Working Wednesday, August 23, 2023

So I’m getting more focused in my working–finishing up the rewrite of Vermillion, getting my kitchen put away, clearing out the garage and putting things where they belong–and I decided telling all of you about that is probably boring since I’ve been whining about it for awhile.

So I’m going to start a new twelve days of the office. I’ve done those several times in several different houses so it seems right I should do one for this place, too. Also I’m putting together an office from scratch, so there’s that. I think I’ll probably start putting up those posts on Friday which should inspire me to work on the place at least once a week. While I’m finishing Rocky Start and trying to help Bob with publishing (at which I am of no use, aside from covers) and putting together bookcases and . . .

I’m sure everything will be done here by October.

What did you work on this week?