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Did any of you get a mass e-mail from Amazon or anyone else saying Lavender was available on Amazon?
Nothing’s wrong, we’re just trying to solve a mystery here.

ETA: Mollie got a mass e-mail, so that’s what happened. Mystery solved. Evidently you had to be signed up to get news about my books, which nobody here has to do because I bombard you with that info relentlessly.

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  1. no – did not get one and I get a ton of emails from amazon so I should have gotten it BUT it could be because I have already pre-ordered the book ..

  2. Huh.

    Lavender is #1 in Mystery Romance and #2 in Action-Adventure Romance and we can’t figure out why.

    Writers are always suspicious of good fortune, but this is really odd. Pink’s at #6 in Mystery Romance and Vermillion’s at #9.

    You guys must have been buying up a storm. Thank you!

    1. Wow, I just looked this up on Amazon.com!
      I got no email, checked spam folder. Hope this success translates into some cold hard cash!

    2. Are pink and vermillion available in paper? I’ve got Lavender’s in my cart right now. will be happy to add two more.

      1. Nope. End of August for Pink and end of September for Vermillion, or whenever Bob decides to pull the trigger on the paper publication. But thank you for asking.

      1. You’re welcome.

        I checked. I follow you and Bob on Amazon. I’m pretty sure there’s a setting somewhere that lets one not get emails and notifications, and that I have selected for that. I used to get tons of emails about authors I “like” but don’t need to know everything they’re doing. First instance, Seanan McGuire. I followed her for the Velveteen Versus Things and People series. She’s published eleventy-two other books I don’t care about. Same thing with Amy Archer. I’m sure I put a spike in the notification option.

  3. I swear that I did get a notification from Amazon (I have you on a Follow notification), but I have tried everything to find it again and I can’t.

    Sorry I can’t help more.

  4. I follow both you and Bob, but the only thing I received were the notices Bob sent out via his blog, and your blog. But I’ve purchased all three, so AMZ might have removed me. They seem weirdly inconsistent though.

  5. I’m still waiting till amazon deigns to accept my gift card money. Also your book is not showing up on my Amazon.co.uk search engine, I put lavender’s blue, jennifer crusie in the search engine and your nonexistant MP3 CD turns up.

      1. No luck in All search, Don’t Look down and Sizzle showed up though. It didn’t come up when I search your name either, but it is showing when I clicked into yours and Bob’s pages

        1. I don’t shop Amazon but I searched Amazon Australia by Jennifer Crusie + Lavender, Pink & Vermilion & they all came up. So hopefully you will get some more sales from here too. I pre ordered mine through Kobo Australia & I have popped into a few of the big online book sellers here & searched & they have come up in most of them too 🙂

  6. If you put your name Jenny or Bob’s into Amazon, the books don’t show. You have to click on your names and go into your author accounts to find them. You should also ask Bob to update your pages on fantasticfiction.com. I use that website to find out if my favourite authors have books coming out this year. I know book sellers in Ireland also use that website.

    1. Hey, you. Hope everything is well in Alpha. Obviously you have retained your great taste (g).

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