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So remember when I asked you to brainstorm names for Rocky Start businesses? Bob came up with the idea of using one of those business names in each title. I’ve spent the past weeks trying to find a spy title and you’ve spent the past couple of days doing the same, and then he hits me with this and I think, “That’s brilliant” because this is another community book. My contribution was that the signs should be old traditional ones with one extra word graffitied over them to make the store names more about story. So the first book is now . . .

That’s not the cover, of course, Alisha will do a much better concept when we get these to her, I do like the old sign on the old painted wall with the graffiti slashing through.

So now we have to come up with two more titles. I like Excellent Oddities for the rhythm and because it’s offbeat, but it can also be the second hand store where Rose works, all the weird stores in town, all the weird people in the town, all the weird stuff in the shop, all the weird information that keeps turning up. Multiple meanings.

So thank you very much for letting us exploit you twice.


For those who want to play along . . .

We think the business in the second book is either Coral’s bakery, Ecstasy, or Geoffrey Nice’s funeral home, Nice Funerals. Bob wants to use Coral’s bakery and the plot is about this rush to find gold treasure lost in the huge forest around this town. I want to graffiti “Very” across the top of “Nice Funerals,” but Bob’s probably going to win this one. No idea what word to use for the graffiti on “Ecstasy.”

The business in the third book is The Honey Pot (I’m thinking the graffiti goes over the bottom and is “Plot” so it’s The Honey Pot Plot), which is a store that sells local honey and beeswax products.

Maybe I can talk Bob into Very Nice Funerals if we do more Rocky Start books. It’s about death. He should be into that.

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  1. Hello! Off topic. I tried to preorder Lavender’s Blue, but my account is amazon.com.au not .com, and it’s not available? I know, Amazon sucks and I should use something else…

    1. I’ll get Bob in here to give you a link.

      Never mind, I got it:


      The key is evidently to go to one of my or Bob’s books, click on the author name that takes you to the list of our books, and it’ll be the first one in the list.

      Oh, and Frozen Pond got it, too. Thank you, FP!

      1. Got it, thanks. I don’t know why it wasn’t coming up when I first searched!

    2. I think it is there AUS $7.32. What i did to find it for .co.uk when i was looking was to follow the link to .com and then edit the link to the correct amazon.
      This link might work

      If it doesn’t work, find it in amazon.com and edit in the .au bit

  2. If it’s graffiti someone added, how about something like
    Give me ecstasy
    Ecstasy for all
    Ecstasy today
    Ecstasy now
    I want ecstasy
    Gimme ecstasy
    Delusions of ecstasy
    Ecstasy’s for fools/idiots
    Ecstasy’s a con
    Get high on ecstasy
    Ecstasy’s fool’s gold

  3. Jenny wanted the second book to have Gold in it.

    So I came up with a brilliant idea which she laughed out loud about when she read it, always a good sign, but then rejected. What do you think?

    Gold Member

    1. Maybe crossover the pair. LOL
      Coral can supply the family treats for services:

      ‘Golden’ Ecstacy at ‘Very’ Nice Funerals

    2. Um, Bob…I don’t think that means what you think it means. (I lie. I think you know exactly what it means.)

      I worry about the title having Ecstasy in it because it either sounds like a porno or makes me think of the drug by the same name. Maybe change the name of the store to something that will go better with “Gold”?

      What if you called the bakery Delicious and then had the title be “Golden” Delicious?

      1. Coral is a retired honey pot/trap, currently sleeping with two retired spies (they’re all in their seventies) and harassing the heroine because she gave up sex long ago. When Max shows up, Coral says, “Oh, him, do him.”

        There’s a line in there where Rose thinks that Coral named her bakery Ecstasy so that when she answered the phone she could say, “This is Coral in Ecstasy.” It’s a big part of Coral’s early characterization.

        Short answer: We’re not changing that name.

        But we should able to work with the double meaning of orgasm and drugs.

        1. I don’t know. If Molly, a person (Ecstasy is also known as Molly), was very passive in her search for orgasms:
          Doing/having/taking… ecstasy

          I should be focusing on the third Zoom meeting of the day

  4. How about instead of ‘Honey Pot Plot’, just graffiti the ‘L’ into Pot?

    1. Rolling in Ecstasy cracks me up because of the multiple meanings…. I keep seeing her rolling out dough with a rolling pin 🤣

  5. Hidden Ecstasy
    Finding Ecstasy
    Searching for Ecstasy
    Pursuit of Ecstasy
    Pursuing Ecstasy
    Buried Ecstasy
    Buried in Ecstasy
    Journey to Ecstasy
    Rich in Ecstasy
    Overwhelming Ecstasy
    Nice Funerals for Not-So-Nice People

  6. To the generations younger than us, Ecstasy is a party drug, not a state of being. Something to factor in to title decisions, like someone said above.

    1. Since the drug in theory makes people ecstatic, I’d think anything that work with sex would work with the drug.

      Also I refuse to believe that generations younger than us don’t know there’s two meanings to the word.

  7. I agree with those who suggested rethinking using ecstasy as the title. It really does speak to drugs and porn more loudly than to anything else.

  8. Love Excellent Oddities and the graffiti or street art aspect.

    Also worried about the controversy around the word Ecstasy.

    If you ever decide to replace it – what about Bliss?

    Orgasmic Bliss Bakery

    Orgasmic being the graffiti word.

  9. I really like the old shop name with the graffiti across it. Though I am now completely confused between the Liz Danger novels and the Rocky Start novels. I expect that to sort itself out in a few days when the Kindle edition arrives.

  10. I also think that Ecstasy isn’t going to be as much of a problem as people think, partly because it’s going to be one book in a trilogy, and partly because there’ll be a cover design/illustration that works it towards the meaning that you want it to work towards.

  11. Ecstasy mix

    It is a bakery after all (and you are looking for a combination drug/sex)

  12. Dusting Ecstasy
    Powdered Ecstasy
    Glazed Ecstasy
    Knead Ecstasy – kinda like that double entendre

    What’s she known for making?

    Those sound in the wrong direction XD

    1. Or actually, In Pursuit of Ecstasy made me laugh, but it might be too wordy for the graffiti.

  13. Supreme Ecstasy.
    Fueled Ecstasy.
    (Ecstasy Fuel.)
    Errant Ecstasy.
    Eminent Ecstasy.
    Imminent Ecstasy.
    Solid Ecstasy.

  14. Pursue Ecstacy

    (Interesting you chose that for a bakery. I was a bouncer in a rave club for a few years, and the slang for X at the time was biscuit or disco biscuit.)

    1. Oh, that we could use. Thank you, Max. (Also, thanks for your name for the hero.)

    1. You know More Ecstasy appeals, nice and simple. Just not sure how the would reflect the book, but since we have’t started the book yet . . .

  15. With the search for hidden gold being important in the book, Finding ecstasy was the first combination to spring to mind, if they do find something.
    If they don’t find anything and/or if the search is the important thing, Searching for Ecstasy or Looking for Ecstacy would fit better.

  16. Whatever you choose, with any Ecstasy title it may be important to make it clear in the book description that this book isn’t porn or about drugs, for those who find the book without knowing the series.

  17. Not that kind of Ecstasy
    The other kind of Ecstasy
    The other side of Ecstasy
    Ersatz Ecstasy
    Enthusiastic Ecstasy

    ALSO did I spell ecstasy wrong? Because it looks so wrong every time I write it! I don’t know how you could wrap your brain typing it over and over, but maybe it’s just me!

  18. Sweet ecstasy since it’s a bakery.

    Or given the treasure hunt plot, Hidden Ecstasy.

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