Happiness Is No More Delays

So I moved last night. Yeah, I thought it would be earlier, but Emily William took a strong dislike to the cat carrier, and I finally had to give up and leave him there. He’ll be fine, he was a stray for two years before he deigned to moved in with me and I have the whole neighborhood on the lookout and a cat carrier waiting for him, plus a way back into the house and garage . . . yes, that was not happy making. But to have the move finally done after two weeks of delays? Wonderful.

How did you not delay happiness this week?

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  1. Oh no! Poor you and Emily William. Here is hoping for a speedy reunion.

    I am glad your move is finally over.

    I am struggling today. Bad dreams about scary things that are too potentially real. And I am just worn out from the ongoing situation at the day job.

    So today we are going up to the bookstore at the mall before it closes for good. It is one of two stores left, the rest of the mall is shut down. I am planning on depression spending to my heart’s content.

    1. Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time, dreams included. Sending you lots of sympathy-hugs. Bad dreams/nightmares are such moodkillers/anxiety-triggers/depression-inducers. Bleh.

      1. Sorry you’re struggling. Hope the bookstore trip helped a little bit.

        1. Thanks Susan. I spent a fair amount on books, which I can never regret, and then came home and ordered more… At least it’s not more shoes?

          1. You say that like shoes are a bad thing.

            By the way, I had brunch with a friend yesterday who showed me a new pair of shoes from this fantastic site she’d found where all the shoes were remakes of of shoes from the early 20th century and I said wait, I think I’ve heard of this site…

          2. And you’ll like this part – she didn’t wear the shoes to our lunch – she brought them with her just so that she could show them to me.

      2. Thank you! It certainly put me in a funk for longer than I would like. I am working on building up my reserves again for the week ahead.

  2. I hope Emily William comes to her senses, soon, and you are reunited. I hope you really like your new place, and feel at home in it as soon as all your things are where you want them.

    I bought a recliner, and used it for two nights to try to sleep halfway lying down, but that just did not work. It perversely kept trying to move upright, so it is going back where it came from, and I am nearly recovered from a horrible sinus infection, now, anyway. I have been thinking about getting a recliner for a long time, and now I will just take my time to find one that works.

    I am, once again, working on my WIP, reading and editing. It feels good to be back at it.

        1. I just wrote 2 paragraphs on the joys of “Stressless” recliners from Norway and then lost it all before I could post. Sigh. The short version is that 4 members of my family have them and are very happy with them. Various members of the family have slept happily in them for a variety of reasons. The main problem is that they take 5 months to arrive in the USA once you order them. You can pay for them in halves,but they are shipped from Norway. If you can find a place in your general area, I highly recommend that go sit in a few of them. Mine was definitely worth the wait and is very easy to move. And each style comes in 3 sizes so you can get the one that really suits your body.

          1. Snackie, wow! I looked at a lot of what is available near me today, and they are highly overpriced and ugly. Fat and poofy, and made of odd colors of cloth and leather. I may just keep this one and forget that it has a third option. Do you remember the name of the chairs? Maybe I’ll just google Norwegian recliner chairs. We have an IKEA close by, and that is a neighbor of Norway. I’m not buying anything I can’t try out, first. That’s how I went wrong, this time. Thanks for the suggestion.

          2. I googled it, and they are called Stressless Chairs. Duh, me. I don’t think they are sold near here, but I will keep looking. They are pricey! Maybe I can save up, in the meantime.

        2. Jan, I bought my chair from a terrific salesman in a store in Mt. Pleasant,WI which is a very small town outside of Racine (also not huge). Perhaps if you email him he can help you locate one you can try out near you. His name is Torben Ovesen and the store is called Hansen Interiors. His email is torben@hanseninteriors.us

          1. Thanks!! I’m up and at it, and will keep looking. I tried the chair last night and it is wrecking my calves. I ended up in my bed, which finally worked, as I am healing. But it’s possible a chair like this would come in handy again.

          2. I clicked on “Find a dealer” and there is a store a few towns over and one in Lawrence, which is a college town (Go Jayhawks!) not far from me. I might email Torben just to get advice on how to choose a chair. Thanks so much for your help.

  3. Emily William will be ok because he is a survivor. It doesn’t hurt any less, but you can be secure in the knowledge that you did your best.

    Congratulations on the move. Now Mollie can let you post a pic of the front of the old house!

    (Yeah, I have a long memory. It’s why I can choose to say, “apology accepted, access denied” – it’s not a grudge, I just don’t need their negative patterns in my life. I am worthy of more.)

    Yesterday I spent the day with a friend and her family on her birthday. It’s amazing how we’ve all slotted into a kind of truly accepting sibling relationship over the last few years. Unconditional acceptance makes me super happy.

    She wanted the day to be spiritual so I tagged along. As part of the healing focus, I selected the reframing thought patterns from “You can heal your life” that were relevant to her and wrote them out for her. A major one that Louise Hay uses is, “I love and accept myself.” It’s a tool I used before but forgot about. So it was nice to be reminded.

    A friend put me onto Lady Speech Sankofa on YT and I started typing this as a live played. LSS just did the random affirmations, and guess what… lol… “I love and accept myself for who I am” was the first one up. The universe be sayin’ something. I am happy to be tuned in to the healing frequency. Anybody here needed the reminder too?

    I did Human Garage organ reset just afore the power went out and I feel a bit more limber. Again, tools that I know but don’t use consistently.

    My work admin is backlogged. Argh. I think I will sleep early and wake early to leave before 6am at the next neighborhood’s power failure session, to be at work before 6.40am to get a head start. Early to bed feels healthy, I’m already wise, so it better make me wealthy, lol!!!

    1. Sure Thing – as far as acceptance goes – I love Louise Hayes affirmation:
      I release them to happiness that is meaningful to them.

      It’s so perfect for people who need drama or want to be unhappy.

  4. I finished Lavender’s Blue! Hooray! I enjoyed it very much. I just have one main question: how come Liz didn’t know (or barely knew or had barely heard of?) Lavender or Skye? I gather she knew Navy but not the other two? don’t know their ages, but it seems like they were probably older than 15 and it seems weird to me that Liz wasn’t already acquainted with them if Burney is such a small town.

    Other than that: went to karaoke last night, I have tech week starting for Much Ado this week and then we open, I did an audition for another show yesterday so fingers crossed, and I’m seeing Barbie today. So, not bad on that score. After the movie I plan on resting up for the rest of the week, but also I have some vacation days to burn as well this week and next. I have a phone appointment with a potential new therapist tomorrow, so fingers crossed on that one too.

    1. I believe that Lavender and Skye are a good 10 years younger than Liz and co. They would have been about 8 when she left and in their mod 20s now. Unless Liz babysat them, which she didn’t because she was from the wrong side of the tracks, she probably wouldn’t have met or paid attention to the little kids.

    2. Hope the therapist will turn out to be the right person for you. Keeping fingers crossed!

      1. I’ve made an appointment with her for tomorrow, but in all honesty, I …. do not think she’s gonna be the right one 🙁 No rapport, she was very formal and cool. I don’t think it’s going to be the right fit, but I get a few free sessions so I might as well try it out.

    3. They were younger than she was and they didn’t mix socially. Well, they wouldn’t have anyway. She had heard of Lavender and Skye, she just didn’t know them. And now it’s fifteen years later and her memory of people she didn’t know is hazy.

  5. Yay! You moved! So sorry it was such a painful process. I hope you have gotten the essential unpacking done and can take it a little easier.

    Other happies:

    The commitment ceremony planning is coming nicely. DD is very happy with it which is really the goal (plus making her partner feel welcome). DS will play his violin for the ceremony—he’s barely touched it since he quit orchestra five years ago so I am looking forward to it. And I bought a couple of dresses I can wear for the various events. We have five separate sets of flights to meet over five days and four sets to send people off at the other end over four days, so there will be a lot of driving … And I have organized three sets of museum tickets for the in-laws so their trip will be fun. The African American History Museum, the Spy Museum and the Visionary Art Museum. In DC we give good museum.

    We are making progress on helping DH’s friend with early onset Alzheimer’s in resolving his divorce and financial provisions for his disabled daughter. It’s a torturous process, made more difficult by his difficulty focusing, the intimations of mortality it brings up (poor DH has had several friends die or have life threatening illnesses over the last three years which makes this even more emotionally tough) and by our memories of their wedding 30 years ago and seeing what a mess they made of what looked so promising. Yes every divorce is difficult in its own way but so many of the problems here were made much worse by denial and avoidance of confrontation and the three children (now adults) have suffered badly as a result.

    May I say here how much I respect parents who manage to protect their children during and after divorce?

    I got the garden weeded and have about 40 plants to plant/transplant now that I am cleared for gardening. It’s not exactly what I planned —the zinnias have self-seeded in many places that I thought they would do badly in. But it’s colorful and we are eating squash blossoms and nasturtiums and cherry tomatoes regularly. The figs are not yet ripe. But they are there. The butterfly bush is doing its job. And we had a hummingbird moth visit as well as real humming birds. Also our backyard cameras keep picking up visits from a doe and her fawn—who routinely come on to our patio only feet from our house.

    We watched the first episode of Good Omens 2. I don’t think it will be as good as Good Omens 1, but it’s gotta be watched. Also I now want a small dance incorporated into serious apologies.

    My sisters are handling the moth invasion at my moms so I don’t have to!

    1. Don’t forget to check out the gift shop at AVAM in Baltimore (Sideshow). It is a delightful place and the owner, Ted Frankel (the former Uncle Fun), is a very interesting person.

    2. I forgot to say—my surprise Lily is blooming again!
      It’s amazing how fast it shoots up.

      1. You will have more, soon. They spread fairly quickly, too. I dug some of mine up two years ago, and gave them away. It’s hard to tell they are gone, now, because they filled back in.

  6. It’s in the 70’s (F) today, which is really lovely. We were only in the high 80’s, but that’s hot enough. So nice to not be sweating.
    I have a week until many family members are around for about 12 days. So I’m going to go to the movies, and hang out and do just what I want as much as possible, since once they are here it will be a lot of family stuff, adjustments, feeding people, cleaning up after people. you know the drill. My brother and his partner got engaged a few weeks ago and decided to get married while they’re here, which is wonderful, they are great together. At the same time, it’s a lot.
    Really enjoyed Lavender!
    Very sorry about Emily William, I hope there’s a reunion possible. Or he decides to try his luck with a neighbor, since he had such a good time with you.

    Congratulations on your new home! Sheets and blankets, make bed, find coffee, music. That’s my routine for a new place.

  7. I hope Emily is reunited with you soon. May you make many wonderful memories in your new home. And congratulations on the success of Lavender’s Blue.

  8. Happy to see my gardens and planters did okay while we were away at brothers. Will borrow a waffle maker from bff for breakfast next year. Already planning supplies to take. Very happy cooking breakfast for everyone.

    Back in the garden weeding, deadheading, etc., many tomatoes and strawberries plus herbs to harvest. Continuing to clear out sister’s apt. Sister’s first born son came down to help. The problem nephew learned, yet again, not to tangle with me. One twist of his thumb and he dropped the box he tried to snatch. Unfortunately there was glassware broken. Foolish man, he knows he cannot intimidate me. Did not work twenty years ago. Not happening now. Mama put me in judo as a teen. Instinct kicked in I guess, I was surprised I moved so fast. Hoping he gets the job he applied for on the island. Would solve a lot of issues. That would make us happy.

    Lastly, loving LB. Almost finished, 80 pages to read. So good. Very invested in the characters.

  9. And ~ Happy sleeps in your new home. Happy writing. Happy life. Hopefully Emily William will be part of it.

  10. The roses are starting up again – apart from Warm Welcome, which never seems to pause. I’m still getting a few strawberries – plus alpine ones – and loads of blueberries & cherry tomatoes. Abundance all round, and loads of colours. I managed a walk two days running (gardening has been getting in the way). Went round the lowest rampart of the hillfort this morning, and found the first blackberries had ripened – just one or two, here and there – but together there were handfuls to eat as I walked.

    1. Meant to say: hope you feel settled and happy very soon, and that Emily William either joins you or finds a home that works for him.

  11. Congratulations on the move! I second everyone else’s hopes of Emily William and you reuniting someday.
    I’m happy we did the Canada-trip. It was lovely.
    I’m happy I’ve acquired a Canadian Mom. And that I discovered loom-knitting. And that I got to try deep-dish pizza, turkey-dinner and butter chicken.
    I’m happy Canadian mom and Joey wrote to me the same evening we left: “We miss you already.” And today Joey wrote: “You score 10/10 on giving hugs.” That’s love.
    I’m happy to be back home in The Netherlands for a few days with my kittycats. Missed them lots! Not happy we’re leaving again Wednesday morning. Bleh.
    I’m happy you all enjoy Lavenders Blue so much. Can’t wait to read it the beautiful day it comes out in audio. Let’s keep fingers crossed for that!

  12. Congratulations Jenny, that’s been a long time coming. And I hope someone finds Emily soon!

    Happiness is that Friday was a great time with a gang of guests up here at the cottage and now I’m gearing up for guests from the US on Wednesday. I’m determined not to simply “survive” all the guests this summer but to really savour being with them.

  13. I’m sure Emily will be fine wherever he is, but I hope the neighbours manage to catch him for you.

    I’ve been getting things done. Mainly of the house renovation and gardening variety. That’s made me happy, mainly because I feel a bit less stressed. And the days are getting longer here so it’s still light when I finish work. I’m looking out my office window at the sunshine now and appreciating it.

  14. Glad you’re moved. I spent a wonderful week visiting a very dear friend. We gardened, visited many consignment stores and walked her dog along the river by her house. It was so nice to have time together. We visited a local jewelry workshop and I got a lovely ring and an initial pendant for DS’s BD.

    Shortly after DH picked me up at the airport, we had a violent thunderstorm with hail. Hail was very heavy in our neighbourhood – trees down and power outages. Our gazebo was shredded and my garden had some damage. Not so happy making but it could have been worse. The restaurant DS and his friends planned to go to for his BD list power but they got into another one.

    Coffee with a friend this afternoon and continuing to clean up the garden. Looks like a bumper crop of cucumbers this year.

  15. The dotter and SO are away to visit family in the next state down. That left the washer and dryer available, so I used them. I caught up on dishes. Heck, the only housework I’m behind on is vacuuming, and I’m good with that.

    The basement is dehumidified. The crops are sprouting, except those that need harvesting.

    The only thing I am really behind on is reading. Catching up should make me happy.

  16. I am happy that you were able to pull the trigger on your move and hope you can reunite with Emily William in the near future.

    I made a very small deal with myself that I would clear off my 2 tables before my 4pm zoom tomorrow. I have done nothing about it all weekend and will not do it tonight either. But I am happy that I decided to give myself a treat in the coming week. After spending hours getting an appointment with the podiatrist who did a poor job on my toenails last time, I called my sister and made a date to get pedicures at the nail salon near her house. It was far less trouble and will be far more fun. If I have troubles again once I switch back to closed shoes, I will deal with them later.First I have to figure out what is going on with my allergies.

  17. Welcome to PA. Hope to welcome Emily William here soon.

    Loved Lavender’s Blue. Didn’t delay reading it. Can’ wait for the next one.

  18. I was on Amazon, so I perused the reviews of Lavender, and all but two were raves!! One guy was being picky about typos and spelling, and another person thought it was “dark”, but everyone else just loved it! I am so happy for you, Jenny, and Bob. My copy will be here, soon, and I can’t wait to read it. My “lurker” brother savored it and couldn’t stop reading, and sent me a great recommendation. He’s pretty picky, so that goes a long way.

  19. Glad you made it safely, Jenny. Sorry about Emily William.

    Today I did not delay spreading the word about LB. Also we are having a lovely break in the heat so I planted myself on the patio without any delay so as to enjoy it while it lasts.

  20. Not a lot of happy here today. I was verbally abused at work again and this one really got to me for some reason. I can usually shake it off but today I ended up in tears. I don’t understand why people think it’s okay to treat service industry staff so badly. At least I have two days off before I have to go back. That will be happy.

    1. Argh. I accidentally hit the button before saying that I’m really sorry about Emily, and I hope he turns up soon.

      1. Jenny – Good luck settling in after the move, and finding the right places for your furniture. I love it when I find a welcoming layout for each room. I hope “the cat comes back” (I saw some sort of silly animation about the cat coming back-so long ago I don’t remember much else about it.) A purring cat does help the settling in process after a move.

        Georgia – I hope that people treat you better and that the verbal abuse stops, or that you end up with a better place to work and better people around you! It takes messed up folks to take out their misery on people around them…

        Take care…Taf

        1. Thanks Theresa. I mostly like my job but the travelling public are definitely less civilised post covid.

    2. Georgia – I understand. I disconnected a call from someone who was screaming, cursing and threatening to close down my employers the other day. Used to be those calls were 1 in 100. Post covid it’s so many more.

      1. Judy, I’m so sorry that happened to you. It sounds awful. And you’re absolutely right about things being worse after covid.

    3. I am so sorry for any time you have to listen to people saying ugly things. Every time somebody does that say to yourself I am enough I am more than enough and I accept myself unconditionally just the way I am. Because you are enough you are more than enough. And if someone doesn’t have the Whit to see that it’s their problem.

    4. Georgia, that person is a vile human being and probably as unhappy as he or she deserves to be. It had nothing to do with you. Some people just need to be horrible to others. And I’m very sorry that happened to you.

      1. Thanks Jenny. I’m actually really worried about his kid (the whole thing started over a stroller). If he thinks it’s okay to speak like that to a stranger he feels disrespected him, how is that poor kid going to survive their childhood? They’re going to grow up hating their dad like fire.

  21. My happiness is a good nights sleep the last few nights.

    Also – I am on the verge of something. I can feel it. I don’t know what it is but some kind of change that I have been resisting for a while. I am moving into acceptance and listening mode. So much more comfortable.

    I had a friend who moved from Texas to New Mexico & had to leave his dog behind for similar reasons. Two weeks later someone had the dog & he went to get it.

    Emily William sounds like a cat who know when they have it good and will come to their senses soon.

    So happy for you that the hardest part of the move is over. & a purge like you did always makes me feel lighter. Hope it affects you the same.

    Nothing but love and light for your new home & nothing but good times ahead!

  22. I’m glad you’re in your new place and can settle in smoothly. I hope Emily William can be reunited with you or find his new home soon, especially so you can secure the garage and house.

  23. Congratulations on finally making the move. Hoping the unpacking goes smoothly and that Emily William will join you soon. I’m glad you have people looking out for him. Did you sell your former house or is that still something to be dealt with?

    My happy this weekend was going to my niece’s wedding shower, put together at the last minute by my sister Sarah (her mom). Bri lives in Nashville and was going to be in Schenectady with the family for the weekend. It’s about an hour and a half from me and I can’t drive that far, but I was able to bribe a friend to take me, and he went off to have dinner and do some shopping while I spent two and a half hours with my sister, both my nieces, and a whole bunch of women from their dad’s side of the family. I was the only one from ours (which is smaller, and mostly relocated to the west coast) so I was doubly glad I went. Had a relatively unstressful time–my sister and I have a tricky relationship (she can be very prickly, and can run hot and cold on whether she likes me or not, nothing I can do about it)–and this is the first thing she’s invited be to in years, so it was kind of a big deal. She and my niece both seemed happy I was there, so I’m happy too.

    I also have a friend coming into town today on her way to visit her siblings. It is too long a drive to do in one piece, so she’s stopping here tonight and then again on her way back Friday. It’s a real treat, because she lives in Connecticut (I’m in NY) and we usually only see each other once a year.

  24. Did you sell the cottage? Is there a possibility the new owners will look after Emily William? If you kept the cottage, perhaps Emily William will make a good caretaker if the neighbors will put out food for him.

    Damn it, Emily William, now I’m going to worry about you.

    Happy travels, Jenny, enjoy settling into your new place…

    1. You and me both Kate. I’m really hoping that Jenny’s old neighbours brings good news soon. Emily Williams was doing so well under Jenny’s care.

  25. So glad your move is completed. I hope you can enjoy the relief of having it done, even though there is unpacking and much more left to do. Just getting moved is such an achievement and worth its own celebration. the rest can take its time mostly. Sorry Emily had to get left behind, but like others here, I think he will find someone else or will join you soon.

    My happy was another rainy day yesterday but one where I could sit around and read Lavender’s Blue guilt free! Enjoying it so much, I keep wanting to sneak back to it. I’m 55% in and also happy I have lots more to go, and that there are at least 2 more books to come.

  26. So glad you finally got on the road! I hope Emily William will turn up soon. That was my nightmare when we moved–we didn’t have many people who would have helped us with her, either.

    We went kayaking in Monterey Bay yesterday for our anniversary. Not the best kayaking trip we’ve taken, but very nice. We saw tons of sea otters, including a pup “play date,” which was very cute! Also some lady zooming each of her 3+ kids out to look at otter groups and getting way too close. Kept doing it even after our guide told her off the first time. Absolutely shameless. That kind of took the shine off the trip. Apparently it eats up tons of the otters’ energy when they get disturbed while resting. They have to re-groom and eat again before they can get back to snoozing.

  27. I think to abandon your cat is cruel. and your excuse is pathetic. There were other choices you could have made .. contact a local cat rescue group for assistance. contact your vet. there are sedatives you could put in your cats food. I will never buy one of your books again. this is very upsetting to me .. and that crap about it was a stray before so it will be fine is just that .. total crap ..

    1. Whoa, Hilda. Take a chill pill. The cat abandoned her, and if you know cats, they can be quite stubborn. They can also be very resourceful. Someone will catch him, eventually, and in the meantime there is the garage, and the house. I’m sorry you are so upset, but it’s her cat, and she knows him better than you do.

    2. Also she apparently spent three days trying to move it before giving up. The cat was not catchable.

    3. Hilda, the research about stray cats who ‘adopt’ people says that there is a high risk that they will leave. They haven’t imprinted onto you at an early age so…they are more likely to take off again. And when you pack and move furniture out and around a house, that’s upsetting for any cat, let a lone a stray cat.

      Also, we try to give each other the benefit of the doubt there and be kind to each other. It’s a cold world out there for humans as well as cats; let’s not have it be cold here. *:)

    4. Hi Hilda,

      I can see that this situation is deeply upsetting to you, as it is to the rest of us, especially Jenny who has already lost one beloved pet this year. If you have any suggestions on how to find a cat in the woods that does not want to be found, I am sure they would be welcome.

      However, we don’t treat each other badly here on Argh. Disagreement is welcome. Abuse is not.

    5. I am sincerely sorry that you are in such life pain that your first instinct is to lash out to be hurtful and disdainful, without first considering the options of kindness, compassion, and human understanding. I’m also sorry that you are “very upset,” triggered by what you take to be an abandonment of pet to a harsh fate, and I truly hope you will allow yourself to be comforted by an objective rereading of the post because that’s not what’s going on here.
      Jenny did not “abandon” her cat, she had to go ahead with a planned move (moving companies, other housing logistics, and massive life stress don’t wait for cats to make up their minds, especially after “two weeks of delays”), but she clearly provided for her cat to a) be recovered for her to reunite with him (“cat carrier” and “a way back into the house and garage”), and b) be cared for by the searching neighbors once he chooses to reappear.
      Your choice to assume the worst because these facts were not spelled out in a manner that somehow proactively reassured you (and because she did not do exactly what you in your infinite wisdom would have done) was a deliberate misunderstanding on your part. If you are reading this and refusing to consider that you might have been too quick to jump to a snap conclusion, then frankly you’ve gone right over the border into being cruel for cruelty’s sake.
      I would never support any casual treatment of an animal, much less abandonment, but that’s not what’s going on here. If you also choose not to know that Jenny brings a light, humorous delivery to her blog posts even when she takes the subject very much to heart, I can’t think you have been reading her blog for very long.
      I hope Jenny did not see your post, and I hope you do see mine.

    6. The neighbors are looking out for him, my daughter is looking out for him, and undoubtedly he is looking out for him.

      Totally understand you not buying my books again. Not a problem.

  28. How far from your old home did you move? Is it a short enough drive you can go back and check for Emily William easily? I hope you are able to find him! Congratulations on your new home. Will you post some pics after you’ve unpacked?

    1. Four hours. My daughter said if anybody can catch him, she’ll meet me half way at the two hour mark. The problem is, he’s used to being a stray and he’s excellent at escaping people. But the neighbors are all on the lookout, so I still have hopes.

      1. Oh yes. My nephew lost his family cat at Orlando Airport when the luggage loader dropped the crate, it broke open, and the cat skedaddled away. He was found a few weeks later hanging out in a hanger, and since he was chipped, was sent up to Cape Cod, with a nice case of fleas. Then on to Germany.

  29. We finally stopped delaying camping and went! And now we will keep everything set up to go so we can keep going. Sat in my camp chair, drank camp coffee, went to sleep looking at the stars.

    May you and Emily William be re-united VERY soon! But hooray for getting the move done.

  30. How about a reverse happiness? I am happy that I felt too bad to go to the performance a Beetlejuice at the Pantages. Because it turns out I have Covid and I did not find that out till the next day. But I’m happy about all the people I did not infect. I am not happy that my knee surgery will be postponed till August 28 now and then I will have to redo all of the medical tests required to have for the surgery. I have two more days of isolation. I shall take solace in working on my book and in reading yours. I am grateful for all the time you and Emily William had together. I hope there will be more of it you’re in Pennsylvania, so you need a Pennsylvania Dutch hex for your house. I used to make them. When we were on unemployment in New York, in the 70s, we went camping in Lancaster. And the only souvenir I could afford was a 50 Cent book on making Hexes. They were great fun to draw and the first one I drew stopped the rain pouring down on our tent. so I enjoyed believing in them.

    1. Oh no. So sad to hear about the Covid and the surgery delay.
      Jennie definitely needs a hex sign .

    2. Susan, so sorry your surgery is postponed, but glad you didn’t infect anyone else, accidentally. I hope all goes well.

    3. Awfully sorry to hear about getting Covid, Susan! I heard over the weekend that my sister up in Maine came down with it also. She’d been in many places with people around the previous day, so can’t tell where it came from — said that as far as she can tell, everyone in Maine believes that Covid is “over.” Which, clearly — it isn’t.

      Are you taking Paxlovid? She is, and says it seems to have stopped nearly all her pain symptoms and fever. Good luck with it all!

  31. I was looking up hex signs and I couldn’t find a book I liked. But I know they’re going to be some near you, Jenny, and the most fun of all is to make your own hex sign. For instance, there’s one that has unicorns on it. I can see the same kind of house sign for you, but with cats, couchant or rampant, and then, of course, the lucky birds, the distelfinks, and the Trinity tulips for faith in yourself, faith in what you do, and faith in your fellow man and a wavy circle around the outside, for smooth sailing on the seas of life. And there ought to be an open book and a pen in there somewhere.

  32. I know it had to be hard to go without Emily William. Fingers crossed that the neighbors are able to help you out and a reunion is in your future.
    My new to me cat might be an Emily William-type of cat story. This cat showed up out of nowhere last year. He was very different from the strays that cruise through here and obviously had been someone’s pet. Also not afraid of dogs. I couldn’t find the owner and after a few months of feeding him outside, I finally surrendered and opened the door and he sauntered in. He now rules the roost.

  33. I moved back to the Pacific Northwest! As much as I’ll miss New York and my New York friends (the grad school adventure was definitely an adventure), it just feels good to be back home. I feel rooted again.

    I hope Emily William returns, or finds an equally lovely home elsewhere.

  34. ‘This was a man who understood the importance of avoiding family.’

    After hosting my brother’s fam for four weeks… 😅
    I love them very much.

    1. I love the threeway conversation between Patsy, Liz and Anemone (interjecting comments from the phone). I also love ‘the world was our oyster. …our bad luck it was in Burney and completely devoid of pearls.’
      I had been putting off happiness in the form of reading Lavender’s Blue, but now I have a little time off and am diving in. It’s excellent so far, conflicts and relationships and mysteries are being set up. Lizzie is trying to get out but people are thwarting her.
      No more comments forthcoming for spoiler reasons, and besides, everyone should be reading it for themselves.

  35. Hope post-move is progressing as smoothly as possible, and that Emily William comes out of hiding–so sorry you have to go through this. Sending you happy home vibes!

    1. Thank you.
      My biggest problem–aside from EW–is no chairs. I had no idea how important chairs were to my life until now.

      1. Did you give them all away or are they buried in a pod?
        I really hope you are not doing this alone.

        1. There are chairs in the POD. Which will be here on the 8th.

          I did it alone on my insistence–everybody told me that was insane and they were right. I still hurt. Mollie’s taking over now.

          1. What a great daughter. I hope you can lounge in a hot tub or by a pool or somewhere inside with a cool drink and recover.

  36. I took 2 days off work before and 1 day after a weekend, and the results were wonderful! I did NOT get all the things on my To Do list done. BUT I did sleep when I wanted to without worrying about office meetings or logging on. I went shopping and bought new luggage for an upcoming trip. I ignored the high growing grass out in the 97+ temps and focused on organizing some items on a new shelf unit given to me. I just worked around the dirty dishes and made smoothies for dinner instead of cooking. It was fabulous.

  37. I’m super late to the conversation… so like everyone else, I congratulate you on your move, I hope you and Emily are reunited quickly, and that the unpacking goes smoothly!

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