52 thoughts on “Two, Two Book Covers

  1. You are right to love them as they are gorgeous. Makes me want to get the paperback rather than the digital version. If you walked into a book shop, those covers would definitely catch your eye.

  2. So excited for the paperback version. Or hardback. Whichever comes out soonest.

    1. Thank you for pointing those skulls out. I got out my magnifying glass. They are a great touch!

    2. We’re going to do the Amazon hardcover– which means there is no book jacket but rather the cover is directly on the cover. Hoping to have that live next week along with trade paperback.

          1. I don’t know, I just know Amazon sets the price based on the length. of the book and Lavender is long, LIK2 120,000 words. And that’s after I’d cut chunks out of it.

    3. The picture at Amazon is not a match for the picture above. Lavender’s Blue, yes, but the pic above for Rest in Pink lacks the burnt match, and the Amazon pic lacks the skulls.

      1. That’s because it was an early version. I didn’t think the burnt match worked outside the box and I asked for the skulls. The burnt match is still there, it’s just inside the box.

  3. Yes, they’re both terrific! Can’t wait until they’re released in paperback! (Soon? Hint, hint)

  4. I just wanted them to look professional and I think they do.

    We turned in the info for the trade paperback cover today, and they said it’d be seven days at least. Then Bob, who is doing everything and should be applauded, will give the cover to Amazon and tell them to go ahead with the print on Lavender.

    Vermillion is going to be interesting. Orange-red cover which is not my fave color, plus the word “Vermillion” is more than twice the size of “Blue” or “Pink,” so it’s going to be interesting how the designer fixes that. She’s really good so I’m not worried.

    1. Vermillion is definitely a challenge. It’s not a common word to many people, and that is a gift, in some ways, as they won’t have preconceptions about it. I love that color! It’s also a nice progression from blue to pink to almost red. Your designer is a genius!

  5. Just beautiful! And I have to ask—when you talk about Amazon hardcovers, do you mean honest to God hardcovers, as opposed to trade paper? I didn’t know they did such a thing.


  6. I went on Amazon and searched for Lavender’s Blue- Jennifer Crusie, and got Don’t look Down. I added Bob Mayer to the search line and still got Don’t Look Down. I must be doing something wrong. The second book below Don’t Look Down was a book of nursery rhymes with the lavender title.

    1. That’s a problem. I had the same kind of problem when Bob put the first one up. Hope he and Jenny can fix the search problem soon. I think it’s especially bad if you use Jenny’s name – which of course her fans are going to do.

      1. We are trying to get Amazon to fix that. THey’re going to try to get back to us by the end of the day, July 4. Don’t hold your breath.

          1. Yes. Or Bob will. I think Mollie’s got a newsletter cooking, too.
            I just do the covers. Bob does the publishing. And even on the covers I’m basically saying,”I love it, put skulls on the matches.” The designer is doing the heavy lifting there.

          1. I’m finding that if I just search for Lavender’s Blue Crusie I get nothing, but if I click on the “Books” department and search I can get both Blue and Pink. We’re still working on it.

  7. The covers are fabulous. Please give me the name of your designer. I’m still thinking about self publishing Lord Byron‘s daughter I pre-ordered the books when you put the link out the first time. You and Bob are the instrument of my future delight. Can’t wait.

  8. These are so gorgeous! If I was in the US I’d get the hard copies, but postage to Aus is prohibitive, so I’ll wallow in the digital versions instead.

  9. Love the covers.

    Also agree amazon search engine is rubbish. I always put in authors names and get several books by different authors before any by the author I asked for pop up.

  10. I was so excited to see these! They look fabulous and convey the genre/vibe balance well. Can’t wait to read them. I think I’ll have to get the paperback so I can look at them on my shelves.

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