Argh Authors: Bob Mayer and Jenny Crusie’s Lavender’s Blue

FINALLY, Mayer and Crusie’s Lavender’s Blue is out in e-book for a rationally affordable price of $4.99. It’s the first in a series that was going to be a trilogy, but they got so caught up in the town and the community and Liz and Vince and all the details they’d stuffed the book with that they’ve decided to do three more, once the Rocky Start books are done. So that’ll be Lavender’s Blue, Rest in Pink, One in Vermillion, Blood Curdling Green, Yellow Brick Roadkill, and Blue Blood. (Titles subject to change since the last three books haven’t been written yet.)

So, “From the NY Times Bestselling duo that wrote Agnes and the Hitman, the first book in a new series.”

Liz Danger has come home after fifteen years to deliver a giant teddy bear for her mother’s birthday (color: Guilt Red) when a cop with a great ass picks her up for speeding, fixes the missing lug nuts in her back wheel, pulls her out of a ditch, doesn’t give her a ticket, and helps her avoid her family. This is a man with real potential. 

Vince Cooper picks up Liz for speeding and his life gets a lot more interesting.  Then he picks her up again in the local bar the next night and realizes that “interesting” doesn’t begin to describe what’s going to happen to him with Liz in his life.   

As Liz navigates her dysfunctional family, her flamboyant boss phoning in from Chicago, her still-interested ex, a dachshund with issues, a disaster of a wedding, assault, murder, and three hundred and ninety-three teddy bears, Vince shows up to get her through, even though he knows that the real peril for him in Burney is the one who came with her own warning label, Liz Danger.

 “A rare delight. Mayer’s delectably dry sense of humor perfectly complements Crusie’s brand of sharp wit . . . a sexy, sassy, and smart combination of romance and suspense that is simply irresistible.”—Booklist on Don’t Look Down

“A comic caper and raucous romance…laugh-out-loud funny…a fun ride.”—Kirkus Reviews on Agnes and the Hitman

“A bubbly novel with amusing banter and…moments of poignancy.”—Publishers Weekly on Agnes and the Hitman

LAVENDER’S BLUE: Would it kill you to go home and see your mother?

Buy on Amazon or just about anywhere because Bob put it everywhere. For more information, see this blog until we get the website updated. Hey, I just MOVED, give me a minute here.

76 thoughts on “Argh Authors: Bob Mayer and Jenny Crusie’s Lavender’s Blue

  1. Happy book day to you both. I just downloaded my copy of Lavender Blue. I know what I’m going to be doing tonight.

    1. Me too! Also, I love the title ‘Blood Curdling Green’ . I hope that one doesn’t change.

  2. Reading Lavendar Blue & just wanted to say I LOVE IT! Welcome back and thanks for the morning’s smiles.

  3. Wait, was that a past participle? Just……..MOVED? How are you DOING? The animals? The POD? I mean, I’m thrilled about the publication spree you guys are on, but… it HAPPENED? I mean— — — well DONE, you guys!!!!!

    1. Jinx, I had the same reaction. Moved already?

      My kindle copy of Lavender’s Blue has arrived! It’s gonna be a perfect day!

  4. Yes! I woke up at 5:11 and checked my Kindle and there it was! Can’t wait to read it later today.

    Congratulations to you both.

  5. I’ve just read it. I love the setting and the dialogue (quick question are all of them from the point of view of Liz and Vince?)

  6. Hi. Reading book now and loving it. I have a comment. ( this is not criticism). I have seen a few typos. I assume you can search the book. Look for “ looking looking”. And “ fries and rings”.

    1. Jenny had mentioned in a previous post that as she was re-reading it, she was catching typos and having Bob fix them.

      1. As someone else noted, writers are often too close to the work to properly proofread (on screen or on paper). I got the trade paperback, and by the end there are errors on nearly every page. Jenny, you mentioned the idea of hiring Jane…yes, please!

    2. Along those lines one of the sections is titled the wrong person’s POV. I think it said Vince but it’s Liz. This is for paperback.

      1. I thought I caught that one. There must be two.

        I swear I proofread that book a dozen times or more. Apologies to everybody.

        1. Hi Jenny,
          I loved Lavender’s Blue. It was a delight. But I highlighted any typos I came across in my Ebook and added a note in the annotation function with what I thought it should be ( hence all the ????). Here is the list. Hope you don’t mind. I would have sent them privately, but I didn’t know where else to send them. I’ve written enough assignment papers to know how elusive typos are. Thanks for the book and I can’t wait to read the rest. Marie
          Chapter 11
          Highlight(orange) – Page 81 · Location 1178
          going stay
          Note – Page 81 · Location 1178
          Going stay: going to stay ??
          Chapter 12
          Highlight(orange) – Page 87 · Location 1245
          Note – Page 87 · Location 1245
          Woh: who ?
          Chapter 15
          Highlight(orange) – Page 104 · Location 1479
          to front of my mother’s little ranch house,
          Note – Page 104 · Location 1479
          To front: to the front ??
          Chapter 19
          Highlight(orange) – Page 136 · Location 1896
          “So you’ll have stay two more days,”
          Note – Page 136 · Location 1896
          Have to stay ?
          Chapter 27
          Highlight(orange) – Page 186 · Location 2530
          She bit into her burger with relish, and I wasn’t sure it because the burger was good or
          Note – Page 186 · Location 2530
          It was because????
          Chapter 29
          Highlight(orange) – Page 210 · Location 2889
          I let me head fall back on the seat rest.
          Note – Page 210 · Location 2890
          I let my head ???
          Highlight(orange) – Page 212 · Location 2898
          ML’s car went by and I turned car out of the driveway and followed.
          Note – Page 212 · Location 2899
          I turned my car ??
          Chapter 32
          Highlight(orange) – Page 230 · Location 3158
          Office Cooper?”
          Note – Page 230 · Location 3158
          Officer Cooper?
          Highlight(orange) – Page 231 · Location 3175
          Dumb son-a-bitch.”
          Note – Page 231 · Location 3175
          Dumb son-of-a-bitch. ???
          Chapter 33
          Highlight(orange) – Page 238 · Location 3226
          and Lavender behind them looking beautiful and calm, bur not radiant.
          Note – Page 238 · Location 3226
          But ???
          Chapter 42
          Highlight(orange) – Page 318 · Location 4300
          The she crawled up to the headboard,
          Note – Page 318 · Location 4300
          Then ????
          Chapter 45
          Highlight(orange) – Page 330 · Location 4451
          Dave was half the man he used to.
          Note – Page 330 · Location 4451
          used to be ???
          Chapter 50
          Highlight(orange) – Page 360 · Location 4857
          “So much to catch up on,” Anemone said, sound delighted,
          Note – Page 360 · Location 4857
          sounding delighted ????
          Chapter 62
          Highlight(orange) – Page 416 · Location 5555
          I put the phone on speaker and stuck it in cup holder.
          Note – Page 416 · Location 5556
          in the cup holder ???

  7. To retire we looked for 10 yrs!! to find the place we all agreed on. Spent 3 yrs sorting, getting rid of & saying “OMG, I forgot I had this.” or “WHY did I save this!!” Glad your move went well (It did didn’t it?) Now your fun begins, where to put everything & saying “Where the heck is______.

  8. Oh, wonderful! I’m so glad you are finally moved. I hope it went well, and you are gleefully filling your new place with the things that survived the culling process. Congrats on the release of the e-book!

    1. It’s on my phone (where I read). Can’t wait …
      And congratulations on the move ! I hope you can put all the unpacking aside and just revel today.

  9. YAY!!!!! So, so, so happy for you and Bob–and us! This is going to be my reward at the end of the work week from hell. And congrats on the move too! Hope it all went well and everyone is adjusting. I hope you can take the day to celebrate and enjoy.

    1. Not me- I’ll reread Lavender just before # 2, and then will reread both before #3. I’m not really good at the delayed gratification thing!

      1. Yes. That’s my plan too. I loved Lavender’s Blue and I can’t wait for #2 and #3

  10. Congrats on both the book release and the move! Such lovely new beginnings coming at the same time. Happy for you.

    Got my book and look forward to reading it:)

  11. Congratulations on Lavender’s Blue ebook debut!!!

    Congratulations on moving!!!

    I bought the paperback and read that already. Now it’s on my Kindle app & I will read it again. Starting tonight after my zoom writers group meeting. So today I’m concentrating on getting all the things done so I can really enjoy the reread.

    I am so happy for you that the book is out and that you are out of the house that was slowing you down!!!

  12. I am TORN!

    An email popped up at midnight informing me tha Lavender’s Blue was in my Kindle library! I dropped what I was doing and read the first four chapters.

    But what I was doing was reading Deb Blakes Wickedly Wonderful. TORN, I tell ya!

    Deb, I’m so very sorry, but I gotta go with Jenny for a while. She’s very moving, you see.

  13. I hadn’t looked in my library. And there it was. Today. I am so happy. I know you’re still in moving hell, but at least you’re in the next place. Happy birthday to both of you.

  14. Congratulations!! I’m eagerly awaiting the option to buy Pink and Vermillion in paper form to go with Blue.

  15. I managed to get in a few pages before work, but now I’m settling down with a moussaka and some pistachio ice cream for the big event. Can’t wait!

  16. YAYYYY!

    Sneaking pages here and there at work. I am too impatient to wait for tonight!

  17. Congratulations to you both! I have it on Kobo and am saving it for my flight tonight. Excited for more books too.

  18. My hardcover copy was in my mailbox when I got home from work yesterday! Oh joy, oh rapture!! I’m saving Lavender for the weekend so I can submerge myself in Burney and all the goings-on without interruption. *sigh*

  19. Anemone’s “tsk” came over the phone loud and clear. “For all you know he’s single with a huge personality.

    Crusie, Jennifer; Mayer, Bob. Lavender’s Blue: A Liz Danger Novel (The Liz Danger Series Book 1) (p. 40). Cool Gus. Kindle Edition.

    I have such a dirty mind!

  20. Oh happy day! I’m waiting for my hardcover copy to show up, I need it for my shelf. Can’t wait to read it.

  21. So happy this is out at last. Started reading as soon as Amazon delivered the ebook. Thank you and Bob for another grand read. Can’t wait for the rest of the books to release.
    And Nita. Don’t forget Nita! 😀

  22. Hooray! I might have shrieked when the pre-order arrived. We’re all doing a read-along, right?

  23. I made myself finish the book I had started (only a hundred pages to finish it) and now I am ensconced in my hammock swing with an iced tea, ready to jump head first into Lavender’s Blue. Life can be so good!

  24. Happy book birthday, Jenny and Bob! It arrived on my Kindle last night and I am so looking forward to reading it. Just have to finish another book first.

    And you’ve moved??? Hope you’re all settling in well.

  25. Hooray!

    I’m on page 14, which I should not be, because WORK, and Vince is looking at the Ohio River, and all I can think is ‘beware zombies’. Ha

    1. I am so behind at work. Page 142. Veronica. Crying face emoji and I never even met her.

        1. I think it was Mary Louise (after her mother) and her dad called her Molly from birth,

          1. Ok yes that was definitely too niche. My partner is an environmental soil chemist. Molybdenum Blue is a descriptor in an analytical technique for detecting phosphate or silicate.

            occam’s razor it isn’t.

  26. I had a very long day, but at the end of it there was Lavender. Zero chance I won’t read the whole thing this evening!

  27. Congrats on finishing your move. Now for unpacking…
    Thank you for the extra books. Something to look forward to down the road!
    I’m waiting for the paperbacks to show up on Amazon so I can pre order 2&3. (Hint to Bob :D)

  28. Happy Release Day! Congratulation on the move- hopefully it went smoothly.

    I splurged and had to get the hardcover which weirdly came on Friday, and on my kindle so I can reread anywhere.

    So happy to see there will be 6 books in the series now. Gives me something in which to look forward.

  29. Jenny, congrats on finally breaking your long dry spell [in publishing, people, geez]. And on joining the self-pub community. And on the move! I downsized and moved a couple years ago after living in the same house for 26 years, so I’ve been feeling all the empathy during this saga. Hope you and the critters settle in easily.

    You and Bob are a great writing team and I’m so looking forward to reading all these new books. *SQUEEE* Congratulations to both of you!

  30. Congratulations Bob and Jenny! Lavenders Bue is waiting in my kindle, much more patiently than I am. I’m looking forward to it.

  31. SO excited! Lavender’s Blue popped up on my Kindle this morning – I posted to all the CBs, many of whom had also pre-ordered, but then I had to work ALL DAY. So, I’m only just now sitting down to start to read, but wanted to stop in and say, Congratulations, and keep ’em coming, as life permits! Moving is horrible, I hope you’re in a lovely new place and can get settled quickly and revel in the accolades.

  32. Wheee! Congrats, it’s _so_ lovely to have a book from you in my hands again. I bought both the Kindle, and paperback, just so I’ll have a copy whenever I need one.

    And now I’m slowly reading through, trying very hard not to devour it in one go.

    I hope the move went well.

  33. Congratulations on the book release! I am loving it and savoring every word. I called a friend last night to read a few sentences that had me dying from laughter. Let’s just say that the mother, aunt, daughter dynamic hits a little too close to home, and my poor friend has heard me vent about it over the years. I can’t wait to read the other two books. Thank you for this gift.

  34. I even received a notice from BookBub about the new release. It was already on my Kindle, but great news about the outside promotion.

  35. Sooo excited! Squeee, eeep, so many delightful words to express the feeling of sitting down with a Jenny Crusie book. Just downloaded my pre-order, but I’m gonna be good and put in billable hours. Tomorrow, however, I’m on a plane. I’ll be reading.

  36. I was up with insomnia most of the night and REALLY enjoyed getting into this SO much.

  37. I hadn’t previously thought about this, but it sounds as if Burney is going to get a lot closer to Cabot’s Cove than the zero-homicide backwater that Vince signed up for.

  38. SUPER excited to see a new book!! Sadly, I can’t get a paperback copy in Canada yet.. any idea when its release date is up here???

  39. It is such a joy to be reading a new Crusie/Mayer book. I am 50% of the way through, loving every second and delighted to encounter a dachsund called Veronica.

    Can’t wait for the rest of the series. This has improved the quality of 2023 substantially. Thank you.

  40. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see that you (and Bob Mayer) have not only one new book, but a whole new series!!! I was worried you were no longer writing and that would have been such a loss. Thank you for writing such hilarious characters with true chemistry! It’s such a joy to read your work and I can’t wait to start Lavender’s Blue!

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