State of the Collaboration: Bratva Baby

Lavender and now Pink have been fighting for supremacy on the romance mystery list at Amazon with a romance about a secret Russian baby for weeks now, and it’s making Bob insane. Er. Insaner. I wish to make it clear that neither he nor I have read this book, that this is not about the book in any sense. I’m sure the book is great. But . . .

We really need a break.

31 thoughts on “State of the Collaboration: Bratva Baby

  1. It’s on kindle unlimited. People are not actually paying for it. It’s in a different universe.

    1. The ratings can’t be right. On the global scale Lavender and Pink have a 77 to 80 % compared to Bratva’s 35%. I call foul.

  2. I just read a scene about zombie pirates. It’s in Escaping Destiny by Amelia Hutchins. This is a sign. Bookish Gods move in mysterious ways 🙂

    1. Weren’t Geoffrey Rush (?) and his crew zombie pirates in at least one Pirates of the Carribbean movie?

  3. So, now, who on Argh who is on KU is going to read Bratva baby for us and report back on Thursday 😀

    1. I don’t do KU, but it was just $3.99 so I 1-clicked it. I wouldn’t have, but besides the kindle ap and mobipocket reader, I can read books in Calibre Reader. Also, some books have an html version readable in any browser tab and there’s RTF readable in Word or one of the free equivalents.

      Don’t expect a quick report.

    2. On a very fast first search there are 3 bratva baby books on Ku – by Lexi Asher, Bella King and Jane Henry. Must be a very intriguing topic, but Mafia – yuk.
      Gary, you are a hero for tackling the book!!

      1. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves – after all, buying it to read moved it another sale up the ratings. Also, I’m not touching it until I finish Pink.

        1. for MJ and aunt snack,
          As an experienced babysitter over decades from the 50 cents an hour era (my teen years), to the free help for very close friends (while in my twenties and thirties), your comments brought back many memories! My sister and I felt like zombies after working all day (Monday through Friday) the summer we rode one speed bikes with thick tires downhill in the morning and uphill at the end of the day. It wasn’t a steep grade, but enough to get huffing a bit if you walked it. I am not sure if it was six or eight miles from home, we were in great shape by the start of the high school year when I was a senior and she was a junior… Taf

  4. You are my joy for today. I loved reading these comments. I’ve been holding off on Rest in pink for my knee surgery but I’m not sure I can wait any longer. You two are way better than zombie babies. Does anyone remember mad balls? When my son was too, I was brushing his teeth, and he turned into a mad ball before my eyes. I dropped the baby. he grew up to become an actor.

  5. I just finished Rest in Pink. I am vibrating in place. Soooo much happened in this book!

  6. Pink arrived on my doorstep moments ago and a day late. Planning on getting nothing more done this weekend.

  7. You guys are killing me. I have decided to wait until Vermilion is in my grubby hands before reading the first two, and all this joy is making it VERY HARD. I am going to seek strength in visions of mad balls.

    1. Secret babies are everywhere – billionaire secret babies, royal secret babies, cowboy secret babies, italian’s secret babies, undercover babies & Alpha’s secret babies.
      They are taking over the world.

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