25 thoughts on “The Rest In Pink Character Chart

  1. Oh my, thank you. This is much neater than my version. (Side note: sprinted through “Pink” and now have to wait a month for “Vermillion.” I didn’t realize this was what my summer needed.)

    1. Yeah. My list is messy too. Jenny’s list is much appreciated. And I’m also having a leisurely read— absolutely revelling in the language and characters. Bliss…

  2. Isn’t Faye a Pitts? Was she born Blue (that didn’t cpme out right) or is she Mary Louise’s sister? Do we know Mary Beth and ML’s maiden name? I haven’t read Rest in Pink yet so perhaps these are clarified there. That said, I don’t really need clarification of these to enjoy the book – I’d only fixate on it if you put the chart online with the book.

    Great work by the way – does this officially make you a genealogist?

    1. Faye is a Pitts. I’ll change it on the original chart.
      I don’t think we’ve given ML and MB maiden names yet. Let’s go with Berry.

  3. Have already dug in and loving it so far. But a question? I don’t remember ML trying to kill George. Vince is talking about ML pleading attempted murder “for trying to kill you and Liz.” What did I miss?

    1. Huh. That might be a vestigial tail. I wrote one ending and Bob changed it. In my ending, she tried to get them both.

        1. I think Grandma Berry was awful; that would explain why ML was such a horror and MB was such a mess.

  4. Loved the zombie namecheck! <3 Noticed that Mickey was referred to as Micket once in the ebook. I can give you the specific sentence if you want it?

  5. Does a tshirt with “I Am Awesome, Bask in My Glory” actually exist? Because I may need it.

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