State of the Collaboration: August 19, 2023

Most of July and August were a waste because I was in disorganized moving hell, and Bob was patient, thank you very much. But in the past couple of days, I’ve cleared enough space in my place and my brain and started back to work. I’m still behind on everything, like legal things and getting a doctor down here and clearing the boxes and packing stuff out of here so I can walk through the rooms, but since the copy edit had to be done on Pink NOW, that is done (and thank you to all who offered and helped), and I am now restructuring Vermillion while Bob sighs in the background and pushes for a bad title for the first Rocky Start novel, which I WILL go back to on Monday.

For example:

24 thoughts on “State of the Collaboration: August 19, 2023

  1. Moving house is a Big Deal. The last time we did it, it was months before I could reclaim my creative processes again for anything except painting vast numbers of Ikea shelves.

  2. My brains basically dribbled out my ears, I forgot everything I was supposed to do, I left things behind I needed and brought things I meant to throw away. And I lost a cat. It was a very bad stretch of weeks there.

  3. Is there anyone left near your old place who could locate whatever you left behind but need, so that they could, like, send it to you?

    1. Mollie’s on it, but she really has better things to do. She did just send me all my walking ware, so she’s doing her best.

  4. I still have a metric crapton of cardboard to recycle or burn or otherwise dispose of. On the good side, if someone decides they’d like those six Smar Gardens and accessories, I have the boxes to pack them up handy. And I didn’t pop all of the bubblewrap, so there’s that.

    Do you have the urge to say aloud, “So. It has come to this.”

  5. lol – I needed a laugh. Ruggedly handsome Bob the Green Beret is. Cute. Bwahaha!

    I might be worse than you or any of the other movers because I need to move (out of ridiculously expensive Florida) and I can’t decide where to. Can. Not. Decide.

    BTW – I thought Bob was moving, too. But he’s still in TN. After reading survival articles, etc, I was anxious to know where he moved to because I thought he scouted out the best place to be as the planet becomes less and less habitable for humans.

    1. They’re putting it off for awhile. I think the middle latitude stretch of country is probably the easiest right now, but avoid Tornado Alley and the coasts.

      1. Mid Atlantic is probably experiencing the least climate upheaval right now, relatively speaking. Who knows what the future will bring.

    2. Come to Ohio. A well-educated population (despite the near-total Republican control of the government), lots of water, lots of lovely college towns, a great state park system. I knew a guy who left here, though, and went to Minnesota, near St. Olaf’s college, because he wanted to retire somewhere that he could hear music any night of the week. We have a few big cities, with some amazing museums–Cleveland Museum of Art leaps to mind. And if you want sports, there’s always OSU. Not nearly as expensive as being on a coast, either.

      1. If you go to Ohio, I will say that Michigan is a great place to vacation. I live in the middle of lower Michigan. I wouldn’t advise moving here, but the coast are really nice if you can afford it. Otherwise, visit in the summer or fall.

  6. Bob’s dog is cute. Maybe some of it has rubbed off on him?

    I’m glad you’re making progress. Moving is hell. My house isn’t perfect, but every time I think about moving, I just fix something else on the house I’m in.

    Hang in there.

  7. Have you guys considered making each title a play on the series title? Like maybe New Start, Rough Start, etc. Or Rock and a Hard Place, Hard Rock, Rock n’ Roll.

    1. We did, but it didn’t work with the books. I had Rocky Start and Big Finish, but Bob was insisting calling the second one Middle Prong, so we moved on.

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