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  1. These are striking covers, Jenny & Bob! I love the colors. I love the specific items — I’ll have to read the books to figure out how they are tied to each other.

    1. The lavender flowers are just the debris from a destroyed lavender spike.
      The red gummy bears represent a giant red teddy bear that’s in all the books.
      The Elizabeth Magnolias are a plot point in all of the books, too, the flower the heroine was named for.

      It’s that stuff that I fixate over that drives Bob crazy. In the first book, Liz and Lavender are doppelgängers, sharing a lot of traits and life aspects. And one of those is that they were both named for flowers. The whole point of using a doppelgänger in my fiction-can’t speak for anybody else–is showing how one character changes and the other doesn’t, the unchanging character acting as a foil. (See also, Macbeth and Banquo, so me and Shakespeare.) So Lavender’s on the first cover and Liz is on the last one.

      1. I would buy these hardcover books (have already purchased ebooks) just for the covers… they are sensational!!! Very exciting times.

      2. Have you used a doppelgänger before? I can kinda see a couple of possibles but reading (and re-reading) it never occurred to me that there were doppelgangers in play.

        If you have a moment (in your oh-so-copious free time!) I’d love to hear more about the specific pairings in your books. It’ll give me a good excuse to re-read again!

        1. Let me think about it. I must have because I talk about it when I teach, but right now my mind is tapioca.

  2. Lovely! Your designer did a great job with the added challenges for Vermillion.

  3. Gorgeous! No one will miss that on a shelf, or an Amazon “you might like” suggestion lineup. The lilies are a nice touch. Do they symbolize death? Yellow is a color worn, or placed on display, at funerals in some cultures. I have no idea what kind of gun that is, but it’s elegant-looking. I’m sure Bob knows.

    1. I don’t know if it makes a difference, but those flowers aren’t lilies. They’re Magnolia Champaka Absolute.

        1. I did not know of that flower. That takes me back to The Cinderella Deal, where one of Linc’s nicknames for Daisy is Magnolia. Hmmm, Daisy. And her mother’s name is Pansy. I’m seeing a theme, here. 😉

          1. Jenny, it comes from when she was telling Linc about her mother, and how she’d go bananas for him: “The big, dark, handsome Yankee come to steal her little Magnolia away.” Then, much later, when they get to the Crawford house for the party, and she says, “I do declare”, Linc says “Behave, Magnolia.” I love how you work those cute nicknames into every story.

          2. I love the nicknames, too!

            “What am I, chopped liver?” (How C.L. Sturgis got his name.)

            Mayor Bear and Julie Ann from WtT. All the names in Faking It.

            I love the nicknames!

  4. LOVE the covers and the insight into each. That attention to detail and connections is what keeps me re-reading–there is always something more to find.

  5. The next three books, which won’t be along for a couple of years yet, are Yellow Brick Roadkill, Blood Curdling Green and Blue Blood. So purple, pink, red, yellow, green, and blue. We have a Plan.

    But first the Rocky Start books, for which we don’t even have titles yet. One thing at a time.

    1. Not to mention that moving will be a big deal for both you and Bob. I am really impressed that you two have plans to work together so far into the future.The working relationship must be going well if you can contemplate that. Maze Tov!

      1. Thought: could there be a character named Emerald— book Emerald’s Green to echo Lavender’s Blue?

  6. The covers are perfect. It’s nice to see them attached to my pre-orders. I’ve made a note of your designers name because I think I might actually try another self publish. The first one, mom is there a Santa Claus? What is so awful due to Ingram sparks that I still have cell shock. It’s too bad because the art is gorgeous.
    Happiness is having three books I know I want to read in my future

  7. I love your books! (I am a bookaholic-not seeking a cure…) I want to put that on a t-shirt sometime.

    Looking forward to a reading binge when I get the books.

    You have a great graphic designer to get such covers done. When design is done well, you can judge a book by the cover…

  8. I love these separately and I love them together. Great covers and your designer has done a brilliant job. I am so ready to read them!

  9. I am re-reading Lavender now, and I swear to you we edited this book over and over and I’m finding mistakes and I’m only on page 40. ARGH.

    ETA: Should have mentioned, Bob’s fixing the mistakes as soon as I point them out. But we both read this ms multiple times; I’m starting to think some of this stuff happened in computer formatting.

    1. Will the updates appear in the yet to be ordered print copies or only in the e-book version?

      1. Just out of curiosity, did you have a separate editor or proofreader besides you and Bob look at them? Because fresh eyes will see things that you won’t, being so close to the material and having looked at it so many times.

        1. We sort of stumbled into this, which is fine, it’s our first rodeo (Mollie is ready to strangle us both for rushing into publication) so we’re learning a lot. The big thing is, getting proofs to do a final edit on because every time you change from editing on a screen to editing on paper, the book changes dramatically. So right now we’re not planning on getting a copy editor (although I’m giving Jane the side eye here), but we are planning on proofing on paper to see if that keeps us from screwing up.

  10. I wrote to Barnes & noble asking if they could start carrying this series and sent them the details from the Amazon website. They responded, saying the following:

    “I’m sorry, there’s no option for us to obtain the paperback format of that book. It is the discretion of the publisher or author if they will add the paperback format on our website. ”

    This sounds like something that Bob might possibly look into?


  11. What I like most about these covers, besides the fact that they’re beautiful, is that they really capture the mood of the books. So I’m very happy.

  12. Love the covers and can’t wait until my paperback copy arrives! I’m keeping track for the second and third books when they hit Amazon. Thanks to both you and Bob for writing them!

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