalog and I am only number 2 on the hold list. [smug]

  14. I started something that I didn’t realize was going to be so time consuming. I have been watching a 9 episode program Healing Kitchen about making your food your medicine. I have learned so much. I am almost done. I have watched all the episodes and now I need to type up my notes for 4 of the episodes. It was so worth it.

    Tonight, Thursday, we are supposed to go to the Dali Museum but I may have to miss because we don’t have anything to do with the dog & he doesn’t do well alone at night.

    I have started a major, much needed project taking control of my finances and coming up with a budget so I can buy a place soon & retire within a year or two.

    And all I really WANT to do is read One In Vermillion. Dammit.

  15. I am mostly working on not getting sick. It seems like there are coughs and sniffles all around me. I have upped my vitamin regimen and my sanitizing.

    And I am training someone again. She is very sweet, but a very green 18. She graduated from highschool this spring and never held a job before.

    1. I hope she turns out well. Back in the early sixties my father had a secretary who started working for him (an administrator in the Board of Education) the day after she graduated from high school. She was great and was with him for many years.

  16. I was busy finishing Vermilion which was wonderful, my complements to the chefs.

    I worked an extra day at the drug store this week. My boss needed a mental health day and asked if I could come in. Since I would make more there than doing transcription work, I said I would.

    Other than that, it’s fall chores like bringing in the garden and cleaning up outside.

    I’ve also got paint samples on the wall for the new living room colour. I was thinking dark green but now I’m leaning more toward a jewel-tone/emerald-type colour.

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