Traumatic Day but BUY LINKS!

First I had a giant POD delivered and it took out part of my fence. Then Veronica got a bath and a visit to the vet’s which included shots and ear cleaning, so we’re now sitting in McD’s parking lot while she snarfs down TWO plain apology hamburgers. It seemed like the least I could do.

Emily was supposed to go, too, but there was a small disagreement over the cat carrier. So Wednesday for her. But no bath; I’m not insane.

Also new Buy Links!
Okay, I just love posting the covers, but buy links are good.

31 thoughts on “Traumatic Day but BUY LINKS!

  1. Cat carriers always spark vigorous debate. Maybe leave it out with the door open so she can smell it, etc?

    Are these up on Good Reads? I tried to find them the other day so that I could share and shelve, etc. but had trouble finding them.


  2. Amazon is weird, I had enough in my account to buy Lavender, but they wanted a credit card for pre-order. Oh well, I’ll just wait till it comes out to buy. I never link cards to Amazon, too much temptation is bad for my budget.

    1. I think that it is because you don’t actually get charged for it until the book comes out. So you could potentially deplete your balance by then or the price could change.

  3. Can I say poor baby to Veronica? I know she is better off healthwise after going to the vet, but oh what trauma it always is! Our Mr. Fluffypants is just about over the trauma of his visit last week, but it’s taken many a pity treat to make up for the horrah.

    Also, hamburgers — good on you!

    1. Veronica has no short term memory. She was over it as soon as she was back home on the bed. She’s a simple dog. And she’s sixteen, so she’s pretty placid most of the time anyway.

  4. One of the great things about where I live is we have an amazing mobile veterinarian who does large and small animals. And has saved us from the difficulties of trying to get convince our felines to get in the crate. This was not the case 7 years ago and it was so hard emotionally and physically on both animal and humans., if I ever have to move again this is in top priorities along with single story. We have done apology chicken nuggets for both cats and dogs, they were happy then. And Veronica looks great yay for hamburgers.

    1. Emily William will have to go in twice, once for the vet and once for the drive down to the new place, and then never again because this place also has a mobile vet. Best thing ever.

  5. My daughter’s cat, who was the friendliest cat I’ve ever known, would turn into an enraged wolverine if anyone tried to put her in a carrier.

    My daughter discovered that her cat had no problem going to the vet on a harness and leash, though.

    1. I have always suggested (I work at a vet’s) feeding the cat in the carrier nearly every day. But most people don’t do this long enough. It could save your cat’s life in a fire or tornado if it can be easily crated, though.

      🙂 I saw a cat on a harness and leash enjoying an outdoor concert I went to last month. There were dogs, too, some off-leash but well behaved and they left the cat strictly alone.

  6. Just ordered them and I’m going to really try and hold out for August reading so that I can read one straight after another! Super excited!!!

  7. My vet recommends backing a cat into the cat carrier.

    I usually put the cat carrier on one end with the open door on the top (I have the hard plastic sort), hold the cat with two hands, one on the scruff of their neck, drop them in and slam the door shut. I don’t do it roughly, but it’s fast and hopefully no one gets hurt.

    I also first spray the inside with Felliway to calm them down.

    1. That’s my method. I get the carrier out at least a day before the visit, so he forgets about it. Then, when he’s relaxed I pick him up and cuddle and shove him in. He gets over it quickly though, once we’re home.
      My big dog loved car rides, and loved visiting the vet. She loved all the new people, and the chance to grab bones from the low bins in the food part of the store.

  8. I leave my double carrier in the living room with the door open 365. I wash the blanket from time to time, and when I pick up toys, I chuck them in there, so the cats have a reason to go in. Sometimes they snooze in there. New catnip fish go in the carrier, random treats get chucked in. When I want them in there, I just pull out the treat bag, and in they go. Vet suggested it years ago, and it’s worked a treat.

    1. Great suggestions on the cat carrier left out all the time. I’m going to do that and move it around too. I envision the Great Dane getting his head stuck whilst trying to extract a cat treat, but maybe he’s smarter than that. Speaking of which, he was reading over my shoulder and is insisting on apology hamburgers after vet visits from now on.

  9. Clancy, I have no idea how to take your first name off your post, so I trashed both of them.

    Here’s Clancy’s post:

    weird cat, mine. Use to, when placed [wrestled(wrapped in a towel)] in a carrier, would yowl. Constantly, all the way to the vet and all the way back. During much growling and huddling.

    Now, after his Australia to Scotland, 20+ hours of flight on 3 different planes and 2 overnight stops, he is easy. Throw a treat, give him a bit of a nudge and done. No yowling, no growling [almost, being shaved and injected understandably still called for growling] not even the old dirty look afterward. I so expected the hatred of crates to go exponential. Airline crates are much bigger than average cat carriers but I wouldn’t have expected that to overcome having to be in it for so long.

    And Yay! for many choices of book buying. I hate it when books are only Amazon or Apple. My ereader won’t cooperate with those. Reading for any length of time on a laptop or phone hurts my eyes. Actually I now have double vison and phone screen time, even just check maps for direction, makes it worse for awhile.

  10. I didn’t find this till today, so missed all the excitement. Vets and doctors can be traumatic for this household, too. I’m glad you got through it. Sorry about your fence. Can it be repaired? That is not cool! Happy Fourth!

  11. We’ve had quite a bit of rain lately, but that doesn’t stop the fireworks around the neighborhood. My concern is when the grandog starts panting and pacing the house. Over the weekend she has joined me on the sofa wedging herself between my back and the back of the sofa. Last night she draped herself around my neck. and she is no lightweight. So, I grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around her and used it to quiet her down. It brought the trembling almost to a halt so, it was a good solution. One more night to go. Thunderstorms are just as bad because she can sense when a storm is coming hours in advance and starts to pace looking for a place to feel safe.

    Jenny, I hope you have Emily contained when you start filling up the pod for your move. So there is no more escaping.

    1. Emily will be inside the house in the bedroom. She’s not really interested in the great outdoors that much, but I’ll keep an eye out.

    2. Mary, have you heard of Thunder Jackets? I’ve heard they can help calm anxious pets.

  12. I’ve already bought the books on pre-order but I loved reading the blurb and seeing the covers. My son has a great Dane and Toa has been on Xanax for the last two nights. He may come over here tonight if they want to come to barbecue because they cannot leave him alone. He is absolutely terrified of fireworks.
    They are cats, kitty boo-boo, and Sylvester. Don’t care. Happy fourth to everyone. I plan to watch 1776 to the sound of neighborhood fireworks.

  13. I have a top and front load cat carrier. It’s much easier to get my cat in from the top. I also put the carrier out (with the top open) several days in advance of the vet visit so the cats won’t disappear under the bed where they know I can’t reach them.

  14. Since you guys went the self-publishing route, will there be audiobooks? Dry eyes have made that my main book intake method, but I’ll bite the bullet for y’all if I need to.

  15. I don’t have huge problems getting my cats into carriers, but I heard the advice years ago to leave the carrier out year-round, so they get used to it, and that helped a lot. They sometimes nap inside it even. Still, I’m thinking about getting a side-load carrier, which I’ve seen a number of cat-rescuers use, and they just kind of nudge the stray inside and lift the door in place behind the cat: Seems to have the advantages of a top-loading carrier without its disadvantages.

    1. I haven’t seen any like that but there’s also the back pack kind which when open makes a very comfortable double cat bed.

      which doesn’t seem to have pasted as a link.

      It is not easy to stuff a reluctant cat into, but when open it is very attractive as a curling up spot and therefore cats will get into it. Oddly, they seem to like the clear view out the back. It doesn’t seem to make them feel vulnerable.

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